How to build html pages without programming knowledge with seamonkey and composer - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial we will briefly present Mozilla Seamonkey, in fact only a part of Seamonkey, namely Composer which will be useful in creating html pages or modifying existing html pages.

Composer is extremely easy to use, really think like a user without much experience can use this program WYSIWYG (what you see what you get STIs).

The name WYSIWYG comes from the fact that you do not have to have html knowledge to build a page or a site in html, the user who builds the page never has contact with the code unless he wants it, composer receives commands from the graphical interface and he builds the code in the background without the user being disturbed by any "hieroglyph" as some call them to the lines of code.

Composer can be used successfully to change or edit existing themes, you can download free themes on the net and you can modify them to make them your liking.

This video tutorial complements a previous tutorial that covers building a simple website in html and css least, I recommend you watch that video and tutorial to better understand the mechanisms underlying the construction of a website in html pages.

We have other video tutorials on using CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB asmenea that you recommend them if you intend to set up a website, a blog or a forum.

Cristian Cismaru

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About Cristian Cismaru

I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
Learn as you learn!


  1. Congratulations.

    Best videotutorial the whole site for me.

  2. Wow, really did not know there was so interesting ceva.Tutorialul by not I know this seems program.Intradevar easy to use and really have to try it, I really want to learn to make websites web.Multumesc for this aid.
    Happy Easter with your loved ones.

  3. @Alex:
    Glad you like but are yet to come and others even more and of course if I receive requests.
    I know that the code was a problem for your designs, it's good if you find what you need in composer.

  4. @qostelq:
    Thanks a lot .
    And I wish you Happy Holidays behalf of the whole team MAXIMA AND HEALTH.

  5. Ionel cut leaves ... said

    Very uncle !! .. as if you know what hurts us: D. Thanks for the presentation .. I get to work to see what comes out, maybe seamonkey takes my headache that caused me a notepad ++ and dreamweaver… with "heroglifele".

  6. @Ionel cut leaves ...What do you think I was not a beginner again?
    In fact I believe that I am an eternal beginner, never get to know everything, always something new you jab-n strings.
    I learn every day for hours, read books, magazines IT and staying on net more on the net (net not mess) because netul is very dimamic and books are important but first appear updates on net books are for deepening.
    I told n-tutorial and if you like it like that even want to write me in comments.

  7. qostelq said

    Yes yes yes, of course vreau.Astept with pleasure as any tutorial.

  8. I told n-tutorial and if you like it like that even want to write me in comments.

    That would be very hard. Many are interested in something and it's frustrating to see that the Americans are full of video tutorials ptr html and we do too, you're really only Romanian to have done something in Romanian, which are made but in English

  9. @Cristi-admin: Jesus had a wooden cross and a heart of gold !! Today we have golden crosses and wooden hearts… Happy Holidays to all visitors, A HAPPY EASTER, HEAT AND LIGHT IN YOUR HOMES AND MUCH HEALTH TO ALL !!!

    Very good and useful tutorial, I've known Seamonkey for a long time, but as I said in other comments as well as on chat, it's not for me the code… I'm not passionate about web design. BUT still I looked so that I would at least know what is wrong with it if I don't know how to use it… and what it is used for… maybe someone asks me about something like that… and I have something to answer… I think it would be good for everyone to learn or at least to look even if we don't like it because you never know when we may run into something like that or if we will need something like that


  10. For ADRIAN: the thing with "Jesus had" is copied, you could just hate, CHRIST IS RISEN! This is the true wish for Easter!

  11. very good tutorial, mersi.cred it is a help to many of us.
    Truly Risen!

  12. Christ is Risen!

    Tutorial to honor. I think I'm done now grab httml pages. Or, wait a bit, perhaps you, like you said, something better, which deals only with that.

  13. @Alexa: Did I say somewhere that it was my own creation? did you find yourself commenting so be here? And Happy Easter or the Risen Christ says everyone… what do we do we no longer hate Happy Easter because it already exists and everyone uses? You are a child !!

