How do ROOT the phone without a PC or applications

How ROOT the phone is super simple?

Firstly it is important to clarify once and for all a question that we addressed very often the comments box. What is the root?

What it is or what it means ROOT?

1. ROOT Linux generally refers to rights that supreme root user has on file system.
2. ROOT Android operation by the user obtain greater rights, which can make any change in the system.
3. SINGLES - ROOT user is entitled to make any changes to the system or to provide certain applications rights to make changes in the system.

Why not ROOT phones factory?

Phone manufacturers want to protect as much and therefore do not provide users with ROOT phones. The root is dangerous when used improperly or when granted superuser applications that could do without.

How to prepare your ROOT?

ROOT-process in itself is not complicated, in fact ROOT-area is the simplest operation.
Why do we need before ROOT?
1. Unlock bootloader phone (Required to install recovery site).
2. Install TWRP Recovery or other custom recovery (recovery of the stock does not allow unsigned installation packages).

How is root?

This is the simplest operation.
SuperSU first download package (a zip) for your device, which you install TWRP recovery from.

How do ROOT the phone without a PC or software (important things)

......... ..
This very important as SuperSU be suitable for your phone - just why will not leave any links.
Just idea will leave this linkBut please check before community boards SuperSU if the official version is compatible with your device. not assume any responsibility for any problems you may encounter made during these operations ROOT.
This tutorial presents general method - but files must be compatible with each device.
For the same phone, there are several versions of the operating system, and each version of the system is compatible with a particular version of TWRP or SuperSU. If you went TWRP website or on Android Marshallow SuperSU site, does not mean that you will go and Android Nougat.
......... ..

Video Tutorial - How to ROOT the phone without a PC or applications

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  1. Hello, for UmiMax fits this procedure? Thank you!

  2. Ok, but how to do root your phone if you install directly SuperSu ?????

  3. Mihai Radulescu said

    ptr necessarily want to thank you ... what do the good work .tine

  4. Hello . you can make a video about routers MikroTik? I do not know which one to choose from these 2

    better to choose a asus? I 1g internet rds. Now I do not know if it even goes near 900 MikroTik. I looked at MikroTik Gigabit wireless power RB751G-2HnD. 30 has power emission as db write or is wrong? the other has 2.5 dBi ... .. I do not understand.
    Yet it seems best MikroTik Gigabit RB951G-2HnD.

    give me an answer if you have time. or make a better video.

  5. Mircea Enescu said

    Hello Cristi.Mi always liked to have rooted your phone but lately I gave up work acesta.Motivul phone is that I installed an application to a bank that plăţi..şi do a bunch of other ones, being utilă.Aplicaţia me really not want to install the phone rooted, even warning me that I modificat.Se device can fool such an application, they can benefit from Root? there are risks that the two coexist? Thanks in advance.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Yes, there's an app that "masks" the root so that applications not currently functional root will work. We also present this solution, certainly!

  6. Hello Cristi, please if you can make a tutorial for Huawei P9 or other newer model from the brand that recently caught the public greatly. Namely so on, unlocking bootloader, install custom recovery, root, and I think you'd be thankful for a lot of people came together very bne at least on the Romanian market have very many this brand from what is seen.

  7. Romeo there and hit youtube and Enjoy

  8. I have a problem. videoclopul to unlock the bootloader, I have no option OEM developer options, you can help me

    • Operation that is valid for all brands. Look for example, Huawei is more complicated and does not work that version presented by Cristi.

  9. Possibly tell what phone you have.

  10. Hi, I bought an OTG cable on ebay for oneplus3 but I do not read the stick. Cristi, I know it's a boring question for you but please tell me if there's any setting or application that you install on. Thanks for everything you do!

    • I have no problems with OTG site on OnePlus 3.

      It may not be good or may not be enabled cable OTG site, if you use an older oxygenase.

      Turn on OnePlus 3 OTG / Marshmallow - Settings / Store / Menu top right - OTG activation.

      If you're Nougat (last ROMs, and still you do not work, try another OTG cable or try to plug a stick small formatted in FAT32. I say to put a stick so that the port phones can not give too much curebt and fails to replenish external hard drives, keyboards illuminated, etc.

  11. TWRP for Allview x2 want a soul style, thanks.

  12. Hello Cristi.
    For Samsung galaxy A5 2016, marge this option?
    Superse version-2-82.apk?
    Thank you in advance.

  13. uff nobody teaches you how to install teawin recovery ... do you think you can post a clip with custom recovery mode installation?
    thank you.

  14. hello i have a question for samsung galaxy j7 2017 it is possible to root that i have tried with some super su versions and give me error can you help me thank you

  15. Very simple to ruin the phone, not all phones are the same

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