How to update to the new Windows 8.1 Blue

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to update to the new operating system Windows 8.1 Blue.
As you probably know already, Miccrosoft made public yesterday the launch of Windows 8.1 Preview, codenamed Windows Blue is coming to Windows 8 bring some improvements and some new applications for the Metro UI interface.
To be able to update to Windows 8.1 Preview you must have a Windows 8 Pro.
Those who have a Windows Enterprise 8 8 Preview or Windows will need to reinstall Windows using Windows 8.1 Preview ISO image will be officially available to download in the coming days.
Also, if you have a tablet with Windows 8 RT for which you have installed a language pack (pack of the operating system language to translate into another language) you need to use all Windows 8.1 Preview ISO file to update to Windows because 8.1 Preview According to Microsoft, there is a problem that is expected to be resolved in coming days.
So will be able to update to Windows 8.1 Preview directly from the operating system only those who own a Windows 8 Pro.
You will need to download a package and later to install and run it. The next step is to restart your PC after returning from restart automatically opens store site where you can download updates to Windows 8.1 Pro Preview. What is the update package to the new version has 1.95 GB.
In the days following we will make further tutorials on the Windows updates 8.1. You should know that the final version will be available in Windows 8.1 Autumn was not specified an exact date of release. Update to Windows 8.1 will be free for those who have a license for Windows or Windows 8 8 Pro RT


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  1. vladutz said

    Adrian I have not found windows enterprise 7 .. can you help me where to download it?

    • Windows Enterprise is not displayed 7 official Microsoft page! If you still want to find the links that they probably do not work talk to Adrian! However, in these years, and you did not have to download it!

    • View Product said

      As I said… anything you can find if you look for hashes.
      Download here:
      If you are not satisfied with the download speed, search elsewhere on google either for the hash code followed by the word "torrent" or for the exact name of the iso image, followed by the word "torrent" or "download" without the quotes.
      More information here:

      Remember, after you have finished downloading verify the authenticity and integrity of the iso, I mentioned earlier how.
      It should also be mentioned that it does not have sp1. It wouldn't be a problem… it is solved by Windows update, or you could integrate it with rt7lite directly in the installation kit.
      Now it remains to be seen how long you can activate this version, the activation is dependent on microsoft servers, and if at some point microsoft decides not to activate this version of windows… you have nothing to do. You could probably opt for a commercial version of windows 7.
      As a miscellaneous fact… there are 2 variants of windows 7 enterprise: the variant with extended trial 90 days (evaluation variant); and the standard, commercial version is obviously only 30 days old.

      Sometimes it's good to do it ourselves…

  2. Adrian Bravo even expect this tutorial to do it tomorrow or the next day but it came faster than hope: D.

  3. And another thing, today was laid to download the ISO image of Windows 8.1 Preview or Windows Blue.

  4. Daniel (Jr.) said

    For those who already have windows 8, I do not advise you to kill your time with this update that does not bring anything new than the start button (the ones presented by Adrian on the site are better), some shortcuts and changes by arranging windows through MetroUI, some arrangements in the store but with confusion through applications. The best (for the curious) would be to install cleanly in a new partition and on the ISO image. Through Update some you will encounter problems because there is a bug regarding the installation language. it must be UK-US otherwise it will give you an error like / Error: “Windows 8.1 Preview is not yet supported on this PC”. This is solved by a change in the registers. A script is created to fool windows if you do not know how to change the language in windows. The script must be in the form (reg add “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Nls \ Language” / f / v “InstallLanguage” / t REG_SZ / d “0409”) and be so named (change_install_lang.b at). I was surprised that Microsoft released the ISO images only after 24 hours from the update, but that belongs to their kitchen. I think it's better to wait for the final version. As a conclusion, I think Microsoft has once again with the left in the right. Probably, the poor sale of licenses and devices with windows 8 and also the resounding failure with windows Vista, led them to the despair of putting a lame start button. I think the tradition comes true at Microsoft -a warm one, a cold one. A razor windows, a ruffled one. I hope that windows 9 will be a real success! PS Stay as long as you can on Windows 7 or if you are already familiar with 8!

  5. Cristi or Adrian… .please please sami rasp that I asked this question once ..
    Why not make tutorials and pirated windowsuri like .. Windows7Ultimate and not Windows7 Enterprise or Windows 8 8 Enterprise Pro and Windows why not just use deastea versions?