  14. hello it is very interesting tutorial Happy Easter greetings to loved ones

  15. Christ is risen!

  16. @Alexa: @Adrian:
    I do not think it's good to argue even this holy day, and it's a shame to think strinb.
    Relax and dumped into'll dishes, drink cico, nibble pretzels, eggs bump Watch tutorials.
    Be happy and love your as real life starts next week, not enough tense stand all year?

  17. radunebunu said

    one word: incredible !!!

  18. VERY loud and FOLOSITOR.Este easier to use than Dreamweaver. Left to do other tutorials about programs like this especially if they are free.

  19. Cristi so good !!! At higher and if it can be something flash;) f's interesting about this topic HTML and is useful for many of us!

  20. Christ is risen!
    Mr. Cristi are formidable.
    The tutorial is very good. All tutorials that you made are interesting. Good luck!

  21. @victorr:
    Truly he is risen!
    I'm not formidable, formidable because ye choose to learn something instead of wasting time on stupid sites (Gossip number 1 traffic in Romania).
    I do my best how more accessible and more digestible how computer, if they manage can only be happy.
    1: What you learn if you stay an hour
    2: What you learn if you stay an hour

  22. It is very good and interesting and thank you very much appreciate the effort
    happy Holidays!!!!

  23. Yes it is…
    I have a website that will post some issues trying. Now I think I was starting to change it.
    All the best

  24. Thanks for the tutorial, very smart this program.Asteptam and other tutorials in this genre.

  25. Very uncle…. I don't know how to thank you.
    It would be good and a toturial about Dreamweaver and web page maker if you can not ask too mult.:D;).
    Thank you.

  26. LucianGL said

    Simple and effective
    I would call this tutorial

    Cristi you still miss something very important, namely:
    after you have created in seamonkey save as apply in site that is going to change it? was also great if you have a back button if you wanted to come back with a move back or more when the composer something wrong

  27. @LucianGL: If you were watching the series of tutorials dedicated to creating a site, now you knew what to do with that html !!! There are a series of tutorials about creating a site, the views and everything will be connected !!! Type in Apache search and you will find the first tutorial from which the creation of the site started… Success!

  28. Nightingale said

    Hi… hm… since I started learning with these video tutorials… and that's good.
    It's not difficult and only requires a deepening in terms of creating HTML.
    It sounds simple, but it's not !!!
    Perseverance often leads to success… but there must be failures…
    I greet you and all the best !!!

  29. LucianGL said

    Adrian, do not call Cristi.
    My observation is well placed, Cristi understand what I mean

  30. @LucianGLLuci, I think save the document just as you save a new document created, but must have the same name as the original.
    I hope you had served, if I understand correctly please come back with more details.

  31. @Nightingale:
    Along the way learn a lot even if you fail, what you want, it is important that you remain with a lot of useful knowledge.
    The road is often more interesting than the destination.

  32. @ionutz:
    If you love to do and a Dreamweaver course basic stuff that's damn big and bushy.

  33. sall Cristi, I want to tell you that I and yo a site but do not know to bag pictures games music programs etc.poti pretty please make a tutorial so I did yo website with Joomla and probably do not know it annoys you Thus see a message, you say what you think and what you draqu May vr I think you asked me but please ajui and myself and others believe that not only help .A lear and another thing doing a good job fooooarte voucher with all your colleagues here

  34. @silviu: I'll come back with a series of tutorials for Joomla and WordPress which will show how to work with modules and plugins.
    I think these tutorials will be presented soon that shows a tremendous interest.

