How to buy items on Ebay, information and advice - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will discuss purchases on Ebay, I will give all the information needed to make a little courage.
When it comes to purchases made on foreign sites, the Romans were reluctant, at this I must say that security measures on Ebay are even better than the us and the buyer protection system is the most solid.
Documentation for this tutorial lasted nearly two months, during which I bought various products using multiple accounts and two different delivery address. I bought in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong. During the two months I have not encountered any problems, except maybe with the Romanian Post, you Chiam in the district capital for customs and taxation package, this package only if it comes from outside the European Union.
We need to buy on Ebay?
1. Ebay account (it's easy)
2. Card account to a Romanian bank (money in it)
3. PayPal account to confirm the payment faster and greater safety (bind card) see how it's done in the tutorial: How to make online payments, and receive money online with paypal account
4. Free time to find the most attractive products.
5. Careful
I advise you to use the site, here are better than the .com filters. It's better to use filters (buy it now) at the top and (European Union) on the bottom left. Using these filters will avoid auctions and products that are sold outside Europe (to avoid customs duties and VAT).
If you buy products from outside the European Union will pay taxes and you will be called to pick up the product from the district capital (where customs postmark).
During this tutorial I refused documentation for a product on purpose, I did so to check the system payback.
If the product you bought does not reach you, you will get your money back from the seller or from Ebay, because this system of protection that it offers eBay buyers.
If you buy expensive products it is recommended to choose "Signed-for" delivery, the products will come to the door delivered by a private courier and you will have to sign the receipt.
In the video tutorial we detail the steps that need to go through and the things that you must be more careful.
Happy shopping.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. Very good tutorialil Christ. Wait a tutorial about online shopping on Amazon.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. George:
    Very good tutorialil Christ. Wait a tutorial about online shopping on Amazon.
    Thank you in advance.

    The first time I'll make a tutorial about shopping at the market. parsley, dill, beets, etc.. After that I will make with Amazon
    I forgot…. 🙂

  3. Alexander S. said

    It can make a tutorial about some alternative programs to the classic "Search Programs" in Windows 7?
    Programs that include better search (more details) in the operating system that, partitions, files etc..
    Thank you.

  4. A little clarification there may Timis Timisoara JUDEŢU you meant

  5. George:
    A little clarification there may Timis Timisoara JUDEŢU you meant

    I was wrong, however you will get the idea.

  6. bank card and ask him to be in $ (USD) or Euro? application to be mean to the bank card management online as it is called?

  7. Adrian Gudus said

    Alexander S.:
    It can make a tutorial about some alternative programs to the classic "Search Programs" in Windows 7?
    Programs that include better search (more details) in the operating system that, partitions, files etc..
    Thank you.

    Type up in the SEARCH box in the top right sidebar: "Everything, instant search of files on your PC or on ftp and http servers" press Enter and you will find the tutorial about a super interesting application that does what you want.

  8. alex:
    bank card and ask him to be in $ (USD) or Euro? application to be mean to the bank card management online as it is called?

    The card can be in Euro but in Lei, my account is in USD eg.
    You don't necessarily have to have an online administration card for PayPal, but it's more comfortable, you can send and receive money at any time, you don't depend on the bank's schedule. Instead you pay some taxes per month, I can't tell you exactly how much…

    • I have a card and pay somewhere Raiffeisen 5 lei per month. There are other banks may cheapest but for now I am satisfied with the services we offer them.

  9. But I only do paypal and I do not really like

  10. Ovidiu:
    But I only do paypal and I do not really like

    The text is a link that takes you to the tutorial with PayPal, you must play you.
    May people what the hell more I read the text. We do tutorials, you must read and follow them, what's so hard?

  11. Thank you Cristi! Very good tutorial.

  12. Cristi Bravo! Very interesting.

  13. Not correct postage in the EU, but we are not in EU Schengen instead.

  14. Cristi you can help me move and I calculatoru foate hard to ANY lag, I have the following components be the ram may not be seated properly or what to be!

    • eNd:
      Cristi you can help me move and I calculatoru foate hard to ANY lag, I have the following components of Rampo is not seated properly or what to be!
      The processor is old ff nanometers 65 explains why hardly walk. I realize that you got to a computer 5 years.
      Do not be so vague instaalt depends what you need to give him more details and let us take a Fota so.
      You have to buy a new PC without a doubt.

