How to use TWRP Recovery on Android

Hi friends, today we have a tutorial about recovery on Android, namely Team Win Recovery Project or TWRP recovery.
A custom recovery (after market) allows us to do much more, compared to a stock recovery, even before entering the operating system Android.
Without a custom recovery, we can not install zip different packages (kernel, rum, radio, boot image, etc.).
A while ago I showed how to use ClockWorkMod recovery, or CWM RecoveryThat was the first custom recovery on the market.
Stock Recovery vs Custom Recovery!
A recovery in stock you can install a zip signed and reset the phone. Normally, no phone manufacturer wants to snooping by anyone MATZEIT phone software.
In TWRP can install unsigned zip sites; You can selectively delete (Dalvik cache, data, system); You can do full backups and restore; you can mount a usb drive in recovery; You can manage files with a file manager directly. Plus I can use multiple operating systems android (details in next tutorial).
At Wipe, do not delete "Internal Storage" because there are photos, videos, music and your downloads.

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  1. See that that version of Recovery knows to direct flashuieasca .img images, ie download a kernel for your on the net and if it is not packaged in a can copy directly to your phone flashuieasca boot.img and root recovery. When you install zip option button in the bottom right of that change to show you what, zipuri or .img sites.

  2. Show the bootloader unlock as well as install TWRP recovery and can?

  3. is very interesting but somewhat superficial that you have not specified how instalm TWRP as bootloaderu unlock. and would need to focus on mobile're not top Allview gender and others. not all have the money to buy their expensive phones top or to speak. and you do not last link to the site you specified that the developer.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Usually phones that are not top and not linked to a known brand, not esteemed by third party developers! It is not our fault! There are many designs which you will not find anything on the Internet related to CyanogenMod or unlock the bootloader. Usually devices are sites with more exotic hardware, weak or sinful with little flexibility for developers and hence lack of interest in them. If you still do not have money and you have not allowed but a device cheaper then I think any claims should not have. I do not think that someone who buys a Dacia would have expected it to "spin" a BMW (when I say "purr" I mean the engine)

      • Adrian Gudus said

        If something cheaper would do the same stuff as something more expensive, would not have to have expensive things and get cheap stuff, there would be no competition, differences. All would be as terrible and we get bored!

        • if you have money for a top phone is perfect. yes not all have money. general and I said I did not say it was your fault or his Cristi but I said what was missing from tutorial to be head tail. Why I said that it must be done for mobile weaker tutorial was an aside. and do not expect to spin logically I know that not many exotic ,, telephone ,, May

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Also for Calin, to get to the site mentioned crystal tutorial, visit Google and search box write "XDA Developers Forum" and press the Enter key.

  5. George said

    a tutorial acquisition laptop? actuala.ce are blurred offer the best Intel or AMD APU? 1500-1600 lei budget.

  6. Hi, a question that is the difference dintrun 5.0.2 and CyanogenMod Android?
    sony xperia I z2 with android 5.0.2 and are very pleased with it and another thing I noticed in 3-4 sony weeks as the improvements to the phone receiving writes that resolved not know what mistakes to him, nokia and samsung preseeding I had Allview but none provided as much support as sony, although at first I was skeptical of Sony recunsc, have a good day incontnuare. pa

    • Adrian Gudus said

      CyanogenMod is a custom rom, aftermarket, third or whatever you want to call it.
      It comes with Android clean interface, the interface that has the Android software on the devices Nexus, without graphical interface added to products like TouchWiz (Samsung), Optimus (LG), HTC Sense (HTC)
      Also in system opeare have many features and options that Android's amended producer (in your case by Sony) does not have, even Android's clean, the existing range Nexus does not have the options you'll find in CyanogenMod.
      The advantages of using CyanogenMod are very small footprint storage (takes up little space on your phone), speed of use due to lack interface that all manufacturers an add over OS to peersonaliza and (allegedly) improve (but worse they do, it hampers and offers Intuit functions sometimes you do not use ever, I am referring of course to Samsung)
      CyanogenMod does not come with Google applications, Google Apps package flash-uiesti it separately if you want to Play Store.
      If you want to find out what those extra features you do not find in stock ROM, we have already presented the CyanogenMod ROM that you find using the search box top right. Please be aware that since then things have changed, evolved CyanogenMod (are out new versions based on Android Lollipop) and new functionalities were added.

