How to make a forum from 0 with xampp and phpbb - HD video tutorial

As I promised in other video tutorials, today we present a forum from scratch on your own computer at home without requiring input from specialists in web design and web programing.

In this video tutorial we will use two components, on the one hand we have the application XAMPP we will give Apache server, PHP and MySQL that are essential to the operation of a CMS written in PHP, XAMPP also contains phpmyadmin that help us to walk in basement data more easily through a GUI, we also have a FileZilla fTP server for when we are not home and to climb (upload) cite something necessarily server.

The main component that we use will be phpbb3 which is a forum wrote a PHP and is very popular in the world but also to us lately, this forum has a ton of options and also has a great support from the community phpbb from across the Net, phpbb offers the possibility to make changes through plugins that can be found on the official website but not only, also support for themes is very good they are finding with great ease on phpBB site and on other sites that support this exciting project.

I forgot to tell you all the tools we will use in the tutorials are free, because the best web tools are generally free (apache, mysql, php, phpmyadmin, xampp, wamp server, joomla, phpbb and many more)… … .. and some say that free software is not good… ..!

I think that 70 - 80% of all servers in the world are supported by apache, which is as free as possible, 80% of Romanian websites are written in PHP which is also free, Mysql is the database that supports almost all sites in romania and which is also free and the list goes on, don't think that the free software is not good, please be nice!

On this subject we also conducted a series of video tutorials that you can find on our site using the search engine or categories using the side bar.
Cristian Cismaru

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  1. about high prices KAUF

  2. The problem would not be the money per month for the host… but another would be the question that those who want to do this have to ask themselves: is it worth it? Who the hell forgives me for reading forums today? only desperate people who can't find a solution for the rest, they don't care about anything! neither to give advice, nor to help, just to find a solution to the problem (I mean the visitor / visitors of the forum) and your word, if n -you have a big download button or phases filmed with the phone as one breaks his neck and falls on his nose… no one visits… I don't want to discourage but that's it!

  3. Robciuc Ionut said

    I have a question that I'd like to respond to two admins of this site. I want to do a tutorial from a prieeten and do not know what program, but that would be like when I shoot what to do mn in PC and tutorials as this is, but when intregisteraza consume less MB. So that I had a program where when I made 7 minutes of tutorial that took 110MB mio. And another thing, what is HD's, with what I shoot now?

  4. @Robciuc Ionut: 110M at 7 minutes of video content do you think much? You may not know how it is…. Mp3 content, track is not one with video content! in video content you have images, which consume space, it's not just sound… obviously you can make them take up less but the quality of the video will also decrease! you will have a bad resolution, distorted image, and most likely your friend will not understand any of the images in the tutorial! Walk the settings! capture on a delimited portion not in full screen! HD means high definition and you can't do it just with the capture software! See that there are tutorials on youtube on how to set up to install Cam Studio a free capture software… you have explanations at what resolution to use the capture to have a good image, what sound decoder that the microphone will record to use and many more others… enter youtube and write to search “Cam Studio”

  5. Robciuc Ionut said

    Thank you Adrian.

  6. Try searching Robciuc Ionut
    You must SnagIt7 descutci with him is simple and can capture video and audio with many more options, Maut, text, including integrates and Ofice.

  7. Robciuc Ionut said

    I downlaod it, but I want to ask you something, for example if you record video and audio on a lower resolution than FULL SCREEN, I handle everything so much sp [Atiu in MB? Thank you in advance.

  8. @Robciuc Ionut: From what I see you are a beginner, I still advise you until you reach a certain maturity in using the capture software to work with cam studio is the simplest, Yes, being less image in automatic capture will take up less memory, you can convince yourself… make a tutorial at a full screen resolution and one at a delimited portion both of the same duration and convince!

  9. @Robciuc Ionut: To convince yourself of the power of Cam studio and why clarity can make the tutorials enter youtube and youtube to search write like this "Free screen recording software - Camstudio 2.5" without quotes, enter and click on the first result, I guarantee that you will be surprised, and it will be exactly what you are looking for! this is the tutorial I was telling you about… it tells you how to set it for the best possible capture. Success!

