How to use a mobile phone as a webcam with wwigo - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial video tutorial Luci recur with very interesting in that it is using a mobile phone station webcam.

Whether we have no webcam or it broke down we must have an alternative, this alternative is using a mobile phone instead of the webcam, this is an idea that many of us have thought at least once, but I found the answer and then I quit.

Using the telephone instead of the webcam is made using a free software called WWIGO that Luci found for us and to us it shows in the smallest details.

I personally love the idea of ​​turning a mobile phone or a PC component in a multi-purpose tool, phones or accessories have come to do stuff that no producer was not thinking in its public release.

Let's follow this tutorial interesting, and if you are passionate about mobile phones invite you to watch video tutorials on this and other topics that we realized Luci, enjoyable viewing.

Lucian basil

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  1. nustiu that is yes when I want to install it tells me I put him tn a PC but I have him transferred files should go here not

  2. Very good tutorial !!! Congratulations. I have a web camera and I tried to phone and I can say it much clearer image than wobcam phone. Thanks Keep up the good work !!!

  3. @AndrewBe more specific and write somewhat readable. I did not understand anything your comment !!!

  4. sal only with the phones in the picture can do ??? or go any phone that has a 3g camera ???… and last but not least congratulations for these tutorials are excellent;)

  5. Installation I say that I have not yet connected Bluetooth File Transfer go

  6. sal go with samsung f490?
    yo I only saw models from Nokia

  7. I salute interesting videotutorialu give him horses for specialists nam understood properly installing the application in the phone telefoncum a transfer cable or bluetooth multam

  8. LucianGL said

    -from the first post I did not understand what it wants to be clear for respectivul.rog to give a correct answer
    -I recommended that stick / adapter just in it's worth buying instead of a webcam or other cheaper model of bluetooth usb so have many advantages
    -merge only the following Nokia models:
    ExpressMusic 3230,3250,5500,5700, 6110,6120,6121 Classic, 6260,6290,6600,6620,6630,6670,6680,6681,6682,7610, E51,
    E61i,E65,E70,E90,N70,N70 Music Edition,N71,N72,N73,
    N75,N76,N77,N80,N81,N90,N91,N92,N93,N95,6210 Navigator,E71,N79,
    N85,5320,6220 Classic,E63,N93i,6124,6650,E66,N78,N82,N96

  9. LucianGL said

    iustin are several ways to install anything on your phone using PC Suite, Bluetooth or infrared transfer by direct download from the internet / in this case I recommend using PC Suite

    let's ask you a question:
    - Have you ever considered having full control over a computer, whether you are close to it or at any distance?
    If so, you try full control to a computer and a phone? Whether you're close or long distances.

  10. @LucianGL: It would be fantastic if it indeed absoloute might achieve a perfect control aspura a PC to a mobile phone !!!

  11. sal luci, congratulations for the tutorial, very good but unfortunately I don't have a compatible phone for something like this I have a sony erricson s700 i, I saw on the net a program from mobiola through which you can use your mobile phone instead of headphones with a microphone on the computer and you can also use them for messenger, skype and many others. maybe you will do a tutorial about these who knows… good luck

  12. beb3_mykk said

    commodity super I tried going quite well !!

  13. hello to question what day I think many people would like numa not many people know him have a modern phone yes I know little to do with ielar be good to do unserial of videotutoriale about this thing that you say yes gotta get a little more in detail multam

  14. LucianGL said

    -Andrei Not bring it if it was not possible
    -Doni Company has many useful applications Warelex unfortunately not gratuite.Headset site to which you refer is unfortunately only available for S60 v3 and I just S60 v2 (ie a N70) and because of this not this software can currently present.

  15. @Stefanhellzone:
    If you put one link on this site dom having to access your ban.
    May Dummies, you will be banned!

  16. LucianGL said

    I put the above list of all mobile phones are compatibile.Va Please look carefully at videotutorial before asking questions

  17. Please excuse me for the language, yes I like order and discipline… and I care a lot about the cleanliness of the site, maybe if it doesn't work with good words, it will work with bad words…

  18. LucianGL said

    Adrian, let's not scare vizitatorii.Sunt many who enter for the first time on website.Sa not be acids in words so repede.Fiecare entitled to review the limits of common sense

  19. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    @LucianGL: a useful thing…. Bravo, I'm glad that there are also "countrymen" of mine who still know something in IT… make me feel proud… seriously now`.admin_cristi: water, straw and beating…: )) .. that's what you do in Romania… I know I've experienced: D..all good.I respect you!