  15. It is worth 4 I buy an iPad on eBay?

    • Be careful, my friend, where do you buy it? I generally avoid expensive last minute goods bought on the Internet. It is very possible to buy a "fake", ie a counterfeit product who knows where and even if you can return it, the return of the product is not reimbursed and shipping a package overseas or in China is expensive. Don't skimp on a few tens of lei when it comes to large sums, buy closely and claim a minimum warranty of 2 years as required by EU law. All the best!

  16. while a tutorial on how we, about an online store with. ro?

    ps. The Bucharest Academy Street shop lights.

  17. Viman Viorel said

    videotutorialul interesting.! congratulations.!.

  18. Hi, I would also have a question, I made a paypal account, I easily checked it with a homebank from ING, the 1.5 euros were withdrawn no longer appear in pending transactions but for 4 days I still have a pending transaction of - 1 leu who does not understand what is with it, I mention that it appears since the creation of the account without making any payment or any withdrawal from the paypal account, my question is what is with that leu and why does it not disappear from there… what are you waiting for? do i have to do anything in my paypal account ?? sent documents something…? Thanks, I hope someone clarifies me!

  19. good tutorial, the same watch I bought from on ebay is half price… it was good if I wasn't in a hurry .. 🙁

  20. Hi to those from the video tutorial, I propose a new tutorial "How can we insert the license in a windows", meaning not to introduce the license when I install it, but simply to license it with an Autorun file. I mean I don't have to insert it anymore serial when I need to install windows

  21. Commendable initiative, thanks to Mr. Cismaru. A little addition: I prefer to buy on eBay. com ”and“ ”especially small items that on“ ”have the generic unit price of 0.99GBP while on“ .com ”and“ ”they have this price of $ 0.99. In general, the best prices are on "", "" and "". The German and Swiss sites have the highest prices. Most purchases of low value products (under $ 20) are made from China and Hong Kong where the quality / price ratio is very good. I buy from here goods that in stores in Romania have triple prices. But pay attention to "herds", when the goods have not arrived in 43 days from the date of payment (the limit is 45 days but there is also a time zone difference) open the dispute, otherwise you risk losing money. Look for the same product from several sellers and do not buy from the one that sells much cheaper than the others, look for sellers with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of feedbacks. There would be others but I leave room for others. Good luck!

  22. Cristi perhaps I was not careful I did not hear, for example you how much it cost transportation that microphone, so I want to know about how much money you have given out the price of the microphone

  23. pt.eNd.un PC from viruses can go hard or dust suparaincalzesc the components, from small space on the C partition from hard tired from many processes once started from consuming antivirus etc. Make a cleaning pc cc cleaner or clean the dust especially on procesor.vezi and some settings may not have money Alfred omul.daca I would say that I was actually seeing with 256 pc ram eh? process now and they all 10 20 pc generatie.e mil last year I 5 pc and go super.bafta.

  24. I bought one on, goods were shipped from NY and came to me during specified by the sender, so everything was fine and no probleme.plata was made on the euro dollar visa card. Some products are delivered in any country, but that's somewhat based on options vanzatorului.E as safe as it is and ebay, I chose Amazon for not ebay I found what I was looking

  25. Salut.Eu buy approx. 3 years on eBay, mostly from China and I did not ever come to pay customs duty or VAT (mention that I bought the 300euro time).

    I forgot to mention… I live in Spain.

  26. EBay find all kinds LED at very good prices. Regarding power LEDs, if they are different powers capsule identical risk buy higher wattage LED and receive low power LED. So are some vendors, so-something had happened, I bought LED bulb 3x3W and received LED bulb 3x1W.

  27. Hello! Please tell me if Transpot paid by the sender or they pay me.

  28. Hi Cristi. I really wanted to know how to make a good choice on Ebay, and this tutorial is welcome. Thank you Cristi for testing the "Ebay" market for us. Bravoooooooo.