  10. mda… bv boys

  11. Robciuc Ionut said

    I myself Cam study, and what surprises me is that I can shoot my way, ie, all the resolution.

  12. Robciuc Ionut said

    Adrian can you find me a good link to download Cam Studio 2.5? I searched but they had 225 MB and I don't think Cam Studio would be that big. Thank you

  13. @Robciuc Ionut: You see that to the right of the video on youtube that boy also put the download links, I checked that they are the best ones, the boy is serious, he doesn't care about nonsense… he has about 85 tutorials made with cam studio about a free GIMP editor to the right of the video is a picture small with it and a "subscribe" button just below it are the download links to the DVix and Cam studio Codecs, they are official, Cam Studio has 1,4MB… I would give you the links here but I don't know if the admins will let them be displayed on the site here are the links
    Cam Studio = >>
    DivX Codec = >>

    And in case you want sound films need to be formed and MP3
    Lame MP3 = >>
    You will not necessarily need mp3 blades unless you are more demanding and want a higher quality sound… but you need a DivX Codec !!! Success!!!

  14. Robciuc Ionut said

    Thanks Adrian and admins because they approved this review, I honestly, if I were Bobby Cristi or stuffing yourself as an author on this site, I see you're active with people and from what I observed often enter this site. I my opinion Adrian as the third member of the team perfect. Thank you again, but Adrian and the two admins who approved this message.

  15. @Robciuc Ionut: Thank you for the kind words and we expect the yourself !!! Good luck in your accomplishments!

  16. beb3_mykk said

    pfff bv adriane… .a good guide in the field it: D especially bafta software!

  17. Robciuc Ionut said

    But make me understand, you're already in the team And you still Thank you again.

  18. @Robciuc Ionut: I'm not a guide, I'm a simple man like all of you, I just like this field a little more… and if I can and I know why not help? Come on… please leave comments to me, I don't want statues… or other medals, I help these people just as they helped me through their tutorials !! Let's make room for the really useful comments on this video tutorial, they are made to come to your aid, and preferably to be in the subject with the tutorial… Ready… no need, thank you! That's enough for me! Since we participate in the discussion, we are all part of the team since we all watch the tutorials and return daily to the site, it means that we are part of the team !!!

  19. Johnny B. said

    Please tell me, this forum, as we create it customize directly from localhost, can be uploaded on a server (domain)? I tried to install it directly on the Net but it gives me errors (at register_globals it gives me No and cache, files, store gives me Unwritable) and does not continue the installation. If I put it locally it works for me…

  20. I have the feeling that the installation does not work because it sees my cache / files / store "Unwritable". What to do?

  21. @Johnny B.: Haven't heard of Google? is support for this forum in Romanian it is full of solutions just come from it… you can ask questions you can find solutions to everything you are interested in ite look here

  22. As Cristi said in tutorial and how you say it and you help yourself! That I did and we succeeded. Congratulations tutorial is made for everybody!

  23. Romanian said

    Very nice tutorial, my congratulations Cristi and soon will I create myself a forum and I'll stick with it :) Hulk). Bft further

  24. I have a problem at xampp.Dau to install Apache give OK and when I give Start not expect even starts 10 minutes and nothing MySql and at the same face.Am thought she could not have started giving shows me I wrote in localhost mergea.Spunetimi browser and that is not the problem

  25. And for something I opened Task Manager to see if Apache is running, I started to install it, the process appears in the task manager but it disappears immediately… and in the field it says Apache service start service then it writes Busy….

  26. @danezu:
    Apache needs some ports from you: 80 and 443 and 8080 occasionally if they are occupied by other applications must uninstall those applications.
    I do not know what you have installed on your computer but must be careful to chat and remote applications, also have to be careful firewall settings that usually blocks the servers.

  27. CRIS pulled everything goes all programs related to the Internet outside of ZoneAlarm, Avira and mozilla but all the same I saw poveste.MySql now starts for daor 1-2 seconds.

