How to surf anonymously on the net without a trace through the network proxy-tor network video tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how it can surf the net without let our confidential data or traces on different sites that can use this data for purposes less legal or ethical.

We will use for that a software package with which we connect to different servers, many in number and we will redirect the server server until we reach the final destination without any sensitive data or identification with us .

This method, but a little more "refined" is also used by hackers or those who deal with phishing (illegal) to get to a certain place on the net without an attached identity.

But don't think that if you do something illegal you can get rid of, by the way, you can get rid of the "radar" of some simple websites, but you will not get rid of someone with resources, well prepared and who really wants to identify you!

I invite you to watch this video tutorial which is part of a series of video tutorials dedicated to the topic "spy-antispy" that we started with all in one keylogger and we will continue with other interesting topics.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Interesting tutorial… you didn't go to log in to your yahoo messenger account because there in Pidgin at Protocol you didn't choose yahoo! you had set AIM and it's not the same with Yahoo! I hope you don't mind the observation

  2. Adriane.
    I got really upset, I got fired….
    Just kidding, thanks for the correction, and we make mistakes because we are men!
    If I were to prompt Andreea Esca I can not apologize, but I have to do a tutorial in the head and in the memory.
    I'm glad you're careful and you noticed, you are on stage!
    Stop waiting for comments and observations.
    Corrections they are constructive, and we support!
    Thank you !

  3. :)) that's what I really wanted to show that I care about this wonderful site! for me it matters, and that I am attentive to any movement! not to show that you were wrong was the goal! I imagine what you go through to make a tutorial! I know it's not a good idea to speak fluently to change the terms on our understanding, or I pray to others. I really appreciate your work and that's why I get upset when someone is more stupid and attacks or "screams" I know you have a family and a child and that time for them you dedicate to us many times, or maybe you have time for us 2, the family and the people here.

  4. Interestingly I have a question if we want to anonymously download the torrent can?

  5. Downloading is not how to be anonymous, but search propriuzisa yes!

    • dragos said

      but it is good to not be detected that you were the messenger. There is a site that tells all activity of a user in the mess. how to make me see that I was not active?

  6. Madalin!
    Those who fight against piracy monitors the torrent search is worldwide, but if a serious website torrent (tracker) encrypted (Secure) search, authorities will be very difficult, if not impossible to detect in a short time source called torrent, decrypt it outside connection is illegal as long as it is done in the name of national interest and I doubt that someone who downloads a game threaten national interests.
    Many torrent trackers'm outside offers anonymization or security for their customers, but in Romania no such thing.
    We will try to do something like "secure search" for torrents, for the tracker (torrent indexing site) that we will launch soon (we hope to be able to raise the necessary funds as soon as possible)!
    It's harder to launch a tracker serious and open access for any public server does not want to host something and in the end must we construct a series of servers (hardware) performance to withstand traffic giant on a tracker public access (for everyone) without obligation only when logging download, login to do to enter the forum to post comments and notes for torrents and to upload the torrent.
    90% of the traffic on the internet is p2p type traffic (torrent or gnutela) and you will realize what load is subjected to such a server (servers) that must have the most reliable and high-performance components that are able to serve 100000 - 300000 torrents daily and on top of that to keep track of them in the network.
    We hope to offer a quality product and, in Romania!

  7. maybe in 50 years and where there appears little something new to us comes more tarziu.sperante minimal.

  8. Interestingly, only kill you unfortunately browsing speed.
    And a question: Well, if your IP is registered in another country's total area opposite the area where you live or your ip change every connection to the internet that does not give you some protection? Very limited course I thinking. That can find a porn site admin's say xulescu My name and where I live? Well, I do not doubt that competent authorities can find or malicious person, but even a site admin would be?
    I do not wanna get to do shit, as we have warned Cristi only ask you too.

  9. bl anyone can find out even your neighbor who you may not know is a great hacker… anyway for someone to follow in your footsteps is very difficult; and it takes a lot of work to find you but if someone wants to find you then whoever he is gas that is if he has certain knowledge… why do you think k piracy "works"? it's very difficult to run after all the pirates! to look for them to fine them but if you made the big problems related to national security or I don't know… something very serious be sure that in 1-2 days I will find you… or where you would be!

  10. May poi cristi this somehow affect my internet speed? Please contacteazama to this id: dj_alexino_4ever_4you

  11. Alex.
    Of course Alex, I can not wait to give you your id, thanks, but at what times can I contact?
    I would not want to bother.
    At any time you want I'm available, just do not be too pushy!