  29. Kingcole:
    Hello! Please tell me if Transpot paid by the sender or they pay me.

    Some sellers also charge shipping fees. I met the goods at a ridiculous price and high transport taxes, that's how the eBay commission "fakes". Many sellers in China and Hong Kong do not charge shipping fees, they probably send large containers and so have a very low shipping cost. The British and the Germans have high transport taxes. In general, the Chinese are "nice" but you can also find "herds" among them. I found goats in Germany and the Americans, only once I wanted to buy some razor blades from a Turk and he tried to deceive me. We insisted on "herds" because the protection that eBay and PayPal offer to buyers is not infallible, they can not protect us against their own naivete.

  30. Adrian:

    It's good to define the most common fooled, it's actually not a pale but a lack of attention from buyers.
    I said in the tutorial, I repeat even now, read the description carefully, you may think it is about "sword blades" and you will receive "knife blades". To avoid problems, look carefully at the product description. You can tell what kind of blade it is by carefully looking for its dimensions.
    Keep an eye to four!

  31. Hello! credit card if I can buy on ebay? no other way to pay? (Receipt or post).

    Thank you !

    • If you can buy with paypal credit card that will take money from the account (which is more appropriate because it takes charge card).

  32. ALEX:
    Hello! credit card if I can buy on ebay? no other way to pay? (Receipt or post).

    Thank you !

    The vast majority of eBay seller accepts PayPal payment only. Even if it involves paying a small fee payment by PayPal Buyer rste very advantageous for the convenience and the protection it offers. Payment PayPal is widespread shopping sites in the world. It is necessary at least one credit card (mine are in USD) from a bank that accepts registration card in the PayPal system. Part of the German sellers do not accept and prefer PayPal payment bank transfer, especially in larger amounts, to avoid paying the fee, which is charged and at what receives money through PayPal. It is risky, now Germany is full of immigrants and you can not know who you mess.

  33. Hi I am from Germany and sell on eBay or buy on 2 happened to me happens to not send money when I buy from stay with the package casa.este a term that we expect you as a seller After another week of hate mail to the buyer and still 4 days that ebay do or get your money or he closes his account on ebay .. Cristi want to do something one 2 tutorials is great and worth 100% of 2 know whether or not there is any program cv. Where can give you some pictures of what and how?

  34. Adrian:
    If you can buy with paypal credit card that will take money from the account (which is more appropriate because it takes charge card).

    Please detail, we would benefit. Sincerely, thank you.

  35. If you have 1 could make a tutorial on how I could play the music bluethoot speakers to hear the computer .. so I bought a bluethoot that supports A2DP. and several issues banuti.special lam bought cost something I could do more with it.

    2 about Minix-NEO Android G4 are several ways but I can model that and more I learn and for that I do not know how to make me see and usb stick on the el.are only I put a usb adapter el.deci no point waiting to get into a detailed tutorial on ms el.merita more

  36. Cristi… are you going to do another tutorial about auctions and other things on ebay?

  37. Lawrence C. said

    Alexander S.:
    It can make a tutorial about some alternative programs to the classic "Search Programs" in Windows 7?
    Programs that include better search (more details) in the operating system that, partitions, files etc..
    Thank you.

    Alexander S.:
    It can make a tutorial about some alternative programs to the classic "Search Programs" in Windows 7?
    Programs that include better search (more details) in the operating system that, partitions, files etc..
    Thank you.

    He did so: It's about "search everything".

  38. I confirmed phase, we have already 2 purchases without any problem. It's great for being in the EU that does not pay anything and do not have such surprises customs and the courier UPS package comes directly to the door.
    And these English people also seem serious to me… except the fact that some do not deliver in Ro, which seems to me an aberration but in time they will realize that they can make money on our account as well.

  39. Greetings Cristi and greetings to all. I hope you approve of posting my comment even if I don't have an email. Regarding taxes for purchases from abroad, but from stores not from individuals, it is not valid to purchase products with their taxes (from that country) lower in price; “TAX FREE”? For example, as you can see here (I don't want to advertise, but it's the first concrete example I could remember): "". In addition, I want to add. At the Customs Post it is calculated as follows: product cost + transport cost = Amount 1; Amount 1 + a percentage (x to%) of the customs catalog by product categories = Customs Tax; Amount 1 + Customs Tax x (multiplied by) VAT rate (24%) = VAT value; and at the end the Customs Tax + VAT Value is added (calculated as we showed before) = and the Total Value that is paid to the Customs Post results, only as Taxes paid to the state. "TAX FREE" would reduce the VAT value from the cost of selling the ordered products. Did anyone request and receive that "tax free"? Do stores abroad practice this policy? Thank you to all those who made tutorials on, because this way I also have the opportunity to "OPEN MY EYES" in the world of it it and besides it. :)) Best regards!