  28. I disabled the firewall and a few seconds to figure how to start Apache but still nothing.

  29. So we created the forum and what we did there and now I can put names to the forum as eg you can give the address to look at the world forum?

  30. so here I did what you said but when I get in XAMPP, you give go with it, I write localhost in your browser tells me it works or so, I can do that I really need to make a forum

  31. @hero: See we have some tutorials on the subject and even how to set up of a forum.

  32. @hero: Works works means that Apache (web server).
    Success, monitors and other video tutorials on topics of creation: website, blog, forum.
    We have one interesting joomla.
    We have more on that, use the search engine integrated into the site or categories (drop down) on the right side below the total number of subscribers.

  33. @danezu: you need domain man… look for the tutorial with DynDNS there are tutorials for both static ip and dynamic ip! write up to search DynDNS or DNS enter and find the tutorial !!!

  34. You did not get what I mean
    instead carry me to the XAMPP you how you lead me leads me to a blank page that says it works
    How do I fix this?

  35. Hello
    I have the same problem as danezu when I tried to do my forum once went to perfecti.Pe after my computer has virus and I reinstalled windowso Serum Pack 3 now before I reinstalled after Service Pack 2 I have about this? Please ajutatima !

  36. @mihai: You disabling the Windows firewall?

  37. yes, and then I rebooted and calculatoru

  38. @mihai: You must disable the firewall before installing !!! And he actively go but I gotta create some rules that do not block and the rest of the XAMPP

  39. AndreiG. said

    I also have a question… why mySql is not activated (downloaded)… 😐 Because if it is not downloaded I cannot create an account so I cannot create a forum. Those of you who can please help me.

  40. adrian said

    After you have installed Apache and MySql, oprestele then pornestele again without the check boxes before them Svc. Will go normal! I hope I have been helpful.

  41. I saw the tutorial now and I do not go MySql and understand how to make it go you can help me.

  42. even going so cool

  43. Saki Dennis said

    I like to put on a website forum open around the clock, found only accepts cash or others and for free?

  44. I do not go Xampp MySql tells me ERROR: MySql service not started [-1] please help me, I want to make my site with a forum, the website you already have.

  45. @Andrew: Read all the comments above !!! Moreover we can do for you!

  46. it's soooper how you did the forum… and i did the same forum thank you…

  47. Who helps me to put my art on board?

  48. Good evening
    I have a request
    You can do a tutorial on SMF because I read that it is much better than phpbb

    Thank you

  49. I have a problem
    don't let me access localhost… I tried to stop firewallu yes it still does .. what could I do in this case?
    thank you

  50. Durduliu2009 said

    Dc it did not go exactly as forum tutorial phpbb got 3.0.4 amluat and XAMPP and when I wrote http://localhost/phpbb3 He said this:
    Object not found!

    The Requested URL not found on this server WAS. If you Entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
    error 404
    8/18/2009 2:09:00 PM
    Apache / 2.2.12 (Win32) DAV / mod_ssl 2 / 2.2.12 OpenSSL / 0.9.8k mod_autoindex_color PHP / mod_perl 5.3.0 / 2.0.4 Perl / v5.10.0

  51. You are the hottest brother

  52. Hi, I also have a problem, I did exactly what you presented in the tutorial, but I don't know why I didn't come out, forget what it gives me "http: //localhost/phpbb/install/index.php?

  53. Howdy!

    Very cool tutorial, and complete at the same time.
    S'auzim only good

  54. Miata not reply to me please me more tutorial is very good but the thing is why not go?

  55. brother you are the coolest chear meow used your tutorials here is a site made only from your examples and tutorials ……… .. sooper site tinetio the same but a tutorial on how to make a cs server do not you ???

