How to upgrade to Windows 10 forced

Why Upgrade to Windows 10 forced?
In the era of optical fiber and Vine sites 7 seconds, easily lose patience. I waited about 1 day and I lost all patience reserve. And because Windows can not wait to try the Acer Switch 10 12 Acer Switch 12It has been forced to upgrade Windows 10. Perhaps if you expect after Microsoft, take another half day
I'll be honest, the people at Microsoft must serve millions of PCs that awaits upgrade and this is not something that is instant. There are limitations to the bandwidth of servers, processing power and more. Inserted in any case, even if we understand the situation, we still want Windows 10 now; Like a child who sees lollipop ...
How to upgrade to Windows 10 forced?
If you've got crap "Get Windows 10", ignore it! It does not do any good in this situation. It's like a wedding invitation that does not bring you any satisfaction.
We will upgrade download and semi manual.
Download Media Creation Tool (10 upgrade windows) (Windows upgrade 10 32 64 or bits)
After you download the tool, simply launch it and follow the steps!
What does the upgrade to Windows 10?
The upgrade is switching to a superior version of the program or operating system without losing data or settings.
For this free upgrade to Windows 10, benefiting only those who 7 Windows, Windows or Windows 8 8.1. Those who have Windows XP and Vista, can not upgrade, but will have to do fresh install.
What is fresh Windows install 10?
Fresh Install the operating system is installed over the old version or a freshly formatted hard disk. In case of a fresh install data and settings will be lost.
fresh install
If you want to do fresh install and you have no optical drive, you can make the operating system on the stick.installing the operating system on the stick

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  1. Cristi Hello! Ms lot to offer tutorials will follow for a long time (I think better of 8 years). We managed to do the windows update 10 by this method, surprisingly enabled and although I had a windows license crakuit with daily updates. My problem is that I can not use the keyboard to load windosului and therefore no solution in the BIOS settings uefi.Era-windows updates and security-advance and there should appear UEFI. (See youtube) only to I do not occur. If you can help me remain grateful.

    • Costelina said

      some PCs no keyboard or USB mouse if they are not seen only in Windows
      I must be on normal plugs (PS / 2) that you can enter the BIOS version you thought about that?

      • Very strange that before the win 7 went without any problem after update 10 not want to win. I do a clean reinstall the 10 only win if you do not know windosul remains activated after the clean reinstall. Does the license is put in bios?

        • Costelina said

          I tried not know and did not get used Windows 8.1 with my laptop, I stayed smoothly functioning Windows 8 / 32 and 64 and bit / Windows 10 Absolutely not
          my opinion is that you must have strong and prepared for Windows PC 10
          and is stored in BIOS license only if you buy the device with the OS preinstalled, you do not /

    • Keyboard happened to me, all you have to do is change the USB port.

  2. Hi, Cristi! To do this forced upgrade to Windows 10 must have either Windows 7, 8 8.1 or licensed?

    • They said some also works with Windows pirated, they got even a license. Honestly I can not give him an answer 100% solid. Chances are that go with pirated Windows. Anyway, it's better to save your desktop and you have the documents before the upgrade, to be sure.
      You realize now that those from Microsoft, if the eyes Windows inched pirated sites, no say so out loud. Still have something to gain with Windows stores sites.
      I see too Mishu has gone trick...

      • Confirm this! On the laptop I had 10 testing and is now licensed and pirated 8.1 on a desktop and without bother me I upgraded to Windows 10 pro and saw the end it worked. What? I do not know!

      • Now run on an older Windows configuration 7 Home Premium (I run Windows and 8.1) that I ATI Radeon video card drivers for both Windows X1050 sites. We are unclear whether it will be supported video card Windows 10, he having similar or even system requirements Windows 8.1 equal ....

      • Hi Cristi, I made updates to Windows 10 and everything I have is perfect.O queries and can make a future tutorial about this! I have Windows license and the question would be if I could do a backup to windows and other queries 10 how can we stop automatic updates because it seems the new operating system does not give us much to ales.Multumesc!