  40. First of all congratulations for the tutorial (s) !!! and secondly, I think it's a small mistake towards the end of the tutorial…. "I had to do 200km round trip, 200km round trip…" which county in our country has a radius of 200km ??? : d wtf! .Good luck and success in everything you do.

  41. Cristi and I want to get my ip what about room here's good to take top reseiller not only has the EU and so going to buy from here?

  42. cristi welcome back to Ebay after I put on sale iphone and the man he bought and paid thousand motive.bine been looking at package is that until we confirm payment is not first said that there Why has my account bancar.ceaa that is automatically there for them to pay but get sent fine.iam ago mia Monday said if can come to take him and give me cash in hand coming from 100 km. not come from an email sent if the phone is in a encoded retea.deci what to given time iam fuming AP mia 2 weeks that it did and I atucnea I called ebay is iam also gave them 4 days in which to pay, no payment shall platesk after euro 30 so depends what as he platit.ccei thousand from ebay meow euro 30 given me understanding and punishment called for: )) can not buy or sell be limited to say but little mam :). how about worth buying and not pay? Does the one who sells you think he does not pay? look good no solution .

  43. Hello, another method of payment is rechargeable card, I live in Spain and I got CYBERCARD bank (mastercard) special online shopping ptr basically loaded your exact amount that I want to buy and I have a surprise for someone to I steal all the money from your account or card. The commission is 1% to recharge and has no monthly or annual fee. I used on ebay and everywhere without problems.

  44. hello Cristi and I saw your tutorialu beat the thought to buy a soldering station only they do not understand is Pretu + £ £ 68.00 99.00 167 total postage outside of these longer pay a duty vat I checked the union wanted answered thanks in advance

    • @ Ionut
      As the author of the tutorial said if both parties-seller and the buyer, are the EU, NOT because they do not pay customs, through customs! So if your seller is tertoriul expedition EU package on to you, you will not pay customs. As no customs fees or those working in Spain, Italy, Germany, etc.. and send parcels home.

  45. I would be interested if you can track the status of a shipment resulting from an order placed and paid on EBAY. If YES, how can this be done?

  46. SmartAlex said

    If you buy something on ebay pay by paypal and I get the product home, still need to pay anything when you get the product?. Want to say if any tax shall be paid out of money from the account on paypal, cash exact.

  47. seandru said

    Hello auction has ended and the reserve has not been met mercy meant that on ebay

  48. and that said

    I have a good question, if you spell like a free product TRANSPORT longer pay a fee?

  49. Cristi, I bought a video card from emag and sent it back, only on the return form I got the wrong bank account, I put the account on the bank's company and I called them and I told them the correct account and the holder and they postponed me for about two weeks with the return of the money and I called them and they told me that today I will receive them for sure, which did not happen. IF THE OPERATOR SAID TO ME: "If you don't receive the money on Friday, you will definitely receive it on Monday" and what did I do on Monday?

  50. Thank you! I rewarded as

  51. Alexandra said

    good, I really like this tutorial, loudest greeting you, please you have to do and a tutorial amazon shopping, I have a question, if I have someone in Hungary and order in America for example paid customs duty and that vat of them? interent and I would not have ordered but her name I come here in Hungary are almost customs ff from Hungary and can go to it at any time if you are in the Schengen area, it also pays duties and vat? pretty please if you know you can tell me pretty please. ms more

  52. Hello,
    Can I go up about how long until they give you your money back?

    Cristi-admin: It's good to define the most common fooled, it's actually not a pale but a lack of attention from buyers. And in the tutorial I said, and now repeat, read the description, it is possible to believe that it is' saber blades "and will receive" knife blades ". To avoid problems you look closely at the product description. You can tell what kind of blade it carefully looking size. Keep an eye to four!