  56. Prototype said

    adrian: MIAT not answer me please and I multtutorialul thing is very good but why not go?

    probably just wrong, and I am wrong when I made at the tour came to 2

    These tutorials are very good and easy to understand. BTW GJ! 10x from me who made these turorial! you hard, tormented mother Hulk 2 days of my :))

  57. I also have a problem I took the archive - after which I took the setup from xampp I installed or unzipped it and if I write in the localhost opera nothing happens .. I tried to find the index and there are some codes forget the image here about how it looks [img] [/ img] =>

  58. alexandru said

    hi I have a question.
    I have fixed ip I watched the tutorial several times I did exactly as it is in the tutorial everything went perfectly I entered the forum I made an account on free fdns to write instead of ip a name worked but if I give ip or the link to someone else is not working the question is dc? 🙁 please help me send an email to “[email protected]" thank you very much:)

  59. I managed to create a forum and am very pleased, as I move it on a website, what changes to make, or how you climb?

    I'm waiting for your answer. Thank you

  60. Cristi want to ask you something
    Can make a forum and WAMP?

    • wasyCristi want to ask you something :)
      Can make a forum and WAMP?  

      Yes of course, you can use WAMP instead of XAMPP, WAMP or XAMPP packages are just tools, they include: Apache, MySQL, PHP.
      With these packages you put online any sites not only phpBB forum.

  61. I tried many I do not give out any such

  62. You do not have permission to access / phpmyadmin / on this server.
    here I do not know what to do

    • Ioneltaiefrunze said

      wasy: You do not have permission to access / phpmyadmin / on this server.
      here I do not know what to do help  

      Instead of "http: // your ip / phpmyadmin" try "localhost / phpmyadmin" in the browser. It probably only accepts connections from localhost, and that's why you get the error in question.

  63. I solved this was the phpmyadmin.conf
    now another error

    Welcome to phpMyAdmin

    Said MySQL:
    # 2003 - Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

  64. Ms tutorial than I quit my xamp.Acuma trebe WAMP and use a tutorial how to administer forum

  65. After fighting the secular with all search engines, including nerves stretched to the limit, God gave and I gave you! This is exactly what we are looking for, complete every pass explained the book (even better), and finally 100% transmutation hassle free! very very good tutorial! I give 999 the rating if it could! very educational and very explicit!
    Thank you again and hear only good things!

  66. ZeroCool said

    Bravo, hard

  67. On this type of forum and sub forums can put?

  68. cossmyn said

    super great tutorial… I will make a forum too… but I also want to know something… if possible… how could I put my radio on the site or on the blog ????
    expect an answer please.

  69. Tiberiu said

    Thanks a lot, it would be hard to make a tutorial with MediaWiki, because I did not go, but I'll never try

  70. .Even greatly helped. dumbs up! : -bd

  71. Transluced said

    With me anything goes, I walk in and give Applicatio XAMPP Control Panel to install Apache and then they start saying "Busy ..." and then "Apache Service started" but actually does not start and the same thing happens to MySQL ... Please ma anyone help?

    • Transluced: With me anything goes, I walk in and give Applicatio XAMPP Control Panel to install Apache and then they start saying "Busy ..." and then "Apache Service started" but actually does not start and the same thing happens to MySQL ... please someone help me?  

      same with mysql

    • Transluced:
      With me anything goes, I walk in and give Applicatio XAMPP Control Panel to install Apache and then they start saying "Busy ..." and then "Apache Service started" but actually does not start and the same thing happens to MySQL ... Please ma anyone help?

      And to me it is exactly the same and I stopped the firewall but still does not work or you go go any 2 seconds and then stops and nush what to do please help me!!

      • I know what the problem was solved: D
        So xampp folder is an icon that says service you expect him home after what you mean mysql and apache was not working and a firewall to protect you but to go (the firewall you unblock)

        k hope I was helpful

  72. give some tutorials for the game counter strike mas enjoy please….: D

  73. Let's also add a rather more stuffing and a glasses :))))
    Cristi, you're hard

    Thanks a lot for the tutorials!

  74. It's a good job to put radio on site, I'm really interested in a tutorial like Aesta if you please

  75. I downloaded xampp-u I unzipped I ticked the boxes 2 gave up home and I write localhost in mozilla I'm not anything except: Unable to connect

    Plus this site in htdocs folder I do not have the same Fodera than one other 2 not alone with XAMPP, I noticed you used an older version yes do not know if it's from that. If someone can explain me thank him! As soon as we have a forum on a site where you create, edit (a game more) and want something serious and to promote!