  35. Snowflake said

    Cristi greeting, hard, and I did something I gave to friends but they only saw nau I saw what I did
    Tell me please if you know dc

  36. I REALLY RESURRECTED! ”I want to tell you that my first contact with the computer was in cls.a xa (1994) and I only had the keyboard and the monitor. We made programs for drawing geometric figures in space and the teacher gave us notes for that. And many other things that fascinated us…. I have had the net for a few months and I want to say that I found your site by chance. I had something to learn from here (less often than you: nowadays you can not find such a thing) .I congratulate you for your work, and on the occasion of the holy holidays I wish you and your families good health and to show us as many things as possible. Thank you.

  37. @Snowflake:
    There are many reasons why else sees your content.
    1. Antivirus Firewall or too communist (decisions without checking)
    2. Romtelecom the net via modem or astral (UPC)
    3. You wireless router
    4. You close your security programs horizons
    5. Apache security software blocks.
    etc etc
    But you see the IP?
    If you see yourself on your IP would need to see you all.
    Example, Kaspersky Internet Security netul enter stealth mode, meaning no one sees you in your network if you do not normally see that you can not access.

  38. @laura: Thank you so much Laura, much happiness to you.
    We are glad that we can help in some way.
    We do what we can to tame the PC in people's eyes.
    PC is not just for specialists, PC (personal computer) is for the great mass of people, we try to make them these people to use the PC and nothing but yahoo messenger.
    If we mean that we do our job well enough.

  39. madalina said

    foooarte hard brother! I understood everything! you are the coolest. I was still waiting for tutorials like this. I was really eager to learn how to make web pages, html and stuff like that, but I didn't know where to start. thank you!

  40. Hrtistos risen!
    Very good prezentearea but where can I get those themes?

  41. Exceptional STECF. In the future if you could do a tutorial on osCommerce, I sent an email and asked knew and there, then I could just install sal side template beyond me crave these tutorials.

  42. Gigi Becali said

    very interesting tutorial with sea monkey.chiar interesant.daca wish you could do something about PHP and My SQL.CHESTII BASIC, BASIC.
    I will give up his computer was for me a great nebuloasa.Acum start learning some very interesting things.
    Bravo guys, I'm glad there are good people in Romania.

  43. nice tutorial… a program for php something like that don't introduce us ???… good luck and on

  44. @Gigi Becali: @ice: Use the search at the top right as we have about the apache.server and about my sql, and about php my admin, about the phpbb.jomla forum and everything you want, wordpress are a bunch of tutorials dedicated to creating a site !! Just type in the search box and you will find, under each tutorial there is a section "Similar Articles" where under that title you have a link to tutorials that link to the one you just watched, plus the filters in the middle of the site ( categories) or the Playlist section above where are all the tutorials on our site in a playlist and you can see them all, by scrolling down, LEARN TO NAVIGATE IN A SITE OF BROTHERS. LEARN TO USE FILTERS (CATEGORIES) LEARN TO READ THAT THIS IS WHY YOU CAN'T FIND IT, DON'T GET TIRED OF THOSE EYES TO READ !! SIN… GREAT SIN… WHY DO YOU HAVE IT?

  45. 10alex2000 said

    I have a question if you can do a tutorial in C + + with any program eg Microsoft Visual 2006 or 2008

  46. @10alex2000:
    I don't know what to tell you because we don't give away C ++ but if we do something like that, we will start soon with some more special things, I don't know now if we will post them on or we will make a new site for "professionals" I think that if we post more pro things here we will bore many. rely more on general stuff.
    And I'd love to post all kinds of stuff but I refrain because I know I'll curse the world.
    We promise to get out on the market with a specialized website in tutorials for those with high demands, who wants to learn programming languages ​​professional software suite will have a choice.
    We are in talks with a few specialists and hope that soon we can launch the site.
    The problem is who is good specialist as required and money.

