How to avoid spam using temporary email addresses - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial to see how we can avoid a quick and simple spam emails using temporary email addresses. Often it happens that each of us the email address to subscribe to all kinds of offers, promotions and arrive in time to fill our inbox mail box with all sorts of junk mail (spam)
Also, to get some trial software or download link for this, you need your email address. Certainly we want probably just to get the kit software or link to download and nothing more but, once entered email address, company software that will not hesitate to bother with all kinds of news, news, updates product you do not want and probably did not understand because they come in English.
One solution to all this is to use a temporary email address. We will use two solutions today. The first solution is the Mailinator Extension for the Google Chrome browser, an extension that automatically generates a random email name with the domain "@" or we can define the name from the extension options but the domain "@" will remain same. Once we have generated the email address using the extension, we can give anyone the new email address to receive emails or the download link or offer for which we have subscribed. Mailinator Extension does not require an account or password to log in and can be used by anyone.
The second solution is to use a service service that can be used by anyone on any desktop or smartphone browser.
Once accessed the address is automatically generated an email valid for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, this service does not offer us the possibility to change the name of the e-mail address or its domain. After 10 minutes, the email address will self-destruct and through a refresh of the page, another email account will be generated. With this service we must be careful because, if we subscribed for something with the mail generated by this service and the answer does not arrive in 10 minutes, the address will self-destruct and you will not be able to access its Inbox. However, if you notice that time is running out, 8 minutes have passed and you have not yet received an answer, you can extend the validity period by another 10 minutes by clicking on the "10 more minutes" button. The beauty of the 10minutemail service is that an application for iPhone and iPad.
WARNING: You must take into account that these areas offer mails temporary can be put on the black list of the different services or companies and it is possible that when you want to use the email address temporary or from Mailinator Extension or from 10minutemail it may not be legitimate, valid, can not be used to get an offer to subscribe to a service or create an account.
That said, I invite you to follow the tutorial to see exactly how we can stay away from spam emails using temporary email addresses.

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Enjoy !



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