  53. BobeicaHi, Can you tell me how much sui lasted until they give you your money back?

    Let's say you did command 1 January and must receive the product in January 9. Normal is wait until 12, then get in touch with the seller. He will ask you to wait a few days, 7 say. If neither 19 January did not you come the product, get in touch again with the seller, which will immediately refund your money or send you another product, you decide.
    If the seller does not reply, open a dispute case with eBay and eBay officials it will force the seller to give you your money back.
    I have bought so many stuff on ebay and I always got along well with vendors, even if we have not received the goods. I usually ask the seller to send me the product once.
    Products often disappear on the trail with Roman postal workers.

  54. Hello Cristi
    So you get home microphone on the door but the courier what you paid?

  55. Good evening.
    Can I pay a product a pay-pal account made an address in Romania and to receive a letter from UK product?. Problem is that the vendor will not send in Romania.

  56. magureanuiuliu said

    to make a card at a bank, to supply it is quite difficult, doesn't any "ebay" type store receive RAMBURS money. , HOW DO I PAY the emag at the door? I would like to buy hardware for "bitcoin mining". Maybe someone of you can give me some advice. I only have a Maestro card on which my pension comes. I didn't learn English. Mr. Cristi Cismaru I still understand him when he pronounces in English. I use a dictionary in which I write words in English and the pronunciation that Dansul says. that's how I learn English too. at the age of 73. I can't go far. The nearest bank is BRD at Auchan store. will they have a token here? I have to go to the bank in the morning when there are fewer people.

  57. Hello! I have a question about ULO site If you order from Asian countries with free shipping longer pay taxes in tutorial you talked about? or if you order, for example, a European country (if I find something, fitrele not valid).
    Thank you!

  58. Hi. If I have 30 pounds written on "Postage and packaging", it means that in addition to the price of the product I have to give 30 pounds even if the product is in Great Britain (that is, after the filter given on the EU I still have Great Britain that it is considered to be in the EU) .ms

  59. Sall I want to buy an iphone 5 after ebay because I saw that the prices are cheaper, 250 one sh while with us it's instead of 10 mil it's 15-18 mil an iphone 5..but I don't know what verizon means, that's all ...?

  60. I bought on ebay resume when I can not pay with that card (card I made in austria to raifasenbank maestrocard) im asking numaru the card and the card I have not written any number than iban / bic and internal face no name name and paypass so any idea which is the card number?

  61. Hi. If I want to buy a product on ebay, and in addition to the displayed price appears in the list of delivery details in the "category" Postage (I think, that these should be delivery charges) past delivery charges x dollars / pounds / euro, what should be the final price of the product? The displayed price + the delivery price? I hope I managed to make myself

  62. I tried, I joined as a salesman of romania, visa electron card in lei, I enrolled and paypal, I posted an ad to sell something and not approved, say something that has to be verified by paypal I returned your Visa Electron card and gives me error basically do not know what will, no good card, have money on it, as it binds to eBay?
    I would like someone to help me step by step to see where I went wrong, why they didn't publish my ad and it remained inactive, and to clarify with these cards, that I had a headache… or we Romanians are intentionally blocked. so much bureaucracy with this net, the biggest bureaucracy, so they say they avoid hackers? Instead of simplifying things, it complicates our lives so that we can sit on the chair for days so that we don't have to move, to destroy our eyes and our health, because these computers also radiate to our brothers, it's no joke…

    • Ionut, to be verified paypal must have to make a payment by paypal 1,50 euros that will be returned in just moments verficarii contului.Dupa this must go to the bank and ask for a statement of account (bank clerk can mention that you have to be checked paypal and will know exactly what to give you) that you have the right to paypal transaction code 3 4 or digits (can not remember exactly), these figures will need to provide paypal account verified section. After you enter these numbers are checked Paypal.Eu so we did and went, I hope you'll help and tie.Bafta!

  63. So I watched and this videotutorial and one with paypal but I do not understand a thing! We all ebay account, paypal account, bank card with that pass but do not know how to do is withdraw the money on paypal account after you enter ibay and you purchase or buy direct and connecting yourself with your paypal and paypal withdraw money after account?

  64. Hello,
    My last product bought on e-bay (via paypal card) because the seller does not have the stock gave me my money back (refound) in paypal I refound the completed and everything but money still are not card.Ai could tell me how long arrived when you did a refound?
    Thanks and hope to answer me.

