How fair game tutorial video downloads

In this tutorial video you can watch how to properly downloads iso files games using utorrent program without the need to use a torrent search engine or Romanian logam a torrent site.

Basically it downloads all the files in the same way whether games, music, movies, etc..

As an example in this video tutorial I chose to download a game and in the next tutorial we will install together.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. this helped me f.mult

  2. I have a question is it legal to take on torrent games?

  3. Andrei is NOT legal!
    But a salary 5.4 million (£ 540) is the legal minimum wage in 2008 in a European country?
    But wait.!… ..It will increase from January 1 to 6 million (600 RON), I think no one will draw any more games!
    Adrian, we Romans squeak hungry as you ask the legality of firing a bitter game on hubs or torrents?
    These games are crack-look in more developed countries, not in romania, and if the people there consider to be pirated to oppose new power?
    Games, software, operating systems and more representing about us.
    The 6 1 million in January is our daily bread.
    Give prostimii bread and circuses, said a Roman emperor ever acun a 2000 years!

  4. aha but on the torrent I heard that dak downlodez nobody catches you because it's a private site… is it true?

  5. It is only true if the site offers torrent (Tracker) an anonymization service (Anonimizer) or if it offers an SSL connection, that is, you look in the address bar and see that instead of "http: // ………" must be " https://……… ”otherwise you can be found by someone who would like to catch you shooting pirate stuff.
    In Romania does not give anyone something of my knowledge.

  6. hard to download… even though it had a lot of "seeds" .. about 200..and something ..

  7. aha ms

  8. I downloaded the same game .. but that does not appear to me crack? - .. X (xx (x (x

  9. ok 2 wait another day to download it .. this just to see if it was my mistake .. :)

  10. Yes Very good tutorial and thanks for all you do .. tutorials! ]

  11. How can I download and thousand million soon

  12. thanks a lot this tutorial mia helpful.

  13. boby_admin said

    Wow what excuse
    Brother website loaded server and not moving properly and invoice you have to pay is becoming more
    If you looked at a video tutorial and want to see him once writing tutorial title in the search engine which is on site at the top right and then hit search and ready
    Filters have learned to use them
    If you do not know how to navigate the site I made a tutorial about this

  14. I installed bitcomet and was bright yellow light in the bottom right that says you can download but the speed is too low if I do this?

  15. Dragosh_ said

    You can also do a tutorial on how to install GTA IV k yo one confuses me, adik… I think k many do not know how to install this game and I would be grateful. ms in advance !!!

  16. @Dragosh_: Please Look carefully at this tutorial

  17. Dragosh_ said

    ms adrian, but I saw that tutorial and I know how to install a game (fifa, pes, nfs, gta san andreas) but GTA IV installs a little differently, adik requires more "stuff" to do and I'm confused. I believe that many others have this problem and as I said I remain grateful if this type of tutorial will be done. ,, games (9) do not look better (10)? D.

  18. @Dragosh_: There are hundreds of forums for gamers in google !! What would it mean to do a tutorial for each game? Use google for sure you find what interests you! It's not engineering to install a game, all you need to do is pay attention to read the .nfo or txt files from the downloaded game! if you do not know English and do not understand the guidelines, grab and learn English! Other topics are much more important and interesting than "how to install a game". It's hard but not impossible, get your hands on it and research read search caut don't expect everything from a man who will put a blackberry in your mouth through a tutorial , the satisfaction when you will achieve something on your own will be much greater! In order to install a game as you know you need crack or serial, and as we did not intend at all to encourage piracy, nor to offer serial (because it is illegal) we can not do such a thing, to show you how to install a game means to show you how to use a non-original game, how to work with crack, or possibly to show how to introduce the series… so if you want to learn to use a pirated game crack-uit can not because it is illegal and as this site is public, any time a man of the law can watch it and then trouble not adminu you! Do you prefer to see us behind bars?

  19. daniel olaret said

    I Sall as EUI and movies on youtube please

  20. moonwolfesss said

    movies.only from the torrent I can take… because in the dormitory you can't work with the torrent… what can I do? thank you

  21. bertzanu said

    If it's a game of 7 eg gb. older to download it from isoHunt or other ones. Itzi do better on a private site account even as you maintain a ratio but I know descart with 6-7-8-9-10 mb \ s and are checked stuff.