  20. … Please… when you do a tutorial like this or another, first explain exactly that in any software with "what to eat" that is to know who we use… that is, what devices, software and other information useful… that only after I installed the software I saw that it only works on Nokia… I hate people or companies that advertise disguised on our skin (not your case).
    Don't take this "little ear" for granted, but I was going to kill a Huawei phone because he doesn't know anything. You know that story about "the rooster in the" Money Bag "- otherwise it's OK

  21. @Fanibu: Listen, better look at the tutorial, don't roll it around, look at the whole head… and prick up your ears or take the cotton wool out of your ears, crack your eyelids and you will hear that this guy who did a great tutorial said: “here is the site where we download this software, and a little further to the right is the list of compatible phones "he even scrolled and pointed fleetingly it was seen in the image that it is only nb vb… but if you execute what you see as parrots without you look at what you click on and without paying attention it's part 2. Plus as above Mr. Blind… boy posted a comment in which he listed and said with which phone models this software is compatible! Stop being robots… crank and punish the brain… gray matter in operation! this site also has informative text before the video if you didn't know! Another time to be mindful and to roll your eyes, read what is written around and only then you can swear at us dear uncle Fanibu (name specific to people like you)

  22. Hi LucianGL… .I want to ask you and it's a question
    how do you move the cursor from the keyboard when you log on to the mess or write something …… adika without hitting the mouse on that typing space
    ……… understand what I mean…

    Congratulations for videotutorial foarteeee tareeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. @ionutz: Pressing Tab the cursor will automatically jump to the next place! E Caps Lock key above

  24. Thanks Adrian you saved my life ………

  25. LucianGL said

    of of of, not in vain I wrote above: “LucianGL
    14th March, at 2009 2: 21
    We have put above the list of all mobile phones that are compatible. Please watch the video tutorial carefully before asking questions. "

    next time I ask you to put Cristi early videotutorialului and list of phones compatibile.Va need to present the following.
    Then I want to do something that will surely say that has never been done / a videotutorial to be in absolute world premiere website / waaaay I'll need patience, but what will come out will be amazing for all this for lumea.Garantez

  26. for Adrian asa that's how you start with everyone who asks questions and asks for explanations… here's what you said to Nixdorf:
    nixdorf like the others please: Follow this tutorial head on if you really want to understand it and not ask what is already specified in the tutorial, and read the comments of a tutorial before posting a question because the answer to the question It could have been given already, someone would have had the same problem as you and someone would have answered. I assure you that if you look at all the tutorials head to tail you will have a lot to learn! Even if I keep some for an hour but it's worth it believe me! I was like you in the beginning… is… what do I need a tutorial about copy paste? that I already know these… and until I watched the tutorial and I was crucified… indeed I knew a lot of them copy paste, mouve etc but there are several methods by which you can make copy paste, and I thought I used the pc so much years and I knew how to make cpopy paste in only one way, but in fact there are several… Even the most "trivial" tutorial teaches you something that I'm sure you didn't know! but I don't really see a trivial tutorial on this site !! ....

    and this is what you told me: Listen ba forgotten better tutorial no longer scroll saw everything head tail ... and ciuleste good ears or remove the cotton out of your ears, cracaneaza eyes and I hear the boy that that made a tutorial great, said this: "here is the website where you download this software, and slightly to the right is a list of compatible phones" even gave the scroll and showed fleetingly seen in the image as e vb only nokia ... but if I will execute you see like parrots without you to look at you click without pay attention to is the 2 has. Plus as above Mr. blindly ... boy posted a comment on the list and told her the compatible phone models this software! Stop trying to be robots ... give the cranks ... The brain gray matter and put into operation! This site also has informative text before the video if you did not know! Another time to be learning mind and stared great to read what is written through the neighborhood and then we can swear Dear Uncle Fanibu (name specific people like you)
    it sounds like this: "head tail" means that Adrian who remarked to me that I did not follow "head tail" but correctly and in Romanian it is written "head-tail"… so this Adrian throws insults at all those who try civilized to be constructive showing that there is room for better (with all due respect to these friends from Videotutorial)
    PS You lit up a bit quickly and you look like a "lawyer" out of nowhere.
    May bridle contempt for others

  27. @Fanibu: You didn't say anything constructive uncle… moreover you accused that out of your stupidity the boy who did the tutorial is to blame! Did you look when I posted a comment for Nixdorf, on what date? I was at the beginning and my patience was great… yes you are with duiumu everywhere… and I can't stand you anymore, indifference, laziness and after all this after it's your fault and you ruin your phone live and scream here that you domle be careful that I was about to break my phone… well aren't you ashamed of me? Patient man, swallow but until when? how long can i endure? Do you know when I've been here on the site and helping the unskilled? Come in every day and leave dozens of comments on the site, to see how it is… I don't complain I like it, but I have the right to give you "over your eyes" if you are blind and you go crazy and accuse of your stupidity… forget it top 10 visitors with comments to see how many comments I have… Do what I do and see how much patience you have with some people who, through their own fault, ruin their things and blame you… If there is room for better, don't do it to us some tutorials so see how it is? aaa what do you say are you you have guts? What better way… that you didn't say anything but you started complaining that domle was to run out of phone… well and normal… if you click like a robot without looking… who is to blame for this? Who is to blame for not being able to pay attention and read above which are the compatible phones?

