How to fill in PDF forms and check marks

Hi friends, today we have a tutorial that could be helpful to everyone, we see how to complete the forms, check marks and signs a document as PDF (portable document format).
How PDF is a universal file hugged, we must learn how to do certain operations with this file type that will soon replace the classical forms.
Programs for free viewing PDFs are great, do not consume resources, moves very quickly, unfortunately gives users a minimum of advanced functions. Adobe Reader instead is a program that gives the user exactly how much it takes to be helpful but at the same time to keep the advantage gratuity.
To enter text in PDF forms do not need expensive software like Acrobat Pro or Nitro PDF Adrobe is sufficient Adobe Reader, a program that still is free.
Let's say you received via email a PDF form you need to fill in the text in some places to check certain boxes. Open the document with Adobe Reader, of course after you install it (download link below) and top right have "Signature", click Signature, and below you can: Add Text, Add check, initial placement and Placement signature. Of the four options you will probably only use the first two, for entering text and tick the boxes.
You have to understand to enter text in a PDF file is done in a different way, I mean that text and check marks are one layer (layer) that overlaps document, this gives us the advantage of moving text at any time in ANY direction, course for final aesthetics of the document not have to suffer.
After completing all will just have to save and send the document.

Download Adobe Reader

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  1. Good tutorial, I still use and NitroPDF as editor.

  2. Andrei Vlad said

    I think it is quite useful tutorial, I really hit, somehow this problem before. . . Good job !

  3. dumitru vasiliu said

    Tutorialuul is very inportant and thank you!

  4. Thanks a lot Cristi, I needed to fill a big help cv.De as always thank you once again and wish you Happy Holidays!

  5. I'm curious how to make PDF file in a gun electronic signature. as always I see the end of the document as a PDF file is signed by "x" and "y". how could I not do this, Daka's obviously possible.
    Respect for the work that you submit!

  6. When a tutorial to take the next hachintos

  7. mihaiwasile said

    Bravo finally something useful.
    Cristi greetings,

    This tutorial should very much from his inceuturile-STECF
    Thanks anyway better late than never

  8. I have a problema.Am a nexus 4 and recently we received automatically update to 4.4 kitkat.Nu want to accept the update and want to remain at 4.3.Problema is they can not get rid of this update is somewhere in phone sami .We say as I remove the update from your phone definitiv.Multumesc.

  9. Hello you can leave in comments how to solve a problem? restar my first computer and I appeared blue screen, in saying that if it happens the first time you restart your computer, well I retartat and after that I went no sound and nothing microphone .. you Please thank you very much ..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We have a tutorial on this subject! Write in the search box top right: What is BSoD or "blue screen" and how to establish the cause of this serious problem, press Enter and you'll find a tutorial that will help

  10. Cristi there ever a progam like Thunderbird that knows how to make chat with any email address?

    • I use Pidgin on linux when I opened simultaneously addresses yahoo 3, 2 of facebook google talk and one even supports other protocols. As far as I know has version for Windows

    • With any email address because there are too many types of post available electronică.Pentru Gmail what you mean you and the program that makes it very elegant is called Trillian (class gives his pidgin)

  11. Cristi, you can publish the site some statistics on your browser, operating system, display resolution, what percentage of visitors using mobile platforms, and so on? There are global statistics from w3schools but I would be curious about them for Romania. It would be nice to be a site for Romania to make such statistics monthly, unfortunately I have not found one that has the updated information before.
    A good day!

  12. Hi I have a problem, we in-lat windows7 a portable hp, and can not open programs depe hd (COOL MY TV WebTV ..... thanks pt.ajutor

  13. I use old solution online
    who do the same job, I hope it's not considered advertising, I have no interest but can be used on any operating system and do not consume so many resources as Adobe Reader.

  14. Cristi I have a question: I recently took a sshd and I want to know if I can defragment. May?

  15. dr_soricarul said

    Great tutorial! Congratulations! Note that I offer you is 9.5. I would have given 10 if you had told me how I put my original signature, such as putting the stamp, like I put stamp

    • An solve them on this soon, so we will not let ...

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I do not understand why all a "pull" as the signature, stamp, stamp. All of them have an electronic truthfulness! As I think you did not give any credence to a document held xerox! Where stamp is obvious that it is photocopied and not "relief" as they would feel a stamp with ink or pen traces a signature date where known paper trail left by the force with which he pressed the signing. Any man who is in front of an electronic document signed, sealed, stamped, may assume that it is false because it is not tangible but e!
      You can electronically sign a document that is credible, then he / true / genuine

    • Very simply must have scanned signature as jpg or png you choose the path of the signature box at the picture, and then you scale "enter" .Programul most complex and Nitro PDF Professional is to do absolutely anything with the file pdf.Pentru who want to stick only to learn this tutorial we recommend the following programs can be found portable: FoxitReaderPortable, 3 PDF Reader, PDF Viewer

  16. Adrian Gudus said

    Have a role signature stamping, initialling an electronic document which is then printed reaching the electronic file to be converted into tangible document. Its authenticity be certified by a stamp, stamp, signature real. No one finds logic?

    • Adriane you perfect dreptate.Mai there is still a situation where making your digital signature, certified by specialized companies like Nitro, Comodo .. and there's one that accountants use all of Romania and that it is currently not me amintesc.O applied once the digital signature that document "says" that can not be edited, and therefore can be safe in trambalat at various authenticity ..

  17. Any idea how I can create such a form?

  18. George said

    I downloaded the program I installed it, but I Fiser open the option that the 'signature'
    I only 'comment;' what can I do?

  19. same problem and my only comment to the right and the X and XI

  20. We passed fields LIMITATION OF PAGE 200, mark a map, HOW CAN THE FIELDS MAY Reloading

  21. Stefan said

    Thank you very much for your help. I was very helpful. Also, respect your much of your free work just to teach us who I do not know. You know you're doing something really important.


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