How to hide a folder to view

For those who work on PC in a busy environment, it is important that files private / confidential to stay away from prying eyes.
We methods archiving with passwordMethods data encryption and even programs password files. Unfortunately not all computer users in the mood for adventure or installing other programs on your PC; Many just do not have sufficient privileges to install software on your PC from work / school.

How to hide a folder to view

Visual concealment method is the simplest and fastest method of hiding files. Sure, there is 100% anti bullet, but will provide an advantage even before the curiosity of friends or colleagues.
Since ancient times illusionists were doing their tricks in sight, through distraction. That'll do us today.
The best measures to hide a folder full of confidential files:
1. Find a location as deep as possible on the disk, for example “c / program files / adobe * / logs.
2. Choose a folder icon for transparency
3. Hide title with: Alt (left) + 0160 (on the keypad).
4. Additionally, you can hide folder Right click on the folder / properties / hidden / Apply

Video tutorial - How to hide a visible folder

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  1. cristi welcome
    a solution is checking drivers from a laptop or desktop
    or can this be done with a specific program… like aida64 or another ???
    thank you.

  2. Alt (left) + 0160 (on the keypad). I see no difereta.

  3. Hello Cristi. Do not you tell us how we access the folder by right-clicking on the folder `/ properties / hidden / apply`.

    • This PC (my computer) / view (top) / Options (top right) / View tab / check “Show hidden files, folders and drives”.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        It amazes me to think some limit. Is not it logical that applying the reverse (inverse) as shown, will cancel or go back where you started. It's so hard to understand this technique to reverse this? Incredible!

        • so know how they can afford to put some questions so :)))) I think that when you meet him and give him a head in gura.sau you could do example to quit the thing I see that stupid to sit nervii.cred you forgot what purpose has this site.daca we were all so knowledgeable as you in the PC, we can not be forced to enter this site.daca you be only you were without Christ, I do not know if you had 20% of visitors present on site.o I wish you good day

        • Marius L. said

          Adrian, stay a little stupid with logic! In case of hiding a folder, how do you apply the reverse, without the steps said with a comment above by Cristian? The reverse would mean: Right click on the folder -> Properties -> Uncheck Hidden -> Apply. Well, if you didn't check "Show hidden files, folders and drives", how the hell do you right-click on a hidden folder? Explain your logic, if I'm not right. "Incredible!"

          • Adrian Gudus said

            Sincerely, written by Cristi steps above, was shown in the tutorial but you like it unwind. That is strictly your problem! In other words, we supercooled mouth alms. Better not let our tutorials and answer your individual? As you are so ignorant and will follow their own interests and have a total lack of respect for the one who has given work to teach ceva.Sta omu and do tests, screen captures video to show you, in a way easy to digest, devote their own time to show you step by step and you come and ask something that already shown in the clip.
            Come on, I understood this one with "we don't like reading texts if it's not with panties and points". I think that we Romanians will be the happiest when it comes to injecting intelligence and knowledge directly into the brain. I have a feeling that this "technique" will be invented by us Romanians, nauseous, ignorant, selfish

          • Adrian Gudus said

            When we know something already explained in the video or text the word that increase our heart, we feel very respected, it is the greatest proof of respect from you, encouraged us to go further. Thank you! (I hope you realize that I was being sarcastic)

  4. You can make a series of tutorials on the C programming language for beginners to advanced? I need a lot, and I think it would be a very good series especially for students, plus explain very well and could understand better from you than from teachers!

  5. Right click - Rename / Right click on directory name - insert unicode control character / select LRM Left-to-right mark and the directory name has disappeared.

  6. And return after the text was hidden key combination, how is it?

  7. A tutorial Cisco Packet Tracer can do. I would need for the management networks.

  8. Wolfwarine said

    Hello Cristi..din Unfortunately the windows 7 I have not found those transparent icon (are transparent but appear black after you tick, just like you said and you) ..or is valid only thing that 8 10 wind?

  9. Dude, you're strong, but it's complicated. I am interested to hide a partition on the hard, save all there and when someone comes starain to hide altogether. You can not put much information in a folder, it will increase the size and will be detected and becomes annoying for you to give way always go there to save something .. So how hiding D: CPC and then make it reappear without to ruin something?

    • You can use a utility partitioning of hardware, like EASEUS FREE. I do so for years. I created a partition with him, I put in it all personal files (pictures, movies) that I visit only occasionally, then I gave the whole partition HIDE. When I need it, EASEUS open, select and give unhide hidden partition. We also backup file and made the partition, in case I would not be so accessible; However, this never happened in over 10 years of when using the method described above.

    • laurentiu said

      Hi Cristi. A simpler method for what you want would be to put all your confidential data in an external hdd with USB connection, which you can password when connecting. When you do not use it you can keep it away from prying eyes. Cristi made a tutorial with good external hdd and there are enough on the market at acceptable prices. I think it complicates you to hide an entire partition, and if your "friends" have time to sit at your computer they could surely find a way to see that partition knowing that you have hidden something confidential there. Respect and success.

      • I do not think you're hiding accomplices partition, on the contrary. If you have a large hard, a partition 100GB is ok for this. The utility is free, you pay for a mobile hard, you do not need a password, plus you always partition in the laptop / calc. And you do not have to utter the left and right you have a hidden partition on the drive.
        If you rarely use your side and enter the usb hard drive, once in a blue moon, makes you forget the password to hard? Then even that became his true!

  10. Adrian Stoica said

    It is a good idea but I know after this foder hide how to find it I can see how that folder or uncheck where it says hidden

  11. Adrian Stoica said

    I can not properly express how I can see what I hid after the procedure followed you! I checked back hidden and then as I see the folder contents hidden !!!

  12. Cristian Costache said

    Cristi hello I have a question I know that is not related to this tutorial, you made some cumpataturi date of application on android geek or are all sorts of interesting stuff with low prices, I want to know if they are reliable or Tepe, which steal money from the card, and you throw an eye on there and tell me an idea, to me at first glance me it seemed a little fishy.

  13. Hello! For all the pretentious people here. If you want to save your pictures and more, save them to a Cloud account (or more than a bunch)…

  14. Use SecureFolders program ,, ,, is more useful than a hidden partition.

  15. DA but remains time you Creato

  16. greenhouses said

    Cristi, you're right in what you said in the video, because I tried this earlier (on another PC) (someone else had taught me earlier). I want to tell you that I currently have windows 7 ultimate on my PC. The problem is this: the fact that my old PC broke down determined me to switch to a laptop. Well, this technique doesn't work here, which made me watch this video. And with the one you enter the properties, etc. it doesn't work for me because on w7u I don't have that menu at the top. other ideas ???. ????

    • greenhouses said

      That's it, I've solved this one too. Now, for all those who have a laptop, if you want the trick to work, connect an external keyboard and deactivate num lock, then press another left + 0160 on the square with the numbers on the right.

  17. greenhouses said

    For those who have 7 win: suitable transparent icon is the second on the first column!

  18. Anyway, the 2.33 minute is hidden there, but the date of creating the folder is seen on the right side.

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