  76. I tried to do as the tutorial but get nimik nuse, (

  77. I saw the tutorial with xampp and from what I understand it's for you to make the server computer ?? I did exactly what you did and in the tutorial everything went perfectly now I look at the tutorial for creating a forum but I wanted to know if I can create a forum using phpbb and buy a domain because I don't want to have the unit always on and to use it as a server… thank you I am waiting for an answer !!!!!!!

    • boby: I saw the tutorial xampp and from what I understand it's to make your server computer? I did exactly what you did and I still went in tutrial perfect now watch the tutorial for creating a forum but we wanted to know if I can create a forum using phpbb and buy a domain for I am not always bright and drive uses the server to wait for response ... thank you!!!  

      With XAMPP you can turn your PC into a server, of course it is better to use your computer as a server, find the 2-3 hosting per month, you will only xampp for testing, not that there would cope but I do not think it's good to buzzing your computer all day and all night in my head.

      • By the way I found something on the net about B2Evolution now you know?

      • Cristi-admin:
        With XAMPP you can turn your PC into a server, of course it is better to use your computer as a server, find the 2-3 hosting per month, you will only xampp for testing, not that there would cope but I do not think it's good to buzzing your computer all day and all night in my head.  

        Thanks for the reply, how can I contact you? An email? I tried to give a message to the contact but it doesn't work, I want to ask you a few things in general about programming… maybe you can advise me!

        • Adrian admin said

          boby: Thanks for the reply, how can I contact you? A mail? I tried to give a message to contact it does not work, I want to ask you some things about programming in general ... can you advise me?  Cite me

          No offense but please believe us that we are extremely busy and do not have time to talk with each user on Messenger or Mail. Believe us you did not want to be in our place. What you see on the site is only a small part of the huge backstage work that is submitted to this site is very limited and precious time and even does not allow us to stay in it by mail or messenger. If you have questions post them here in the comments box and all the others or us, we will reply when we have time. And others can help you in your issues among! we are not omniscient and we are not the only ones in the world who know IT, does not mean it necessarily has to wait for response from me or crystals

  78. LOOK WHAT MY FORUM LAM's done very REP IF NON STOP CLOSE OPEN AND COMPUTER BASED HOSTING is done so to tell me if you like but I do not know how to do something to him to make several parties, namely NOW SIUBIECTE DE FAC CATECORI disc PLZZZ help me

  79. okay. I saw this one
    Long, but I had a lot to learn.

  80. Salut.Ast and a tutorial on how to make a Tracker!

  81. hello… I have a question… if I have a place on the net… instead of localhost..what will I have to ask…? hostname…

  82. When you reach the final stage gives me an error that goes like this

    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /includes/functions_messenger.php on line 403: date () []: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are * required * to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set () function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected 'Europe / Helsinki' for '2.0 / no DST' instead
    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /install/index.php on line 444: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /includes/functions.php:3706)
    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /install/index.php on line 445: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /includes/functions.php:3706)
    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /install/index.php on line 446: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /includes/functions.php:3706)
    [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /install/index.php on line 447: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /includes/functions.php:3706)

  83. D3luxe2011 said

    Sall I did a forum but do not know how to change forum name adika not to write localhost / phpbb3 to put a name I want. Ajutatima please

  84. I have a problem when installing the inru http://localhost/phpbb3/ I give

    "No Trespassing!

    You do not have permission to access the requested object. Reading is protected or not readable by the server.

    Please contact the webmaster you if you think this is a server error.
    error 403
    1/16/2011 5:29:04 PM
    Apache / 2.2.14 (Win32) DAV / 2 mod_ssl / 2.2.14 OpenSSL / 0.9.8l mod_autoindex_color PHP / 5.3.1 mod_apreq2-20090110 / 2.7.1 mod_perl / 2.0.4 Perl / v5.10.1 ”

    Help me

  85. Could not connect to the database, see error message Below.
    Unknown database 'rlx' please help me as soon as possible… ..Thank you

  86. How can I change some text and I add?
    Ex: This text I would like to modify da nus hde where :( "A short text to describe my own forum"