  47. Hello I have a question in my tutorial is good but when I open the Mozilla give to me at the address shown above file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/admin/Desktop/test.html not like you What should I do to me zimi Pleasant: ((: ((: ((

  48. one altu'l said

    I did put it in html format but as www. so as not going to open it no friends: ((

  49. @one altu'l:
    First of all I think it would be good to watch these video tutorials carefully

    On this site you will find many video tutorials on this subject, just look out for with the search engine on your site that you find the right top
    When do you one more question please be more specific as we can and we understand what you really want and not be forced to figure out just what you want to say

  50. Corleone said

    Hello Cristi a question: it created a site hosted on a host go-and how to do this thing? Mean you can sal's address will have access anytime and not just when it's your pc open? Thank you!

  51. Hi Cristi! You do some super tutorials but there is a question in this tutorial: can you give this "site" on the internet? to look for someone else? to be like a site.

  52. Adrian said

    @Magda: an html page is just a part of a site, it's just a component !!! it's how the content would come and that's it, imagine a book without covers, and this html is just a page from the whole site, to be on the net and accessed by others you need a server, php, myadmin, msql, about all this we have a tutorial! how to install a server for the site… write to search on the right msql or xammp… give enter and you will find!

  53. alexandru said

    you are really strong and I think I learned a lot from you. I would have one question how to install software on browsing and maps I would really like to know I have a navigation for some time and I stay with it in the closet because it is very expensive to put the map on me. as you detail about windows and especially video I don't think there is anyone else - excuse me for the question

  54. hello! aja I did something somewhat there! but as I give the site name? do not know!? wanted answered!

  55. 4l3csu said

    Cristi had nev know qm to make a website but pacvat that when you open the page with Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as you Addres Addres of heel and not CNET address so others can not see. please explain to me qm do to become a site which everyone who wants ointre saq! waiting for your answer them [email protected]

  56. hello!
    I have a question .. How can I save and theme pages net wave (index)???
    Thank you

  57. @Doru: You do not want to save, you want to sneak.
    The best thing would be to make your own theme or download one for free (unless you want to pay).
    Try to be original, you'll have more satisfying if the content you create yourself, even on a free theme.

    • the tutorial is very interesting but I want to know if I can create more pages with seamonkey and then connect them to become a site. If "YES" how do I do this (ie how do I make the connection between them (please cry if you can answer me by email)

  58. dumitru munteanu said

    kool cool bad of all the better people! Evening evening is watching your tutorials with pleasure. but the thing now html gave me back I did not know it's that simple! but i can not find the peblog? i'm waiting for your reply pls! good boys at all gang of akolo !!!!! respect! [email protected]! TGV

  59. hello I have one question :)
    first of all thank you for the answer 🙂 keep it the same:>
    and I want to know how to write an image

    Thank you

  60. Adrian said

    @Doru: be more precise and tell me what you want to do… "an image" has several meanings… image adik picture, ISO image, hard image and so on… say concretely what you want to do !!

  61. I want to put a straw BMP picture and write a word or text on the image

  62. Adrian said

    @Doru: You can use Paint in Windows or a program called GIMP more professional and free!

  63. Michael :) said

    I have desc and it's going well… .where to desc "skins" on the site ??? I entered the tutorial site but I didn't find anything… Thank you

  64. Michael :) said

    I still have a question… on the site, in "photos" how to do that when I click on "photos" to see pictures… related to "skin-u" on the site, I found: D…

  65. Michael :) said

    how do we publish the site? ” that is, so that others can see it… Thank you

  66. Cristian said

    Yes it is a really interesting section you can learn many interesting things I've been working with PDF 3.0 and so are beginner in building sites thanks for initiation!.

  67. is very strong and help you learn every thing in ms for help

  68. nice

  69. Cristi have a question where did you get those themes? Please rasp!

  70. I want to ask you something how to put a song on my list hi5 but music? have a song and want to oppose the hi5

  71. @sanda: this is no longer possible! It is possible but you have to make some changes with some scripts, codes, player, youtube… and more…

  72. how can i put google adsense on a site edited in seamonkey .. and i would have another request… how can i put for example the section from “post a comment” on my site? thank you in advance.