        • Only on Windows 10 Home can not stop Updates. On other versions of Windows 10 can only be postponed or paused.

      • florin Urk said

        hello if you do not mind me telling me what to do to get slightly more performance?
        go out cheaper ...

        System Information
        Time of this report: 10 / 27 / 2015, 11: 36: 33
        Machine name: URK
        Operating System: Windows Rating 8 64-bit Enterprise (6.2, 9200 Build) (9200.win8_gdr.150713-1241)
        Language: Romanian (Regional Setting: Romanian)
        System Manufacturer: FUJITSU SIEMENS
        System Model: D2581-A1
        BIOS: Version 6.00 R1.18.2581.A1
        Processor: Intel (R) Core (TM) Duo CPU 2 E4600 @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~ 2.4GHz
        Memory: RAM 3072MB
        Available OS Memory: RAM 3070MB
        Page File: Used 1366MB, 4776MB available
        Windows Dir: C: \ Windows
        DirectX Version: DirectX 11
        DX Setup Parameters: Not found
        User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
        System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percentile)
        DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
        Dxdiag Version: 6.02.9200.16384 Unicode 64bit

  3. There's no trick 'the people at Microsoft said in a momendat as those with pirated win will move to 10' deeds not notice that appears on the desktop yet and everything is pink ... it's just a matter of time before you will be invited to purchase a license.

    If I'm wrong someone correct me

    • Toro Moreno said

      You are perfectly right ! I win 7 ultimate hacked. I took 10 win after a few days I retrecut to win7. After a few days I was surprised to see that I calc.blocat and instintarea to buy licienta pt. Win7. I redesigned win7. and then they are forced to take the win 10. When I close my calc. and automatically upgrades them to win10. A great bulshit /

  4. Botocan said

    Thank you ......

  5. catalin said

    Many thanks! .. but after I did the upgrade, if you want to do a reinstall of bootable dvd doos with more going on? and if you go .How it works? .I saw that it creates a partition example I installed from scratch and I rebuilt DVD bootable partition slopes including oem and I have not managed to not activate ..ceva walk.

    • Cosmin said

      You can install Windows 10 whenever you like on a computer that already have activated a license following the upgrade. During installation you can just "skip" whenever you are asked cd key site. Windows is activated when you dial up to the Internet. I had problems with drivers after the upgrade and I had to do a reinstall.

    • Costelina said

      doos What's that?

  6. CostinPopescu said

    Singuru are having a problem with Windows Store? give him and show that loads a few seconds then closes ... Does anyone know a solution?

  7. Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

    Go activated liceenta they give them (is the only previous example started with 33 liceenta) and this one are easy Aida or piriform Speccy But (I think) that only need cd key now anyway is changed but he keeps in mind that the show was "injected" in bios.Asta see myself when I decide to stick another hard greater PC and do a clean install on that drive.

    If I missed anything please correct me someone who has done it knows 100% for that I just made the upgrade from Windows to Windows 7 64 x10 Pro Pro which is superior to net 7.

  8. Orcum by Microsoft big cheese now no longer put on licienta ... even if you have not licienta all you can use Windows 10 smoothly, but occasionally you call attention to a pop-up with a black wallpaper ( no longer as in the past when you were not licienta closes your PC at a time interval set by them) to scare you and jump on a licienta money.
    No longer as in years past when Microsoft put great emphasis on this, prentu as they realized that if they keep so the world is moving toward something else. Orcum will remove them all over 50 cheese and eyes to come from public institutions.

  9. Catalin said

    I have an error, download Windows, check the download after it gives me error "Contact your PC manufacturer to see if you can upgrade the system BIOS". I have a dell inspiron laptop 5110 from 2012. I do not understand what does the BIOS with Windows. I have Windows 7 now but before we had windows and windows 8.1 10 preview and went smoothly.

