How to enable writing with diacritics (ă, î, ş, ţ, â) on windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will see how to activate script with diacritics (a, i, s, t, a) 7 windows, for it does not have to install anything, we will do the job with the tools already included in Windows 7.
Whether you are at school or at work, you will need to write with accents, this is increasingly demanded more by teachers or some institution.
Fortunately, it is very simple to activate typing with these specific Romanian characters, we go to the Control Panel to Regional and Language, here we click on the Keyboards and Languages ​​tab and then we press the Change keyboards button, now we have to add an "Add" keyboard, the keyboard has to either Romanian Legacy.
Quick change between keyboards do with Alt + Shift.
In trade there are keyboards with diacritics printed on the keys, but these keyboards and have done the same, those who have not printed on the keys diacritics can be guided by the virtual keyboard in Windows On Screen Keyboard 7 or as it is called now.
Spor writing.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. mihai: You can do a tutorial on integrating the content of a web site design using Macromedia.Dreamweaver.8 Thank you and 10 for this tutorial.Mai precisely to make a website from using Macromedia.Dreamweaver.0.Sunteti 8 most countries. I've watched almost all tutorialele.CEI best in the field IT.  

  2. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Keep up the good work guys! Do a good job!
    Where can I find this distribution and can upload it if you want?

    • Adrian admin said

      Marius: Keep up the good work guys! Do a good job!
      Where can I find this distribution and can upload it if you want?  

      Dca you read the comments at the tutorial I gave you saw another good link to the ISO image. What to do if you do not read? You lose, not us!

  4. Good job guys keep up the good the job!
    A little ambiguity how I could download "Linux Slax image for windows password reset" I see that that .iso image is no longer hosted! Can this useful kit be uploaded?

  5. We found an alternative! I apologize for inadvertently!

  6. ALEXANDRU said

    Do a good job!

  7. Useful tutorial, basically. As usual, Cristi doing something cool.

  8. hi, nus dc gives me error when I want to enter the site (Error establishing a database connection) and with internet explorer the same… the bathroom? or is it me /?

  9. goes tutorial shows signs carefully

  10. Nicu Dumitrescu said

    I have had a keyboard with diacritics for a long time, but from now on I will know how to use it. Thank you very much for the tutorial. (I have worked so far with “Romanian with another right, good but difficult) Mr. Cristi, because it comes to writing, you please tell me, if possible, how to solve two problems in Word 2007, (for which you already have a tutorial)
    1. Where do I change the dictionary so that “music” instead of music, or “rapport” instead of report, etc. no longer appears written?
    2.De where can I choose writing from a place two or one and 1 / 2?
    Thank you very much.
    PS. I want to assure Mr. Adrian.admin, I carefully followed the tutorial on Word and I încrecat days to solve my own problems them. Unfortunately fail.

  11. Help! No longer can see tutorials, I appears in a triangle it is an exclamation mark! What happens? I could mention that vizioana morning, but I did 7 windows system optimization as well as in your tutorial then cca.20 minutes when viewed from another tutorial has not worked! Ajutati_ma please!

    • zame77: Help! No longer can see tutorials, I appears in a triangle it is an exclamation mark! What happens? I could mention that vizioana morning, but I did 7 windows system optimization as well as in your tutorial then cca.20 minutes when viewed from another tutorial has not worked! Ajutati_ma please!  

      At the same mine problem

  12. I can't see the tutorial… I play and I get a triangle with the sign! in him… .c to do ??

  13. Adryanna0512 said

    Salve. Sorry to write here, but I have a problem: I can't watch the tutorials anymore. I click on play and a "!" Appears to me. and it doesn't start. Does anyone else have this problem?

  14. Nicu Dumitrescu said

    I have a keyboard with diacritics (as you can see) the letters ă, î and â are next to the letter P, and ş and ţ to the left of enter. I say all this because there may be other keyboards with these diacritics but which do not change the “z” key with the “y”, the quotation marks on the “ţ” key or the “@” “&” symbols etc. do not disappear from the place their usual. Mr. Cristi, if you know such a keyboard, please tell me, I'm very interested in that. Until then, I will stick with “Romanian with the Other Right”, a more difficult system, but without any changes. If it is not possible, then please make a tutorial about this system (if allowed by “”)

