How do we get rid of "viruses", ie adware?

Hi friends, today we will see how we get rid of "viruses", as people call them, in fact this epidemic is called Adware and it has certainly affected or affects many users of computers or mobile devices.
Adware is a program that installs or more bundled with software that we want to install it usually comes with free software. During installation routine adware installation steps are very well hidden and users who are not careful, installs and adware in addition to the desired software.
This is not a recent practice of the invention is present for a long time in the software world. If you remember the toolbar is installed with Yahoo Messenger is a famous example. But before Adware was not so annoying and dangerous and the installation can not be done accidentally.
Today I turned into a guinea pig, to see live what happens when I install "blindfolded" in the next-next-next mode.
I must say that does not happen every time, other programs can be more aggressive and difficult to get rid of them. I escaped cheap today.
How to get rid of Adware and Toolbars?
1. Stop all browsers
2. Stop all running in tray (bottom right in the taskbar)
3. Uninstall all suspicious applications
4. Soateti all plug-ins in browsers
5. Change your browser home page
6. Change the default search engine
If you want to change the search engine home page and search engine's address bar of Firefox, watch this tutorial:
How to change the search engine in the address bar in Firefox
Or maybe you want to change the search engine Bing Internet Explorer from Google:
How to change the search engine in Internet Explorer from Bing Google
If you do not handle it, write on the comments section details what happened to you and how it looks and what do you adware.
In future I will upload the tutorial to find tools that make cleaning automatically for you. If you want it, please write me on the comments section.
Antivirus software can stop the installation because they have your permission.

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. mircea85 said

    Hi Cristi, very interesting tutorial, what do you think iobituninstaller?

    • I have not tried yet!

      • Hello crystals can show if the ecranl computer, Windows Explorer does not work and can not open any program?

      • Hi, can you tell me why I do not delete those applications that have installed themselves? I delete them manually (there are some 2 applications, there are not many). After I give a restart, there are ... why?

    • Hello Mircea.
      It's a very good for me. I use it with confidence and recommend you.

    • bogdan said

      Try Geek Unistaller and will not be disappointed.

    • The problem may be forced to get them up and remove registry to delete files created (installed outside) through program files and sistem32. I had to deal with it, and I can say that it took me approximately 2 hours to give him head. Be careful what download, you install, use reliable sites that do not include such add-ons in installed. Use youtube, you can help! Cristi doing a good job!

  2. the easiest way to get rid of viruses and adware and other nonsense is to use linux which is known to be superior to windows in every regard and runs much faster and immune to viruses and do not need optimization or defragmentation programs that Windows slows more than help him. Puis and linux is easy and it's free and asphalt rid of pirated windows and programs crakuite etc.

    • and I have a suggestion for cristi and adrian linux promote more meaning to urge people to use it as it really worth it ,, ,, promotion

      • Calin is right, Linux distributions should be promoted such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint the latter I use it with pleasure Cinamon 17.1 lam cusomized almost you would realize that it is Winows 8 or 7, the system has in addition to high performance games what has windows to audio: audacious, clementine, qmmp, xix player, rhythmbox, vlc photo: gwenview, gimp, inkscape, gThumb, mirage, FFMulticonverter, audiorecorder (recording from sound card) very good TV Maxe (a Romanian software Ovidiu Niţan ) watching TV programs almost everything we have on cable, Minitube, Pymaxe, easy-tag, a lot of converters very useful applications all with up-to-date updates with using ppa, even antivirus Comodo one of them (if you would be useful) and these all for free with the operating system that you can customize to your liking even manually easily. Too bad, in the past I saw a little more progress for promoting Linux but unfortunately I noticed that you abandoned tutorials like this, Windows believe me it is nothing superior to Linux, in many places I can say that it is ancient. as a "drug" this Linux while you try it do not give up doing it by the image and likeness of each, try to use it each and you will not be less sorry for children who are su games

      • You can not ask utlilizatorilor of another operating system to use a little more difficult (as a concept not like running). There would certainly linux viruses and if they had a beach as wide as it has windows.
        PS: I used and still use Linux, several distributions

    • mmg1818 said

      by 2004-2006 there was internet cafe with windows and broken programs. If it was with linux… today I would use linux.
      (Linux as Linux, earlier I put on a live cd, I started, I did not understand anything, I removed the CD and bye-bye. But Mac do not even know what it looks like, for they are too expensive and must be licensed. I want Windows to download most of the RCS to install many programs as possible to watch the windows and see what awesome looks like nothing we have not given 13mil. from EMAG get bored when reinstalling Windows.)