  28. LucianGL said

    Adrian and Fanibu think enough of you discussed this issue, I do yourself to do something that I feel bad for you if you continue.

    I want to see complaints but be based, or various applications but not for personal interest

  29. Robciuc Ionut said

    I have a question Cristi, where can I change the color of a tmplate platform WordPress. CSS to HTML?

  30. For LucianGL & Company all the respect and sincere appreciation… I appreciate your work and sacrifice. I will end the controversy I had with Adrian so as not to create the discomfort I wanted. If I did something wrong, I apologize. In the hope that you understand the irony of the phone, I wish you continued success and remain the same loyal "visitor" of this site.

  31. George Iordache said

    Mr. Cristi,
    I don't want to upset anyone, but the language used in some of Adrian's comments is not the most appropriate. From what I see, the dance is a knowledgeable person in this field, a fact for which I sincerely congratulate him, but the way he gives some remarks does not honor him. The use of the words "ba", "ma", "parrots", etc., leaving aside the incomprehensible agrammatisms in a man with so much knowledge, does not honor him at all. I think that maybe the dance is younger and doesn't have patience with these "stupid" us.
    As tutorial, as always, congratulations! Extremely useful and innovative at the same time. Unfortunately 6234 my Nokia phone is not compatible with the software described by Mr. Lucian.
    One thing I did not understand or I was extremely careful to tutorial (for which I apologize in advance heaven) and sound go?
    The entire team I wish you health!

  32. @George Iordache:
    I also do not like the way Adrian express themselves sometimes, but handyman and helped many people on
    Once Sergiu Adrian and swearing like tent door on the comments box, and a few days later were best friends.
    Try not to let yourself be affected by Adrian's words, because they say too easy but I am convinced that they do not say much.
    Adrian does not speak in the name of the site, speaking in his name.
    Adrian know that is not part of that world entering a site and swearing believe it when people express less elegant is not careful or when repeat something that was said several times.
    Besides Adrian it is very young and is not quite calm and patient.
    No longer disregarded if it annoys or simply give replica, but do not offend each other, come with arguments.
    Competition means progress, of course as long as it keeps a decent language.
    Finally if you have not felt good on I apologize on behalf of all.

  33. @George Iordache: I wouldn't talk like that, and I wouldn't address myself like that if someone asked the question like this: "I'm more babalau and please help me, I have no idea how to do it, I'm new in the field… I need help etc, or tell me how do I do that I'm lazy to look at the comments, because there are many "under the hat I would rule you, and I would speak nicely to you, yes when you have no idea and you come to the site with great ignorance compared to these people who do something super and with a laziness in you and you are phlegmatic and you start to ask what and how, and on top of that you put yourself in my mouth with me and you also get a normal connoisseur that my mustard jumps! Forget it and read all my comments to see that there are also beautiful words, there are also tips given calmly, but do you know who? to those people who admit that they are beaten and who have their heads down, not to those who, after being beaten, also do the foolish things! How do you feel about entering the site with the keyboard in front and asking "where is the print key"? yes god forgive me you take it babeste the keyboard… one by one and you look where the key is… that it doesn't have 1000 keys it has 180! or how can you… with the winamp installed come to the site to ask “if I play winamp sing”? when you have it in front of you and you can click on the play yourself to see what happens… you really have to ask every little trivial detail what to do? yes what will that pc be brother… time bomb? if you can't afford to touch it to experiment… press, click, type? Leave it at work, be open minded and researched, don't wait for the blackberry in your mouth… I would be stupid in a field and someone would talk to me like that, I wouldn't mind why? Well, why… because I don't know anything in the field and I can't afford to mess with the one who knows… but after some of you are drummers in the PC, you also do phlegmatics and fools… How can you treat a man who comes to the site and out of his inattention that he did not follow the whole tutorial, starts and throws accusations that "domle I broke my phone because of you, that you did not say that it does not work with any type of phone" Well, how can you do such a thing, Mr. Iordache? I mean, some people work for us for free and you have no idea and you come and accuse you of ruining your phone through our own fault… so what made you click somewhere? are you a robot can't see what you're clicking on? are you the programmed car? you have no eyes, I can distinguish, read?

