How to make PPPoE connection from RDS in Windows 8 - video tutorial

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how to make the connection type PPPoE RDS in Windows 8. We will use the operating system 8 Windows Consumer Preview already presented in another tutorial on our website.
Many users are disoriented and confused because Metro UI interface and menu of Windows Explorer Ribbon. As Microsoft puts us a window to the right buton immediately start to think that we lose is another system or settings are no longer the same. I do not quite understand the novel unable to adapt when it's all so simple!
We have already done a tutorial on how to do RDS connection on Windows XP and on Windows Vista and Windows 7
everything is very simple, we just have to think logically and remember how to proceed for windows Vista and Windows 7 because a difference so big as to make it impossible for you to create the RDS connection on Windows 8, does not exist. If you want to put the RDS connection in Startup on Windows 8, you will have to disable UAC (User Account Control) as mentioned in the tutorial for "RDS connection in startup on Windows Vista" and first follow the steps in the tutorial How and what we can replace the Windows start menu 8 Consumer Preview later to put into practice those mentioned in the tutorial video. We recommend not to scroll tutorials and read the text displayed above each tutorial thoroughly and carefully before posting comments that they already have the answer and we are on us, and you, you're wasting our time.
Let's be a little patient, to give more clicks, explore the operating system. 8 windows really is a very OK, easy to use and which adapt very quickly, especially if you come from the 7 or Windows Vista.
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how it connects RDS on Windows 8 and how we can connect the RDS in Windows Startup 8.

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Enjoy !


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Flemish information and knowledge, I like everything about art and share my knowledge with great pleasure. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful fellows. I enjoying this privilege, I will never say "do not know" but "not yet know"!


  1. OMG !!!

  2. Albert1831 said

    Even by the way is very usor.Si same method is valid for. Romtelecom, and another thing, why scare the Windows world as if it 8 demon snake you people? ALL RESPECT PT VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO

  3. Ratzoiu said

    Even by the way is very usor.Si same method is valid for. Romtelecom, and another thing, why scare the Windows world as if it 8 demon snake you people? ALL RESPECT PT VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO
    It scared because it's a totally new thing. People are lazy, and if you have a solution that works well, meet their needs, why change it? It's an old saying: if something works, why fix it?
    Who has given the mood of money on operating systems? If you have one that goes, what sense does another? The operating system is not the most important, but your applications easier there and do their job. Windows 8 is good, but only for a category of people. There must be good for all.
    Look, I am dual booting Ubuntu W7 and 12.04. The more time they spend on Ubuntu. WinXP use it only when I connect laptops and other net. Otherwise, Ubuntu do the job. Everything is simple, logical, stable, not croak, does what it was designed.
    That's because my needs are not high, not run specialized software you need Windows, do who knows what with it. A normal use, as we all do, about 95% of the time.
    It's exactly the principle that guide Apple: if a technology is new, not necessarily integrated into appliances. Keep it simple, clean, minimal, to do their job without having to bother you too much, without digging miracle solutions. Smart things smart people are made to be used by ordinary people. The whole thing is called usability.
    So with Windows 8. So what is it?

  4. A tutorial on how to edit DVD menus to remove commercials and other nonsense. Some DVDs have so many menus or buttons and other nonsense that if you want to rip, the DVDrip application will crash or crash. For that we would need to find a solution to delete various unnecessary nonsense from the menu of that DVD, to change what is in that directory VIDEO_TS, but in such a way that we do not transcode anything thus losing image quality but only to simplify what it's over there so we can rip it off later. I really want to shoot with XMedia Recode in the Placebo 2-pass x264 profile from the XMedia Recode application. This time I wanted to rip on the DVD Michael Jackson - Live in Bucharest The Dangerous Tour and I ran into an error that blocked the application. likewise MediaCoder x64 gave error, but the best video quality of everything I tested is XMedia Recode which also surpasses Handbrake. I hope you don't mind me writing about it here.

  5. daniiel vornicu said

    I put myself since I 8 Win Gaben warning triangle (no internet access) non stop but Internet merge.Ceva advice? Every time you start tracing. must restore connection

  6. daniiel vornicu said

    I forgot to mention that appears above -Limited unidentified network; Please send your or some advice

  7. LucianGL said

    can make a connection and automatic windows 7 8 no longer a thing to start up site, simply internet and the first soft option which asks permission to net, Windows will automatically connects to net.deci Windows has default in him for something and go including rds, just have some boxes checked in internet options

  8. Xantes said

    Listen, brother… but it's not easier to write in "run": "ncpa.cpl" and explain to those who look at your tutorial that this is the simplest way, from everything you have presented ?!

  9. Razvan said

    Thanks orcium I knew yes for the time being I didn't know yes I'm still looking and I'm still looking there I can play metin2 at the minimum resolution yes it works a bit hard yes that's because someone will bring me a PC with a better video card etc… .. thank you anyway, if you do a tutorial with windwos 8 consumer preview, that is, to make metin2 or counter work better, or to make a tutorial that will run well on widnwos 8 consumer preview games at the minimum resolution! thanks

  10. Sorry Adrian but I would like to install on my PC and I have a windows 8 8 drivers for windows please do a tutorial on how to download windows 8.multumesc.