  12. I'll post this question here because in some way related to it tutorial.Vreau admin.siteului to ask them on what they think this law that appeared to monitotizarea, recording telephones, emails? My intention is not to make policy, I hate this job, I just want to know your opinion because some people are open minded, so to speak Romanian, :)). And another thing: is there any way to get rid of it , that can not be monitored, recorded mail sent / received? No wonder this thing in order to send or receive email information top secret, I'm just a citizen in 2009 wants to not be raped privacy, corespondenta.Sper and I'm not alone in this country.

  13. I tor with portable mozilla, but I flash player. I understand that you need to copy or install plugins out there, but do not understand why and how. how make it work? thanks a lot

  14. I tor with portable mozilla, but I flash player. I understand that you need to copy or install plugins out there, but do not understand why and how. how make it work? thanks a lot

    I have the same problem, I tried to enter your site on portable mozilla and I could not watch the videos because I lack a plugin. The same problem on youtube. I copied the plugins from mozilla firefox in the plugins folder from the laptop and still in vain… do you have a solution? Thanks.

  15. And another thing I have to ask: if I sign on a forum on the portable firefox, it is possible to see my real ip? As I made multiple accounts and do not want to take my money; ;)

  16. @Alex: I am now on portable firefox mozilla and can see the tutorials !! As for ip, it's not possible that more than likely he sees your real ip! You misunderstand these portable applications! they run normally as before, only they no longer have a key in the registers and do not require installation! When you enter a site it is the same ip whether you use the installed mosila or the portable one. It will remain on the respective ip forum on the PC where you created the account…

  17. I am not there, I do not know what is:
    Lol and I what I excited that even now I can make an account without realizing administrators who are :)) So there is no software to your ip ascuda klumea
    off… off…

  18. nope… it still doesn't work for me… :(

  19. @Florin:
    Check if perhaps you have a firewall that blocks access to those applications, if you use Windows Firewall change it with another, we have video tutorials for Zone Alarm Free Edition and Comodo Internet Security free.

  20. I also closed the antivirus with the firewall, windows firewall was closed and I tried again and it still doesn't work, it stays in step: "It connects to the Tor network".

  21. ADRIAN with tor goes, otherwise know as I had flash player installed all the plugins folder: D, and still does not work :(
    anyone have any ideas?
    thank you

  22. @he: when I ran that mozilla from portable apps, I also had mozilla installed on my pc, I also had it installed on my pc normally and I also had it as a portable application, and when I ran portable mozilla this is probably why my flash player worked… .if I hadn't installed it and it wouldn't have worked on my pc, I think… I'm not sure if that's the reason it worked for me…

  23. beb3_mykk said

    then I tried and it really works but super hard :(… this is :( it works harder umpic but it matters k works NO?: D

  24. Dragutz .... but you can browse with such a server and a site, say…. who banned you?

  25. Andrada said

    I use this tutorial to ask you something. How do I find the ip of a person talking on messenger? Since you can find ip emails that you sent the email, but the messenger? I heard that you can find your IP and in this case, but do not know how. If somehow you can help me, I would remain forever grateful. Anyway thank you once again for the work you are doing. You are incredible!! You are worthy of all respect for the work that you submit

  26. Andrada said

    I dare to make a suggestion for a tutorial, namely: how to create a free account on AOL. I apologize if I bothered with this proposal. There is no malicious intent.

  27. Adrian said

    @Andrada: To find out someone's ip talking to him on the mess is simple… open the window with him… .ask him something… .wait to answer you and then after he wrote you something click on start, then on Run in run you write cmd and you give ok… in cmd you write netstat and you enter and some ips will appear… to locate it his ip easier try to have cinversatie only with him… not to open the window conversation with someone else !!!

  28. Adrian said

    @Andrada: But I have a curiosity why do you need someone with ip vb the mess?

  29. Andrada said

    Thanks a lot for the answer. I'll try to see if I succeed. Why do I need someone's ip to mess with? To see if he lies to me where he is. The person whose ip interests me is my friend. He often tells me that he is out of town and we talk on the mess. But I suspect he's home and this mess with the ip on the mess would help me a lot. What to do …… I do the private detective too…. I publicly apologize for this method, but sometimes it is very effective in finding out the truth !!!! Thank you very, very much for everything you do. You are super super strong.