  22. Stelian Pop said

    is a very successful tutorial

  23. I try to download fifa 2009 a full moon and fail sal download I do not know how anybody help??

  24. Hi friends ... I have a problem, can you ajutati.Am I installed Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate.Problema game interface is that instead afisesze me right menu, I show some traces instead unravels litere.Practic not anything on the menu and take a guess as I can go in or out, you can set optiunile.Care possibly be the problem? video card is ATI X1600 with 256 DDR.Multumesc advance ...

  25. thank you

  26. good! Cuz I want to do and you can be a tutorial on how to Download and how to install the sims! i want the game!

  27. and by the way… .all your tutorials are very successful! bv !!

  28. bestclaudiu said

    Very good site but no complaints, better is not really known.

  29. Costy97 said

    it is very legal and for you I posted some Trackers that have these types of files called Torrents: ……………. , …………………. , …………………………, we have chosen some very good trackers with a very high upload speed, but unfortunately you need an invitation, for those who have friends or are on these trackers can pass on invitations

  30. Narcissus said

    @ Adrian You're right man it is the world would need to be grateful for what you do not want to ask that I want another over some are too greedy strofoca stop to explain that they do not care the man illegalitati Let the them in their simplicity they have no idea to look on Google they will just by a single click to find anything not to have any patience to sit for hours as I do and people like me so again let them sit in stupidity and in their greed for illegalitati not care as long as they pleased there are no longer interested in another it may be in danger pirated published an article on the internet.

  31. why when I download with the torrent I don't get that game headquarters (as it appears to you at nfs: you download and the game headquarters appears, a folder and a series) they don't appear to me so why would I want if maybe an answer ……… I tried several games but every time I struggle with the same problem

  32. boby I have a problem I tried to dowloandez 7 nfs on windows and not go any color what to do?

  33. I apologize but I could dowloandez sal nam able to run it

  34. costy… be more explicit please… for example you could tell us what configuration you have on the pc… you see, windows 7 papa more resources than windows xp, it may be one of the reasons… normally it should work as it works and on windows xp but, I repeat, be more explicit!

  35. I tried to install nfs most wanted on windows 7 and lam lam downloaded installed correctly but when I execute Jokl appears nfs most wanted does not work.

  36. nedelcu.denis said

    I downloaded the iso and fifa 2009 goes cd it asks what to do can someone help me please

  37. nebucul if you Bagar in daemon tools cd drive and did not know it means that you have downloaded nai look here: dowloandeaza this torrent and try again if I Poty conctacta the id:[email protected] and help you with the greatest pleasure!

  38. Sall. Cristi I have a intrebare.Pot to increase download speeds by programs?
    But I net by clicknet

  39. terog not help me know where to get GTA Vice City Mamaia I'd love to play you a site super

  40. Howdy!
    can you give me the link where you downloaded the undercover? add rareshh_vl
    or give it here please !!!

  41. jocu going to install on Windows Vista with everything I saw up there I had Windows XP and I do not have? ms response!

  42. Edward99 said

    You should put and website that you downloaded games pt. as that game's not there because the tutorial is old. Anyway super site. I think it's the best site that refers to your PC. Anyway I have not seen many (are in the fifth grade).

  43. Teo smk said

    I have a question where is the second tutorial or tutorials restu part of it

  44. Thank you Cristi ciao hard and doing for us if you can and how can we totoriale net Thanks to my neighbors for free

  45. Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd?

    • alex: Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd? Ms ...

      alex: Hi .. if you've got a game torrent gta gender or stronghold legends in this' me tb tb cd and cd? Ms ...

      • Alex, so: almost all games on the internet are cracked. Let's take the example of GTA San Andreas because it's more popular, you download it from the net… good to say that you put it on the partition (D) of your hard drive any partition where you have enough space. He, the game can be archived or unzipped or put in an ISO image or any other image. If he has an image, all you need is Daemoon Tools or Power Iso. Simple - open daemoon then check to mount the image with the game, then you enter my computer and where you have the dvd-writer the game appears to you as if you had the dvd inserted in the computer. Well open the dvd from my computer by right-clicking on it and exploring, then you can view all the files that contain them the game, open the installation executable and wait for it to be installed, normally in C / Program files. After it is finished all you have to do is look for the crack in the folders, if it is for sure you will find it, copy it and go to C / Program files the folder where the game is installed and you paste, it will tell you that it already exists there and it will open a window for you to apply or something. You go quickly to the desktop and play it and That's it. You should know that it happens in almost all games, it's good that there are games divided in and many images, but this is harder to explain. Only good!

  46. I'm having a little scared to download the torrent oe but I do not know why.

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