1. Very interesting… ..thanks…

  2. traitzi, which helps me and I have a system bought about 2 years ago from a Romanian company fla… .o so as not to advertise I have a configuration that comes as follows hard 250 gb motherboard msi p965neoF proc un intel core 2 e6300 1,80 ghz memory 1 gb 800 from kingamx, I want to say that when I took it, it only caused me problems, namely it kept giving me a blue screen, I had the sata raid k drivers now, about 2 years, of course we cleaned it we defragmented it at week a and now by the way antivirus kaspearsky pcu still did it to me, in October it burned hardu, with it under warranty they sent it to bucharest after about a month I took my cat back from them hardu it was k, but it still didn't work to put the windows on it, they went back to their cat with a cat, this time they said that the motherboard doesn't work, they kept it for me for about a week, indeed after that it worked I put antivirus drivers operating system programs all, but now you don't give me that blue screen, but it restarts very often even s And at ten minutes, look for example today I installed it completely and every 10 minutes, I apologize for writing so much, but I'm desperate

  3. @gigi: if you took it from Flanco it is clear… to know that, like you on the site there were many… we have no solution to give… it is best to take him to a service! We can only give our opinion… my opinion would be the following: Either the source is gone, or the video card…

  4. @gigi: I also had a similar problem in that they rebooting the 10 10 in minutes or closes completely. I cleaned cooler (fan) and we had no problems, what I suggest and you try to do. But I can not guarantee anything different every PC problem.

  5. <@gigi <I also had a problem, it restarts about 2-3 times a day, not even as often as with you, I changed everything in it, source, hard drive, video card, after that update bios, removing the battery from the motherboard, and what do you think was the thermal paste from the processor had to be changed,…. after I changed the paste it works razor, I do not guarantee that this would be the solution, but it doesn't hurt to try , install everest and see the system temperatures ,,, by the way super tutorial !!

  6. Hi, in connection with what was written above, it started because cleaning the processor no longer heats up (it has a thermostat on it that turns it off when the temperature is critical) You can see what temperature you have in the bios or with Everest, you can change cooler speed, but I do not advise you.

    The source didn't go to you, otherwise it wouldn't "leave" at all.
    You can have a virus (which can not see him in any processes). Viruses can be duplicated without permission, if you give up all of the HDD would not be bad (as to format)

    Possible problems:

    Everst excessive heat verification, solving thermal grease; cleaning
    RAM does not look good you can manually set, but if you do not know or longer under warranty, the store
    source not result unlikely. Writing in pornore and symptoms while playing computer
    large variations of current plugged in solving UPC (battery) at least one time
    Windows registry smashed solving TuneUp is a tutorial about it on the forum

    I wait to see what you did.

  7. @Alex: Know that you are wrong… who told you that if it were the source it would not start at all? Those parts are getting old… an old source starts to have current fluctuations, amperage… I know that when you request the processor or video card… and the source is weakened and no longer "pumps" the current you need… poc restart your pc… so I suffer… I do anything on the pc… as I enter the site to watch the tutorials I don't even play and restart my pc! A weak and old source leads to restarts when you request the proc or video card!

  8. That's what I said, that you might have problems, not be "gone". If he left, he wouldn't start at all. When you do actions that involve the use of virtual memory (from my computer), you read a CD and others may appear as you said, problems, the computer requiring more power.

  9. Hello I would like you tell me how can I send an emial to different Firema such as a resume for job pls send your:!!

  10. @ionut: It is not recommended to submit a CV via the internet !! You would be much more appreciated to write it by hand and submit it in person… and possibly be interviewed… By sending it via the internet you show convenience, laziness… and we believe that employers run away from lazy and comfortable people! And look at qualities or defects that don't even cross your mind! Visual, verbal contact matters a lot both for you and for the employer!

  11. I saw that you talked about certain problems with pc-ui and how to fix acestea.Poate I can give any response to me: I have a desktop that I can not use that simply does not want to start . ie, press the start button, the LEDs light up, and so the monitor is blank, Windows porneste.Care should not be the problem?