      • You saw here is the "flaw" of human comfort: "I do not understand I do not learn!" then I don't understand why you look at tutorials if not for the purpose of learning !!!!! Windows and its software will give you a hard time: viruses, spyware, addware and other such nonsense then wait, and wait, and wait indefinitely to eat your nerves time and even money for what ……… I ask you? This is how the man is generally made if the neighbor has a Mercedes and I have to take it, if the neighbor has Windows 10 and I have to have it, then what makes you unique if we do everything like the neighbor?

        • Ready tried two minutes of Linux and basta, just believe me I was comfortable 10 years ago I threw Linux CD to no longer see miracle after 2 years then I tried again using Linux Ubuntu 8 10.04 years with little , about a month and receives updates and cinnamon 17.1 parallel Linux Mint and will not abandon even if you give me a truck with Wind or licenses that may be.

    • El Mano said

      Hi… I have been struggling with adware for 15 years:)… I don't get complicated… when my pc starts to malfunction I reinstall SO… let's be honest… it's the sure solution… hah… about linux… that it would be immune to viruses… it he was the best driver in the world… well… that's how he knew 🙂

      • El Mano said

        you usually have a custom install… the thing with IObit is relative… if you have money you buy it… I had it broken and it was really annoying… yahoo toolbar and ask search engine as well… and many others… you know 🙂

        • See that's the problem in humans and the Romans in particular better than to put linux installs all the 2 3 6 months and prefer to load windows PCU with all kind of optimization programs ,, ,, and after a few days begins to slow system and then makes a lot nerves. plus longer jab and viruses from crakuri and uses a broken and vulnerable. once you put on linux even look like when you put it and will always go the same way. and to 10 years ago has evolved linux so there's technically became friendly with another man. plus there are so many tutorials and forums that explains you step by step even here in linux section. 10 years ago and not everyone could put better for linux was not too GUI. but now it's very easy to use and install. schimbatiba advice mentality and use free operating systems that are superior to Windows. What do you do on windows and linux rare exception some programs and games but you can use when you play dualboot windows fill them. I hope that Christ once and adrian promote more linux and make more tutorials just to open a linux forum section. In my opinion and I'm sure many would be interested

          • Costelina said

            but to sit crooked judge as
            you think this tutorial is against Windows? I do not think
            do not be so sure that Linux is perfect! it's not
            viruses and it is no problem
            then if it comes preinstalled with something like that when it is downloaded I don't know what user (who knows what it does - knows linux but is malicious) how is it?

          • linuxurile not all come to that and says the official site comes with predefined user name and password .. plus it comes with some predefined user name and password but you can change when you login and password. and where viruses? when you download from sites ofiiciale it's not Windows'll have got on all kind of sites unoficiale. and for Linux are no virus 400 500 and anyway are difficult to be functional on Linux for that is such and for Windows swarm. and Linux is not perfect but compared to Windows is much higher. and in addition found on the linux troubles occurring more quickly than the windows update it if you ever update windows ala most have update you broke off from linux dc do not have to stop updates etc. and did not say anywhere that this tutorial is oimpotriva the windows. I say try linux before you say hearsay. But it is typical of the Romans to come from hearing the xy without test. linux installs a tote sasimti difference of views

          • Costelina said

            learn !!!
            This tutorial is made for a long time but who to heed


            I think it is the number 1 tutorial for those who want to be more secure
            and never blame anyone for his mistakes

    • axelluny said

      Easier piano on scări.Absolut everything you said about linux is no longer available astăzi.Merg two systems in parallel and know what vorbesc.Din unfortunately right now I discovered a vulnerability in Kubuntu.Instalează recent updates without asking root password and only because I changed the initial update utility's Ubuntu.Sa greatly reduced the gap between systems but is a little recovered.

  3. I use iobituninstaller long, I like him very easily using after you uninstall registry clean and all garbage, after a stay of total cleanliness, good advise.

    • Radu.
      It's just your opinion that it does total registry cleaning. Cristi once said that no quaternary software completely cleans the registry. They must be cleaned manually. But that's a more sophisticated thing. In this way, I suggest to the video tutorial team to make a tutorial in which to show how to manually clean the registry of the "garbage" left after uninstalling a software.

