How to get rid of scareware phone

Scareware programs or pages are a special category of malicious and highly pars. I'm kind of phishing that rely on fear to persuade users to perform certain actions. A scareware inspires you to install software, to divulge personal information, to pay a certain sum of money or to send an SMS to a premium number.
The messages read:

1. FBI - You were caught downloading protected material. You must pay a $ 200 fine in 24 hours on your X account or Y paypal account.

2. Virus Found - your phone is infected. You need to install an antivirus.

3. Update available for your phone. Click here to download the latest update.

What should we do if we meet any crap like this net?
No need to do that than to close the tab, without pressing any links from that page infected. At the same time it's good not to enter the site each sent you the infected page.

Today you can come across a scareware on almost any site, so take care.

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  1. So what's the solution? There is no software to keep us from nonsense not to appear in the browser? to block that on the PC toolbarurile

  2. Costelina said

    I'm not going to phone it seems crazy on the net
    I PC

    • stefan said


    • I have no PC, no telephone, no electricity. If you want to talk to someone in the distance, just yell louder. If it's too far, make circles of smoke. And if we do a barbecue lighter.
      This technology is not good, filled with viruses, radiation, you have to do upgrades. It's kinda sucks old man!
      I invite you all to my cave to show you survival techniques. It's quiet….
      The zombie apocalypse or SkyNet are near. Not to mention the Illuminati… Once my aluminum foil tichia fell off and I was going to suffer badly, brother. Only I know what I went through.
      Well what? Michael the Brave had toothbrush.

      • Cristi said

        Yes, I liked the answer. We Americans do personal bunkers, or to hide in caves. Cristi, how many places do you have?

        • What places do you mean?

          • Greuceanu said

            I think I was referring to places in the cave or bunker personal! :))

          • There's room for everyone!

          • Greuceanu said

            As if if you only enter from the PC you can't find "scareware" there! 🙂

          • Costelina said

            now not fair well on google's biggest virus
            You monitors and virtual and real

            smart if I have disabled the Google services you can not do anything with him

          • Costelina said

            You will think a bit if google would filter out those sites with a little

          • Costelina said

            why not remove anti malware spyware antivirus google etc.
            because it is the most visited search engine

          • because the antivirus is for animals

          • Costelina said

            not so
            I say very important since installing any OS (original) when you are asked contribute to improving the security to do that is to check those boxes and installing antivirus fel.Astfel PCs to communicate with each other and in one case to virused then announce the other. Communication is the solution

          • Only you know what you talking about.
            I have I a paranoid claims that Mr. and it seems to be watched. he installs a program and it seems that ratza-n packets.

          • How would without Google, Gmail, YouTube, Android, etc?
            I think the world would be poorer.

          • Cleric said

            "On smart if you have disabled google services you can't do anything with it"
            specific, on smartphones with Android operating system…

      • Cristi friend that comment made me better day! :))

  3. Daniel said

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and when I restart the PC the mouse settings are not saved (I like to have the mouse cursor set to "large" because I have a Full HD monitor (1080p) and it looks better with the cursor a little bigger). Windows is newly installed!

    If you have any solution?

  4. Cosmin said

    Hi ! I know what these 'viruses' really are. There are actually no viruses. I will explain below:

    It is CPA. Cost Per Action. CPA is a newer model afiliat- -Marketing, affiliates are rewarded only for people who fail to meet action on the website of the spammer.
    Can be all kinds of actions, depending on the offer that you choose to promote.

    You have more details on wikipedia, I'm not very good at explanations -

    I stayed a time in this industry (not just industry like scareware scams. That's fault affiliates adopting all sorts of practices to its high conversion rate).

    I can say it's a million dollar industry growing but shrinking scam sites are increasingly more because the FTC puts pressure on advertisers and affiliate networks.

    FTC> Federal Trade Commission | Protecting America's Consumers >>>

  5. Hello, a way to get rid of scareware Mozilla Firefox on Android can be used with Firefox adblock plus android accept plugins.

  6. florin said

    Daniel, after you set your mouse the way you want, save that scheme! You have the "save as" button on the diagrams, click on it, give it a name for the scheme and it's ok.

  7. browserver dolphin's easier use of closed sites compared to bnrowserveru phone, plus you can install flash player and especially for this browserver. I use this browserver and are very pleased and easily close sites like these. if I am not mistaken if you did this tutorial on

    • Marius L. said

      Well, man, isn't the browserver saying that there isn't such a thing? Where the hell did you hear that term? I told you once, of course, but you didn't get caught. The browser is one thing and the server is another. You combined them and it turned out "browserver". Is it some kind of ostrich-camel?

  8. Alexandru said

    Hello, good tutorial congratulations!
    now come with uramatoarea problem, cant I try to log on my facebook message appears on the browser page:
    It looks like your computer is being Affected by malware. We'll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and Prevent malware from spreading to friends.
    Malware is software tries to steal That causes problems and personal information When you use Facebook. Clicking spam or sharing links CAN CONTAIN That Give your computer malware.

    • Well, in the message it tells you something like this "It seems that your PC has been affected by malware. We will help you solve the problem, keep your account secure and prevent the spread of malware to friends ", and then the malware is defined. You may have viruses on your computer. You have a lot of tutorials on how to prevent a virus infection or get rid of viruses. You can find them with the search box on the top right. I advise you to do a search using the words "malwarebytes", "boot scan", "anti virus" etc.

    • Costelina said

      one thing is certain
      That's not the message facebook

    • osiris said

      search malware anty spyware is free on google, if you can't handle the installation it's tutorial about it just search in the box on the top right

  9. Adrian said

    Cristi, help me get rid of the ads in android and aplicatii.M exasperated. Thanks.

  10. Andrew said

    Hello, Cristi.
    I scareware but we all kind lkde ads that appear always to give back trbeuie. How do I get rid of ads ptuea this? Sometimes when I open an app completely white background Treu to give back? Is there a solution?

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  12. How to get rid of scareware phone?

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