  73. Thanks for the tutorial, I've made some attempts in note pad and started the problem is that I lost css codes
    and practical use ftp client program after doing everything in a text editor as we put on a free how do i upload the filezila or other programs deorece prefer to do or backgroun buttons in photo shop

  74. FlorinPTM said


    [IMG] [/ IMG]

    florin_dragutzu_2008 ID

  75. Hello Cristi,

    I keep struggling to make a site with Firefox, but while I do the upload on a host (after you finish) and I have no idea how. Or I am I right in videotutorial a tutorial on this business or have to astept.Ma you help?

    * Respect, gentlemen for everything you do! *

  76. where I find myself ready made themes that I can edit them as we saw in the tutorial?
    it is easier to edit than built from scratch ..!
    address something… thank you!

  77. Barabbas said


    F Indeed this tutorial helped me a lot, even so looking as html pages change, even after a month I found this, which I enjoyed finding this video tutorial,

    It is, I think the best tutorial, good for you, and thanks to you for this tutorial

    Now can I ask, how can save the original page changes I made with this program, knowing the password and username to login page originala.Daca somehow you did a tutorial on this subject?

    Lot for what you do for those who want to learn.

  78. For ready-made homework>
    google >>> free web themes
    … But some are not even free 🙂
    search, I found a website with free themes
    just unpacked

  79. Barabbas said

    F really helped me a lot this could change in public_html tutorial.Am to myself seen, changing sentence altiidar pictures we see and do not see others as
    Can you say me where I'm wrong?

  80. A very interesting tutorial, very easy to understand and put into practice even for people like me (ie all tone deaf). Cristi, you and your team will appreciate it and the fact that when you make a tutorial, you great Be sure to use an understandable language so that you comprehend every man you talk.
    I wish with all my heart long life!!

  81. Please help me if you can:
    -Where I work there is a password and user, I allow him to do exercises but not stric.pentru it started, I put them on google verification meta (do not know how important it is) and do not know As yet I did fac.ce:
    - I downloaded all the data via ftp to my computer but I don't know where the source is (did I express myself correctly?) So I can enter that meta-verification.
    - I can modify the text (and that interests me) but where is the code of each page? I know that when I access the site I can see the source but I can't change it.
    Please play, you can help me? can do this with Thunderbird?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • rinorac said

      Please help me if you can:
      -Where I work there is a password and user, I allow him to do exercises but not stric.pentru it started, I put them on google verification meta (do not know how important it is) and do not know As yet I did fac.ce:
      - I downloaded all the data via ftp to my computer but I don't know where the source is (did I express myself correctly?) So I can enter that meta-verification.
      - I can modify the text (and that interests me) but where is the code of each page? I know that when I access the site I can see the source but I can't change it. Please, can you help me? can i do this with seamonkey? thanks a lot in advance !!!

      So my brother if you user and pass the site means that it is a php site not only deals with seamonkey html html and if you do not understand that means to have to look at how it builds a PHP site from head to tail, html just the
      how about adding some scripts are applicable to those who may be in html or php, in php if you do not know me hard to explain but it is a html code that is inserted in the source code or some code files to be personalized ( generally but not necessarily) and put in the source code of the page

  82. Please, someone can answer my message posted on August 27?

    a question about seamonkey: I watched the tutorial, I downloaded seamonkey, it worked but today when I wanted to open it… .he doesn't want it anymore, that is, she keeps sending me to them on the page.

    Why? I want to do and I exercise and I can not. where I wrong?

    Thanks mylt all!!

  83. Thousands of apologies!!!! I forgot to press composer.offff….

  84. Bai brother watched: How to make a website, the 2, completely made from 0 site in HTML, CSS image gallery, and I made myself ametit.Am home but left images do not colorat.La I went out and the video or so, because I could not take all the scripts videotutorial.
    About Composer trench sure you want to remove ceva.O later.

    We recently such site gen.Si you remember, I 40 years and calculator close 2 years and I do not give up.

