How to Reduce Smartphone Dependence - Some Tips

How To Reduce Smartphone Dependency

How To Reduce Smartphone Dependency

The smartphone has two faces!

How to reduce Smartphone DEPENDENCE - The mobile phone is a friend, but also an enemy, it is a benefactor but also a manipulator. It's up to us how we let this seemingly harmless gadget enter our souls.

The smartphone is the Trojan horse of our era!

Underneath the tempered glass is the gateway to the world of knowledge. It has never been easier for us to find things, and in no time of history did man have access to so much information that can be accessed instantly.
Under this wave of useful things is hidden a small army. This army is made up of a suite of applications and games that virtually no longer let us be. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Various Games, Camera, etc, etc.

Why should we pay attention to Smartphone addiction?

Homo Sapiens was born about 100.000 years ago, when he had time to get used to all the conquests of mankind.
Our problem comes from the fact that Homo Sapiens is now facing a tsunami of new information and technology and has no time to adapt to them.
Because the Smartphone is so attractive, we tend to ignore the other areas of our lives.
Everything is happening too fast for our organic structure.
This is where the oddities come from…


In the information age, we are extremely misinformed
In the age of knowledge, we are becoming more and more ignorant (not to say otherwise)
In the era of socialization, we increasingly departed from the people around us
In the country of communication, we are no longer able to link a sentence to the presence of other people
In the present age, when we should smell any lie, we are very easily forgiven

What makes us addicted to Smartphone

Like the substance addict, we get to find all the answers in Smartphone.
We use Smartphone:
When we're bored
When I wait in a row (at merdules)
When we go to the beach
Before bedtime
When we get up
In short, ALL TIME!

Addiction or bad habits?

Dependency is when you consume something that appeals to you, but you can not give up.
Addiction occurs in the case of alcohol addicts, drugs, cigarettes, etc., and abstinence from substances brings after it psychological addiction and addiction.
The stupid habit is for example spitting or screaming. At these habits it's hard to quit because they have entered the reflex, but once you leave them, you do not have the problems that you encounter with substance abstainers.

Addiction has two phases:

1. Physical dependence

, which is called a serpent, and which is a bad physical condition that occurs when you have not consumed the substance. Physical dependence can be treated relatively easily.

2. Mental dependence

, is a state of mental anxiety that manifests itself even after you have solved the problem with the servitude. This restless state stops only when you take your dose. Mental dependence is treated very hard and is primarily responsible for the re-establishment of substance-dependent.

Does the smartphone add addiction or not?

Using Smartphone is not a bad habit, it's addictive, because its use brings us rewards by triggering a hormonal discharge when we use it.
Smartphone dependence is a psychological addiction, a dependence that is difficult to treat, and which leads mankind in unknown ways.

Solutions to Limit Smartphone Usage:
1. Using the monochrome mode
2. Let the phone load the day, so you can get some time
3. Do not take the phone at the table or in the lunch break
4. Stop notifications that cling to you
5. Do not use your phone for boredom (creates harmful automatisms)
6. Do not use the phone before bedtime
7. Do not be curious, do not check the 5 phone in 5 minutes
8. Break any connection with social networks (if possible)
9. Use a normal phone instead of a smartphone (if possible)


My dears:
Use the phone with the brain, not the soul!


How to Reduce Smartphone DEPENDENCE - Video Tutorial

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. A welcome article!
    And so much more can be said about the harmful effects that technology has used, without discernment, on the roughness of the brain…

  2. the worst tutorial (tips) I'm already tired of I'm unsubscribing from you only that only fools presented a year ago very rarely something like the 4-5 years ago, why I bought a smartphone so I can I do video, FB and play on my mobile if I did not want to buy a nokia 105 on my buttons if I wanted to talk to him and so

    • You could have unsubscribed and ready! How much drama?

      • pulea spataru said

        Do not play with fire!
        I see that you are a follower of "Tzara wants you badly"
        Tzuchemberg was "helped" by the Bolsheviks to get rid of a 20 billion coconut (a trifle) in a week
        Why do you only refer to smartphones and do not take time back until you enter the cave again and stay in the light of the fat with animal fat. You gave an answer once again that you won't leave your daughter at school with a smartphone. It's your problem, even Bill Gates doesn't let his children use technology in the conditions in which he alone said that he was a hacker !!!… but he does "dirty" business with the Romanian state
        The conclusion is: this tutorial was paid for by the red plague to instil fear of communication because they see it as an extraordinarily powerful weapon
        PS - No matter how hard you try and you can give your ass and head, you will not be able to turn back time

        • 1. I forgive you for offending me, but I have no other face.