  30. Andrada said

    I forgot to specify that I know his ip from home. It is clear that there may be "n" other ways to check this thing, but I find it very simple and more than convenient to simply talk on the mess and find out the answer, without leaving home.

  31. Catalin said

    Cristi, but if we use an online proxy - apart from the disadvantage that we can't make too many settings - would it be a disadvantage? I ask you because I noticed that they also "hide" you quite well.

    Esteem for what you do

  32. ""

    enter the site address… and you are anonymous on the net wherever you browse.
    simple and fast… and free

  33. Andrada said

    Very good tutorial. You can also get an acceptable speed sometimes, by right-clicking on the icon on the screen, in the taskbar, selecting "new identity". If you have enough patience you can get an acceptable speed. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm saying, at least it worked for me, I kept giving "new identity" and I got an acceptable speed at some point. I hope I'm not misleading anyone, that's not my intention!

  34. sandy said

    k possible because Windows does not accept any antivirus December very old versions???

  35. so a provider can see the address that I access it?

  36. Darkman said

    how can I use the program '… and enter a DC ++ client?
    u can hide my ip and there?
    and if so… how?
    : )
    thank you in advance…

  37. Darkman said

    "To enter a DC ++ client" 🙂 I apologize…

  38. Adrian said

    @Darkman: This proxy is the only browser on the hubs you can not use the proxy that I know of! You can not be anonymous!

  39. Darkman said

    and like… there was a DC client for that… yes' pretty weak…
    plus everything was done manually, which was quite difficult… and complicated to find ip…
    if anyone has an idea… I'm waiting for an answer 🙂 how about stupid comments… or morality… the preservations for you…

  40. I tried "TOR" on my computer but it doesn't install, I have fiber optic internet and no modem and on one with a modem it needs special settings in my case?

  41. SMITH: I tried "TOR" on my computer but I have not installed fiber optic internet and modem no modem and one special settings to be installed in my case?

    don t have special settings ... and I modem and apples ...

  42. haosss:
    don t have special settings ... and I modem and apples ...

    scz “fiber”

  43. I also have a question, I also live in France and there is the problem with the download if I use "tor" can they detect me when I download by torrents?

  44. A curiosity I had, too. There are some countries where censorship occupies a place of honor, in other words a lot of links are blocked on political or religious grounds. Assuming that I live in such a country, it would be a good idea to connect to internet through proxy. But if you like to download TOR or if I try to access sites that provide information about the proxy server IP and port of them, I will not be able to connect to those sites because they are probably blocked by your ISP. Suppose that in one way or another I get TOR, or IP address of a proxy server and enter the proxy settings of the browser and configure. My question would be: ISP may block my connection to that proxy?
    This experiment I did using proxy servers in Saudi Arabia and China.

  45. It can also be downloaded anonymously from torrents without the ratio being affected and without counting anything on the download. Unu I've been doing this for about 5 years.

    • how?

      DMX: You can download torrents anonymously and without being affected ration to you and without you shall count nothing to download. I one 'do so any 5 years.  (Cite me)

  46. Welcome. I want to know how good is FoxyProxy. use 3.5.4 version of firefox

  47. I have a question that's program and not see my messenger id?

  48. sumomanu said

    interesting tutorial. IPs have obtained American and French, but when you access the site you want French, I was told to install Adobe Flash Player. I installed a 3 times and still get the same message, although it appears ons already installed. I do not know where I'm wrong. this is the link

  49. Rest assured… nothing is 100% anonymous… With any anonymous browser - torpark, etc - we are not in fact 'anonymous' except for the sites we browse, NOT AND PT. THE PROJECTS WE GO THROUGH (logos can be kept despite what they say) AND NOT EVEN FOR THE INTERNET PROVIDER.

    Rather than Torpark, I say use Xerobank… for. k, encrypts 'activity' and uses a network of proxies from Europe / America… not from Asia like Torpark.

    But be careful with any 'anonymization' program, as spyware / malware can penetrate… despite what the software producers claim; those who use Ashampoo firewall or Comodo… you know what I'm saying.