  4. A decent program that gets rid of unwanted programs is "Decrapifier".

  5. I think 60-70% of regular users install something you do not know or do not know what happens during installation giving stie.Cand next next next.fara to look in their PCs are full of such adware I met cases when adware was so aggressive (it was about a browser search engine that switches) as we did to other engine I set until I uninstalled browser and put it back .. The uninstall revouninstaler only use my PC, otherwise the software installation are carefully not escape me crap that's why. I know there is a program of installing adware blocker but do not know how she says.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It's Unchecky which we already have a video tutorial on our site. I find using the search box top right of the website.

  6. I use "Unchecky"
    Uncheck all programs that come bundled with software
    It is made and recommended for "non-professionals", children and the elderly.

  7. It is good and adwcleaner.

  8. View Product said

    My opinion is that you should continue this series of tutorials. But I think you should present something that automatically removes all this crap. I agree, the manual method is the best. But I tell you from my own experience… an inexperienced, unfamiliar user will not handle using the manual method. How many times have I tried to explain these things to various people or friends… .with no result. After a while, their home page, search engine changed and they woke up with all sorts of "optimizers" in the startup. The problem is that about 75-80% of all free software comes bundled with such nonsense. You don't have much to do… but create an avoidance behavior… to "get vaccinated" and read better what is written there. Even this happens to me sometimes, under certain circumstances. For example when I need to reinstall the operating system for someone, drivers plus various additional software. There are times when I don't feel like it… I hurry up and become careless. How come there is a hell of a lot of this. Okay, I'll fire her later. Once I was trying to uninstall such a thing, it made me enter a captcha code in a field. Obviously those captcha codes were written with the feet. You could barely understand what he was writing… the developer of that shit was practically making fun of me 🙂

    • mmg1818 said

      Yes uncle, I am not accustomed to read so much. Write your own less.

      • Strommy said

        I think the problem with the texts themselves too long to be seen from another point of view. Vali writing as he considers necessary to be as fully in explanation. Mmg1818 did read that than to circumvent such explanations. You are not required to read and write any one who is not obliged to write for those too lazy to read them.

      • El Mano said

        That's not our job with reading

    • El Mano said

      Totally agree with Vali… and I suffer exactly the same… hahaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. mugurel said

    excuse me you may be very busy but I want to ask you if you met mystartsearch because it has been installed for me and I can't really get rid of it… maybe you have a solution thank you

  10. Adrian Gudus said

    To protect the browser home page or preventing a change in this or other sensitive areas of the operating system can also be used WinPatrol also presented a tutorial on our website can be found by using the search box top right.

    • View Product said

      Thanks for the suggestion, I'll test it in the next few days in a virtual car to see what it's all about…

  11. Nicu Bordanc said
  12. Marius L. said

    It seems to me that you used a can-can title, generalizing from ad-ware to "viruses". Viruses are a very broad category. In fact, ad-ware doesn't even know if it falls into viruses. It seems to me that you used this title in order to attract as many visitors as possible.

    • The word virus is put in quotation marks.
      I said in the tutorial I used this term.
      The average user does not know what is happening and says "I got viruses", does not say "I installed an adware".
      In 98% of cases, users say they have a "virus" computer.
      So accustomed us:
      All sports shoes are "sneakers"
      All tablets are "ipad"
      All types of malware are "viruses"
      In the tutorial I clarified what / how / why, I don't know if you saw it? I don't think anyone stays in the fog. Maybe only those who read only the title…

  13. Google has come up with a very useful tool for cleaning Chrome. “Software Removal Tool”.
    To disinfect the system, use Malwarebytes Trial in Safe Mode with Network Connection.

  14. Very interesting tutorial happened to me many times to install software to wake up the computer and other software installed along with that software.
    It would be a great help to procreate automatically delete those software.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  15. Hello, you Cristi!
    How to ask whether we like it or not, that makes tools automatically clean your computer?
    Of course we want… because among your readers, here I am, a 59-year-old woman… who is not developed with the technique… not even with the English names.
    Looking forward!
    Until then pry me not to wake me I did not need.

