How to make a slow motion video shooting

Video tutorial - How to make slow motion from a video

Slow motion or slow motion is a method by which we can slow down the footage taken at more frames per second than normal (24-25-30 fps). Slow Motion so we can do in terms of quality, you first need to shoot over 48 frames per second; 48 the minimum necessary fps slow motion playback (in 24 fps).
In standard pal we must have 50-100-200 fps, so we can get fluid in slow motion, to be pleasing to the eye, and we need 60 fps NTSC.
Tip for those with manual settings on the camera!
If aperture and ISO, remain at your appreciation, the shutter speed should be mandatory, minimum twice fps community. For example, when shooting at 50 fps, you use a shutter speed of at least 1 / 100. That way is avoid motion blur when doing slow motion.
Application that will use slow motion is Windows Movie Maker, which can download and install for free.
In the tutorial I showed how to do slow motion over the entire videotape, or only a small piece of videotape that when we want to emphasize something, or want to stuffing least dynamism in our shooting.
Why do Shlomo (slow motion)?
Simple, in slow motion, everything looks better. Even a simple movement can seem more epic slow motion. Only you have seen in movies is not at all in slow motion scenes economy; See the movie 300, where half of the film is a slow motion.
Tips for Success in slow motion!
1. Use a tripod (or chamber global Shuter)
2. Shutter = fps's double
3. Use manual focus
4. Try not to move the camera suddenly
5. Use enough light
6. Use manual exposure
Download Windows Movie Maker (Uncheck all other applications to install)

Tutorial - How to make slow motion from a video

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