  10. Excuse me change the subject, but I have a question: How can I share files on a PC with Ubuntu on a laptop with Ubuntu and you can see and modify your laptop?
    I INVERCA with Personal File Sharing to share your Public folder, I INVERCA many miracles, but we did.

  11. Perhaps you look silly now tell me not give yo one risk 'does not complicate me to use any activator' and other wonders .. try this 10 Home and pan let him not activated this month so when I buy a license or licensed 8.1 and make the transition to 10 legal. A to cost some money 'yes I even know a thing as it's legal and that's it.

  12. Anderson said

    Hi Cristi, very good tutorial, but I want to ask you and others may wonder, but did not have the courage How do I install the clean Windows 10, 8.1 windows bag without having to waste time after installing 10 them? I tried something that did Adrian with PowerShell, but give different licenses. Aida Yxxx shows me one with and the other one with JVxxxxx Shell after another site I found the same order, but it gives me another T49xxxxx keys. What is done can be installed on clean W10 had licensed from W8.1?

  13. ovidiu said

    I took the 15 euros licenza on eBay

  14. I is very pleased especially as we got in Romanian

  15. Hello! I made the reservation two Sony Vaio 1512 and still have not received a download link or anything TLS move to Win 10 ... Anyone know what is happening, how long? I understand that the upgrade will be done in waves, but until today I expected to be reached by the tide and our Romanik ...
    (I win 8.1 with both PC license)

    • Do exactly what to do and Cristi (forced Upgrade to Windows 10) in this tutorial. That's why he did this tutorial.

  16. Hey! I have a question I 8.1 windows enterprise, I gave him the win 10 upgrade, everything went perfectly, but when it comes in Windows is not activated, what I did yesterday, nor today is not enabled, noted that even if we license, did not walk near the clock appeared to notice anything that is done, I do not want activators, cracks etc., I want everything to be legal, Thanks!

    • Enterprise think there is activated by Update

      Matching upgradable Windows 10 Editions & Activation Chart:

      Previously Activated Windows --Upgradable Windows Activation Method 10 Free Upgrade Offer
      =========================== ===================== == =============== ==================
      Windows 7 10 Enterprise Enterprise ............ ..Windows KMS & MAK Activation Keys Only No
      Retail Pro Windows 7 / 10 Pro Both OEM ......... .Windows Permanent & KMS Activation Yes
      Windows Windows 7 10 ...... Volume License Pro Pro VL Both Permanent & KMS Activation Yes
      Ultimate Windows 7 10 Pro Both ............... .Windows Permanent & KMS Activation Yes
      Windows Home Premium ......... ..Windows 7 10 Home Edition Yes Both Permanent & KMS Activation
      Windows Home Basic ............ ..Windows 7 10 Home Edition Yes Both Permanent & KMS Activation
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 Enterprise Enterprise ......... .Windows KMS & MAK Activation Keys Only No
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 ..Windows ...... Enterprise Enterprise N & N KMS MAK Activation Keys Only No
      Windows 8 / 8.1 Pro Retail / OEM Windows ...... 10 Pro Both Permanent & KMS Activation Yes
      Windows 8 / 8.1 Pro N Retail / OEM ... .Windows 10 Both Permanent & N Pro KMS Activation Yes
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 Pro Pro Volume License..Windows Both Permanent VL & KMS Activation Yes
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 Pro Volume License..Windows Both Permanent & N Pro VL KMS Activation Yes
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 ..Windows ...... Core Edition Home Edition Yes Both Permanent & KMS Activation
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 Core N Edition ...... Windows Home Edition N & KMS Activation Both Permanent Yes
      Windows 8.1 10 Specific.Windows Core Country Home Country Spe. Both Permanent & KMS Activation Yes
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 LanguageWindows Core Single & Single Language Both Permanent Yes KMS Activation
      Windows 8 / 8.1 10 Pro Both WMC ............... ..Windows Permanent & KMS Activation Yes

  17. I notice that hardly has anyone any idea when the tide reaches update and Romanik ... I understand that you are upgraded to win 10 directly by downloading the iso and perhaps with a clean install ... wait ... who knows, maybe Bill read this post and help me :)))