  16. Anti-Malware does a good job and get rid of some of them

  17. View Product said

    This adware has become something of the order of the day. I remember the IObit uninstaller program in June last year. During the installation phase I was not greeted by any box that could be unchecked or by a decline button (skip). All good and beautiful, and for 2 weeks nothing strange happened. After 2 weeks I saw advertising banners at the bottom right of the screen. I open a task manager and notice this "updatepackasc.exe" process. I kill the process and go to the "C: \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Local \ Temp" location to delete it. I give a restart… and after the restart that executable appears again, it was not actually active in the task manager… but it reappeared in that location "C: \ Users \ (username_) \ AppData \ Local \ Temp", so something automatically downloaded it by on the internet at start-up.
    I install comodo firewall, firewall and HIPS that has helps me by giving me complete reports about the different interactions between processes, registry, attempts to connect to internet.etc. I notice that an executable named "LiveUpdate.exe" belonging to "IObit Uninstaller" and immediately connects to the Internet to download the file "updatepackasc.exe". Looking over the list of services observe that there is a service called "LiveUpdate" is running from the location "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ IObit \ LiveUpdate \ LiveUpdate.exe" which starts automatically at start-up.
    Searching the net I found on forums people in the same situation as mine.
    It remains to be seen whether or not they have given up this policy of secretly installing adware. But one thing is clear… I have never used the uninitiated uninstaller… I feel insensitive on their part.

    • Vali may not have been very careful installation.
      In my case it was not so. I use now and are very pleased with it

      • View Product said

        As far as I can remember, I really had nothing to uncheck at installation. The idea is that I installed it on my computer ob and when it comes to my stuff, I'm always more careful. Finally, I get a 10% error rate. In the end, anything is possible. Maybe it was really something to uncheck… hidden from my mother fuck :))

    • El Mano said

      totally agree

  18. sorin78 said

    normal greetings automated program if you find something we do a tutorial please wait

  19. Spyhunter is a very good program to delete adware software. Unfortunately it is not free. Another program was launched BitDefender. It's called Adware Removal Tool BitDefender.

  20. The best in these cases is ComboFix and can also be used Antimalware bites and the combination of the 2 is the best!

  21. Hello, I and oo problem
    I start pc and begin to surf the net begins to go and make a lot of noise,
    even if I don't do anything at once, it works the same way (it makes a lot of noise, then it stops a bit and starts again…. and so on) DO YOU SAY THAT IT RUNS A 100 PROGRAMS ?????????? /
    what I have to do I uninstalled Java and about 2 programs but it still makes noise….
    I bought a PC (core i7, windows8.1)

    • View Product said

      Are you sure you have no problem with the fans? Unwrap the case a bit and check, it may be the processor cooler, or the video card or source… Maybe you have some dust around there.

    • El Mano said

      if you uninstalled java you have b ”b… to”… hah… put it back and check fan coolers… but sorry… I don't think it was my job… I respectfully withdraw from the discussion

  22. Andrei Saigo said

    Very good tutorial, Cristi.Ai some excellent tutorials that I always be useful.

  23. OMG Just Play said

    Hello, I have no idea how I installed an application that I put a lot of ads in the browser. Even if you close the task manager or the control panel uninstall or delete files to them they say do not let me open. I tried to use an application to get it out, I pulled out a grămădeli of other crap, not only savepass. What can I do ???

    • El Mano said

      Adblock boss… will be ok… but not at all 🙂

    • Show me the one who hurt Linux software like Windows plus hard as they give a curious shooting risking money or hacked to install one (that I know only so much just to steal) the same for software and the operating system itself.

  24. Very good tutorial.Am who managed to wipe useless or installed applications with other softuri.Ceea what we did is that page of google chrome browser either internet explorer or something that I can not delete the settings brawserului. It's called suggestions and tips to get rid of this burden!

    Thank you!

  25. I've seen using Windows 10 Technical preview. What do you think? I would like a tutorial and personal opinion. Worth an upgrade from Win 8.1? Win gift from 7? Merci

    • It's ok, got a few updates here and there, but not all 100% compatible with older applications.
      An example is Sandboxie can not be installed.
      Probably soon will be ready for production and then of course let you know.

  26. funny tutorial) I'd be happy with a .tmp files tutorial about me and often appear as open C-self.
    Where is AUTOEXE.BAT? how to change their location and delete it for me is about SF)

  27. Nea Visine said

    Eh world's obijnuit actually give next, next and ready to installed, but you do not have state and a bit of what you read next

  28. A good tip is to stop the internet and most often not those tenders appear to be hitting skip in the worst case you just choose a toolbar that restu programs do not where to install.
    or other action to put an interactive firewall and read there that block setup which means if you ever install it wants to connect to the internet you do not leave him.