  12. @bl: Try to wipe the components with dust carefully… your monitor may have broken… try to reinstall the windows so or it may have damaged the video card if you say you have no image… did you say that the LEDs light up… but the anger turns? hardu go, start? stays on, interrupts? (I mean hard drive) You didn't give us any details…

  13. How long have you not installed ws and what experience do you have in it? Try TuneUp too, it's very good, it's a tutorial on the site. If it still doesn't work, as Adrian said, give us more details.

  14. I can not talk about windows because I get up there to porneasca.Cum I wrote, I press the start button on the computer and astept.Se LEDs light, yes, cooler running and the hard work I think at least it looks light on The screen is absolutely nothing there.

  15. That's already something. It is strange that you do not see the monitor, try to check all the connections, monitor cables, if it does not work the problem can be quite serious.

    The video card is on-board or external?

  16. It's an older system, I put deoparte.Placa and video is nvidia geforce 2, I think it's externa.Cablurile I checked then we will try to removing prafului.Si I think it has serious problems, do not worth investing in it.

  17. Well if everything is old he can gain experience. After I say it's not a recent setting. Try to remove, delete, Replace the plate. I also had a plaque still do sometimes do not start and do what I said above, after walking.

  18. nimik can not yet because it's not my parents concerned about vbesc pisul but has warranty until May, what to do, you go to them or wait until May, da and dak il go to them what to say, I got the flamingo

  19. You can take him, but I say you 1000 of reasons due to which you no longer go, all you provocoate. Can still be successful. Can you try and take it from someone who fix computers on where you live (as well as soft, costing thousands 300 somewhere where I am old).
    If you take it under warranty and "convince" it with another one on the one there, if it opens the source (4 screws) you can look at the capacitors, if they are inflated, it is gone.
    If all you get there to get a battery for. motherboard, do not know the series, there are some as thick as those of the clock only are worth a thousand 5 currency. This produces problems in bios.

    If you're going to tell them exactly what happens to you, if you experience problems later and you have not said exactly, all you're gonna get

  20. I thought of another option to reclaim his consumer protection AjTi the flamingo, trust you and that it would be a solution that eventually come to tell him I was putzin as I was out of town and wanted my Let's take a step Musa lu 2007 fratemiu this happens, my father went with him to the flamingo and they took that aforementioned pisiu that now hang on you kindly gave 27 mn, besides intradebar pisiu itself there was the LCD monitor keyboard mouse speakers etc so maybe nush can not be made much money, but nothing else really intzeleg him father now is not very good at computers so get tricked brother no bandits AjTi the flamingo, but I now do not intzeleg else, it means her slouch asha absolutely anyone who wishes to purchase a computer ishi all asha do exactly as the tutorial spuneqaa crystal components AjTi May unwise to give them exactly what their getting them in stock and not sell, but that does not mean to trick me some people give a nice onwards, this version was thinking and consumer protection

  21. Something css ptr beginners do not have?

  22. @Katoxy:
    We have beginner, but in the future it would be better to use the search engine on our site.

  23. I have the Leadtek GeForce 7600 gs, I go and 60 temperature degrees that way about what I have written above, I actually restarted my game and especially kand tvtuner watch TV, I thought to change cooling plate to add an additional video card cooling, what do avetzi, and you may be ok Cuz my dragutz recommend me a good cooler plate mea.Multumesc ptr!

  24. @gigi: The people from nVidia are cheeky and make high quality products, and I don't think that its cooling is insufficient. The problem of all PCs is the Source, for which I don't know why no one pays attention to it !! It is one of the most important components… I do like Cristi, The source is the heart of the PC if the source does not give it enough power for it to do its job then obviously your board will "sting" harder… I I suggest you take the cholera off it… go buy your thermal paste and apply it between the video card processor and cooler 😉 The proper functioning of the video card and in normal parameters must be helped by the rest of the PC components… no anything fits everything… there are systems directly from the shelf super unbalanced where components are placed next to each other in that pc that actually have nothing to do with each other or are not compatible… what does not flank, altex to make big money…

  25. @ Adrian

    Most of the N, producing dedicated gaming boards (which have and coolers) and for users who do not play (no cooler)

    @ Gigi
    What you can do is to take a cooler and put it on the plate radioatorul. Any cooler will do the job, you can possibly put one slim, not pull soket plate.