  18. most unstable operating system Windows. bleah. guinea fowl must be more like a woman =)). be smart use Linux and be free. the windows are limited. I will always say when they see tutorials on windows even if I repeat myself. and if you have some programs that do not work or is not an alternative to dual boot linux place

    • I forgot to give and what specific upgrades to Windows is unable to resettle tote applications, e cabbage. ain and leave behind a garbage pile, something does not happen on Linux. Linux is able to delete the old version and reinstall the programs had prior to upgrade tote

    • Af ***** g You are troll :))

  19. calin:

    UBUNTU RULES !!!! but here we talk about Windows 10 ... so if not please try to keep calm Interested

  20. milam shoved and is super thanks for tuorial was suprer

  21. manole76 said

    Merge 10 and installed windows activation key windows to introduce a 7 home premuim? I have a Windows laptop with a BA from the above and currently use Windows XP on it because I have some self diagnosis programs on xp work best. Thanks in advance for. Answer!

  22. Now that everyone is in fibrillation with the new version of Windows do not you realized that this version may be the best 10 Trojan horse that you receive in your house without you ever noticing. Why do you think it's so great generosity Bill Gates? So we expect to see as the curious closed the door very institutions that we want to globalize.

  23. LucianGL said

    Cristi see it go "do" phone to go as AppleTV which currently cost around € 80 Apple TV device and what I say cost € 0, let win10 that's still in beta about 1 year. Like the idea you have connected your phone to any TV via HDMI data cable, wireless phone connected to and can give play to another phone or PC / laptop to see in the next room the TV movie / picture / audio more desirable. Of course you can give play to the phone and display on a PC or SmartTV, but what I say is that the process is the reverse, that you play on your PC and run the phone even more is that you can give play from another phone and running on another phone. From here remains to connect your HDMI cable to the TV and you do a simple TV SmartTV without having to invest anything. Super strong and useful idea, do not forget to "refer the reader" you do videotutorialul.
    Best Regards, Luci

  24. This free passage to upgrade Windows 10 how long is valid? The website stated that after 1 UTOK year, you can use it to continue, you should buy it. Who knows, it is true or not?

  25. Hi guys, I need to download all Windows versions 10 x86-rom x64 original .iso where I can be free of charge, it is desirable tracker something .... !!!

  26. Windows serious enterprise 8.1 not activate the update? it's not right, like saying that if you have all the free license ..

    • Entreprise not acriveaza the update, that's bad news. I tried though, so check it is real! Right from the beginning I said that there was a problem and you out!

  27. so i do not give cheita?

  28. windows10 instalation failed !!!!!
    asus laptop windows 7
    Do you know why ???
    thank you

  29. Told and earlier, you have no idea 10 windows, ramaii phones!

  30. I installed a Windows 10 yesterday by Team England (you know what that) .Ati remained in urma.Imi sorry!

  31. Cristi Hello! I did exactly as you did in the tutorial. Operate normally until the first restart and then the following error (0xC1900101-0x20017 Installation failed SAFE_OS stage with an error during the operation BOOT)
    I tried to install USB and DVD but give restarts immediately after the order to leave the respective USB DVD
    Win 7 and 8 mention that operate normally.
    I have the following configuration:
    Intel® Pentium® G3258, 3.20GHz, Haswell, 3MB, Socket 1150
    HyperX FURY memory 4GB Blue, DDR3, 1600MHz, CL10, 1.5V
    Gigabyte H81M-S1, Socket 1150
    120 gb SSD
    I would be grateful to you or orcui read this post for a helpful hint.
    Thank you for understanding.

  32. Howdy!

    If you want to make installation "fresh" Windows will ask cd-key?