  34. @admin_cristi: I didn't swear at myself… he swore at me and I gave in because I realized he had a free mouth… and he also apologized for doing so to me… and admitted that it was his fault, no I attacked him but he, and he swore too! I don't like to swear or offend, but I die of spite and oppression when I see so much indifference, nonchalance, laziness, from visitors viz and when I see that from his carelessness all these guys are to blame… well who is to blame Sir, don't you have the patience to read the instructions and follow the whole head-to-tail tutorial? we do not?

  35. George Iordache said

    Sir Andrew
    I try to understand you and I must confess that sometimes you are right, sometimes not. I completely agree with you regarding those who are careless, those who are smarter than they are, those who are lazy who prefer to ask than look, those who are mocking, etc., but with one condition, namely those to answer them civilized. But I can't agree with you when you say that when someone says "I'm more babalau" or "I'm stupid in a field", you speak nicely to them. No matter how ignorant you may be in a certain field, you cannot call yourself as above, and not knowing something does not mean that you are stupid. I understand that you are younger and have a volcanic temperament, but it's a shame for the very good advice you give. From this point of view, believe me, I appreciate you one. I will tell you an older man who greatly appreciates today's smart and trained young people. I can honestly say that sometimes I envy you for the knowledge gained in this field. Although I am an engineer (on the verge of retirement) in a certain field, I admit that I am a beginner in the IT field. Am I stupid because I don't know how to do the same as you? For this I follow with great interest this wonderful site and thank you for existing. Do not be upset with me for what is written here, I did not do it with malice, but only out of the desire to increase the level of this way of training, which actually makes this extraordinary team of Mr. Cristi Cismaru.

  36. @George Iordache: Thank you and know that I did not shoot at all because I am not a whiner who runs to mom when it is difficult, I know how to take responsibility for what I do, for what I say… I like to be criticized for as I learn this way, I never got upset when I was criticized but on the contrary I was glad that this way I can correct myself… I am not perfect either, no one is perfect. However, I think we are too tolerant in everyday life day with nonsense and that's why the country of rapa went because we didn't know and we don't know how to "pay" them to put them over their noses and let them sleep in nonsense… instead of arguing and we correct them, we tolerate them and on top of that we still speak to them nicely…

  37. badaboum said

    Question! It works only on Bluetooth or cable and phone connected to calc?
    thanks in advance!

  38. badaboum said

    I'm sorry to intervene! Please respectful to focus on technical issues concerning tutorial!
    thank you! (In fact it interests us all!)

  39. LucianGL said

    George Iordache, but also all other wwigo software for webcam software for mobile phones have no sound, just imagine.Sunt and applications that allow phone use on the job microphone or microphone + headphones.
    Badaboum in videotutorial I specified that I go with bluetooth and also recommended a adaptor.Sunt other software that allow cell phone use as a webcam via data cable, Bluetooth or Internet connection (or wi-fi) but not free
    Adrian, how about if you let me respond to written comments to the tutorials presented me? I have nothing against you, but I think they are better able to give answers obiective.Intru daily on the website and do not think it remains an unanswered question more than 24 hours.

  40. badaboum said

    Thanks Mult1

  41. LucianGL
    I liked how you have it set up Adrian.
    Continued success! At several tutorials!

  42. @LucianGL: Ok I respect you that you are from the city with me and to know that you are doing a great job !!! However, the response time was a bit longer… 24 hours… beyond that it was less =)) (I was joking) I will also comment that I can't help myself 😉 in addition, the expression is my right! If you do not respond within 24 hours of being out :))

  43. @sorin: No one put me up =)) you think tremor or silent k what anyone send me a text? LOL I respect simply for it's in town with me!

  44. marius512 said

    Adriane not leave you broke no criticism and no aplauze.Vreau tell you that even though you did not answer any questions until now personally, you did it through very much the contribution that altora.Apreciez you got on this website.
    Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; Rebuke the wise; and he will love!

  45. @marius512: Thank you for the kind words and to know that you and others who thanked me give me the strength to move on !!! As Christ also said, I do not argue with hatred and enmity, but in spite of myself, in spite of your laziness, I regret that these people work and others come and laugh at everything, they are superficial, I regret that you are inattentive, to do everything on the run… and nothing will ever come out of you at this fast pace! In your place I would be glad that someone even more demanding being shows me and tells me where I went wrong… I bet that if I ruled all the beatings in the head and spoke to them nicely, repeat the same noble questions… while if you take him to the quarrel he will avoid aberration, I only want to be for you an impulse to wake up not a black bug that will hurt you, I just want to wake you up from this convenience, if you knew what pc I use cry with pity… and you have something to do with it and scream that you don't know how… and even if you are told how… you scream that you can't find it, that you don't know how to totul wait for everything at once! That's it and it has always been beautiful things only those who do not need… and the one who longs and has nowhere to "cry" sadly… I do not even an idiot like me to scream but still tell me how to do it, I didn't have it !!! I would have liked to learn the PC as you teach it… someone to give me tutorials on the tray… but it wasn't like that, I "ruined" it n times, I cried despite when something didn't work out… but I I calmed down and took it from the beginning, I read on forums, on websites, knowing and I deduced a little English, I intuited la and after all if I didn't understand anything… I gritted my teeth and clicked or ok ,,, whatever it would be I was telling myself then I was taking a risk. And that's how I came to know something about the PC, yes, I wasn't too lazy to read and I wasn't impatient either!