  85. Good evening!

    I have a big problem with SeaMonkey: since I installed it, I haven't used yahoomessenger for send mail because I use more gmail, but today I wanted to send via yahoo and I found that the send option disappeared.ok, I went into the list and I selected send and…. SeaMonkey opened which asked me for my address and I don't know what I understand from this anymore that I can't send emails via yahoo because it enters my seamonkey directly. what to do? that I don't want that.
    Thanks so much in advance!

  86. maria: Good evening I have a huge problem with Firefox: When I installed it, I used YahooMessenger ptr. send mail because gmail uses more, but today I wanted to send through yahoo and found that she disappeared trimitere.ok option, I entered and selected reference list and opened Firefox .... asking me my address and I do not know why ... I understand from this that I can not send mail through yahoo because I go directly into Thunderbird. what to do? I do not want that.
    Thanks so much in advance!

    Seamonkey is also a browser and is set as the default browser. You need to reset your default browser. To do this, click on "Start" then "Set program access and default" in the window that will appear, check the "Custom" option and to its right you have an arrow pointing down, click on it to expand and have more options . in the section: "Chose a default web browser" check the browser you want to use then give "OK" and that's it! Before making this setting, close all browsers you have opened.

  87. Thanks so much Adrian and also apologize since reading your response, I remembered that it is mentioned in the tutorial and it means that I do instalare.Voi wrong with what you said.
    Thanks a lot, a lot!!

  88. He doesn't want… .when I got to the window you say he didn't even check the seam.I checked firefox-> ok and I tried to send mail. all seam. it is opening. if I close it (but I don't know where) and reopen it only when I need it, do I still suffer like that? an idea came to me… .let me try and come back

  89. Hooray !!! I succeeded, but… .so: I uninstalled seamonkey for that he was sending me to him in the folder (where the mail was) and I couldn't handle it there. I reinstalled it and I didn't set it as default as I had inadvertently did last time.offf… .now it goes to send normal mail through yahoo.
    Thanks everyone for all your help, understanding and patience in this matter!
    Much, much continued success!

  90. Hey I watched and io how to do but now I'm looking to see how you appear on the internet field bag but nush as I make it go if you can tell me not chiniu me: D: D

  91. Very good tutorial like other right I was going to make a website and do not know html code so a sami easier and you learn it and occasion. Thank

  92. yes it's really interesting and I learned sf how to do but if you could do and u php tutorial would be great to then try wisest
    If you have time please teach me anymore mn add:[email protected]

  93. Greate 😀 NOTE 10 I am “SUPER BEGINNER” =] It helped me a lot, thanks! >: D

  94. Yes CIM put it in the internet?

  95. Very good tutorial tau.Mai rarely so nice guys like you and do not say this to flatter you, but I tried on several forums to read and learn something but nimic.Este gloom with these people, if they would be born html democrats toti.Din my side at maximum power for a 10 tau.Sunemi gesture to me please, in seemonkey you do that on a text link, such as can be loaded more poze.Astept response and thank you.

    • FlorinVery good tutorial tau.Mai rarely so nice guys like you and do not say this to flatter you, but I tried on several forums to read and learn something but nimic.Este gloom with these people, if they would be born html democrats toti.Din my side at maximum power for a 10 tau.Sunemi gesture to me please, in seemonkey you do that on a text link, such as can be loaded more poze.Astept response and thank you.  

      If you want to deepen your HTML recommend a tutorial made by our colleague Dan.
      How to make a website, the 2, 0 site fully realized in HTML, CSS image gallery
      It's a great tutorial, I highly recommend you, I do not find something in all of Romania, without any exaggeration, the beginning of the tutorial you can find most of the tags are used in HTML with explanations for each.