  50. Tell me what programs various companies or government organizations monitor p2p traffic through strong dc or torrents, because at each activation, Peer Guardian detects and blocks (or does) these attempts to access my ip. What is more important to know is: is the ISP obliged to send or provide information on the content of downloads upon request? Does the ISP see what I download from the net, torrents or dc ++? And, most importantly, how can we protect ourselves from these scans every time we download? I have seen that more goes on the wire, especially when using a proxy or ip hide program, including STS from our SRI. Is there a program that ensures the confidentiality of downloads? That is, at most to see the volume, not the content of the download… Or encrypt the download… If we keep looking at the tutorials about appex, torrents or bitcomet, for which I congratulate the team, Even know and whose dangers we are exposed. Interesting was and Tutorial eMule, Gnutella technology, but it seems that it does not unbeatable. I do not know if the transfer by our ftp servers can be monitored. This can be a theme for the team of this site quite interesting for the audience that it accesses. Thank you!

    • Ioneltaiefrunze said

      Costy28tr: Tell me through which programs various companies or government organizations monitor p2p traffic through strong dc or torrents, because at each activation, Peer Guardian detects and blocks (or does) these attempts to access my ip. What is more important to know is: ……….  

      Like any user, I asked myself these questions. The media informed the people that various "Internet users" were sanctioned on the grounds that they distributed various pirated content via p2p.
      Then I did not realize that in fact "the saddle is fighting to understand the mare". In short, what do the authorities want to say? Well, they want to say that it is not good to steal or distribute other products for which we should normally pay. to be able to enjoy them (when I say “products” I mean here operating systems, different software, multimedia content… etc).
      Me as a person I do not agree to work for nothing and therefore respect the work altuia.Binenteles ISP monitor our traffic and of course they are obliged to provide information on request institution responsible for monitoring crime online.Asa right.
      Of course now some people can come up with arguments like: low wages, high prices, unable to purchase a product that has ptr legal minimum wage .. etc..
      What can we do in this situation? I use a free operating system, I use open-source software, a CD with my favorite music is not so expensive, there are many radios, there are video-dvd rental centers… etc.
      Stop opposing the system and stop looking for ways to hide your "little messes" that are actually a serious deed, because in fact you have nowhere to hide. I invite you to respect the work of those who offer us these products online, paying. If you do not have the possibility there are free alternatives.

  51. You could say hello to me sami cumas could change ip
    yes you can as quickly as
    I beseech

    • cristi96Hi you could say to me cumas sami ip could change that can ulda as repedeva beseech  

      I think this should be discussed with the company that provides your internet, there is another solution.
      You could also mask your ip through a VPN proxy. I could recommend Hotspot shield. I think he's much better than Tor. You have 5 GB of monthly traffic at a slightly more decent speed, obviously there can be periods when it goes very badly. Also, while using this program (when it is activated and you benefit from the new ip) you will have to accept some advertising banners at the top of the screen - this is the price you pay for this service. This proxy also integrates with other applications such as yahoo messenger, ftp client, torrents, even DC ++ (with some limitations) etc.
      There are plenty of possibilities to connect to a proxy. You can also use a php proxy - it is only valid for web traffic. You connect to a site like this, and somewhere there you will find the place to type the address of the site you want to access.
      All these things can be useful if you were banned somewhere… now you know better why you want to change your IP.

  52. Very, very much, thank you

  53. I know someone who works in the police computer and told me that he knows everything that moves through the network but does not bother with regular home users :))

    • seal: I know someone who works in the police computer and told me that he knows everything that moves through the network but does not bother with regular home users)  Cite me

      That is wrong. You might ask someone (an official) who is ala. It is prohibited for those working in the field to give instructions. Is it bad that those people working in the field to boast that they have the privilege. It should be thrown out.

  54. someone please tell me if it's necessarily to have the same version as the video because I did not find the same version and did not mia

  55. bitza1990 said

    Hi, I have a problem for a few days, I was playing an online game and my net crashed after 2 hours and I came back ……. I logged in again and after 5 minutes he told me that I was banned I go by email to see why heck I don't have av :( when there he told me that I have an open proxy maybe sami say cnv what is this? solve as far as I understand an open proxy not good but I don't know km suddenly I have an open proxy do I have to talk to the internet company? I have cable tv internet please help me: ((

  56. sal friends I have a question for you, do you have the chance vrun videotutorial a IP hide program that is not nobody know my IP??
    wait a rasuns

  57. I have a problem with the site, UPC because they can not access the site and tried the above program. I sent and email vplay Lord and said the problem is the UPC will not net deie them. What solution do you suggest I can access the site again vplay!. Thank you!