  65. Hi, I 2 questions, if I order a product how to calculate delivery fee if the home I will know, that will be displayed? and if you want to order several products simultaneously even the same way, is it possible?

    PS: I have not never had control on this site.

  66. Bye, are in the home and use a network proxy and because of that I can not see the tutorials! : (((What can I do?

  67. Hello! I saw this tutorial and I understand if you buy something on EU have to pay to transport the product or pay only the product and that. :/

  68. Howdy. Where can I find a tutorial on how to sell on Pretty please help me.

  69. Crystal said

    Hello. Have you looked and did not find LEDs or the LED strip?

  70. did not you say anything about the cost of transporting the product that you bought from the European Union on

  71. Maria Mihailescu said

    Hello! Mr. Cristian Cismaru respectfully appreciates the goodwill between sharing the knowledge and experience regarding the purchases on Amazon and E'buy. I admit that I am the "tabula rasa" in this field despite the fact that I wanted more things from these online 'stores'.
    I would like to ask you if I can buy natural medicines and a camera for dental use, which I found on Amazon for $ 3000, while in Romania it is sold in stores for 5000 euros? Is there a special diet for medicines? Thanks in advance! I am glad that there are other altruistic people who "learn to teach others"! With great respect Maria Mihailescu

  72. SZOCS rudolf said

    I ask what code you choose order?

  73. Tomita said

    Hello Cristian,
    I loved your tutorial on eBay.
    Could you mind telling me what software you created?
    Thank you.

    • Catches are made desktop capture software called Camtasia Studio. You here a tutorial on the software version and 7 here a tutorial on 8 version. Besides these guys have done tutorials on Snagit capture software and open source Camstudio

  74. Liliana said

    I have a question too… If I order from (for example 3-4 transparent reading lamps) but it writes from china, how do I consider it to be sent from uk or china? Do I pay customs duties as if they were from China or do I only pay the price of the products? I hope I made myself understood, if I don't try to be more explicit. Thank you very much. I'm waiting for an answer.

  75. florin said


  76. I bought in Germany 2camere surveillance 2luni one not working

  77. hi, interesting. I want to buy myself a self-tapping on ebay, say………………… .from here, how much will I finally pay per piece, the price there and the shipping fee? how much is the transport. thank you very much, I would like more information so I can start buying on ebay too

  78. and if you have an account on ebay the Germans can use it on the website and in England? I'd like more information how to do the first transaction, thanks a lot

  79. Hi. I also have a question… I ordered a watch from ebay 2 months ago but it hasn't arrived yet and I don't have it in the list of products to be sent to me. I don't know what buyer he was from ... and I don't know how to find him… do you have any idea if I can do something else to get the product or the money back? THX

    • Get in touch with the seller and say that you got the product. He'll tell you it's better to wait a week, after which, if all you did not get the product, it will send another product or money.

  80. Nicoleta said

    Hi, I visited your site, but I do not appear where they can choose to be in the EU. Can you help me?

  81. Hello! I want to give the remote control a 8808 Elta (boxes). Remote is 7.80 Euro and transport + packaging is 3.90. The euro 3.90 pay them by mail or give it all that seller. If you are going to post all the seller would have to give you?
    Sorry if your questions seem silly, but it's the first time I give a command from outside and are really curious :)).

  82. Hi! Can you tell me please how I bid on ebay… thanks 🙂

  83. negrea Basil said


  84. Hello. I gave a command from china. When it came I saw that package at customs on the Chinese statement on the packaging has passed a package worth $ 9 product (value much lower than the real one) and ticked box gift

  85. Hi… if the ebay account and the pay pal account are my name, and the card I want to pay with is in my mother's name, is there a problem?

  86. ion draghici said

    Dear sirs how do I know stuffing money from card to PayPal Account

  87. ion draghici said

    100de instead repeat a word or i better tell us how we PayPal account and put money in it as

  88. craciunescu said

    How do I cancel an order on ebay made today November 19 2014

  89. Wine with a mention .. even if you do not buy products in the EU and their value is below EUR 10 not pay any taxes! I bought myself a laptop caddy in HK.
    Moreover postman brought home to me!