          2. Tara does not want you bad, because you're already, why would you bother with yourself.
          As Nietzsche said "to become what you are" you don't have to bother anymore, stay calm, because you are what you are.

          3. I wish clearer fellow citizens, that is why I advocate limiting the use of mobile devices for purposes that do not help our intellectual elevation.
          I recommend using the phone only for things that make life easier, and it helps us to save time.
          I do not recommend using the phone for burning time, that is to say, the FLUTE. Time is the most valuable thing we have, it's a shame to burn it.

          4. Facebook does not make you smarter! On the contrary, it keeps you connected to the phone, narrows your intellectual field and makes you a social construct from which you will not be able to leave.
          Facebook does not reveal information, but you are served with information in small pieces, like some lego pieces. The human brain is dealing with the assembly of these parts that build in our mind something that we still do not know what it is. An adult's brain over 25-28 does not think it is badly affected. Unfortunately, the brain of a child or teenager can be changed in ways we can not even imagine.
          There would be a lot to talk about, but back to the insults…

          5. Example with return to the cave does not take the place of argument. Any idiot without arguments takes it to the extreme. For example, after you tell an idiot to spend less, he will ask you, "yes, what do you want, to be stingy."
          That's what an addict says - if you tell him it would be good to give up drugs, he says "yes, why should I live, that, no, no, I'd better put on my throat".
          Extremes that make contrast, do not hold the point.
          Between the extremes is a giant maneuver, where we have to lay ourselves in the middle, this means balance.

          6. Do you have the impression that all the world wise men could not push the world forward, that they did not have Facebook?
          How did those mindless minds do without Facebook?
          With all of our Facebooks, you think we are brighter than Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, etc. I doubt.
          They did not have all these social constructs and scientific dogmas around them. That's why they came up with some philosophical theories, which even after 2500 years, we're getting a little shy of our stupidity.

          READY - We've outsourced our memory.
          We do not remember any phone numbers, birth dates, recipe, historical dates, no appointments.
          If we continue to rely too much on the cloud, remembering the data, we will become more and more addicted, and over time we will come to the conclusion that we can not think without a phone, because the part of the brain responsible for memory will go into conservation.
          Do not get me wrong, I love technology, but I can not turn it into a religion. I use the technology just to make my life easier, to save time.
          7. I admit, the tutorial was paid for by the red plague, I forgot to say this in the video. Personally, I met some of the leading members of the red plague and rasma mother.

          Poetry - THIS IS LAFEL - written now and here
          for large and small fireflies!

          Here's the way
          I descend to the valley
          …a fool…

          I think you're a bot,
          a robot
          written in Java by a dead man
          that you are too bot,
          that a bot,
          full of bale to the bot,
          who ate everything
          from the ecological pits
          is a logical conclusion
          otherwise you did not
          tramway dump
          dirty at the mouth
          full of venom and hate

          You are like the red plague
          with the infrared rosette
          lights the night like thieves
          as if their panties shone
          and makes her the victim
          that it kills DNA
          while in the people
          give bread / TV
          the suitors stay well
          not to get out of his mind
          alas, her quarrel is arguing
          mucles, this is an art
          Hegelian dialectics
          in the country is a panarama
          democracy is craziness
          we are taken from a pot
          put into the voting booth
          that you choose a robot
          give him scandal to the people
          to take in the collimator
          any other loser
          not just the seller
          what a people will sell

          you're stupid like a packbot
          failed in port
          you are like a fanariot
          mafia idiot
          with a small brain of everything
          you come with the ball on the shoe
          like a bite on the cake
          you are just as dumb
          that the idiot
          which took almost everything
          putting his hand on the elbow
          now that she has a purpose
          unionist fake of everything
          to get into history
          and to glory
          without any meritorious act
          a fake patriot
          with a bassoon air
          to others he gave us everything
          the CIA put us on the plate
          made us a colony
          hata, now wants harmony
          after 8 years of reign
          in this Romania
          but he only enmity
          between people of humanity

          Cristi 2018

    • the worst user (sorry, innocent).

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Today I put my sweat in mourning because you unsubscribed from our channel, I put myself in bed and I will try to scream with crocodile tears

      • Adrian Gudus said

        As for the above extremist (the above sworn TFL member) whose slogan is "either you are with us or against us" I can only say "hi Hitler"
        My joy in life is to see the fools talking about the froth of my mouth and offend when you do not agree with them. Wonderful, supreme, divine. There is no greater satisfaction!