  46. Adrian
    And if it was from Constanta have not complied?

  47. @sorin: Reading what I wrote here should reach the conclusion that I have nothing against anybody but my disgust k only noble, lazy, lazy, indifferent, phlegmatic, ignorant and dumb people! And with that I ended!

  48. LucianGL said

    amazing how many visits for this tutorial in just 3 days, when you put it that will be premiered exclusively as rating? you will realize that I will be held responsible for blocking the site

  49. geomihaita said

    but data cable can not be used as a web camera telefonu ???

  50. geomihaita said

    who tells me and dak goes through data cable dak goes through another program tell me what that program is called….

  51. LucianGL said

    Yes, go through the data cable to use your phone as a webcam, the application is called Mobiola webcam and is not free

  52. Hello,
    and once again all my respect, if you can tell me your recommendation between the stick you use a stick that has the following:
    Supports up to 7 slave devices
    Bluetooth EDR 2.0
    Transfer Rates (Max) - 3.0Mbps Asymmetrical
    Frequency - 2400 - 2483.5 MHz for USA / Europe / Japan
    Chip Integrated -80 dBm typical across passband under high interference environments
    Range - Up to 30 feet (peer-to-peer)
    System Requirements
    For Windows Computers
    Windows XP / 2000 / Me / 98 with USB Support
    One Available USB Port
    CD-ROM drive
    For Macintosh Computers
    V10.2 with Macintosh OS X USB Support
    One Available USB Port
    I did not name that has not advertise.
    Thank you!

  53. LucianGL said

    Marius My opinion is that everything I say best, I present the next tutorial for last oara.Fiecare is free to choose what I say doreste.Acesta that covers all services, including sturdy da vista.Mic :).
    Once your adapter keeps your connection time and provides a quick transfer plus a complete range of services on the desired system = mean it's good and worth it.

  54. @Marius:
    You can give any product or brand names but do not give links.

  55. yes as you install it on your phone just may download the SYT is for PC?

  56. LucianGL said

    sorell - the installation kit is in .exe, so it's only for windows.
    once you have started installing it will lead C and will install the program files, but after completing his installation will have checked a box that says that the application sent telefon.In this way is installed on the phone by using Bluetooth. Specifically opens a dialog box and begin a search to nearby phones that have Bluetooth turned on, select it and your phone will send the installation kit.
    I guess you have not installed the software on your computer or not you been paying attention to the end of the installation's the deal
    If you have not understood what I said, and install application in the C partition, you will find installation kit for your phone here:
    C: -> Program Files -> Motvik -> wwigo
    under the name wwigoMobileApp.sis
    (To me it appears to be the penultimate file folder mentioned above)

  57. Hello again, I have a problem installing the software on my phone (6210 browser), namely when I try to install, the installation starts and then it tells me that "expired certificate". Give me an idea of ​​what software is best for the bluetooth adapter.
    Thank you!

    * Respect, gentlemen for everything you do! *

  58. LucianGL said

    Marius - I don't know your phone's menu, but you have two possibilities:
    1-enter the manager control phone features and settings of-the-verification certificates give off or
    2-before installing the application enter the date settings (time-clock) of the phone and change the date a few months before - for example put 1.1.2009 or 1.12.2008 or 1.11.2008 and so on until it allows you to install the application
    It may be something else in the middle but, I repeat do not know the phone menu to know exactly what functions have activated the phone's applications manager

  59. Thank you,
    bows and Pharaoh, what's yours is yours, you tare.Am solved the problem because the date was set, I came and went directly 1.11.2008.

    * Respect, gentlemen for everything you do! *

  60. Hello,
    I want to give a little help, after I installed the software on the phone (thanks Luci) with the help of the data cable, another problem appeared I didn't want the software to work from the pc, when I connected the "Filter initialization" appears failed ERROR 02 ”, I researched and found out that the wwigo software works with the only version from bluesoleil 2.3.0 (for those who use this software).

    * Respect, gentlemen for everything you do! *

  61. Stefan Nicolae said

    Dear Sirs
    In a few months I learned about so many interesting things that I have the impression that "VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO" is an open door to a fascinating universe.