  90. .I good and I have a question I order something on ebay how can track where the product whether or not to send a message or send more .exact advice as someone said above I bought something from china went better of 1 month and received nam produced product and no longer knew who bought lam what should I do

  91. hi there. I bought something about 1 month. supplies tig welding machine for total price 55ron money meow nam was extracted and received nothing miss remember it was in Spain .What should I do please help me much
    Jan 12, 2015 Transfer From Credit Card Denied Details Transfer From Credit Card 5E948609VB4013720 L55.70 RON so I appear on paypal frankly i do not even know english

  92. I want to know what's up with transport, because they are not cleared if it's free or not

  93. Andrey said

    I for example if you are in Pitesti where I have to pay customs duties and about how much it would cost when purchasing an enclosure for Samsung Galaxy 3 S19 of dollars by Ebay

  94. Salut! I want to buy android device finds exactly that which you possess on eBay TRONSMART MK 908 but not same remote QUWERTY find that one you! help me with a link?

  95. ala not find him on the 80 dollars

  96. I want to buy a boat engine on eBay and do not know how much shipping charges, if anyone has any idea you please tell me some

    • On ebay are sellers worldwide. If you buy from China, the transportation is free, but you must pay to us in the mail, VAT and customs duties. From other countries ubiquitous transport is paid and VAT and customs duties. If you buy from the EU, you pay only transportation.

  97. You drove me crazy with "PAIPAL PAIPAL PAIPAL"!

  98. Nicolae Popescu said

    If I buy from the same seller several items (which can fit in a small package) will I pay shipping once or for each one? Ex. I buy products A, B, C, etc., where there is a transport of $ 5 for each, the transport will be nx5 = 3 × 5 = 15 $, or 5 $. thank you

  99. Cornelia Cismaru said

    Thanks for information and advice!
    PS: My real name is not a joke.

  100. Dan Catalin said

    Here's the mistake I ordered a product that you do not I am interested and I want money back as I do?

  101. My name is Emil, are member EBAY, and we won the auction two articles, after which these I / were sent from Germany by the sender mentioned that my products were stationed about two months here for the courier Cargus not m / contacted in any way, and obviously they were returned to the senders expeditor.Evident we contacted in Germany, one I / you said to resend the package will be / i pay again 28 euros and other 12 is the biggest problem, but how you can make payment towards these senders, because do not know the process, you / do you recommend? As always with gratitude and respect towards you, wait for response, EMANOIL Ardeiu

  102. Sir, my name is Emil, are member EBAY, and we won the auction two articles, after which these I / were sent from Germany by the sender mentioned that my products were stationed about two months here for the courier Cargus not m / contacted in any way, and obviously they were returned to the senders expeditor.Evident we contacted in Germany, one I / you said to resend the package will be / i pay again 28 euros and 12 other is the biggest problem, but how you can make payment towards these senders, because do not know the process, you / do you recommend? As always with gratitude and respect towards you, wait for response, EMANOIL Ardeiu

  103. Mihaila Radu said

    Hello, please clarify for me, if I buy this product, will I have to pay something extra ?? ” ″
    I mention it was a shock… but I don't know exactly from which country…: D
    Thank you!

  104. collectionarul said

    Hello Cristi
    If you want to sell things on eBay as it can transport international to USA or overseas?
    They are collectionar of minerals and want to sell some antiques and mineral museum size (20-30kg)
    eBay do not know how I can sell it and deliver it .Please contact me by email.

  105. Laurentiu said

    I want to ask… how can you sell something on ebay ???

  106. One question: if the seller on e-bay is in the UK is entitled to ask the shipping fee (like a smartphone for $ 40 8's postage $)? in tutorial you said EU transport is free!

  107. Hi Cristi, I also have a question if you can help me… 2 weeks after I ordered a jacket, it no longer appears on my list of ordered products… and when I access the link with the jacket, it looks like this:

    This listing has been removed 201466631304, or this item is not available.

    Please check that you've entered the correct item number.

    That Listings 90 or more have ended days ago Will not Be available for viewing.

