How to remove background noise in the audio or video

How to remove background noise in the audio or video

Often, records audio and video noise occurs, which is quite disturbing. Fortunately, if background noise is constant, we can eliminate it.
What is the background noise on audio?
The background noise we will focus on is “white background noise”, a constant background sound that is present on the recording from start to finish. Distortions (hitting the microphone, loud wind noise, screaming into the microphone, etc.) may be present on the soundtrack, which are more difficult to eliminate. If you want to learn how to blur audio distortions, write me in the comments section!
Using Audacity, we can easily remove noise from audio or even video. For sound recordings, we just use Audacity. To eliminate background noise on an audio from video files, we use a combination of software (Audacity VLC + + MKVtoolnix).
Download VLC Media Player - used to extract the soundtrack from the video
Download Audacity - to eliminate background noise from the soundtrack
Download MKVtoolnix - to replace the soundtrack in the video
Of course, to remove noise from audio or video, we can use editing and professional programs. Tutus, editing programs, most often cost and actual editing process is longer.
The method presented in this tutorial is a smarter method of editing; In laparoscopic surgery as digital.
Other methods for editing tutorials intelligence:
Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power
Ipira video files quickly with Avidemux or Power Director
Extract from a video sequence in 2 seconds with Streamclip
How to remove the audio from a video?

Video Tutorial - How to remove background noise from audio or video

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