  29. Can someone help me! I do not know what I did but I lost ,, "bar Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and can not do translations, and I'm dead all. I click right. and can not be activated.
    Thank You !.

  30. George said

    I use java tutorial about security multibit.cred that java is have left little suspense SE security java.un other wallet without java recommend?

  31. I would be interested in those programs that you told us that do "clean" automatically, as one by one I can not do much

    thank you

  32. And don't forget: many of you have smartphones that are based on Android, aren't you? considering that it is based on the Linux system but interestingly on the desktop we stumble upon Linux, either I'm a bit "lazy in thinking" or others more "hardworking cerebellum"

  33. Octavian said

    Cristi this program is good [[adware removal tool]] already have tested on multiple computers and my friends had such problems, but adware removal tool to solve it right and do not need to install it and do not add other programs instaleza .

  34. Howdy. You said Cristi that the "friends / acquaintances" you visited asked you to help them in this "problem". I personally have been following you for about 3-4 years, I know everything I know about your computer.
    Showing you here ought to know absolutely everyone would be watching your tutorials lately. It's like a user ABC in knowledge about computers.
    I wish you all the best!
    PS: you also create an "option" to donate, to maintain the site and who has the opportunity. I know I've read about this request once before, but I see that nothing has been implemented so far.

    • In Romania donation is perceived wrong, it is a kind of begging in the view of some.
      Better avoid donation.
      Who wants to help this site, just to promote it in the circle of friends / knowledge / relatives.
      The sites draw their energy from the number of visitors and the comments they leave the section dedicated.
      If you find useful information which we publish, please leave a comment and pass on our link.
      It's easy and free!
      I honestly appreciate more comments like yours than a donation.
      Thank you !

  35. Adrian Gudus said

    Next Next Finish Many give not only because they are hurried or careless but because not understand the language and do not understand why software like them when driving software installation steps. The fear of ruin installation, leave everything and give basic Next Next and Finish

  36. stefan said

    let's be serious .. linux is more for servers. I also have windows 7 on one hdd and linux on another hdd. I want to learn Linux as well as possible, but until I master it, I still use windows when I have work to do. I learn them one by one from linux…
    eg on linux: I have rds pppoe 1G. I make the virtual board ppp0 which gives clear to eth0… and from 1G I go with 300, 400 mb maximum. so the ppp0 virtual card limits my bandwidth on the pppoe connection. if it weren't for pppoe it wouldn't be a problem. on the same network card on windows I have 930 mb / s.
    but it would not matter to me at home.
    I intereaza me nat on linux dhcp server, pppoe server, mail server, configuring iptables firewall setup
    I see that there are not many tutorials on these topics that would be a great benefit for the video tutorial team. I know it takes time, patience… a lot of research, information, a lot of evidence. that everything is done from the terminal and if you put a comma wrong it doesn't work anymore….
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  37. Waiting solutions found in other tutorials! Thank You.

  38. I subscribe myself. Waiting for a future tutorial for automatic cleaning. As you mentioned there s more aggressive adware and annoying. One solution would welcome fitted for automatic cleaning.

  39. Lorendi said

    Hi. An Adware for Android? Nu Antivirus….

  40. Yes they want a tutorial about dezistalare

  41. I want to uninstall tutorial!

  42. Better something about Linux / Ubuntu. You will do a tutorial with this automatic program, I don't mind, in fact I don't mind any tutorial, that's not the problem, then in a relatively short time other problems will appear and so on. Since the establishment of the site there are a lot of tutorials that refer to optimization / cleaning windows etc. What's the point? Better something to clean / devirus for Android ads etc… if necessary, I do not own anything with Android.

  43. ViorelR said

    Thanks, useful tutorial, and we tutorial uninstall.

  44. I have a misunderstanding. What is the deal with utorrent who uses your computer to gerereze Bitcoin (of course not for you) .My put in fog news about that, I having the latest version of utorrent.

    • Marius L. said

      If you installed the latest version of utorrent giving Next -> Next -> Accept -> Accept -> samd -> Finish, then surely the EpicScale application has been installed, which does exactly what you said: generate litecoin using the maximum power processing of your computer (processor, video card), thus increasing your electricity bill.