  62. LucianGL said

    for it would be to hear / see it and Pro TV or Antena1. Everything depends on us-those who do videotutorialele.Cu The more successful and explicit details videotutorialele, the good reputation will spori.Din traffic problem persists Unfortunately, once solved will be truly a website note + 10

    Google keep up ..veniiiim 🙂

  63. Hello. I also tried the Nokia N73 but when I want to install the application on my phone it says "Expired Certificate". How can I fix the situation? I hope to receive a valid answer and not nonsense as they are usually said by the UNKNOWN.

    Respect for all

  64. I have an LG phone has 900g u3 on it, can I install web cam on it because I no longer go forward about an sms .multumesc.

  65. LucianGL said

    Midget read a little above the same problem he had someone else and I gave the answer

  66. MS Lucian, I solved it with the "Certificate" but when I give the WEB to another person on the list, he receives it but nothing is seen. The image is black. What is the problem?


  67. LucianGL said

    take a sample from you, that come with 2 Mesure and see if you go tie.exact as we did in tutorial

  68. I tested and goes. The image is black. I tried both cameras and the 3.2M and the 0.3M (3G).
    Ms helpful

  69. Hi! I shi I have a question: shi go on sony ericsson?

  70. LucianGL said

    Andrey above I put the list of all phones that are compatible

  71. for a erricson what program sonny me that I would need a w910i and do not know what program I should thank dascarc

  72. street kid said

    I have a question pls i have a simple blue tile Bluetooth (Bluetooth write on it) you find on all roads. I installed everything is all right but when I give connection gives me an error and it says bluetooth: error and I can do no good bluetooth.ul be one performance I did something well or not and me pls pls pls pls

  73. LucianGL said

    robert - there was a time when a project went, but it was abandoned and now it doesn't work on your phone

    street child - my advice is to get another bluetooth for your PC

  74. @street kid: I give you another tip… uninstall the revo boot, then reinstall it again but before reinstalling it, disable the firewall and antivirus !!! And see if that works… I say disable the firewall and antivirus, because it's a pretty sensitive thing and it is possible that the antivirus or firewall will block the connection or the antivirus will attack some files in the boot installer, I would also advise you to have a windows "Clean" unchanged, even if the blueberry is not performing and can be found on all roads, it must work !!!

    Luci, I would ask you in the future not to be so superficial and to get more involved… to ask for details if necessary… or maybe you don't understand the true principles of functionality of a blueberry?

  75. LucianGL said

    Adrian - first of all he calls it Bluetooth, not the bastards you said, and about the bluetooth mentioned by the child, you know that I also have a second one, but I opted for the third one. why ? there is no point in explaining because it is self-evident. don't scare the man and give advice on riddles. some bluetooths really don't work, but it is possible to go with the purchase of the latest software version for that bluetooth, if it is not offered to you for free or you will find it somehow
    Adrian're not able to give advice on this category, I asked once beautiful Refrain, and the more i get my attention to something you know better than you

  76. unbray said

    I give me legal aid by mistake when I say connecteaza phone to pc error-2 Blootruth L6305CAP what to do?

  77. Adrian said

    @LucianGL: What makes you think you're the only one who knows all about phones? =)) don't you think you're a little arrogant? I tell him how I want… the pronunciation is so blutut !! Just because I don't do tutorials about phones doesn't mean I don't know or don't have them !!!

  78. Adrian said

    @LucianGL: I think I bought a blueberry at 150 thousand and it went without problems !! So… we don't all have money for blueprints like you for 3000.000! You also have to think for the simple man and put selfishness aside !!!

  79. LucianGL said

    Adrian when someone corrects you say well and good to follow the advice of my knowledge not only that I did this, if you still in yours, you'll proves the stupidity and immaturity lot.

  80. Cosmin said

    capture what software you used for Telfon??? interesting and useful tutorial!

  81. LucianGL said

    Cosmin - if you look in the window where the phone's display is captured, you will see a link on the bottom left, enter it and you will find out what software I use. However, I recommend mobiola remote control because it offers several advantages, including the use phone as a webcam, but may conflict with some TV tuner software

  82. Daniel said

    Sony ericsson k810i Sipe go?

  83. LucianGL said

    Daniel - you have the list of phones above in a comment made by me, also in the tutorial if you follow him you will see the answer to the question yourself

  84. Marian said

    very useful this phase… the worst part is that it only works on Nokia models, I have a Sony Ericsson W910i with a 2 sqm camera… so it would have been perfect if it worked..ehh… that's it..we are looking for other programs..maybe show us something for other phones: D: D

  85. Florin Marin said

    bravo lucianGL! it really works. he also gave me an 'expired certificate' but I read through the comments and saw how to do it.
    about a year I bother myself have room laptop mocha :)
    merci nice !!