  87. Thank you

  88. Hello how do if I have a domain and I host it?? How you host on your own pc?

  89. hello, I have a problem with the forum .. rather I don't know how to install a new template (I didn't manage how, I tried to upload it on the site but it tells me it can't find the XML file, I tried to insert the folder with the template in phpbb-> styles but it doesn't recognize me and at the forum administration panel I can't find where to upload) if anyone can help me, thank you very much

    all with your help I learned something about joomla (joomla gave him the 2-3 days before I saw your tutorial)
    hoping not to advertise (I know it's a free domain, it's not good..but for a start I think it's ok) it's still "working" but with your help I hope to achieve something 🙂

  90. Hello, you are gorgeous!
    I wanted to revisit the tutorial but the following message appears:

    Server not found: rtmpte: // 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4: /

  91. Hi, I also have a problem 🙁 I got to the step with downloading phpbb3 I downloaded it I put it in its place and when I wrote (http://localhost/phpbb3 … Forget what he tells me please rogg help mee

    Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check the correctness and try again.

    Please contact the webmaster you if you think this is a server error.

    error 404

    12/20/2011 12:40:16 PM
    Apache / 2.2.17 (Win32) mod_ssl / OpenSSL 2.2.17 / 0.9.8o PHP / 5.3.4 mod_perl / 2.0.4 Perl / v5.10.1

  92. Welcome. I have a folder on your PC where I did a site.
    I watched and I did this tutorial and forums.
    Now comes the big question… how do they connect? (site created in D: / and the form in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ phpBB3 \).

    Thank you!

  93. Cristi I have a question, instead of loclahost.phpbb can not put another name besides localhost?? and how do? Regards in advance

    • simply buy a domain account with domain purchase and enter the ip of your pc and you have bought the domain name instead of localhost.

  94. better open an account on "" where you have 10 GB of space, you have PHP, MYSQL… and you can install from your PC any site or forum (upload it on the server or you can install directly from the control panel on the site: phpbb, joomla, wordpress and dozens of other cms; I forgot to say EVERYTHING IS FREE AND FOREVER.

  95. I have a question, I write localhost, dc not appear nimik me?

  96. cristi said

    I followed all the steps here .. everything is ok .. and thank you this way ..
    but i have a little problem…
    how do I log in now ,,, I can't find anyone anymore..after the tutorial..after I finished everything..I closed here..and I logged I don't know where and how to log in…
    I mention… I'm a beginner
    thank you
    Regards. ast.un response.

    • Hello!
      Must be somewhere down 2 houses. There, enter the name and password after you enter.
      Or somewhere up there he has to write Login. And there you do the same… write the name, password and enter.

      I hope I helped!

  97. Thanks for. ajutor.Foarte good tutorial and good explanations.
    Remember me dacut forum

  98. emil:
    Thanks for. ajutor.Foarte good tutorial and good explanations.
    Look for dacut forum

    did not excuse me dacut

  99. Localhost and I'm writing appears: problem loading the page, what can I do?

  100. Help do not know how to put it on host `put it with all XAMP?

  101. Anonymous:
    Help do not know how to put it on host `put it with all XAMP?

    You just put the host files in htdocs folder, you can not move all the XAMP, the data center servers are already installed PHP, MySQL, Apache and others.
    On the server you will have a folder called "www" or "public_html", put in it the files you have in "htdocs" and of course transfer the database.

  102. Localhost and I'm writing appears: problem loading the page, what should I do to protect asta.Cand I no longer give to Mysql home park wants to Poneasca.

  103. kalloDesignz said

    Hello everybody!
    I also have a problem with shampoo…
    I downloaded it exactly as in the tutorial… I installed it and I gave "Yes" and it gives me this thing!
    1:44:39 PM [apache] Checking for service (name = ”apache2.4 ″): Service installed
    1: 44: 39 PM [apache] Apache Service Detected With Wrong Path
    1: 44: 39 PM [apache] Uninstall the service manually first
    1: 44: 39 PM [apache] Successful!

