How to Turn Dark on Facebook Messenger

Turns Dark Messenger on

How to Turn Dark on Facebook Messenger

What is Darkness in Applications?

Dark mode is basically an application theme, the dark theme that comes with a black or dark gray background and is meant to do two things:

  1. Protects your eyes from excessive screen light, being an extremely useful function at night or in low-light environments such as cinemas or shows where it is not good to disturb others.
  2. Save energy by minimizing the screen for AMOLED screens. Amneses are known to consume more in open colors than in dark colors.

Do not mess Dark Mode with Night Mode

If above I saw dark mode, in other situations we can also find a Night Mode.

Night Mode is the function by which the color temperature displayed on the acran changes from a cold or neutral temperature to a warm temperature where the blue is minimized or even removed from the color component.

Night Mode eliminates the percentage of blue in color, eye protection, but also to help the body prepare for sleep.

As blue color is known at night, it inhibits the production of melatonin, which is the sleep hormone.

How to Turn Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Do not expect to find the Dark Mode option in the menu.

It's a little trick that needs to be done to turn dark mode on messenger.

  1. Make sure you do the latest version of Messenger
  2. Open messenger and start a conversation with anyone
  3. Open the Emoji and look for the crescent
  4. Send the crescent in the conversation window
  5. After it's raining, you'll have the confirmation that Dark Mode is activated
  6. Go to settings and activate Dark Mode

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  1. Florin said

    Hello! It would be useful for whatsapp such a theme or background.

  2. daniel baptism said

    on pc fails, or not available on pc /

  3. Good job, MULTZI: I guess the way to return back doing the same just as the sun does not choose!

    • Adrian Guduş said

      No, simply, when you go back to Messenger in the Me section (on your upper left avatar in Messenger), press the button next to Dark Mode (should be the first option under your name, large writing) opposite.

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  5. Hello Cristi. How can I increase the volume on the microphone on my phone, so that the interlocutor will hear me louder? I mention that I have a phone, samsung galaxy J7 (2017). Thank you expect answer !!

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