  86. Florin Marin said

    a and another thing: how useful are tips on Lucian as it is unnecessary interventions are adrian. I had to look through his polemics adrian tips with others (no offense adrian :)

  87. un1oarecare said

    I also have a problem, if anyone can help me…. I have a replica of the Nokia N95 8GB and I would like to use it as a web cam on the messenger via USB cable… I am waiting for an answer to [email protected] anticipated.

  88. Good nuztiu why not go sal download you can help me ??
    and why only apples with apples and not Blut data cable ?? com on [email protected] plsssssssssssssssss !!!

  89. please do a tutorila about 7210 nokia supernova with you this prog No more

  90. … I like Adrian… :))

  91. … Blah blah blah…

  92. I have a nokia 5700 and software receives wwigo not, why? goes installed, I tried as I know it does not work.

  93. Jhonynemonic said

    Hello! Nokia e51 .. and .. I do not go to deskis application in the phone, how do you make such a response instalezpls dami .. .. .. with very good video and very well explained .. Good luck .. send your ms ..

  94. Bravo!!!! tary most are excellent !!!! 10 with congratulations;)))

  95. LucianGL said

    florin - unfortunately the application is not compatible with your phone model

    Jhonynemonic - E51 is compatible with wwigo, search and download the installation version for your phone model and I assure you that it will work both installed and open + run successfully

    cata - thx

  96. LucianGL said

    now wwigo also has wifi support which makes it possible for you to use your phone as a webcam via internet connection from any distance you want. .the software I'm talking about is not free, but you find a method

  97. hello lucian I also have a problem… first I tell you that I got bluetooth and the problem would be that I found a wwigo.sis application that has only 60 d min d use so it's trial… and if you are kind enough to send it to me wwigo for pc and mobile phone (n73 ME) I would be very honored to use them… thanks in advance… :)

    d id mess manu_arabu92

  98. Hello! unfortunately I don't think this application still exists in the freeware license, I would ask you if you can send me the application please[email protected]", Or if you know of a similar program compatible with my phone. Thank you in advance! The site is great and there are a lot of useful things. Oh I forgot to specify the model of my phone: Samsung SGH-F330 (I'm not convinced it's compatible but the deadlift doesn't have 😛)

  99. Simona: Hello! unfortunately I do not think there is this application lies in Lincent freeware, I would ask if you can send me please to me to address application )

    Why do you think someone will send you something, be realistic, maybe you'll get at most spam!
    In other news, when you address mail publishes text can not protect anyone from spam when an insert in form is safe because it protect us, but when you do publish the text will be picked in a few minutes by bots spam, then you will get all kinds of mail names that will sneak through and some phishing.
    This time I have protected us in the future to be more careful.

  100. Thank you so much ptr help. you are amazing

  101. unfortunately the future will not provide support for procuring these applications, whether trial or not. Why make it harder by presenting them than simply purchasing. I think I will leave to you the easiest and I have the hardest

  102. Dj Stelian said

    Very cool site !!! congratulations !! I want to know and I dak can use your phone as a webcam but this time via data cable and how can I do ?? Thank you

    • I would also like to know the answer to Stelian dj k and I want to connect the data cable and do not know how .. dak not this program please help me somehow[email protected], here you can answer my question… thank you and please help me as soon as possible for k I need

  103. Hello. I want to buy my bluetooth adapter but before and I'd like to know if it is better than the supplied USB cable and replaces all its functions. (I mean normal use transfer music, pictures, games, etc. installation) and if you are good those market something that cost £ max 20

    • Catalina I advise you to take your phone data cable properly that you have. If you mark application for Nokia Nokia Ovi Suite you will be able to reprogram your mobile phone (phone mode of operation delete and reinstall it in phone but with an updated version of the operation) without losing any file from your phone. Taking your bluetooth adapter will not be able to do this surgery that besides that, data cable gives you a connection to your phone (including internet) higher to adapter bluetooth that you provide instead a universal connection with any brand phone (data cable connects only with phone models for which it was made). Transfer files from PC to phone and vice versa can do so with a bluetooth adapter as well as a data cable (with exception of the operation of the phone being transferred only with the data cable that Make a speed file transfer high ).

  104. I want to know if it works only those with SimBin

  105. felixmotan said

    congratulations! you must be really passionate to offer this information. I thank you very much and I am eager to see what else ,, scornesti ,,…

  106. henceforth be able to delete the tutorial that no longer finds little program: (((

  107. dan.lazar said

    where can I download the program and I? and for the PC and phone, I went on the website is unavailable and you said (you can put it on the site to download it thanks !!! ???? !!!!!!!

