How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

In the last few years, people have to do with viruses, spyware and other malicious new programs that have become more and more sophisticated and can hardly be intercepted by an antivirus.

Antivirus programs treat us like sheep!

I do not know if you have any idea how an antivirus program works. If you do not know, I will tell you, because it is quite interesting the method that large IT security companies apply.
First of all we are treated like a flock of sheep, and the wolf is the virus.

We are collateral victims.

From a few flocks, the virus will attack one computer at a time. Infected computers will report to the base, and the specialists there will try to find solutions for the annihilation of the virus as soon as possible. More precisely, the sheep on the edge are sacrificed, so that the ones in the middle live.

The alternative is more promising but requires some effort and resources.

In this tutorial, I propose using Sandboxie, which runs the applications we choose in a virtual environment that is totally isolated from the system. That means nothing in the sandbox can affect the computer.

We were waiting for the problem to occur or we were pretending.

With antivirus it's like waiting for something to happen to you or a neighbor, that is, you have to wait for the hot one to come.
With Sandboxie, you build a trap that the hell can not escape and where it will fall from the beginning.

If we give up some comfort, we'll be safer.

If the government and the society ask you to give up freedom for comfort and safety, I ask you to give up some comfort for your safety and intimacy, which will bring you closer to freedom.
The Sandboxie application requires a couple of extra three clicks, but it will give you peace of mind.

Why we can use Sandboxie

Even if you don't want to use Sandboxie for absolutely any application, at least use it for dubious applications and suspicious sites. That is, if you enter it doesn't make sense to use Sandboxie, but if you visit a site…, then you should kind of enter there with a browser launched in Sandbox.

Download Sandboxie

(Official site)

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    1. Madalin Dumitru said

      Hello, I have a problem when trying to install this program receive an error from Compatibility Assistant as it would negatively impact performance or security against my computer and look at other applications that run on this version of Windows (Update- 1809 OS Build: 17763.168)
      Thank you in advance!

    2. maximilian said

      Problems with Windows 10

    3. Ionel Mane said

      Good evening, maximilian, —I specify: win.10 Pro, licensed by Microsoft, version 17763 with the October update (which is the latest), gives me the same reference to look for a version compatible with this system.
      A pleasant evening !!!

    4. Adrian Gudus said

      For those with Windows 10 1809 (Autumn Update, the latest stable version of Windows 10) you need to install Sandboxie Beta version that you can download from here:

      • Ionel Manea said

        Thanks Adrian, that's right.
        By the way, something appeared for recovering pictures from the damn "WannaCry ransomware"…. pictures of the grandson between si birth and 2017 years old.
        Thank you in advance

    5. Hello Cristian!
      I recommend another program. It's called Shadow Defender… it's a bit more advanced than sandboxie, but it still follows the same line. Staff recommend…

    6. I can no longer install Chrome on Windows 10 pro, write to me Your Network Administrator has implemented a grouping policy that prevents installation ".
      What should I do ? Thank you.

    7. I found a solution not to be infected with viruses for a moment I give an example an online movie site where I found the source on where I find a lot of movies I put on favorites. I am pleased and I have no problems with malicious people.

    8. Hi, my name is Lucian and I'm from Lugoj. For several years I have been following the tutorial on this site and I admit that I have learned a lot. I also saw the ransomware tutorial and since then I have been doing regular beckups. I stopped backing up for a few months. Last week I became infected with ransamwere. It only encrypted my files that I miss the most, jpg, avi, doc. Of the rest only a few. This virus is very smart, made by someone who has nothing to do with a computer. I reinstalled windows, but the files remained encrypted. Please tell me if I have any solution to decrypt them. I searched for some applications but without success. I don't think I know where to look. That's why the "scientists" must have discovered something in the summer. I put it in quotes because hackers are more "savvy" than them. Please help me. I have pictures with my children, the rest of the files don't interest me, I deleted them all apart from the pictures. The file looks like this: poza.jpg.udjvu. I deleted the fine extension but it doesn't work. Wait for response. Thank you in advance.

    9. Hello. I can install sandbox on another partition… .will it run well?
      I have to think and I can use the ssd so many writings that run in Windows
      ……… .if it can be installed in another partition how do I do that? Thank you!

    10. Hi cristi, the server doesn't work for them, is the application still valid for them ???

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