  26. I greet you, you know it is now no nvidia is not God, and in what watch those cooling depends on a board to another, for example, the CICA 260 plasticu inside guy like hell

  27. Congratulations for the tutorial, I haven't used the Illustrator before, but now I know what it does and it's worth downloading

  28. I have a motherboard EPOX Model EP-9NPA + and I wanted to do a BIOS update but I could not. I watched videotutorialul the update site to a board Gigabit done to you but epoxy is my little differently. Please give me some advice how I can achieve this update.Va thanks!

  29. Codrin, leave comments on the tutorial up data is more likely to help someone, I'd tell you, but I never faut up-date the bios, I think they find on the official website something up or faq. Try it.

  30. The [X] said

    Congratulations you've came a LOGO reusit.Eu Adobe CS4 but similar.

  31. I and io I adobe photoshop cs3

  32. You do not have a problem with everything and did not want to post a comment on purpose, I just wanted to see how it works tags above the comment entry box, to satisfy your curiosity will show you what I'm doing these tags:
    1. “b” reads: demo
    2. 'i”Makes the text demo
    3. "link" hides a link behind the text "demo when you click on that link you sent in a comment above.
    4. 'of”Reads:demo
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    6. “code” allows the insertion of the code in the comments section as in the following example:
    < ?php if (!empty($_SERVER['HTTPS']) && ('on' == $_SERVER['HTTPS'])) { $uri = 'https://'; } else { $uri = 'http://'; } $uri .= $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']; header('Location: '.$uri.'/xampp/'); exit; ?>

    To use for example the tag "b" click on it and then write the desired text and at the end click on "Close Tags"

  33. Yes… it's something… this is called vector graphics, it takes work and patience… but the advantage of this image is that you can make it as big as you want without losing quality… 🙂 sometimes this option is VERY valuable :), as I said the intention is interesting… especially for those who now start graphics…

  34. I have been watching the tutorials made by you for a long time and honestly, I only have words of praise and congratulations for you. But this tutorial… leave much to be desired! I have not heard much because the sound is incredibly bad, and Alex… with all respect, it moved too fast with the operations for us beginners. not to mention vague explanations given in a hurry! :( so far I understood everything that was presented on this site, I understand that you have no obligation to do what you do, but be more explicit, at least think that you look at a fool (that is, me) who is not a great expert and as such does not understand much if he runs like that through a software that has enough stuff in it. I was tempted to think it was done in a hurry and fast-forward, but remembering the rest of the tutorials I would like to think I'm wrong. otherwise, at the risk of repeating… do a excellent work! esteem and admiration.

    • subscribe to what he said Razvan.
      hello the idea of ​​helping beginners, but as a tip for Alex: try to move much slower and as much as you can to explain 2-3 times even what you want to do… and try to catch the whole application window to see all the menus program (for example in this tutorial, you can't see where you select those menus)…
      thanks anyway for the tutorial… I don't use the illustrator very much (except when needed), the photoshop the same (more often which is true than the AI)… otherwise Corel daily 🙂

      razvan: A long time watching the tutorials made by you and frankly, only words of praise and congratulations for voi.insa this tutorial we ... let's always a big deal I did not hear that sound is incredibly stupid and Alex ... with all due respect, the operation moved too fast for us not to mention all loosely given vague explanations!: (before I understood everything presented on this site, you understand that you have no obligation to do what you do, but be explained, at least as I think of glimpsing a fool (ie me) that it's no big expert and as such does not get much if it is run through software that has enough stuff in been tempted to believe that it was done in haste and fast-forward, but the rest of reminding me tutorials I'd like to think I Otherwise, the risk of repeating myself ... make shall Õ excellent! esteem and admiration.  

  35. razvan: A long time watching the tutorials made by you and frankly, only words of praise and congratulations for voi.insa this tutorial we ... let's always a big deal I did not hear that sound is incredibly stupid and Alex ... with all due respect, the operation moved too fast for us not to mention all loosely given vague explanations!: (before I understood everything presented on this site, you understand that you have no obligation to do what you do, but be explained, at least as I think of glimpsing a fool (ie me) that it's no big expert and as such does not get much if it is run through software that has enough stuff in been tempted to believe that it was done in haste and fast-forward, but the rest of reminding me tutorials I'd like to think I Otherwise, the risk of repeating myself ... make shall Õ excellent! esteem and admiration.