  58. Th3 P1rAt3 said

    You can use and hyde my ass [dot] com
    which is a service just like any program not only require browser

  59. At the risk of repeating the question because I still haven't managed to go through all the comments… can I hide my ip on messenger conversations with my tor or hotspot shield? I'm not interested in downloads, torrents or other madness; I just want to know if with tor or hotspot shield I can communicate on the messenger with the hidden ip or what other methods exist. Thanks in advance

    • AdrianGudus said

      Souris: At the risk of repeating the question you have not yet managed to take all the comments ... with tor or Hotspot Shield can I hide my ip on messenger conversations? I do not care for downloads, torrents or other crazy, I just want to know if the torus or Hotspot Shield can communicate hidden ip messenger or what methods exist. Thanks in advance  

      You can't see the ip on messenger, I don't know who told you this thing… .messenger connects to the yahoo server which is something like 5050 or com and only the server puts you in touch with the person you are talking to, whoever wants to see your ip can't do that, between you and the person you are talking to there is no direct connection.
      Primu server listed above is for chat and voice 2 century is

    • Souris: At the risk of repeating the question you have not yet managed to take all the comments ... with tor or Hotspot Shield can I hide my ip on messenger conversations? I do not care for downloads, torrents or other crazy, I just want to know if the torus or Hotspot Shield can communicate hidden ip messenger or what methods exist. Thanks in advance  

      Search Google packetix.'s A free vpn .. very stable and good speed f.

  60. The thing is that there is no direct connection on the mess between me and the person I'm talking to and that everything "flows" first in the yahoo server I knew, ms for details. The thing is that my younger brother also enters from this PC, obviously everything he is "censored" so to speak; but honestly I heard (actually I found somewhere written-well maybe it was a wanna be hackerel) that if for example on the messenger is made a transfer of files or various pictures, songs or I know what, practically in that time make a connection between the 2 PCs and by I don't know what thing put in the run can see my ip. I say this because I "trained" my brother to make add only to those known like no one on who knows what games or I know what. It's just a precaution. Thank you for the clarifications and for reading my aberrations here (I don't know how to say nonsense in the dynasty) a good day.

    • AdrianGudus said

      Souris: The thing that is not directly related to the mess between me and the person talking and everything is "flowing" first in yahoo server knew, ms detalieri.Chestia on this pc is that we also have my little brother obviously everything is "censored" so to speak, but honestly I've heard (I actually found somewhere wrote well maybe it was a wanna be hackerel) if for example the messenger is a file transfer or various pictures, songs or know what I basically at that time to make a connection between the PC and the 2 not know what got into run thing able to see my ip ul.Zic this for me on fratimiu I "trained" to do give only add known types Alora anyone on who knows what games or anything just a precautie.Va ce.Este thanks for clarification as you read my aberrations here (I do not know I can say nonsense Dynasty) a good day.  

      Even if you transfer something to someone, there is still no direct connection between you and the person, so even in this case he can't see your ip…

  61. a normal head said

    the militia beats the fields; can't do anything; 99.99% of movies and music are hacked on the net; it should bring Martians as it transforms the planet into a great prison; or to become almost all militiamen….

  62. hard to kill said

    Hi, I also want some opinions from some specialists…. some nonsense was written by a former employee of a company on a forum…. negative things were said about the company, and about what was inside the company, that is, general condition, bosses, bad works that they performed, that they did not have regulations, job descriptions, etc.…. that former employee was registered on that forum with real data, and the owner of the company he wrote about sued the former employee "for slander and for damaging the image of the company". how can it be defended at trial ?? i will find the ip address, in the meantime it has changed it… what can it invoke in the process ?? he is going to not recognize anything anyway, and to prove the company that he wrote, to prove by all possible methods… how can it appear in the future ?? most sites do not accept proxy, or it crashes, some go very hard… what else to do ?? I'm waiting for answers

  63. I'm super bn I go and I go and google p

  64. look at this one in the back… where he didn't detect any shit :)))

  65. LucianGL said

    ip can see if a transfer via yahoo messenger, I did this once for Radmin
    And related anonymity is more effective a vpn, say running a virtual OS and configure a VPN that actually enters and the proxy server (the possibilities are multiple, to free choice of anyone), the idea is that it save time but can lose speed

  66. Stefan cel Mare said

    can you stay "invisible" on yahoo messenger without being identified with those idiotic programs?

  67. Assertion said

    hello! tor there is a problem with this!
    is installed, it connects to the Tor network it right! Yet, when I check my IP address appears same that I know! it's like nimik would not have happened!
    Does anyone have any ideas? why?