  33. Hello,

    And my opinion is that since the beginning and Win 10 is relatively a beta ... I installed it on a Lenovo Win 500 W7 that goes well ... Installation went well but when it launched the first application crashes ... Lucky me I made a picture with the old ... Win 7. Because I took that picture I made 10 Win installing a second time, in which case we chose to delete all my applications (theoretically should have a clean instlare) ... same problem ...
    Perhaps that will improve the compatibility of these 6 months ... at least I hope so ....

  34. hello, I win I win 8.1 10 pro after pro update or Muma win10?

  35. I got exactly what I was now sure if anyone =))) which is rushing to upgrade and make and tutorial, you are. Cristi Thanks! Do you follow tutorials I think of 5-6 years now.

  36. Pirated Windows confirm activation.

  37. Mr Cristian've installed Windows laptop 8.1 64 Enterprise N-bit, my question is what kind of need the Windows 10. I would like to do the clean install. I installed Windows PC 10 insider, but my laptop was teama.Windows is not pirated. Thanks!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you do a clean install and no update, you can not activate Windows 10 7 with Windows license!
      Only the update from the 7 10's free! For a clean install of Windows 10 you will need to purchase a separate license for Windows 10

      • virus2009 said

        @ Adrian

        Merge and made clean installation after the upgrade, you will receive another product license, save and give it whips the future. Do not talk nonsense without being checked, that's exactly what I did.
        Key retail as one before permanent activation obvious.

        If you notice that you have a license for Windows for free, in 2 1.

  38. I forgot to tell you that I want to use my license key to continue to be legal!

    • Enterprise versions of Windows do not support upgrading from Windows 10 gratuity. At least from what I know.

  39. How can return from the 10 7 windows if it were the case, I could make this change? If so, how.

  40. Costelina said

    Windows (10) or any other version does not matter, do not go! I have not heard so
    ie a new version ,, ,, back to the previous version can not be unless you have an ISO image on HDD, SSD as appropriate or a CD / DVD with all Windows or Windows for resettlement STICK
    if you do not have anything that I listed / above and destroyed the PC is recomended free (provisional maybe if you can not stand without Windows) is Linux

  41. Alas for my life ...
    I have a I3 3.2 GZ SSD60 GB hard 320 and 126 video card / 1GB ram. So some components mediocre, I can not think, again, it's "Totally insane" windosul it!
    PS: I watched the tutorial, and I tried to install it on a W 7 / 64 bit hacked, it turned to my surprise

    • Costelina said

      give you zumzum but while you (to tumble?) after a week or withdrawal enters and begins with errors and figure / of those critical
      I was lifted from my personal stuff like sour apples!

  42. Barbes Ionut said

    Cristi Hello! I have a "problem", I have a system with the following specifications. Intel i3 3240 3.4ghz, 8gb RAM and nvidia gt 1066 630 2gb, the problem is the following .: run any game on average at least watch videos without climb in 1080 15-20% of procesoru but when I watch a video 4k go jerky, 4-6 sec goes ok, then just go procesoru stand 100%. I upgraded to win 10 and it's just like the win 7, clips 4k problem disappears. Can you help me understand why?

  43. Greet
    How to turn off or update to Windows 10 pro?

  44. So eventually be worth more dedecat 10 7 windows?

    • From my point of view, Windows 10 is a better system than Windows 7. I'll talk at length about this in a tutorial soon.

      • Cristi do not know how you go so well tie 10 windows for all drivers not appeared for him, put him on your laptop lenovo g580? I have now checked and not available any drivers for Windows 10 not say no good example windows 8 do not like but 8.1 is okay but 10 I like louder but no drivers, next year I think you I may try it

  45. Samsung laptop did RV508 update to Windows 10. But installing Windows PC stops at 10 18%. I left and 3 hours and not run away. Does anyone know why?

  46. Hello, please tell me you me what do I download 10 pro and final wind gives me an error and not completed downloading. Thanks mult.La other pc download media creation tool and run when I give a window with OK and not start nothing more with respect ms.

  47. Hello,
    I made a reservation for Win 10, and now you install it, do not leave me.
    The problem as "There are no supported networking devices" ..
    How can I fix this problem ???
    Thank you!
    PS: This week I'm going to get myself One Plus One and I hope to be pleasantly surprised as you are "Christ" ..