    • Piracy is a bad thing and as does not like it, that's why no tutorials are made! Anyway, it doesn't seem to be going well! But the bosses answer you better…. (Y)

    • Now what you want? Let us put you in direct description link to a torrent?
      For your information, there are torrents original things (if you know to look at the digital signature file, or if you have heard of hashes (md5, sha1, sha256 etc).
      Let's go back to windows. There are original MSDN images with windows xp, vista 7, 8. They can be found on torrents, or on "lost links". The idea is to inform yourself for the first time and look for those hash codes on various forums or information sites. Once you find the code of the version of windows you want, search google or torrents for the iso image. Download it and check the hash code. A program that checks hashes is called a "digesec hashing utility." If that code matches, the iso image is automatically original. Obviously, not having a key purchased for that windows, you will still need a pirated activator.

      Cristi or Adrian would probably understand what I mean and could put together some ideas to make a new tutorial. Not necessarily a tutorial about piracy.

      • Alison V said

        As to say exactly what I want heck you said: a link to a torrent Ultimate W7 SP1 / 64, because I was terrible at, but no. Yet.
        However, more love independenta.Vreau humiliating begging to go above and beyond the state hen who know and which bother them visible even if I serve.
        In what you posted, I distinctly studied a few good tracks, clever put there, thank you.
        Wholeheartedly endorse your proposal at the end, and I hope to happen soon.
        The two giants in the IT often did this lucru.Numai who of course did not want real information that has slipped tutoriale.Basca veiled in May and fight'm not expliciti.Ma please carcotasi of ..
        With "probably" you wrinkled it. Be convinced that the two understood from the first what you suggested, They have already done it many times.
        Again, thank your pt.postul! I learned something from you.

  6. ISO Images Windows 8.1 are available on the official website / en-U.S. / windows-8 / preview download

  7. Gabriel Costel Irescu said

    Congratulations Adrian, and your entire team are proud to be Romanian, Romania for another thousand are exceptional!

  8. Why share this page on facebook if nobody can access it?
    shows the following error: >>

  9. Adrian How's work as your browser
    I mean as soon as the page is loaded!
    I want to know your view on the Opera browser.

  10. After restart not at all Go to the store, tried on a friend. Both have Win8 Pro

  11. Ghergut Paul said

    does not work, I downloaded, but it does not work, I restarted the PC, and I did not get anything I download I do not know why, can someone answer me, only better respect.

  12. Adrian Gudus said

    eNdAdrian how your browser is pareopera that I mean as soon as the page is loaded! I want to know your view on the Opera browser.

    I'm not a fan of the Opera browser, I use it occasionally.

  13. When the browser always flosesti Adrian

    • The Opera browser is very good, but you still need to know how to configure it… It has many settings and many things you can change in this browser… But if you want a super cool browser in all respects… I recommend you you use Maxthon. It is an interesting browser and really worth trying… however you will have to make the basic changes… to go through the settings… to do it as you wish .. as for your soul… small or large :)): P: P: P it's up to you now… All the magic is to make the settings the way you want .. Many people, after installing a program .. forget to make the settings too .. forget that it would be good to study how much that program .. to- l open it on all sides…. finally ….

  14. If you did not know, or have not found yet, 8.1 Windows (or Windows Blue) is free.
    A, and the release date is in the fall, is 1 August.

  15. Adrian Gudus said

    Rail: After restart not at all Go to the store, tried on a friend. Both have Win8 Pro

    Ghergut Paul: Does not work, I downloaded but not working, I restarted the PC, and I did not get anything I download I do not know why, can someone answer me, only better respect.

    I recommend you will not bother with the update that tutorial.
    Microsoft has already made public download ISO images with Windows 8.1 Preview. You can download and install in a virtual machine.
    More details here:

  16. Vladutz said

    Adrian from where can I download Windows 7 enterprise that no longer found on the official website??

  17. We are waiting for a tutorial about Windows Server 2012… this operating system is very interesting. The ones from Microsoft give you a free license valid for 1 year.

  18. VladutzAdrian where descărcaWindows 7 can no longer find enterpriseca official website??

    Read above what wrote @ vali.