  45. I used ADWCleaner, and with great difficulty I got rid of "viruses"

  46. very good software automatically to prevent adware is unchecky

  47. Christ, smarfonurile with android how can I get rid of the annoying adverts?
    I tried a lot of ways, but I tried reusit.Am Adblock + Adwey, etc, nothing.
    Please note, I bought some programs betting because we understand that not implemented
    In court reclame.Minciuni.Sunt even multe.Poate me enlighten you. Thank You.

    • Costelina said

      but tvr - the public television we pay every month (in the electricity bill) and the public radio
      who put advertisements that say?

  48. Cristian said

    What can you do if you uninstall everything moreover, what I saw in the presentation, change your home page in Google, yet if you close and reopen the browser it all starts on pirate? That happened to me with istasturf or so, everything on that page forward, although the setting was homepage. Eventually I managed to get things done, but do not know how.
    I had a problem with a little program that active time in the systray, protect her name search. Not appear in Programs and Features, did not know how to get rid of it. Finally I looked in My Computer, Program Files folder of the program was installed, but with a different name in it really is protect the executable search and uninstal file is just there. I gave uninstal and managed to escape.

  49. Daniel Radu said

    How do I get rid of Search Protect, even if you do not have the Programs and Features, and did not find Revo Uninstaller?

  50. Augustin said

    Videotutorial Hello, I want to make a website with a few pages and a page I want to put a form on the site as you will, I kindly ask you if you give me the code for the form to me. Thank You

  51. Constantin said

    Hello, what happens to not post anything?

  52. Thanks so much for all you do for the least of calculatorului.Te watch connoisseurs much and I can say I learned a lot from you on this path of videotutorialelor.Apreciez very many that share your experience you've gained in many hours of sitting at the computer for long aceasta.Te its expense admire you and thank you from my heart again.

    terrorize me, I open pop ups and desktop and have a sound MAXIM :)) like war gotta stay with pemut PC, edit html page, I put videos like youtube, where he writes vrun Malwa word, or search on google about programs And impidca and all that I sent to take nush that blocked adblock plus :)) if you give to download something like this program from the Internet directly blocked mia (only in browser) and use the netsh command in cmd reset forever :)) I dspera infinitely
    I managed to remove it slowed to just stuff that vam meow remained above said, first or programs installed 31 had no idea, in 10 minutes sia FACC TEAB leam thing is that I do not see that I left and went pcaprins 10 ONLY MIN rid deel so how? I Virus detection, IObit Malwa, IObit uninstaler + he tried not know each other

    • Adrian Gudus said

      See that the last tutorial on the site is exactly on this topic. You can reach it by going to the Home page of our site and the first tutorial called “Prevention and toolbar / adware removal programs” is the tutorial you need.

  54. Cristi hello I have a problem with a stick verbatim 32 million gb sees no PC, but when I give SHOW HIDDEN folder options I see the image but will not let me open sal! pretty please can you help me?!?
    thank you

  55. George said

    Unecky try to deny them automatic

  56. Sergiu said

    I have a problem and you desperately asking for help. I use Chrome and YAMDEX.NET can not escape at all. I tried every method and iese.Ma not mad as hell. Below are some screenshots: si Thank you!

  57. Jokarul said

    Hello. I have a similar problem, so to speak. Since I gave a hard reset to the phone, and without being on the internet, just to look at the home screen or watch :))), I see ads on the screen. Of course with "x" corner cushion so I can close. But strange and without doing anything, my ad enters. I hope you can help me…

  58. ZrAnEc said

    Hello, and I installed a free, and once they were installed and some adware that we managed to delete the control panel, but unfortunately I install one, I have not downloaded anything and that hold a browser I wake up with them openly installed, it's a little disturbing, you know any way to solve it?

    • ZrAnEc said

      I noticed that even with the browser turned off, it reinstalls itself every time I restart the PC or when I turn it off and I have to uninstall it… but it seems that in vain the next day it appears again.

  59. hello, I installed an application on the phone and I got a virus as Gemini rid of it

  60. Adrian I made a phone reset and nothing can not get rid of it

  61. And as ask out?

  62. dinu23laur said

    I downloaded from the net, a book for a washing machine… .and I was filled with viruses… .I can no longer connect to the net, a Browser has been installed… ..MY Browser, which opens without doing anything, and opens different web pages for me… .. WHAT TO DO? Thank you.

