How to make 3D drawings very easily with the help of the Google SketchUp program - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will show you how to quickly build a cottage or whatever format 3D program using Google SketchUp, this free program is developed by the professional team at Google.
Google SketchUp can be used by anyone, it has a very low degree of difficulty, in five minutes you can complete a three-dimensional box exactly like the one made by me in the tutorial, this is the key to red do in seconds.
The most useful feature in Google SketchUp's Push and Pull, with interesting features that can pull and stretch any surface in any direction. Google SketchUp can say that does not need a video tutorial, the interface is extremely clear.
In addition to common, Google SketchUp allows the insertion of objects in the landscape, they may be: benches, bicycles, cars, furniture, interior / exterior, etc..
Probably most Vista to make a home yours, now have the opportunity to design the house and walk through it, if it comes out you will probably appeal to a project, it will more easily understand what you want, then maybe you start the construction of the best, now is the time, cheap materials, cheap land, cheap labor, what are you waiting for?
Apart from those presented in my tutorial Google SketchUp can do other wonders, for example can help you put your house or any other building on Google Maps in 3D, it will be seen by whoever goes there (virtual of course) if you are interested in such things please write on the comments section.
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Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru



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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. Costel said

    Very useful! Thank you!
    I really wanted to ask, so, but I did not dare.
    You can then move the characters?
    I would like to create cartoons.
    Expect something on it.

  2. cristi said

    Yes I like I just have to time to work with the program, I think the possibilities are many, whatever else I gasit.multumesc.

    • Mihai.m said

      cristi: Whatever else I gasit.multumesc.

      try on google to do a search with "case design program" or the same thing in English and you will find about 2-3 software such as: Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 2, pro 100… etc and I found a free one, cica, at "" see also what's with it, if you are really interested of course. I haven't tried it so I don't know anything about it. That site doesn't have any a connection with me and neither with him, I found it only through a short search on google. Success

  3. Interestingly tuutorial, mulţumesc.Pe me one I do not mind if tutorials are great if you learn something from ele.Felicitări and Happy birthday man.

  4. Mihai.m said

    I don't think anyone can get bored of such a tutorial. It was interesting enough in detail and on top of that very funny. Lately you have amused me with every tutorial. Now, I'm not saying that this software would not be good for beginners. it's very good being "moaca" so to speak. I work in construction, please I worked, because I didn't have a job this fall, but that's not important. I use Chief Architect to do projects, it's a program very good and I don't think it's very difficult to work with it. Unfortunately it's a commercial software and I don't think that someone who uses it only once to design their own house for example, will give a handful of money on it and then to have nothing to do with it to occupy space in vain on the PC. And most software of this kind are commercial. That's why I think it's better to make a sketch with this Google SketchUp, which then you can teach an architect who of course will know, approximately, the client's desire and will help him enormously than to work on riddles. Thank you very much for everything you do here for us. Health and only good.

  5. valy1233 said

    interesting but more original e 3d max (much harder, but more real) I started and I do 3d cars max and believe me it's damn hard

  6. Valentin said

    Hello I have a problem I installed a new memory after we lit the surprise PC I have sound. Could you tell me what I can do.

  7. Sony vegas or something ae

  8. You've helped me a lot .. with various tutorials .. I learned a lot.'m Very pleased, and I wish you a long and healthy life.

  9. interesting! other tutorials I want to make a chicken house 2 floors to windows and doors as they are? And please show us how we can put our house on google maps! Citeazama! And just what programs are the design of the house, to do projects!

  10. Super cool and free. Much expect it. Who wants profi must allocate time and money. You can get an idea about the final project well advanced. Bravo three times!

  11. Hi, nice tutorial bravo!

    This program is good for creating models for games, I know a program to create games.

    • CalinHi, nice tutorial bravo This program is good for creating models for games, I know a program to create games.  

      What program?

      CalinHi, nice tutorial bravo This program is good for creating models for games, I know a program to create games.  

  12. Hello Cristi very good tutorial heard of Google Sketchup but not too hard Cuma interested me so I know what it is. All the best . Cristi yet that is the best SSD on the market, but the best to resist? Thank you

    • ASUSHi Cristi very good tutorial heard of Google Sketchup but not too loud Cuma interested me so I know what it is. All the best. Since the crystal is the best SSD on the market, but the best to last? Thanks :)   

      Please only ask questions or additions to the issue in tutorial or even close, this is about Google SketchUp, or about design, drawing, etc..
      Your question fits like nut-n wall.

  13. DaKar18 said

    What I wish to do: to make a map. That photograph my street and other streets and then watch them start to make a prog. that's why a house and then another one that is in me to do this picture in Google SketchUp. Then do the street. It would be cool river. Nustiu if you go with this program.

  14. Hello! I ask what you used diction exercises because I love what level you have reached the diction, besides this I gave a diction tests in the coming weeks!

  15. bv tareeeee super!!

  16. marinescu77 said

    bravo cristi're all so hard tineo

  17. DaKar18: What I wish to do: to make a map. That photograph my street and other streets and then watch them start to make a prog. that's why a house and then another one that is in me to do this picture in Google SketchUp. Then do the street. It would be cool river. Nustiu if you go with this program.  

    I think there simpu would be to take photos of several positions, areas that interest you, and upload them on Google Maps and Google Maps gata.Mai later go on doing your city, go to the area and walk virtually neighborhood.

  18. melsor63 said

    Track and tutorials on YouTube about Google SketchUp.

  19. Lucianf37 said

    Cristi what resolution to use in this tutorial 7 win?