  48. I have a network card "Intel (R) 82578DC Gigabit Network Connection".
    Driver's factory Intal and internetu 's super OK!
    I think not supported.
    I can see if it is compatible with Win10 somewhere ??

    Thanks Cristi!

  49. gabriela said

    I did upgrade to Windows 10 and store windows does not load (try to open, then closes abruptly)
    Windows 8 mentioned that work perfect.Am account Microsoft.Te please tell me what fac.Cu thanks

  50. Hello. I tried to do with this version update but my problem is that Windows does not unload. I waited more than 5 0% at all hours and stayed.
    What should i do?


  51. Howdy! I try to make my upgrade but at one time I ask product key. w7 now use in my system appears as it would not be activated, although they all updates. it's possible that my version w7 to come to Remove WAT directly to the installation. in this case how can I get product key? w7 can activate in any way then pass key for the installation of w10?
    thank you!

  52. Some 'compliments' if I may.

    Theme 1 site may be better (2015)

    2 Logo? I want to see 'something' cause remember or a simple text that does POINT

    Social media 3 ?! external links to the site so nicaeri? (At least I have not seen ..)

    4 YT channel is not available to 'point no offense .. (links between video' of ex Chest 'cane there be life on the YT channel ala' not to mention that of G + which unfortunately is totally non-existent 'in and Twitter account as the site \ other 'and G + and Twitter use and Soundcoud ba (I know that the site is VIDEOtutorial but can a podcast' from Domanial IT talent you '(this is a suggestion SC)

    5 Promotion Social Media = one here unfortunately 'a bitter contest there anything one page life' something a box with ISSUES momendat there where if you won something you were involved ... I have not heard anything .. no section that no longer exists.

    I have written all this to win that prize I nus 'I can afford to buy me something if I really need' but get very much time on your site and I would like to see more involved and networks ... ..etc social.

    ..with risks as being cursed or banned ..etc a good day! deserves a bit of attention from you Mr. Cristi Adrian

    • Your proposals are good but think that for contests / prizes You need to give them information in tutorials and I think it's more value than a shirt or smartphone. I'm still watching tutorials on youtube so well explained in Romanian but we have not seen that here if you do not understand something extra that you are responding to comments. Related podcast, this information if you're careful you can find in tutorials like "how to choose a laptop, tablet, PC Components ..." you know? I think you know I can not stay in 24 24 hours just to handle videotutorial. Logo theme site at least I prefer more simple and to the generally uncomplicated

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We emphasize the image but not on content and visitor information provided.
      Videotutorial has official page on all the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube
      Every time we post a new tutorial, announce this and on social networks. The fact that visitors do not involve the comment field at the videos posted on YouTube, I do not believe us but everyone. Our goal is for visitors to reach us from the desire to learn, organic, not through social networks in google or contests. Visitors will be obtained through contests always a momentary spike which later will collapse quickly. The old site will remain all visitors who love what we do, who like technology. We want people to come to us out of conviction, pleasure, desire to learn. The information obtained here is the biggest win of their own!

  53. would have to specify something about confidentiality, windows 10 DOES NOT something you simply missing something so be it an MOKA give everything with a price

    • as long as you do daily update license. You Slavu, one of the pawns Microsft voluntarily. The Privacy and know that any OS spioneza their customers

  54. You're right, Adrian, great truth !!!

  55. Hello. I got through the windows 10 insider pro ... now if I have problems with the system and reinstalled I have the ability to enable ????? or permanently lost and must eventually enabled him to buy or use a version of 90 days ??? thank you

    • Hello. I got through the windows 10 insider pro ... now if I have problems with the system and reinstalled I have the ability to enable ????? or permanently lost and must eventually enabled him to buy or use a version of 90 days ??? thank you

  56. I'm after 2 10 days of Windows was crashed home meni site, Cortana, no longer respond to any fresh instal comenzi.Acum only do the job.