  63. I have a search engine called smartpuntik and is blocked as default and do not know what to do ajutama !!!! pls

  64. Hello, Catalin! I have and I need your help with some adware and malware: Alarm Controller (which I can not even disable) com.nb.superuser,,, com .android.wiftools, Music provider. Add programs elsewhere (most often Hola Launcher, Antivirusuri games) I would be grateful if you could tell me how I can solve this problem. (Do not go any resetting factory) Thank you very much! Sincerely, baby!

  65. I use adwceaner and it automatically removes all this… .and all browsers return to normal!

  66. Adwcleaner

  67. Holic_Marian98 said

    Today I happened to download aiurea an app store play and I still install time served and another one and when I enter the shop play tells me to touch on another that stopped time service what to do I have a Vonino Ego Qs and root because kingroot

  68. Hi, I have a bad habit to descac all kinds of crap on your LG android at one point I was told that I 13 viruses. Today I had to stay FAA Battery surprise when I opened the goal was reset coplet, besides the fact that I have not any document, photo, tel agenda
    Notes nothing is, when I wanted to open a window on the net telling me that I have an error that can not save or open the server do not know what. I have a chance with your phone?

  69. please help me I treasure and I disccoveri program is virus k

  70. I installed a program and it got me some annoying stuff you can not remove them. It's not detected as a virus, of course. We entered the control panel to uninstall it and did not work at first, then I went into safe mode and I removed allegedly program, he run in the system tray and ironically, has not made any shortcut or folder in Program Files, very strange. What can I do?

  71. Hello, my name is Nelu and I would like if possible a thorough tutorial as instalaeza ANDROID operating system on a phone, thank you

  72. wwdawada said

    why not say that everything that leaves windows and there goes everything? w

  73. claudiu said

    Cristi hello, I installed something that makes noise tracing occasionally. something like walking through water, nature noises dastea and do not know where it's put. thanks

  74. Andrew said

    Cristi Hello!
    I broke my computer with some adwer viruses, meaning I installed a program with a serial key from a fairly secure site but which infected me by inserting pop-up ads from time to time. Yesterday I wanted to install an adwer antivirus and I came across the site "no viruses" where I "installed" a program but which was a simple package of adwer viruses! Now I get desktop, browser, anywhere ads! Show cats, program to change girls in real time, etc. He is desperate. Avast shows nothing and neither does Windows Defender. I also want a proper adwer antivirus program, without money. There is?

  75. Hello specialistule. I want to download a live CD Linux distribution Chrome Slax but I always blocks do not allow any download on W.10 desktop.Am another computer with a platform on which much work .I gave platform and W. Norton Defender. They do not find anything yet I ask my Norton from time to time to remove (the platform) that is uncertain ???. How about that. Thanks for the reply.

  76. Okey, we take the time control panel, but if you know the names that are safe to apply in May conteza ?, ie I know it's not installed without my permission!

  77. Iagaru par said

    hello I need a little help I recently installed Microsoft toolkit and besides he was installed some programs in control panel in Chinese ,, not find uninstall ,,,

  78. Iagaru par said

    I have Windows 10

  79. miam now recently infected with the virus PC (C: \ WINDOWS \ and I had to format my hard drive for ami install the operating system and now I have no problem ps "I pulled a game Virus the name of the game is gta vc net (new update 2016). Virus info: Delphi-the best. Fuck off all the rest. Neshta 1.0 Made in Belarus. Best regards 2 Tommy Salo. [Nov-2005] yours [Dziadulja Apanas]

  80. i like this tutorial! Dude, I have a big problem! Shmoki ads !? It's hard…

  81. hihahahahi said

    VideoTutorial please help me out when I wanted to I install pes2016 everything was ok and then I see it's a virus given to delete it and says he already is erased and do not know what to do is there a 4 or 3 one in Chinese and restu English and all I say is already uninstalled but appears not please can you help me?

  82. Hi, Video Tutorial I got myself with yeadesktop and I can not get rid of him. Please if you can help me, thank you!

  83. Can you do a tutorial about how to get rid of yeadesktop?

  84. Hi, can you tell me why I do not delete those applications that have installed themselves? I delete them manually (there are some 2 applications, there are not many). After I give a restart, there are ... why?


  85. Constantin said

    Hello. I can not tell you why I do not delete it but it is how I did (with Unlocker)

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