  68. omerta1975 said

    from where you can take many proxy networks:
    The most important thing is that you say from the start where is the speed at which work (access time).

  69. I want to ask if proxy switcher program stardard.este good, and if you really change ip, to browsing other site without the correct ip you know, to browse anonymously.

  70. Who can tell me how to sail and donloadez on the net without being detected?

  71. I use "Foxy proxy" I downloaded it from the mozilla supplements site, it's easy to use and it works very well but I still have to learn about that plugin from what I saw I can make it change its ip automatically.

  72. Very hard BRAVOO!!

  73. CICO pipe said

    CONGRATULATIONS pt.tot you do for us the little known during sacrificat.Se sees materie.Multumesc for the presentations that you guys all israva as zice.THANK YOU!

  74. hello I would make an account sami's game sv Brazil and I can not get on their page on the Europe redirects me how I could get on their saitu.
    If anyone can say or if Sami and Sami do can enter and leave the user account and password here
    please Openwork

  75. Transylvanian said

    cristian if you can give me the id add yo_scumpicu_dany
    and explain how sami sami make a game account

  76. Sal Cristi.Intrebare: if you go to a game to my account, the admin of that site will see fake ip times the true (real)? Congratulations videotutorial.

  77. NSA (National Security Agency) has repeatedly tried to attack Tor users, an instrument that allows completely anonymous online surfing, despite the fact that Tor is funded and promoted largely, even by the U.S. government, according to The Guardian .

    NSA top secret documents, disclosed by Edward Snowden shows that attacked various programs NSA users' computers. One of them is Firefox browser through which agency it acquired full control of the computer in question, having access to all files, online activity, even all that the user key.

    However, NSA's success was limited, showing that only a very small part of Tor users could have been disclosed. Tor is a public project, to hide the identity of users of Internet traffic passing through several other computers, called nodes.

    Tor is of major importance in the work of journalists, dissidents and human rights organizations, but the NSA and GCHQ (the British equivalent of the NSA) are making considerable efforts to destabilize the service. Their motivation - is also used in acts of terrorism, human trafficking and drug trafficking. Some countries, such as Iran and China, have also tried to block the Tor, but without success.

    A GCHQ document states that “we (no - security agencies) are interested in bad people who use Tor. There are very, very dangerous people who use Tor. "

    Tor project president Roger Dingledine said the NSA's efforts show how "helpful the project is in combating mass monitoring." "The good news is that they ran into a browser vulnerability, meaning there are no indications that they can break the Tor protocol, or that they can do an analysis of network traffic. However, infecting a laptop, phone or computer remains the easiest way to learn about the man behind the keyboard.

    NSA officials issued a statement explaining the actions against Tor: “The NSA only collects communications that it is authorized to make, for the purpose of information and counter-information, regardless of the technical means used by the targets, or the means by which they try to hide their communications. The NSA has immeasurable technical capabilities to achieve your legal goal. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that our agency is trying to counter the methods used by targets to hide their activities. If we didn't do that, it would mean we wouldn't do our job. "

  78. ISP sees using tor but you do not see the el.mai documents before making a tutorial

  79. addle-brained said

    not clicked on the first link sponsored. but the second link was the same site. 3 century and link the same.
    from 01: 10 :)))

  80. Hello! I use TOR. but on video chat… no camera sees me. can it be solved in some way? Thank you in advance !

  81. Michael said

    sall a question ,, maybe neighbor see that I steal wuarles from him… if so how can i not see ,, thanks

  82. anonymous said

    I have a google account and if someone logs on he received notification IP address and all cele.daca put into practice what is the tutorial I can I login without having to find out where?

  83. Hello, you can not see through proxy server webcam, it appears to activate Jawa script in google chrome, but it ticked all asset and can not someone to tell me how to do?

  84. ??

  85. Hi, until 2 weeks ago I was using tor for webcam addresses to see the local people (restricts Romania), I received a request for an update to a new version of tor, I only updated that now I can't make the settings to work it gives me the message "Video format or MIME type is not supported"

    If you can help me to do what I can see them?

  86. Hello! With cyberghost, if you log in to a server in Romania in the UK to play at online casinos banned to new casinos thought I could detect in the UK? Thank you!

  87. Cristina said

    Good evening, I want to watch a show but can not because I say: This video contains at Televisa SA de CV who has blocked in your country .If they installed the software can see the show?
    if folosec for serial program will have problems if I identify?

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