  3. Tudor Dreghiciu said

    Thanks for the article.

    I would add: it uses the smartphone without internet.
    I have a net on my phone (I have a prepay) and nothing happened, I'm using the pc.

    The best!

  4. Cristi is right and I hope that those who fall into this "typology" will realize that it would be good to give up on always keeping an eye on the phone. And I, like everyone else, am smart, but I have it not only because it's fashion or time, but also because:
    1. has a performance room so I can take a picture when I go to the park with my children or if I'm out on vacation;
    2. notifies me when I have to send the readings to the current, the gases and the water meters (otherwise I would forget about the wave of daily problems)
    3. I rely on it in case I would need a Maps when I'm somewhere and I'm looking for a specific location;
    4. the alarm sounds in the morning when I have to go to work. AND THAT'S IT.
    It's everyone's problem, but the situation is pretty serious, in my opinion. Everywhere I look (in the station, in the means of transport, in a place, on the street, practically absolutely everywhere everyone "buttons"). They don't even part with him anymore, to say that I put him in my purse or purse, in my pocket. Not. They sit with him in their hands as if their lives depend on it. I don't want to upset anyone, it's strictly their job and I honestly don't care about their addiction or their sight, I just made a simple observation of what is happening around them. And if it hurts them, and it makes them clear as the doctors call it, to make them just because no one is forcing them to do that. I can only say one thing that is important: not to let children start at an early age to want to sit alone with their eyes on the phone or tablet. And here the IQ depends on everyone who knows themselves as a parent. About adults, they only have. If that bothers their head and they don't realize that it's not good to smoke, to be an alcoholic, to take drugs or to sit with the retina glued to the screen, it's their problem and I can't sympathize with them. It is a popular saying: "Have pity on a sick man, but not on a drunk man." This also applies to them by analogy.

    • And I would add something else. There is nothing abnormal or bad to use the phone, to play on the PC, to consume alcohol on I don't know what mood or occasion, etc. It is only bad when it is too much and the imbalance or abuse only creates disadvantages for us in different ways. This tutorial does not say to throw away the phones, to close the subscription on the net and to "go back to another era". Those measures are like ideas to help those who button excessively get rid of this vice because whatever it is, it does not bring good. If they want to do this well, if not well. The fact that this man who did the tutorial, by someone to make us take radical measures, would have paid more than false, is actually stupid. For so long he has been offering us tutorials with different topics and I think that the idea, in general, is that we have to use, to button only because he gives us another piece of advice, he shows us another solution to a problem and we don't pay anything for those seen and heard. To conclude: I think it is impossible to convince those who are passionate to give up, and of course not necessarily to give up, and once again the saying comes true that "doing good is" mother ".

    • Hello Nancy, I do not agree with you but do not mind now is it better to have a smart mobile now 20-25 years from where do you get news from the news? I'm watching Saturday at 18 at TVR1 telecicopia or from comic-tv shows you now see on facebook or youtube I agree to have more information, eg. I receive notification at when posting something and receive it on my mobile and watching mobile video is much simpler and faster on mobile information than on PC, I bet 10% of those who have seen the turo implement what Cristi said.
      Ps is no longer receiving notifications from that I have unsubscribed from them but will rarely go to the site. bye

      • There's no upset that I have no reason. If you had cursed and defiled me, "I was glad" but because you were decent, I respect your opinion. Smart often helps, clearly (as I said I do), we also enjoy looking for the information we need, from the weather until I don't know what else. Nothing unnatural. I was referring strictly only to those who spend too much time with the phone in their hands (I don't know, that is, those who spend half their day with it), and who also suffer consequences such as vision loss, impaired relationships with others and many other psychosocial problems depending on the age of the user. As long as there are no nasty consequences, I don't think it's a problem. And I also agree that no one will listen to Cristi and that they will give up buttoning the devices. That is why we are clearly aware that you cannot force or enlighten someone because they either know the consequences but also assume them or they are unconscious and worse that they are not even interested. All the best.

  5. ViorelR said

    Very good tutorial, to the subject and apply to some of today even to me. I'm aware that sometimes I'm doing too much. Excesses are damaging. Whoever has a mind thinks and will be aware if he is addicted to something and makes excesses. Many use the computer to multiply two numbers, do not fully know the four mathematical operations, the grammar as well. Technology is good but careful how we use it. We humans do not have to turn our robots into the technology of today. So much has advanced today's technology that we can not find any more healthy people. The sight is lost by our eyes in the glass lighted from the monitor or the phone. Thanks to Cristi for everything you've been doing for us for so many years, but also for Adrian.

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