  20. very cool program! but how do I go to animation? we tried and it does not work! PLZZ AJUTATIMA WITH A NEW TUTORIAL

    • katalyn27 said

      very cool program! but how do I go to animation? we tried and it does not work! PLZZ AJUTATIMA WITH A NEW TUTORIAL

      for animation you need the "sketchyphysics" plugin, there are others, but this is interesting, and I recommend you first learn to model and then the animations;))

  21. really interesting software

  22. It is very hard, even though I 10 years all I like! Mega

  23. Welcome. Look let you povestetsc. I got this computer. In back I vreao 4 USB drives. I mp190 canon printer. When the bag back there in a usb read. When I stick the bag odafone eg, sstick, USB keyboards, USB, etc.. I did not read them their bag and nothing happens. I have Win XP. I changed I said maybe it from him and put my win 7. Please ajutama. id ionutandrey98

  24. katalyn27 said

    hey cristi, you still have a lot to learn about Google Sketchup 😀, for a basic tutorial it's pretty good, bravo, and don't bother to keep going with the mouse on "blind" to move the angle from which you look, keep the wheel pressed and move the mouse;)), I have a question with what program are you filming?

    • AdrianGudus said

      cristi hey, you have much to learn about Google Sketchup for a basic tutorial is pretty good, good, and not bother to keep going with the mouse on the "blinded" to move the angle from which you look, you pressed and rotated move mouse), I have asked questions of the shooting schedule?

      The tutorial is a general one addressed to beginners. You can't come to "slam" new users with tips & tricks or key shortcuts when they're supposed to have no Google Sketchup installed. If you are advanced, the tutorial is not for you.

  25. very interesting! can not on Windows XP I wanted to download it and it says that I'm on Windows Vista or on Windows 7.

  26. said

    Hi, my name is Alex, I really admire what you do: sir i want to do a tutorial on creating themes, if you can, thank you and good luck still are the best team in this area

  27. Unanimously said
  28. Dude you rock me very much amused at this tutorialu mistakes especially when you were doing :)). Luck: X

  29. Gabytzzu said

    I work with this program for a game but I don't understand what the name TEXTURE.

  30. Hello,

    Thanks for the nice tutorial!

    Question: Can you export something that you drew in JPG or in other format than Google SketchUp?

  31. It's good tutorial, and it was good if there continue, I am interested in drawing 3D
    If we continue with this videotutorial let me know and me, and another thing: how to save this drawing 3D.
    Greet and wait for the next tutorial Google SketchUp.

  32. Cristian Cretu said

    yeah can you do a tutorial on AutoCAD and I have 2007 be helpful

  33. wahahahhah ba ba Cristi ..

  34. Hey, THQ brother looking so long ago, only looking at sites nubisti Russian but that's the thing I can do is very clear and meal schedule, it's more than I imagined, and you showed all ms and that you were not greedy! RESPECT!

  35. I want to do a zgrienor EUI does not know!

  36. bv beautiful!

  37. looks more like a garage, but go early as

  38. cool. Thanks so much Cristi. I'm looking so long for outdoor landscaping projects.

  39. Very cool tutorial, helped me mult.As like to know if the house can be furnished? If so, how?

  40. da house project design tutorials are what programs do? ms

  41. Barsan Constantin said

    I would like to post my house on google maps but I have no idea how

  42. I watched many tutorials made by Christ, I enjoyed the fact that there is (still there) people who think of novices, regardless of the field in which they work, helping those who want to learn something. Thank me for it that exist on the net.
    Much continued success.

  43. Very nice tutorial bv Christ.
    You can do a totorial for VideoTrace is a free but good ff

  44. How to bag my house on google maps image even at my house?

  45. very UTI. thanks a lot

  46. I am not going
    I say not responding

  47. Bravo Cristi tutoariale are still hard to do. Good luck!

  48. Adrian Ciulinaru said

    Thank you, Cristi. You are great. All the more so, as I did not find similar instructions (in any textbook) in Romanian. There is something more to say. For example, how could I turn a technical execution drawing (quoted in 3D) into 2D… Sure prin I will try through the routine… from close to close. Anyway, thank you, because I have already taken the first steps on a safe ground, thanks to you.

  49. cristi good I'd like to ask you how you can draw a draft ptr home I thought about a home project but I would like to see a picture that you rog.mersi

  50. Hello Cristi! somehow know if the program can draw with it and a computer desk for example? and if so how could I leave you an idea where to even go forward answer please thanks!

  51. Presecan said

    HELLO CRISTI please if you can help me in installing the program I really want to try to draw a house but can not

  52. Yes, it would be cool to install a tutorial program

  53. Good. You can tell terog nice if you can draw in Google Sketchup cars?

  54. How can I take photographs (various angles) of the works made in SketchUp? Don't say "Print Screen".

  55. working out

  56. DarkPanda said

    [Img] [/ img]

    :)) What do you say? :))

  57. are better than one teacher in explicatii.Cred the method will apply to clasa.multumesc dvs.o more

  58. please can you tell me how to save jpg sketch?

  59. Daniel Iancu said

    Good morning you please help me with a design for callus 3d zeta, we found a company that says that if I have my drawing can be made 3d this calus.bridge violin zeta jv45 is modelul.daniel.

  60. Hello! I would really like to build real 3d buildings and put them on the map Google but can not!

  61. Thanks very much for a long time looking for such a program.

  62. Hello! I'd really like to build a house but can not find an easy beginner or a tutorieal accompany me.

  63. very good tutorial, thank you very much. If you can teach our doors and windows and how to do to enter and members inside the house.


    ziua.a good you could do me home after the draft that I have a picture 3d? if so, how much would it cost?

  65. Emanuela said

    Hello, very interesting what you do. I would like to be able to design metalwork such as fences and wrought iron gates. Is this a good program for this? Or do you know a good one? Thank you

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