  108. Hello! Congratulations for the tutorial. I learned a lot of useful things because I want to start buying different things on ebay, but I have a problem: they appear on some products, under price, "postage cost:". From what I understand from the video these costs do not apply if I buy from the EU, but I spoke with a seller from Great Britain and he told me that to the price I auctioned, those "postage" are added. . Surely those costs only apply to non-EU products? thank you!

  109. for shopping on E bay, as paid in lei -that I understand well that you use in lei? There's more profitable to pay off in dollars or bank charge you more than the currency already?

  110. How is it more cost effective to shop on E BAY card TOKEN BCR, its dollar lei, if you know anything transaction fee in dollars?

  111. Hello! how can I cancel an order after ebay? required is proceduraÂ?

  112. Cristina said

    Hello Cristi if you are currently living in Targu Jiu but in Timisoara and do not get home very often say that I have only visa floating here how to do and what to go to pick up the products at the post aici.Ms.

  113. Andreea said

    But if the product is free shipping no longer pay those taxes do not?

  114. I downloaded the software on your phone ebay account and I came out and my brother was playing on my phone and do not know how he managed to 90 eur bid for a still do not know what to do to not get the brush or how to delete a bid. As solve this problem?

  115. Please, can someone help me to do an order on I have no paypal account and I need that product in 7-10 days max.
    Thank you ! Ramona

  116. I also have a question…. payment is made before the delivery is made ??

  117. They withdraw money that was made once the order has to be necessarily in $ / €? Or not important? I mean considering that money on MasterCard's father are in lei, as it will make the payment? Or another question would be: When delivered to my address in the country someone comes to deliver, or they come from the UK?

  118. Hello,

    I want to buy a product and the seller is from Turkey and from what I understand the product will come in Bucharest. I'm from Slatina and I want to ask if there is a method for delivering the mail (the customs) in Slatina where I live.
    That is the product:

    Thank you !

  119. Howdy! I gearbest experience on eBay but do not. I did my first order and I received the tracking number like OZ123456789PY. What has this kind of post no.?

  120. Constantin said

    Question: If I buy a DSLR on eBay is likely to receive an assurance from him? Dispatch software is made from France to England.

  121. Good evening Cristi do you know if you can buy in installments on amazon or ebay? I want to buy a product and it's kind of expensive sal I would pay in installments and not know if you can. thank you

  122. Hello,
    How can I buy a soft fall off ebay? I have seen that the prices are very low, and receive license to AutoCAD LT software?


  123. I have a question and I found a car in Germany, and the seller (private) told me that he has no time to walk and that he will send it to me through ebay, and I pay in the ebay account, for 5 days I have time to try the car, after which, if my car suits me, I pay for it, if not, I do not accept the payment and the car goes back. I didn't make payments through ebay, I have acquaintances who did it, but in this case everyone told me that they had never heard of cars bought like this…
    Thank you so much!

  124. Hello, I have a question, whether I can buy a product described as original but actually fake? It's a pair of sunglasses with a dubious little price compared to normal. Seller is UK. Thank you in advance.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If something is too good to be true, it probably is not true. Look at the seller's reputation / reputation.

  125. I went on for a car and found…. But the question is whether you take transport for a fee is ok. But if it doesn't give transport, not even "for a fee", how can I bring it to the country? I would like an answer or at least some information if possible. Something logical or concrete. Thank you

  126. Andrei Silviu said

    I gave an order from December 2017 but I have not received anything until now but the money has been withdrawn. I really do not know what comment I could make. I ordered a phone display that is not available to us but I received nothing except confirmation that 27 December 2017 and 15 January 2018 arrive in the country. Otherwise nothing .

  127. Ioan Ghira said

    Thanks, Cristi!
    it was very useful !!

  128. Ruxandra said

    I bid for a product and won it. That person tells me to pay them faster that they need money. How do I know that after I pay you, the product will come to me or the seller will fool me?

  129. I have a question, if I order now in the UK, will I have to pay customs duties for products with a value of over 150 euros? As far as I know, the UK is gradually leaving the EU, I think that maybe we are not yet in the situation where we have to pay taxes for packages in the UK.

  130. This video should be updated for March 2022 because much has changed over time.

  131. Hello, is it possible that when delivering a purchase through eBay, the integrity of the contents of the package can be checked before receiving the delivery, since it is a question of fragile products?


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