    • axelluny said

      @ Nicu Dumitrescu: The first general stores are keyboards that are mainly with the layout layout Romanian englez.Cele diacriticele.Pentru have them and use them could be activated keyboard exactly as it did on Windows 7 crystals. On XP reintroducing similar possibly proceed with xp cd in order to take some necessary files limbii.Tastaturile with English layout layout once turned in Romanian diacritics can stick those keys by using light. instead on XP we face problem that "z" has moved to "y" and the problem is solved elegantly utility "kbdro_2.3" made by a fellow countryman.
      Dictionary word used changes from the bottom bar where you can write "none" or "English" etc.Se select all text and change the default dictionary in Romanian language switching respectiv.Corectarea document is that the check mark by pressing the has over ABC.
      To change the spacing there are several parallel lines with arrows at the right edge 2 blue-facing, located in the tabs of the drop's office. A sign about similar but points to the lines on the left are all the same meniu.O once you are discovered for what they are. I think, however, that you must opt ​​for 2 choices: either spend a few good days in office suite and learn or go to a Romanian keyboard curs.Aranjamentul in engleză.Ghilimele differs from the key "T" are in place " ~ "

  15. Thanks a lot, I really needed.

  16. Cristi were nicer when said control panel instead of criminal control.

  17. managed tutorial!!

  18. would be such a good tutorial for linux

  19. The best solution seems to me "Romanian by programmers" because we do not lose the signs on the right… the diacritics appear as follows: A-Ă Q-Â S-Ș T-Ț only when we hold down CTRL + ALT on the left or only ALT on the right .

  20. Honestly in my opinion I think most knew how to do which also have shown in this tutorial can be Infine not know :)) I know for a long time :))
    I appreciate the effort orcum

  21. Thank you for this tutorial. Unlike Gepeto, we are still many who do not know many things. It remains to get used with the correct spelling.

  22. HELLP ME PLS. ok so I do not know if I can be what I want but at least try to ask

  23. Thank you very much! I was very needed this information! admin's respect!

  24. Valentin said

    Good afternoon. I have a question. It can change a key function in another? Concrete example does not work m.p two key points. It can activate another button with this function point and two points? I searched and found all sorts of programs but only for key combinations did not find any change of functions between two keys if you know another program or if it is something in the registry or another solution. Thank you

  25. Stefan said

    Thanks a lot for the information! She was very helpful!

  26. Stirbu A. Daniel said

    Hi, you forgot to specify that "123456789" also changes 🙂 that's why it's harder to remember…
    You can Daut on (hope not consider advertising) and use Ctrl + alt + a / t / d / s / q / i
    q = a

    Good luck. keep up the good work

  27. it's good that I've activated my diacritics

  28. Hello.
    Help me too…, I have an ACER 5742 ZG,
    when (canbd) Shift, (shifvt) occurs, comma, like so:
    v = fv
    n = nb
    . =. Þ
    x = XZ
    f = fv
    v = fv
    b = nb
    shift, =, comma…, I still have to delete the extra letters
    Why, I, have, do, for, as before, not I, had the problem this??

  29. Virginia said

    Wonderful idea! Thanks for the help

  30. I failed, looking in vain Press diacritics, as I write everything without diacritics.
    I wrote a book and inserted diacritics throughout the book, copying them from the internet and shedding them in the text.

  31. If you followed the steps in the tutorial should have you go. You looked in the taskbar indicator that language be E instead of EN? Switching by pressing ALT + SHIFT keys simultaneously.

  32. Nicolae PUSCA said

    How can I activate this application in chromium, wireless, linksys, with the SERIOUX keyboard applied. (The keyboard of the laptop still wants us to "beat" certain letters) I came up with this detail, maybe it's useful. THANK YOU for reading posts.

  33. Thanks a lot, you saved me!

  34. Alex Nimirceag said

    Thank you very much, was very helpful article!

  35. Lucian Petcu said

    Thank you very much.

  36. Dandar said

    CRistiiiii !!! nuuuu decât ”than we press…”… please! ...

  37. David Irimia said

    It must operate automatically activated or us?

  38. THANKS!

  39. catalin said

    Thank you very much for the help I have saved a lot of money you have to give it to a publishing house to check my manuscript and correct so I send him right direction, writer and novelist, thank you so much.

  40. Thanks a lot for the tutorial! You've been a great help!
    A wonderful day

  41. Marian Riyea said

    Thank you for this idee.Dumneyeu binecuvanteye with good health and happiness.

  42. Thank you very much ! ...

  43. Very useful ! Thank you !

  44. Bravo!

  45. I followed the instructions and not working.

  46. Thank you ! Really very useful.

  47. Thank you! She quickly walked away, I'm a little nasty on the computer.

  48. and then when I need the initial signs how do I not appear all diacritical. ie the reverse operation of another with shift ??

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