    • Cristisg1 said

      I've never found any tutorial prog.pag see that it was done by 2008 if I'm not mistaken I SIRS download free on google and found name only as im not give obtiunea to choose your phone model may be now universal (prog) do not know that I saved not installed lam / as I have Windows loaded with altele.incearca and give an answer please if you succeed

  108. Cristisg1 said

    well in that case I do not see why it would not work and data cable (USB)! and if not why? I see that many wondering few respond I mean those who have tried and they go ,! I think not coming back to give explanations

  109. dan.lazar said

    straw and install the application on the phone as we do not prove k I tried to install the 1000000000000000 times and not merge.zice certificate expirat.ce expect ?? I must make response merci!

  110. stanciu_ioan2007 said

    I did not understand how to install the phone wwigo

  111. Mpix camera does not filming with 2. A robbery as having the nokia 70 2mp. but for photography, video has Mpix 0.3.
    The application can also be used as IP cam.
    etc… etc…: D by spvc100-mobilewave

  112. can use your phone as a webcam without wwigo or other programs I use and I have not even installed PC Suite, you just need a data cable and so

  113. and I forgot to mention that I use a camera phone or other simbian d 1.3 without those.

  114. SchmutzpAetzchen said

    Works on 7 win?

  115. nush not tried but most certainly yes

  116. Gaba constantin said

    How old are you ? Your application works like a MOSCVICI car from the 60's. Go and at least kindergarten !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. First and foremost, this application is useful only to those who have Symbian phone, but even if it were true for other types of phones, it is not found, it seems, that is not free ! Official website itself is closed for a long time.
    Thirdly, besides the tutorial no longer valid for the above reasons, the tutorial no longer makes sense for the simple reason that now webcams of commerce are far more powerful than when it was done tutorial here talking and cameras that are already embedded on most laptops.

  118. Hello . I was interested if you can use messenger that while the mobile phone to activate the phone's camera and see us, to see me or the other. i have a nokia e 71 and use a yahoo messenger so through and through shMessenger.

  119. LucianGL said

    Yes, the official site is closed, but the application can also be found posted on various forums or filehosting, once you install the application on your PC and open it, it will also offer you the application for the phone right on the desktop, for those who want to use a symbian s60 phone. v1 or v2 gen 6600 6680 N70 N72 and others I "jmenuit" an application from mobiola and currently it is put by me on, I have the same user there, looking for mobiola remote control. you can use it as a webcam via usb or bluetooth on the phones mentioned above. For phones like s60 v3 and v5 use the mobile phone that goes via usb cable. bluetooth and wireless, this is how I now use the phone as a webcam in windows7 (I mean N95 8GB) … If in the future I will be able to purchase another phone model, I will find out how it works on that model as well

  120. I have 1 nokia n81 and it doesn't look like it anymore? …… how can I put it on again?… ..I wanted to do 1 software update and the power went out… .now I can't do anything with it anymore …… .cnv can help me?

  121. I have an LG GT505 phone it works for this phone to be used as a webcam …… ..I am waiting for an answer thank you

  122. madalina624 said

    The program is free ... but still ... and have to look a little ... I go ... .I lam downloaded a lenovo n3000 200 who had vista on it ... I gave up and installed xp and could not find drivers ptr have a webcam ... going great ... but now there was a problem I can not do videocall with yahoo messenger called wwigo ptr recognize the driver ... but I can give ordinary web cam ... if you have any proposal to be f ... ship pr ... .and only go wwigo on simbian

    • madalina624:
      The program is free ... but still ... and have to look a little ... I go ... .I lam downloaded a lenovo n3000 200 who had vista on it ... I gave up and installed xp and could not find drivers ptr have a webcam ... going great ... but now there was a problem I can not do videocall with yahoo messenger called wwigo ptr recognize the driver ... but I can give ordinary web cam ... if you have any proposal to be f ... ship pr ... .and only go wwigo on simbian

      Well, not telling us where you downloaded?

  123. Hi I have a Sony Ericsson Vivaz has simbyan him, which is kind of bad, like I could do with simbyan ::)) wait ms response

  124. And I want to know what this wwigo go phones. I tried to get on the site of the tutorial to see what is compatible phones, but it seems that there are no, or I do not find him. Sony Ericsson K800i going on? Or just go on Nokia? I hope someone help me. Thank you.

  125. zine and from where you downloaded new software

  126. and if the location of Bluetooth certainly use a clablu time has something ????

  127. petronela said

    Nokia asha 300 go?

  128. I welcome and I would like the mail app [email protected] That site is not good or is under construction in fine does not lead me on to be thanks

  129. Merge With data cable?

  130. adik instead be bloototh data cable?

  131. I want to know how I could use the phone as webcam..dar with data cable connection ,, if you can, of course! thank you ,,

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