How to connect a 3G modem to the router, for net backup - video tutorial

Hi friends, this video tutorial will show you how to connect a USB modem to a wireless router 3G, just to have 3G net mobile devices all over the house at all.
To connect a modem or 3G 4G a wireless router must fulfill several conditions:
1. You must have a wireless router with a USB port that can connect to your modem or 3G 4G.
2. The wireless router must support the modems firmware or 3G 4G (as many).
3. The modem must be made before the publication of the latest firmware for the router (as producer include him in the list of compatible modems).
If you have met the above conditions can proceed to configure the router.
The first thing you must do is to choose the mode of the USB port, this is because in general the USB ports on routers can perform several tasks (storage, backups, printer sharing, etc.).
The last step is to configure the network, we must choose from the type of connection the option "3G modem" or USB 3G "after which we must enter the specific settings for each viewer (APN, * 99 #, provider, etc.), these settings are specific for each provider and can be different (Orange, Vodafone, Digi, Cosmote)
After we have done the configuration, a restart will be necessary, after which we can connect, make problems on the net, if you have paid the subscription….
But tethering on your smartphone remains?
Tethering is a good option but only for limited periods (several minutes), if we let too much time options enabled phone will be very hot and the battery is used up very quickly. Besides speed on multiple devices will be very low due to low routing capacity of a smartphone. Simply hardware of a smartphone is not made for that.

List wireless routers with a USB port that can connect modems or 3G 4G and beyond

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. KodeJust said

    Cristi you could make a tutorial that shows how to compute, or how to calculate the sticks 3g mb.
    Let's say I have a stick 500 mb 3g from Vodafone, and I want to know how to calculate these mb.
    I feel like I'm running too fast those mb.

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    Those who do not have such a router but have a laptop at hand and a modem, can connect their USB modem to the laptop and make an ad hoc network to broadcast internet through the laptop's wireless network card to smartphone, tablet, TV or other laptop. There is already a tutorial on this topic called: "Sharing Digi Net Mobile via wireless or laptop or other devices" which you can find with the SEARCH box in the top right sidebar.

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    Cristi you could make a tutorial that shows how to compute, or how to calculate the sticks 3g mb.
    Let's say I have a stick 500 mb 3g from Vodafone, and I want to know how to calculate these mb.
    I feel like I'm running too fast those mb.

    No need to calculate anything. All software modems have a section where you can find statistics on current speed, traffic and traffic consumed remained. Find best options in the modem software installed on your PC-ul/laptop-ul.

  4. These modems can put in a regular card and use the net of it?

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    These modems can put in a regular card and use the net of it?

    It depends a lot on the modem. Usually, those branded by Vodafone, Cosmote, RDS or Orange are coded to work only in that network… as in phones.
    If it is a regular modem purchased "for free" you can put any prepaid card on which you can then activate the extra option for the internet.
    I have a modem from the last batch (the latest) the Digi Net Mobil modems which only works with Digi Card

  6. George:
    These modems can put in a regular card and use the net of it?

    Who knows:
    3G modems have SIM card slot, it can even put the phone card if this option is active data.
    CDMA modems have SIM (Romtelecom, Zapp).

  7. Corleone said

    I have a Kingston DataTraveler 111 USB Memory, 32GB, USB 3.0, Black, which does not appear on my computer. It only appears in Disk Management but shows me: "No media": and in command prompt as: . Please kindly tell me if there is any software to fix it and I show it in my computer. Thank response.

  8. tutorial followed through with success! a single buffer-5 6 seconds from the beginning .. the rest crystalline.