  11. 8 a download on Windows Consumer Preview, there is the option to setup with which you may download install Windows with various options

  12. maximum said


    in connection with Windows 8 is a setting somewhere for the time change (Weather) of Fahrenheit in Celsius?

  13. Mircea said

    pppoe connection problem (from RDS) is that apps sites tell me that is not connected to the Internet while on the desktop goes without one knows a way to make apps work sites?'ve noticed that many problem this.

  14. Marius said

    I have the same problem too, I do not go all that way applications with desktop go internet. Any advice?

  15. View Product said

    Any idea why I do not go on Windows 8 time?
    I am connected to the internet, but app says I'm offline and you have to connect.
    I have fiber optic internet from RDS.: D

  16. Hello I have a huge problem with the connection to RDS that is not connecting to explain given the open Internet Connect connects msn I pray that appears at the beginning and when I want to give something ready to look not disconnect going on place and no longer connects and I must say that I am good to very good pc but it messed me all the time do not know what is going on smoothly 7 8 only do so can you help me?

  17. Can anyone tell me how I can change the username and password in a connection already
    existence without a delete and create another?

  18. WINDOWS 8 does not memorize settings

  19. I installed Windows 8 and I wanted to do it and when I restart PC`ul

    • The same thing happens to me. I called RDS, they told me that my windows has problems (!) And that the only solution is to install win 7. My Windows works perfectly, it is original and licensed. However, they sent 2 boys to my house to check the problem, they told me to write to Bill Gates to solve the problem and that they can't do anything… No comment. I reinstalled win 7. There's no point in arguing with them. They have no idea what the problem is, they have no idea if it's a network card, if it's the drivers, if the problem is with them or not, and they don't want to check anything and I recommend it to all clients who have problems using it. win 7.

  20. Connection is easy but doing is another more serious problem. As did I in win 7 connection connects but I Internet Connect Internet go after giving 3 seconds and stops. I tried to update network driver where we put the latest driver for win8 wrote that is not working I tried safe mode and still nothing. I made some screenshots and if anyone can help. Thank you. I searched for solutions on net any results.

    • See paragraph here:
      See if you go with me and I went with older drivers.

    • Stefan3 said

      I have a problem similar to Windows 8: after I connect through PPPOE, it shows me that I am connected (it says "internet access" next to the network) but next to the network it also says "limited" and the internet does not work. I called RDS and they say they see me connected but without data traffic. (And when I check the status of the network, the data traffic is 0).
      I want to mention that the laptop is bought from the USA, with Win 8 pre-installed - I can't switch to older drivers because the model is new and it's the first version of drivers. (On windows 7 I may not find all the drivers).
      The Internet goes to another provider (I tried so far only net Click) with the same network and wireless network if there is no problem. (I have an internet stick from Cosmote that does not work, but at least they me confirmed that it is a very old model and if I get one more stick will go again)
      Most of the RDS not only did not know what to do but some are blaming Cabbage and Windows. I contacted the people at Microsoft and they told me that if I went with another provider is not in Windows.

      What would be the solution? Thanks in advance.

  21. I installed Windows 8 yesterday for the first time. All well and good, excellent moves, installation was in 10 min. I really liked it. The problem occurs when I made the connection RDS. Windows gave me error and ask me to restart the time when I check the username and password.

    The steps I followed:

    1.Control> PanelNetwork and> InternetSet up a connection or network then Connect to the> InternetBroadband (PPoE)

    So far so good.

    The moment I complete everything and give ok, it gives me the error "driver irql not less or equal ndis.sys" after which it restarts.

    It is clear to me that it is something from the network card. I can't figure out what it could be. There something is not "connected" properly.

    I thought to do another thing. Back to remove the wire from the internet. to follow the above step. tells me there after that I did not give ok but going to keep internet connection. So merge.Nu wireless crashes when giving ok to check the username and password. Now connection is created. If bag wire back and connect to these data give gives me the same error again and restart.

    Opinions something? Any idea who might be solving?

    PS The modem works.

  22. I subscribe to RCS & RDS and through the protocol, I received 2 e-mail boxes. Until now, I had a laptop with Windows Vista operating system and there were no problems with receiving e-mail. Now I have another one with Windows 8 operating system and… I can send e-mails but I can only receive them from me, from the yahoo address (the address declared micorsoft in the Windows 8 configuration, the only one that the system accepted) . I asked the RCS operators and they said there were no problems. And yet, I did various tests, the result remained negative: I send but I do not receive. What is the problem?

  23. Daniela:
    I subscribe to RCS & RDS and through the protocol, I received 2 e-mail boxes. Until now, I had a laptop with Windows Vista operating system and there were no problems with receiving e-mail. Now I have another one with Windows 8 operating system and I can send e-mails but I can only receive them from me, from the yahoo address (the address declared micorsoft in the Windows 8 configuration, the only one that the system accepted). I asked the RCS operators and they said there were no problems. And yet, I did various tests, the result remained negative: I send but I do not receive. What is the problem?