    Yes Razvan is a tutorial made in speed, I thought I move slower, but I just thought. (And I also found this and it pisses me off)
    The sound was recorded badly that I did not first with Camtasia (now I know where I'm wrong)
    And the tutorial is weaker than it first as it's the second tutorial. (Done after another all for this site)
    Perhaps now would get better, but now I'll have any tutorial sites in the USA, there are other sources of learning appreciated.
    Good luck, PS is not difficult.

  36. Laurryano said

    Very interesting tutorial.
    Please as many of Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel x3.
    Thank you!

  37. A videotutorial about Corel Draw would be great, about vector images

  38. alex I nimik but you know at predicting these tutorials of here after is Christ and it stimwz

    • AdrianAlex NIMIK but I know that at that predict these tutorials of here after is Christ and we stimwz  (Cite me)

      Well I did not say otherwise. If you say that it shows the best, yes, it is. Besides it has a lot more patience than me.

  39. alex and I want to make a tutorial photoshop cs 3 me lam installed but here is a big problem when I want to do deexplu text something different manner and give the new akolo bring background and maiz ice the dimensions of the background that you want to chicken is also somewhere da capaciatea something 11 gb etc if I set the explu 800 with 600 say that I have not space that exceeds akolo to gb I did not understand it and I want a set of Photoshop cS 3 if possible MS and know that you are the one Rated

  40. hi cristi mauit dp tutorials site all the time and I learned a lot but I am interested in is the best karaoke program can make a tutorial about that, luck still!!!

  41. very cool

  42. would be interesting tutorial on how to do this ..

  43. mariano197761 said

    Very boring this MOUSE… Anyway I did not have the patience to watch this tutorial, but I think that those who create games on the PC, if they drew those characters in this way, it would take them billions of years to finish only the landscapes, let alone give and live… .The sound as well, was disturbed by the electromagnetic waves of the earth…. Other tutorials are really successful, and they really give us inspiration… ..What to do with them, one good, another weaker!

    • mariano197761:
      Very boring this mouse ... Anyway I had the patience to watch this tutorial, but I think those who create games on the PC, if they draw those characters in this way, it would take billions of years to finish only landscapes, let alone them give and viatza .... sound the same, was disrupted by electromagnetic waves of the earth .... Other tutorials are very successful, and even give us inspiration ..... there you go, a good one, other more slabutz!

      If you are interested in the design 3D looking games. Maya, Max, you see what you like.
      As for the rest, you're right

  44. mariano197761 said

    I would also have a question for this site or for those who deal with these tutorials, namely:… how could I also insert on a video, in a corner of the screen, a logo, that's what I call it, like the ones from tv, ANTENNA 1, PROTV, PRIMA TV or any other name, on a movie, for example my name or whatever comes to mind, which once introduced, at the next viewing to be posted that thing ?! I am waiting for an answer from you, by e-mail or a link, or why not, a video tutorial on this site with more details about that program…. Out of curiosity we all have a lot to learn, easy! Respect to all who access this site "VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO", as well as to those who deal with its improvements and come up with new ideas or suggestions!

    • mariano197761:
      I have a question myself this site or those who deal with these tutorials, namely: ... as I could and I was placed on a video screen in a turn the corner, a logo, so I call it, such as the tv antenna 1, Pro, FIRST TVsau any other name on a movie film, for example my name or whatever comes to mind, that once inserted, the next view to remain posted that thing! Waiting for a response from your e-mail or a link, or why not a videotutorial on this website with more information about that program .... Out of curiosity we all have to learn a lot, ushor-ushor! Respect of all who visit this site "VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO" and those who took care of him and come up with new ideas!

      If you have a record with Camtasia export option when you insert a watermark (logo thing), if not in post-production programs such ATFER Effects, Premiere and so on.

  45. dany:
    would be interesting tutorial on how to do this ..

    I for one am desperate to learn how to do that. But how come??

  46. Fuck the tutorial.

  47. I made logos in "" and it seemed quite ok and not too complicated

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