  19. And I also have a question. Does Windows 8.1 work on 512 mb ram? Currently I have windows 7 and it works a bit. Windows 7 Professional has the same system requirements as Windows 8.1… in my mind, it would work about the same: s

    • A 2 giga ram memory card costs about 50 RON… Why don't you try to get a 2 giga ram card? It would have helped you a lot… especially in using an operating system such as windows 7 or 8…. If you were from the city, I would give you 2 gigs of copper as a gift…

      • Well, I had even 8 gb of copper for a long time… the thing is that I have an old motherboard, and even when I bought it I wanted to take more copper plates…. I even found the last one in a store that the next day went bankrupt… now I only find something like this anywhere in the world 🙁… .I was getting a copper plate, the problem is the motherboard:)… .I still didn't get an answer to my question 🙁

        • Well, if I told you that you still need 2 gigabytes of ram memory… What other answers do you want to receive? With 512 mb of frame… you better put your xp and you know why ?? If you put windows 8 and you have 512 mb of ram .. then your pc will work awful .. you will be upset and say that windows 8 is shit… and look - that's how the world goes how windows 8 sucks… ::: :)))))) Precisely because we want performance with parts from 2006… or from 2008 .. or from 2009… well yes you can't get maximum performance with a system old .. It will work for you, it will run for you .. but it will do it in a big way…

          • Wait a minute… I don't put xp because it works harder than WINDOWS 7… Windows 7 works really well besides xp…

  20. Vladutz said

    bogdan: Read above what wrote @ vali.

    Well I asked Windows 7 enterprise no other you say… there was the matter of other kinds of 7 pirates read before… :)

    • Vladutz: Well I asked 7 enterprise Windows neighbor not you say ... there was none of the other kinds of pirated 7 read before ... :)

      I see you read between the lines or do not understand ... there are torrents original things ... are original images MSDN Windows 7 .... they can be found on torrents, or "stray links .... if you know to look at digital signature files ..... if you hear md5 hashes, sha1, sha256 (program that sees if the ISO image of Windows is the original). If you still do not get ......

    • I see you read between the lines or do not understand ... there are torrents original things ... are original images MSDN Windows 7 .... they can be found on torrents, or "stray links .... if you know to look at digital signature files ..... if you hear md5 hashes, sha1, sha256 (program that sees if the ISO image of Windows is the original). If you still do not get ......

  21. Vladutz said

    RafaelRafito: I can help you if you want

    Well help me if you know

  22. Hi, I downloaded the image. Iso, opened setup and got to Choose what to keep. Nothing and I like options only. That means it will erase everything on the partition with Windows 8?

  23. Has anyone tried to install some Office and succeed for me after I did the update I was unable to install any version of Office nor 2010 2013 Preview.

    • I also tried to install the Comodo firewall .. and it gave me total error… It gave me errors over errors… Then I tried to install private firewall and it gave me errors over errors… However… it is only 36 hours since a this windows was released… It's normal and logical to give more errors to programs… It's the fault of software manufacturers who don't have much time to keep up with so many moves from Microsoft, but don't panic. with time .. that is, in about 5 months 6 months they will develop all the software .. But despite these errors .. windows 8.1 blue, it's a super cool windows… I own components from 2012, processor i5… 6 giga ram memory .. hard sata 3 .. and yet I gave up windows 8… because I will not get who knows what great performance .. because for windows 8.1 blue .. to see the maximum performance .. you need an ssd-card .. new model video card, motherboard to support windows 8 with driver etc… an i7… andthen everything will be ok… At the moment I focused on windows 7 which is perfect for my motherboard… and what else do I have all the drivers .. Anyway, I will work for about 6 months and I will buy myself new components to make a super desktop with windows 8.1 installed .. and with an ssd-card and then I will be able to enjoy the performance to the fullest… To be honest, if I was not a super fan of games .. I I put Ubuntu 13.04… and I finished all this drumming with windows :: :))))))

  24. Hi everyone. I would really be curious what the hell can happen with this damn computer that I ruined OS at least twenty-something times, of which we estimate a number of 50% due to the operating system, another have little and give it with a sledgehammer and remain with laptop repairs, as already I'm sick of this washing machine! Before I give rearm, very much I want to know! how can this happen! I installed Windows operating system x8 trial version of 64 90 days, after which enabled the 90 single day without giving me 10 days of thought, I once happened in millions of OS's that I insatalat up ago. Ok nothing I do not care. But after 13 days, corner of the desktop, you must show me 77 days left. Ok well I ordered the PC open then I meet a pop-up that tells me to activate Windows ASAP! I would like to say no first use win8 x64 so is consistent with PC performance. If anyone reads this message, even over 10 years and had such a problem, tell me not to die pros! I inquired everywhere on microsoft official website which I hate!

