How to add bokeh balls to the background in pictures

How to add background bokeh balls in pictures

How to add bokeh balls to the background in pictures for a perfect portrait

The effect of blur or bokeh in pictures

Normally, the effect of blur or bokeh is obtained when we use a camera with large sensor and quick lens (wide open diaphragm).

How to make blur or bokeh without a pro camera?

Today I will show you how to get bokeh in the background in pictures using software exclusively.

We'll overlap two pictures, one of which is a portrait, and the other is a bokeh effect that we can find online.

Why is it sometimes good to blur the background of the photos?

If you put two pictures side by side, one with a bokeh, another without, you will notice that the one with the blurred background is much more attractive. I refer to the fact that the main subject in the picture is better put in the picture and bokeh in the background.

Android app for editing portraits

Snapseed is the perfect choice, because it is a free photo editing application, and it is also extremely powerful.

Among the Snapseed features, we also have the Double Exposure, which allows us to superimpose pictures and clean them out of the phone very easily.

It's almost unbelievable how well Snapseed works, and not only that, it's also extremely easy to use.

Tips for a successful bokeh portrait

Try to isolate the subject as best as you can. Behind the background is a uniform color that does not attract attention, after which it will compete with bokeh balls.

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How to add bokeh balls in the background in pictures - video tutorial


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