  9. at the end of the tutorial ,, it's not easy at all …… you just have to have .. “funny :)) a good tutorial thank you

  10. good tutorial, like the others of course, but I was sitting and thinking maybe you are interested in doing a tutorial about Deep Web, better said the dark side of the internet, there is always a "dark" part so to speak, maybe I don't know ..about Tor browser maybe, it would be a start of course, many do not even know that there is such a thing, I know it is something illegal, but it was just a by the way… anyway do some interesting

  11. Deep Web, right is the internet invisible, hidden and represent 75% and 95% of the entire internet.

  12. edy 13ani said

    Hello, Cristi! Can you please tell me how I can create a free site (so I can upload videos) or at least make a tutorial on how to create a free and easy site… please !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

  13. Good evening,

    For some time the great market called the Internet, some companies launching all kinds of adware programs included. For ex.: Hotspot Shield, Winamp, Unlocker etc. and so on
    Question: Is there any analysis of the software program containing all kinds of adware and disposal / removal thereof from the program itself?
    Or, something similar to unzipping to delete / remove those adware, after which the "clean" software can be recomposed to the form of executable (.exe).
    Thank you.

  14. I have a strange problem I have two hard drives on one's windows, programs, music, etc.. and second movies, games, photos. The problem is that if you disconnected the second hard disk drive from SATA port (for that more walk from time to time in the computer) Sometimes Windows does not recognize the hard disk drive and put it in the way
    Dynamic and so I can use it again you must put in Basic mode. The problem is that when I select Basic mode formats everything on my hdd and create a new empty partition. The question is how can I make him stay in the basic mode and never change any time?

  15. VasiCucu said

    Very good tutorial, for more than a year waiting for something. I was the last option on internet stick to orange telephone voice card and battered phone using it as a modem for your PC.

  16. Cristi, I saw that you left a list of routers that support USB and USB sticks, but could you recommend me a router accessible and certainly deserves to have support for USB sticks or 3g 4g.
    Thank you in advance!

  17. I recommend MR 3220 TP-LINK (you find in stores and 130 100 ron-ron 110 to order online). Reads box compatible modems

  18. Hi… I also have a TP-LINK TL-MR3220 router and I am still trying to connect to Vodafone with a K3772-Z modem… because there is no choice between Romania I chose UK and vodafone and on the dial I wrote * 99 #; at apn and user: and pass: vodafone… and it doesn't work. if anyone can help me… Thanks in advance!

    • @ Peter
      First check if the modem is on the list Frimware from TP-Link. Log on their website (they in Romanian lb) and see list. If you find yourself there modem do you have to upgrade to the latest version of firmware ptr. Then
      1) Plug the dongle into the TL-K3772 MR3020 router, connect the router by ethernet cable to the PC, power the router and switch it to 3G / 4G mode.
      2) Select 'Network' and then '3G / 4G' from the menu on the left, and then click on the 'Advanced Settings' button at the bottom on the page.
      3) Tick the box for 'Set the Dial Number, APN, Username and Password manually'. Leave Dial Number as '* 99 #' but change apn if user: and pass: vodafone
      Click on the 'Save' button, then 'Back' and 'Save' again on the next page (again not sure that's strictly necessary but that's what I did) ..
      It went to me for a k3765 modem. But I insisted only after I found the modem on the Tp-Link list. The same router with a 9different0 modem from Orange works without any settings…

  19. I'm interested in how network hiding, thanks!

  20. hello you tried to connect diginetmobil

  21. Please who can help me with a problem? have a stik Romtelecom ADU 510 L and own a tablet EvoTab 4vreau to know if I can get a router, what model, and if it works for wirless?

  22. How can I connect wireless router 2 ITRE them wireless?

  23. Vata Costin Silviu said

    What do you recommend for a Huawei router E392 with orange internet traffic?

  24. Claudiu said

    Hello! I have a router to a modem SITECOM wl 357 from vodafone.Am taken all reasonable steps and still not merge.Ce to do?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Are you sure that your router can use the USB port for modem? Many routers have such a USB port to attach storage only for accessing it by all devices in the network

  25. Hello! I have a Dlink router DIR-826L that I gave quite Multisim and has USB port and I shoved and latest firmware. Why when I enter the router USB port setting you can choose to 3G?

  26. Hello,

    Surveillance Kit NIP House IPMAX POE One of Dedeman

    300Mpbs Wireless N Router TP-LINK TL-MR3420 with 3G

    Huawei mobile Internet stick 21,6 Mbps RDS

    I want to know if your router is compatible with Huawei stick can have internet router.
    NVR may want to access from your smartphone Huawei stick connected to the router but can provide enough upload speed to access NVR.

    Thank you

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