  25. If hated Windows, why do not you put a linux? Why not try an ubuntu distribution 13.04? You say you've had your pc broke down, tell me and I ask you nicely, which was broken in him? Tell us what did not work and new Windows that you have installed? Where have you seen that Microsoft ICI 10 days of testing force your chosen Windows? It's the first time I heard this shit! Well if you 8 windows gives you enterprise which is valid 90 days, and who knows what program you wanted to activate it, and when there was a virus, and you corrupted your operating system! You too excited! Really I say! Id leave you a mess to explain better your problem there if you want desgur!

    • 1/2 I wasn't really upset at all, it was just a simple five-minute outburst because that's when it happened to me and I was very curious if it happened to anyone else and I didn't ask for help because something like that can't be fixed! An expired windows can be activated with serial, with rearm if you keep it or if you don't keep it with small changes in the registers, or cracked what is excluded from me. I had linux, I really like it and I had no problems with it, unlike windows! but I need windows for certain things, I don't want to go into details. Come on, I'll edit it again, it seems I wasn't clear enough. I didn't have the PC broken, but the windows! which I broke many times but repaired until I learned from my mistakes! As for the functions in windows, I didn't say it doesn't work… it works very well! And where did you see that I wrote that Microsoft stole ten days of trying?!… ..

  26. Let the world already wants to get rid of the Windows Start button 8.1 blue! :)))

  27. ThLegend: If you detest windows, why do not you put a linux? Why not incercio 13.04 ubuntu distribution? Say you've had your pc broke down, tell me and I ask you nicely, which was broken in him? Tell us what did not work and new Windows that you have installed? Where have you seen that force Microsoft Windows 10 test day chosen by you? E Primada I heard this shit! Well if you 8 windows gives you enterprise which is valid 90 days, and who knows what program you wanted to activate it, and when there was a virus, and you corrupted your operating system! You too excited! Really I say!'ll Leave a mess id to better explain your problem there if you want desgur!

    I hope you will post and the second (2 / 2) comments that I wrote, I do not see him here. To read about what it was about.

    • Hmm, you say you were upset for five minutes, during which time you dusted Microsoft! :)) Blue screens, errors, plus many other problems with windows appear for the following reason: drivers installed in vain, drivers installed in beta. When installing a driver in beta, be sure that you will have problems and those nasty mistakes… The phase is that you have to be patient. The calculator is not something simple, with which you put next next and ready windows. Well, I have some idea about PCs, and I still make some mistakes to ruin my newly installed windows. Even I sometimes downladen drivers in beta, and then see what beauty of blue screens appear to me, you know those with 0x0000001. You realize that you have to give your pc time and you have to be calm and relaxed and in a good mood when you install a windows. The big brands of pc components don't really offer support for blackberry drivers in your mouth, and sometimes you download beta drivers, and it wakes you up with a lot of blue screens. Plus, before installing a windows, you have to remove the battery from the bios, then put it back in, then make the settings in the bios properly, then install your bios, because that one also needs to be installed, plus many other things. It is best to look at the tutorials on this site…. Pfuleii, how lucky we are with the site Tutorials explained Mura mouth and in Romanian. Well give a child understands and 10 years.

  28. how to activate windows 8.1? a cv activator ?? those with skype…. there are stories….

  29. not going to download, because I throw on this page:

  30. Very good tutorial.

  31. Very good tutorialul.Bravo! Let's continue the good work!

  32. hello I have a windows 8.1 pro with media center build 9600… I can't open the iso + image because I don't have the key and everything I tried is not good and it doesn't take [key] in connection with iso it doesn't want to open it and give an error like could not open… pls help 😀

    • Be a little more specific. Do not rush. At first you say you do not have the key and you can not open the iso, and then you said that you do not take. How do you check key's authenticity if you could not use the iso. Something else had tried to open the iso. This can burn on a CD / DVD or USB stick can be zipped open application / unzipped and 7zip or WinRAR, or can be mounted with daemon tools. Incidentally it would not be my thing but that's pirated iso image?

  33. Adrian Iulian said

    How can I upgrade windows 8 to windows 8.1 if I have a version installed on my dvd? as it does not appear in stores…


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