How to copy RFID access cards and tags

How to copy cards and tags
How to copy cards and tags

What is the video tutorial How to copy cards and tags?

In this video tutorial I will show you how to copy access cards and tags RFID, ie those cards, cards or tags with which you enter the staircase of the block, the hotel room, the yard, the warehouse, etc.

What are those RFID cards, cards or tags?

Imagine that the access cards or the colored tags from the keys, with which you enter the staircase of the block or the hotel room, keep a kind of password on them.

When the RFID reader, from the door of the block staircase, the hotel room, from the barrier or from wherever we have such systems, feels a card nearby, reads it and sees if it has the right code, and if this code corresponds to one of the codes in the database, access is allowed.

We can look at these access cards as passwords.

How can I access access cards?

Using a simple RFID card reader or tag, we can read any card that uses this system.

After reading the card, we can also copy it to another card or blank tag, which usually comes with the reader.

The RFID reader is also useful for backing up access cards

Let's imagine the company where there are many warehouses, workshops, annexes, etc. and all work with RFID cards.

We can also think of a hotel where access cards are used in rooms and service spaces.

With this card reader all cards can be backed up, and in case a card is lost, we can always copy it from the backup.

Download disk content (driver and RFID reader application)


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Video Tutorial - How to copy RFID access cards and tags

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  1. what model is this device?

  2. Ciprian said

    Can I copy two or three tags on one of those blue ones?
    I have such a device bought on ebay about two or three years ago but it came to me without that cd and I could not use it. Could you upload the contents of the CD somewhere?

  3. Super. Really useful this video tutorial.

  4. And another question, can this type of card be reused? I mean, if I have an old access card that I don't use anymore, can I delete it and reload it with a different code from another card?

  5. Yes. But the card reel must be on the reader's frequency.
    You cannot use a 13.56MHz access card on a 125khz reader or vice versa.

    • Hi Cristi! Is there an application on your phone with which you can read the cards and then open the door with NFC?

      • I don't think there are applications that can replace rfid cards on the phone. Maybe there are devices that can clone and imitate rfid tags and cards, and with which you can enter doors with electronic access systems, but with the phone I do not think.

  6. Ciprian said

    Unable to unzip software…

  7. ciprian said

    Correctly, the archive works, but only with a newer version of winrar. Thank you!

  8. Ciprian said

    for me the pc does not see the device on human interface devices and it is not called prolific usb to serial. When I try to update the driver I get the message that I am already using the latest driver version. In the software for reading / writing tags I cannot connect the device. Maybe it's another version of the device that uses a different driver.


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