  96. hi cristi're a boy very much, I have a problem I want to make a website that I can for min sal sold to Microsoft if you can help me, I'll give a great deal of money for yourself as I learned from tn all this tutorial, thank you very much and I think no one would do that as you are a very smart boy and congratulate you once again thank you very much

  97. Excellent, thanks for the tutorial.

  98. very nice chear I needed to know ms for all

  99. Cristisg1 said

    I returned a question if you can accomplish that is if you can form Sea Monkey video, video in html to get the copy-paste that then introducing it into HTML to WordPress I can open the site even video clip and MUVI? I do not know how to add a video clip from my pc on site fail.! I mention that I got a free on, are beginning ie right, and I wish I could add video clips from my computer training, besides edit the pages and add pictures, they go, functioning as such but when I add a format, video or audio it does not understand and we also try to add more themes and plaginuri on and exactly the same story after they place the same story that is not found in similar profiles so wordpress mother thought that maybe Sea Monkey March could help? Thank you!. and wish you a Happy Easter :)

  100. It's quite calm …… .I liked it… .congratulations !!!!!

  101. Please tell me how someone put a link atrubutele onmouseover and onmouseout?
    That'll double click on the link when you enter the menu and I select, edit and give give advanced JavaScript events there at the bottom and select onmouseover function does not know what to put .. and a google find any ..
    If anyone knows, please tell me: D

    Cristi, if you can make a video to go repejor all those sophisticated options in advanced settings would be perfect .. Anyway, thanks for the tip on seamonkey. I use and is satisfactory :)

    Picture of what I'm trying to do:

  102. Hello! Thanks and this is very good tutorial, continued success!

  103. Hello.
    This tutorial is great that I as a child in kindergarten would understand
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  104. I would like to know how you make shi visible for other users out of using an apache server as styu but one more question: How can I refer to a page when I use apache to give dak template browser click CVA I did go to a page of everything I saw lasituri grn min tutorial code at the end

  105. read the questions and answers from the previous messages. it will help you ii don't all ask the same thing 100 times :))

  106. Hello!
    I also have a problem…
    I made the page the way I wanted, I downloaded a theme….
    I modified the text, pictures, etc. I did it. I did it the way I wanted with links…. redirect… .. it's all ok ..
    I like how it looks.
    only k
    how do I get a link to this page like radiofunny…?
    i.I gave save to the project made in composer… .dak I open it goes ..
    but going by how the min!
    what can I do?
    Thanks and Regards muult!

  107. Adrian admin said

    Use the search box on the right, write there: "create site part 1" and "create site part 2" enter and you will find the tutorials. You have to have a domain, to have hosting space. Why don't you read what is written under the player with the tutorial? There you have it
    "Similar articles" and under that bold title you have tutorial titles written in red related to the topic of the tutorial you are watching. by clicking on those titles written in red, you go directly to that video tutorial.

    READ READ AND READ AND that's why YOU READ ochisori brother like they look with his using just watching porn!

  108. EXCELLENT! Guys, you have a gorgeous style and clearly explain

  109. it's great… .ffff useful… I only found out about your site for a week and now not a day goes by without looking at a tutorial :)

  110. ionut_marius03 said

    I want to ask you something. I conducted myself in notepad + + the html 2 No open firefox but when I open the page with all the code done. I do not know where I was wrong. I can light? Thank you!

  111. how to make a website HTML code

  112. Hello,
    I really appreciate your work…
    I also have a question: with what program can I make an online store, something simpler, with a contact form, but which can be very easily optimized… So far I have done with joomla, SEF links, but in vain… I do not go up google pages…

  113. Thank you very much!

  114. I tried but there is no picture Esit thousand in my site
    I copied the html but not visible .. do not know why it's something that I missed?

  115. I needed to thanks CS MOTD: X :)

  116. sea ​​monkey is the former Netscape navigator… had a Carma as Icon… and also had composer. with which I made my first page in html… unfortunately I don't have it anymore

  117. Horace Aldea said

    how public website?
    I find the url in html?

  118. How can we publish?

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