  57. I welcome the pro 10 windows installation disk, buteaza without any problems, but I want to install in the virtual box, but the window remains stuck buteaza.imi win.mentionez I win7 site ultimate.dvd is bootable, I start installing on HDD, but in virtual box installed in VirtualBox nu.oare goes? or have something by setting?

  58. Costelina said

    processor supports virtualization?
    ie you have installed the operating system's virtual other?
    First time or proceed to something
    If you are confused in describing the problem, everything will be confused and response

  59. gogule.confirm that VMware Workstation thanks go

  60. 10 my Windows install the upgrade, broke down after 2 days. Comodo Internet Security free did crash, Malwarebytes has not been updated, uTorrent has never downloaded anything flash and upset that he still looks mug, Windows opens after 2 13 seconds instead of minutes as it was in the beginning, almost any I click the 2 had times like it was broken mouse, 3 shutdown last minute, so I uninstalled it and put a 8.1. On 8.1, I only installed uTorrent, and got off a clean ISO 10. I put the usb, and I installed it. No serial request. After I connected to the internet, to self-activate. Windows 10 pro activated. It works better installed on clean, than the upgrade. I put the same programs, and it goes well, no problem.

  61. For those upgrading win a 7 we should have him do? Thanks.

  62. Aurel Mironescu said

    Dear Christian, I have a older laptop, HP, to replace Vista with XP I (subjective reasons then). What can I do to go to a new version of Windows (preferably 7, 8 or 10)? The C partition am free 15 G. Thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      What you can do is look for an ISO image of Windows 7, 8 10 or, to burn a DVD (ISO image of the operating system) making it bootable USB stick or make a bootable and install Windows CPC.
      If you got lost in the details, we were here on site tutorial on how you get the ISO image of the operating system, and how to make a bootable CD or DVD, and how to make a bootable USB stick, and how Windows installs 7, 10 Windowss, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8. All acceste tutorials you find using the search box top right of the new site, we have over 1300 video tutorials!

  63. I try to Intal 3-4 days and I Win 10, but I worry NIC.
    I built a board, but I also have a Wi-Fi stik can somehow cancel my NIC and remain at stik ??
    Maybe, maybe so and I'll manage to do the upgrade ...
    Or if anyone knows a way I could use very well.

    Thank you!!!

  64. I have Windows 8.1 PRO licensors. and I will soon upgrade to Windows 10. I wish to stick to the reinstall when needed. I want to know if when you reinstall Windows 10 you have a license for it? Or should I install Windows and then Windows 8.1 10 PRO him to be licensed?

  65. Hello,
    I installed Windows 10, rather we did upgra forced to Windows 7, but I have a problem. I give "Shut down" practical system restarts and have to try three times to stop. Can you say why do Asat if exixta any solution? Thank you.

  66. You can install Windows on 10 64 win7 if they have licensed the 32.
    If so, how?

  67. Hello, I would like and I 10 windows because I have no money free of cumpara.Cum I could get one for free?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you were careful to find that tutorial, Media Creation Tool with my colleague presented in this tutorial, you can get Windows 10, Media Creation Tool 10 and then you download Windows asks if you want to make a bootable USB stick with Windows 10 or if you want to burn a bootable DVD with Windows 10.

  68. I did upgrade to WIN 10 after I made an updating BitDefender at system restart appeared to me already known blue screen with an error "DPC watchdog violation" of which I could not escape than reinstalling WIN8.1 and then upgrade Win 10. Encouraged by this experience (however, WIN 10 goes well ...) I made an upgrade to another desctop. I can not complain, WIN10 doing great, it kept all the old Windows applications, except for antivirus BitDefenderTotalSecurity 2015. Unfortunately I never thought to write down license BitDefender. How I can return to BitDefender? He had another experience like?