    After that start, and I say give him that!
    1:46:01 PM [apache] Executing “net start“ apache2.4 ″ ”
    1: 46: 11 PM [apache] Return code: 0

    What is the problem
    As I said for MySQL

  104. Hey all. He tells me that the archive is corrupt you want to extract and this time had stopped antivirus that can be the problem?

  105. Hi… I bought domain from ROTLD, I made a forum with the help of the tutorial above, I set my ip to Nameservers (from rotld), when I access http://www.domeniul appears to me “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” and when I access http: // my ip address appears to me “Access forbidden!
    New XAMPP security concept:
    Access to the requested object is only available on the local network.
    This setting can be configured in the “httpd-xampp.conf” folder.
    Please contact the webmaster you if you think this is a server error.
    Error 403 ”
    Mention that forum are functioning with http://localhost/phpbb3/ with or without xampp on.
    I have my nerves stretched to the limit….
    Can someone help me? What should I do?

    • Well yes it makes sense sati give that error.
      you must do a port forwarding sati on your rooter here's a tutorial ,
      what does this do ?, well by that it tells your external chain where to look in your internal chain through internal ip and port ie 192.168.1.x enter at start> cmd and write in cmd ipconfig and see your ip and port, xampp port and 80.

  106. Hello!
    I finished the forum with your help, you can see it ………….-Edited-….

    Actually I did forum soon but I needed content and create content for that I posted on there to download is done to me.
    Mihnea to answer: you need to have web hosting (hosting hosting) may be hosting or free hosting I recommend you pay. Then you ROTLD name servers as crystal missed more tutorials and expects to make updates that I 16 hours in my case. Meanwhile you wait update the climb (chicken) what you have in htdocs folder "public_html" or "www" and transfer the database (database). If you paid hosting they help and those from whom you took.
    Good luck …

  107. Hi I tried to do and I am set for a site that tutorial rootar 80 gates have named xampp and still does not work and gives me a erroare says Access violation at address in module 005ABEFE xampp-control.exe and I do not know dc put the ip and put all that tutorial!!
    Please kindly help me I have to note that routing is D-Link ..

  108. Hi guys! I am very happy with what you do, God help you continue to do the job just as good. I create a forum for the 0, and when I say zero, I mean zero knowledge of HTML or other stuff like that. Thank you!

    • Hi, I tried to make a forum, I followed step by step tutorial, but I can not get on http / / localhost / xampp / slash. Or give eoare or send me other sites. Can you help me? Thanks

  109. Benjamin said

    Hey can you help me if I ask you urgently I want to open a forum with the name LDT if I could si ..and be public topic… .and be able to put administrators on ell…. if you can help me how to do it thank you very much to all the admins ..

  110. Welcome. Watching your tutorials, moreover try to learn as much from what you explain.

    The problem I face is the following. I want to create a FORUM… of course for the beginning a small TEST FORUM. And after I finish installing Xampp - Extract (in the X folder) - When I want to start Apache - MySQL - FileZilla it tells me:
    Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly.
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] This May be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies,
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] improper privileges, a crash or a shutdown by Another method.
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] Press the Logs button to view error logs and check
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] the Windows Event Viewer for more clues
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] If you Need more help, copy and post this
    9: 07: 17 PM [Apache] entire log window on the forums

    What to do?

  111. Hey look what I did in your tutorials just like this one problem I Forum I have a lot of bots that go around on the forum and post how get rid of them?

  112. @ Daniel: it gave me the same error, but for me it was from skype. after giving "End Process" on Skype everything went perfectly.

  113. dfranckdv said

    Salve! I have a little problem: when I try to connect my ip (no-ip domain) I automatically load the xampp page (instead of my forum page).
    To show me my forum should I connect like this: http://ip-meu/phpbb3
    How and where do I set I connect http://ip-meu and to show me directly forum?
    Thank you in advance!

    • You web server (nginx, apache)
      You router?
      If you router, you need to do port forwarding.
      If you have antivirus / firewall, you must disable it to set it properly (if you're good)
      On your local work?

  114. barosane I have other problems because the phpb has been updated and I don't know how to do acm, it's not like in the video

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