How to use Ikea kitchen planning application

Hello friends, this tutorial will show you how to use the web application from Ikea for planning a kitchen.
You heard right, I will show you how to make a home Ikea kitchen in front of the computer. It is a very clear example of how we can simplify life on the computer.
Some time ago I went to Ikea to buy furniture for the kitchen thought the house, there I found myself to be configured as any kitchen especially, that no ready-made kitchens. Said and done, I sat on a chair in front of a computer in the showroom and I realized I do not really get along. I asked an agent using Ikea which I configured a boot high speed for about 50 million, money that I had not.
I went home and I put the program Ikea, I managed to make my kitchen a few hours a millimeter on available space, this less than 1200 lei. Quality of bodies is the same, just different finishes, legs and obviously I put fewer drawers that are terribly expensive.
Delighted achievement I decided to do a tutorial on how to use the app, that no one be forced to scratch his head through the showroom, not knowing where to go.
Simply make your kitchen at home, in front of your PC when you go to Ikea already know about what it is and what to buy.
The beauty of this system comes from the fact that you do not have to do all the cooking at once, start with your bodies that you allow and you need now and when doing cava cache buy the rest.
IKEA planner

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  1. A similar application for the whole house but not as detailed and believe it

  2. Valentin said

    Congratulations tutorial! Very interesting.

  3. FaqyaK said

    Yeah sensational EXCELLENT, NICE JOB. The most useful tutorial, I have not words. (Kidding of course)
    I think orce other topics will be more interesting in the future. (Adrian please do not hurt me I just said what and are free to do it.)

    • If you do not know you found it interesting that does not mean that nobody liked. Maybe many people doeth Christ who want to renovate the kitchen. Maybe now it seems interesting but at some point I am convinced that it will be useful. An example would be okay tutorial with freedom which for some was not so exciting but then needed software and would have liked to access the site to see the tutorial but puteau.Este just one example but there are others . I admit that no I was not captivated so hard but I am convinced that over the years I can when I redo my kitchen will be very useful. It's just a tip: Do not jump to conclusions. You know what they say: Do not judge a book by its cover. I hope you do not mind or get offended

    • Costelina said

      If it says Yes just was not better?
      obviously you do not know what's wrong and what are you doing here === tutorial is made by Cristi
      I do not know why some people have brothers
      I don't know much (not even to shout correctly at least) but I make "art" critics 🙂

    • cristi said

      excellent, sensational, nice, etc., write very well (joking of course). I see that you are struggling to use Caps Lock, you do not mind?

  4. danteo said

    Excellent tutorial! Adrian I have a question (sorry that is not related to the tutorial above) ie I changed my email address when I installed win forced 8.1 when I wrote the old address I have said it can no longer use the ocupata.Acum receive an email when I appear dozens of e-mails but when I open them only appear on the new address. Please Tell me how can I read them and the old ones, especially the collection of mail from voi.MULTUMESC ANTICIPATED!!!

  5. george frost said

    Very interesting modules.

  6. Americanu said

    Congratulations America!

  7. Sorin Chiran said

    It's as if I see another "crazy" coming and he will say: "Masked advertisement at Ikea!" :))

  8. Folks, at some point each of us must furnish a room, an apartment or any other property.
    Like me, everyone uses first application Ikea planer seen a situation fruatranta. The interface is not quite as clear and intuitive at first. This tutorial does nothing to soften the learning curve will.
    It's better to know this app before you get in Ikea store, or even if you buy from elsewhere, it's better to know beforehand what furniture fixtures fit the allocated space.
    I'm sure each of you will use at one time such an application, and then you will see that this tutorial was not really so useless.

  9. axelluny said

    Thank you Cristi, the presentation is very good. Until recently we drew them by hand but… there is a gift… the huge advantage is that this software knows exactly the hardware you need and with the sketch you can walk around several suppliers or workshops with a reference price from which to negotiate.There are certain modern bodies and facilities that many of us do not know but this online software helps you a lot, giving you options.Who has eyes to see… .will see.Advertisement it's not because I personally know for at least 10 years that IKEA was the only company that produced modular furniture, so this software was almost natural to appear as there are also software for insulated windows, just as detailed and interesting.

  10. Vlad Andrei 1456 said

    Very interesting tutorial, and also very useful! And even please deepen the subject and to present solutions for the entire home. I am curious if there is any free software that you can use to make the plan of the house (walls, although necessary), like that game, SIMS, but something more serious. . .

  11. Costelina said

    servers fell youtube

  12. Viorel said

    Good tutorial interesting. Pretty please who knows to tell me me how is called tutorial in which the C create a folder named Temporary and here will store those junk files that gather in Tempe user?

  13. Octavian said

    Cristi how to set the nexus 4 as not to make updates to the android system??

  14. Someone wrote above wrote that at one point all get in a position to furnish a room or a kitchen
    Even this solution is welcome mine.Tutorialul is excelent.Multumiri.

  15. Hello Cristi,
    Are you satisfied with the quality of kitchen furniture purchased from Ikea? I've read various reviews pros and cons regarding the quality of chipboards used and do not yet know what to order furniture company.
    Very useful tutorialul.Multumiri

    • There is no "counter" to Ikea kitchen furniture, because you choose exactly what you want: shelves, fronts, baskets, hinges, shock absorbers, etc, etc. The configuration possibilities are endless and can be adapted to everyone's wishes.
      All manufacturers copies Ikea models and what I said everything.
      Use exactly as in the tutorial application and set up everything exactly your space in the kitchen, or go to the store and ask the district Kitchen assistant there to help you with the setup.
      My advice:
      Choose bodies with 60 cm depth, you have enough storage space.
      I bought everything from Ikea and I would buy without hesitation.
      I recommend!
      Another tip.
      Watch the fronts, some can be expensive (deluxe finish) and raise the total price you very much.
      Um, almost forgot, in 30 days, if you do not like it you can return the furniture.

  16. Catalin H said

    Hello Cristian,

    Very good tutorial.
    I have a question I primito and I in my turn. How do I create something akin to integrate into a website? (I mean the application).

    Thank you in advance!

  17. Hello,
    the video is not working, you think you can solve the problem?
    thank you.

  18. ALEXANDRU said

    The tutorial is exceptionally welcome and useful! Mr. Cristi deserves admiration and congratulations to all those interested.
    Since the application configuration is hard to follow too tiny, I would ask me precision can be increased?

  19. ViorelR said

    Force the good tutorial, even if it's older, I get it right now, thank you.

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