  69. I upgraded to Windows 10 a relatively new laptop (not one year) and then can not use Skype. Previously I had installed windows 8,1 I had no problem with Skype. I deleted and reinstalled I am tired and all accesaşi problem. The voice or video call when partner responds Skype closes automatically as you would have finished talking. Please if anyone knows Solution possibly setting, I would be very happy to help.

  70. I bought a PC with win at EMAG 8.1 with bing x64 preinstalled in sept.2014.Nu got icon Get Windows 10 although we all updates troubleshouting necesare.Am run a program from Microsoft told me the installed version is not eligible pt.upgrade.Eu ineligibility suspect however that comes from OEM licensed version of Windows.Care not think the cause of the 2 described above? If I try forced installation method you described above, do you think will win 10 active?

  71. I switched from Windows to Windows pirated 8.1 10 making reservations upgrade and can say it went perfectly, to was no problem returning to article interesting method a try right now and come back with updates!

    • It works perfectly, since Windows upgrade that was made is pirated ... amintalnit not any problem and enabled automat..multumesc!

  72. Does anyone know why I disappeared desktop? We all nice icons placed there, and now I get a mess on the screen, a list of programs. To open Internet page must go to the menu on the left and select. And ... I typed out white hairs. I can type any text not only very slowly.

  73. a Toshiba Intel Celeron × 2 2,16 2 gb ssd 23gb ram. 8.1 win bing licensed. 10 win you try to install it says I do not have enough room on your hard drive. I liber16,6 download up to 9.6 require external support memory card inserted 18gb and he says he does not see. normally it's ok. Tips?

  74. Hi,
    a small-problem: after the great transition to Windows 10 I lost partition D and E (access denied) and as a result more data, documents and files. I think they will be automatically entered. How do I recover them?
    Thank you

  75. Same problem as Monasc. After switching from the 7 10, after restart, I lost partitions D and E. We instead how both unpartitioned space. It can recover partitions with downgrade to 7? (I have this option)

  76. Marin-Claudiu said

    Hello, I tried to go from windows7 ultimate to windows 10 just like the tutorial, everything went perfectly until a point, we come to "Getting updates" and for some time remained at "Checking for updates" Let me note that it is not blocked, it seeks, but the tutorial I noticed that within seconds found everything I stand for over an hour and nothing ...
    Windows is activated ps / pirated, but many say there is no problem.

  77. Hello when I install it says "This tool Can not upgrade your PC"

  78. Hi,
    try long to go from w7 HE (32 biri) licensed the new version Hone W 10 1511 10586 build. I used MediaCreation Tool, but after step 4 (download files and update the new version updates) appears: "Something Happened". I did all sorts of settings in Services, etc but in vain. thank you

  79. Hello! when to give me install the upgrade product key appears to bag dc?

  80. Andrew said

    hey if I windovs unlicensed 8.1 from 10 upgra and give something happens?

  81. maricica said

    why laptop closes every day at 22.00? and what to do to not be close?

  82. Maximilian. said

    Hey! Me to update, I NUJ last very long ... why, any idea?

  83. Hello! I recently upgraded to Windows 10,3zile worked perfectly now deschide.stie laptop is no longer any problem? I have a Lenovo laptop g50-45 (80E3)

  84. Hello. I have a tablet 8 "with Win 8.1 that after an update made by a utility on the tablet no longer recognizes touchscreen, battery, screen rotation and a few. Original drivers not find it. Basically use the mouse now. An upgrade to Win10 would help or what else can I do? I mention that a friend gave me a stick kind of identical copy of a tablet. Starts to boot it after a few seconds crashes.

  85. sal I'd like to know how can I install Windows tablet like Miami 10 stress grejala windows and now I can not take my bag tablet Windows tablet I Alcatel and gives me error

  86. and when I try to not let me back windows instales I give me error from home they can do something to install windows tablet windows 10 I had back xa thank you

  87. Hello!
    I have an old comp that I still have Vista. As you know, no updates.
    Is there a possibility to upgrade to windows 8?
    I bought and downloaded this comp windows 8.1 but I can not install it. Does anyone have any advice, an indication ...
    Thank you!

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