    What email client to use?

  24. Cristina said

    I have a "problem" with the internet stick from RDS, I can't disconnect (close) it as I do with regular sticks. I give it to him to close so I can take it out safely and nothing happens, what can I do? I forgot to say that I have Windows 8.

  25. cosmin said

    Hi Adrian, a problem that I have is a little complex when create connection on Windows 8 rds after the show is over I net after a few seconds disappears. There remains netul, which is why? Thanks

  26. Unfortunately 8.1 rtm knows rds auto connector or soup of startups broadband.Are copying someone a solution?
    I'm desperate for work…

    Thank you very much.

  27. Hi guys!
    Maybe you have a solution to the question of Marian. I despair and me :)

  28. Me neither goes to w 8.1 AutoConnect. I w 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation 90 days. What can we do? I have asked in many places, but the answer I received, but I saw that there are many in this situation. It would be nice if admins guys would give us an answer. Thanks in advance.

  29. Invincible said

    Hi, can solve the problem they have and those above, not autoconecteaza at startup, you can do anything for a fix?

  30. After you have connected them: select the bottom right icon internet with appears panaoul from right-click the connection created, selected, opens a window to go and then bifacti box.
    After this setup would need to automatically connect if not, go to connection and simply give Connect or Disconnect if necessary (id and password is stored)

    • After connecting: select in the lower right the icon from the internet, the panel will appear with "Newworks", from "Connections" right click on the created connection, select "view connections properties", a window will open, go " Options ”and check the box with“ Remember my credentalis ”then“ OK ”.
      After this setup would need to automatically connect if not, go to connection and simply give Connect or Disconnect if necessary (id and password is stored)

  31. Make a file with the extension. Beat they add:
    rasdial network user name with which you log your password.

    Put it in the startup file. When starting the PC will automatically connect to the Internet.

    • Thank you.
      Simple and good

    • Cristi, I have this problem in w8.1 rds Automatic downtime, I do not have them, you can do as little Detail file. bat, specifically what commands are written as save and put in Start Up. Thanks a lot in advance.

      • Make a New Text Document file that Estensi change them from. Txt. Beat. After you have done this within the file add the following:
        rasdial “network name” “user you are connecting to” “password”. (write them in quotes)
        After you have done this save and copy the file in the startup folder.

  32. niccos99 said

    Hello. I also have a problem and maybe you can help me solve it. The e-boda tablet no longer connects to wi-fi. I enter the password, it shows me that it loads and after a few seconds the message "authentication problems" appears. I mention that another tablet connects and works ok. It connects to another router, only the one at home does not work; until a week ago it went without any problems. thanks.

  33. bogdan said

    Hello, I have a problem, do not go to create my PPPoE connection on windows displays error 1062 8.1. Can someone help me?

  34. Hi, I also have a problem connecting to the internet… I have a pppoe connection and before it worked for me… I moved the net cable to the laptop because it worked better and everything was ok… akm it doesn't work anymore and I get error 651 and error…
    please who know how to solve spuneti.mi to me thanks ..

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Call customer service RCS-RDS, of the number on the contract and is free if you call from the network. If you have the number, you find on their website by your city

  35. Hello.
    I have a problem when I connect it gives me the error 651 can do?

  36. Anonimus said

    You make me read a novel about how to watch the video and what to write in the comment, and the video DOESN'T WORK! Then you are idiots or do you ??? Come up with phrases like: “As Microsoft puts a button to the right of the window, we immediately start to lose sight of the fact that the system is different or the settings are not the same. I don't really understand the novel's impossibility to adapt when everything is SO SIMPLE! ” to feel bad that I searched this tutorial on google. I wonder if you know what to eat with C ++ or HTML, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, if you have ever walked in a graphics engine, if you know how to edit pictures in Photoshop, or at least walk in the poor CMD in windows. I'm still talking about linux, or pentesting .. Or all you know how to do is mount the internet and it swells in you like jumping frogs because others don't get caught up in something you already know, but forget that maybe it took you a week to learn it ?! I just put Windows 8. How the hell do you want me to know in the first 10 minutes, without anyone showing me, how to set up the connection?
    Hear you .. How to write 1 page about how easy it is and how stupid are Romans, what questions to ask in comments, and how to watch the video when it is hosted on a server broken?!

  37. cristian said

    I installed Windows 10 Preview and my connection to RDS does not work. I followed the steps with a PPPoe connection and in vain… Do you have any idea what the problem is? thank you!

  38. Maybe it's old problem for some of you but I only now I hit it.
    I've windows 8.1 and I just poked RDS net and fail to make the connection. I 1062 same error we found her and the others, but I have not seen the answer.
    If I give it troubleshooting, it tells me that ethernet 2 doesn't have a valid ip configuration.
    The computer was connected to the internet from Romtelecom and worked, and those from rds say an error in windows and that goes Internet.
    I would appreciate if someone can help me

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