      • A small add stimulus

        Cyanogen comes with basic services and applications and certified google stable version.
        On nightly really does not come with Google applications and services as nightly versions are not certified by Google. Any rom Google needs certification before being delivered gapps. See Chinese, which delivers most phones compared to Google's certification, that is why not have the Google Play Store, Gmail, Calendar, hangout synchronization service accounts, etc.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          It may be an agreement between Google and the team CyanogenMod ROM on OnePlus One comes contain gapps and receive certification for this. I say this because I installed CyanogenMod official version and stable on other models and had no Google apps you finish watching the final version of flash. Flash-uiam gapps manually every time

  7. Cristi Hello, can you tell me please what the OnePlus OS using one or OS is best for this telefon.Multumesc.

    • Franco CM12 use stock kernel. Franco kernel patch has the last touch and also has support Multirom (will be in the next tutorial).
      Battery with this configuration you all day, until the next day at 1: 00 when you make incatcat. That a used aggressively and 6-7 hours SOT.
      If you use less, I think you're loose battery 2 days.

      • Dragos said

        Thanks Cristi, now I hope to be rude but you can not make a tutorial step by step how to change the ROM Kernel_ul and oneplus (do not think it's ever a tutorial in Romanian, would be the first not like but you would not know English of a better way to make the world understand) .Multumesc.

  8. marian said

    Android again? (X (X (X believe they are doing nerves :)))))))))))))))

  9. Hi Cristi.pana a year ago I had a xperia neo-v, I turned on all sides (root flashuit rums, etc.) after I bought my xperia z c6603.toate good and beautiful about 2 days when I wanted to unlock bootloaderul.cand there ... guess what:) bootloader unlock allowed: then XDA looking for a way to unlock sony call romania tells me you can not, send mail to sony, no answer, samdSi now comes the question: just can not unlock my bootloader to z? I rooted, I put Xposed many modules, but is far from what I want from a phone.

  10. Very useful, and I'll pass the TWRP, especially that ended philz development for recovery!

  11. Adrian, thank you for promptly but the links are to unlock bootloader status allowed: when I look at my bootloader unlock allowed: no., So I do not go to the official version unlock bootloaderului.asa that I unfortunately own a phone that now is limited to those from sony.este a method to flash TWRP with locked bootloader, but it is full of bugs, so wait until the smart guys find a way to unlock bootloader unlock and allowed: no.totusi thank you for lost time mine.multa esteem.

  12. and another thing ... mutirom for me is just a dream :))) only if you do not mind and change my telu '

  13. The market in Europe for Samsung devices can be unlocked bootloader nun. Installing a custom recovery is by Odin! I made a few tutorials on the forums for more Samsung phones in range and if Adrian agrees Cristi and I can give them to post them!

  14. I think Samsung phones already come with unlocked bootloader.

  15. Ada is come with unlocked bootloader. However, if I'm not mistaken locked bootloader versions America.

  16. Hello Cristi, can be rude to a ZTE Blade A470 TWRP go on google I found no big deal, thanks in advance.

  17. Hello. A favor. How do I install gender wagon way kg g4 c? I already 6.0 in android phone. But I can not activate the ITU and vertical scrolling screen applications. Thank you in advance.

  18. Hi ! I have a problem until I went to see your site.ul the tablet in TWRP recovery and I believe as time wiped out the system without I realize now when light comes on and stays blocked tablet with the logo. Please tell me why I can help ..daca. Thank you

  19. Hello, I can uninstall TWRP? With TWRP can delete an application?

    • Another question, how can boot into TWRP to enter directly, if possible? Htc Desire I 610. Multumsc anticipated.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        You can boot directly into the recovery follows:
        - Hang up
        - Keep pressing the volume - and power
        Recovery is not uninstalled but is replaced. Uieşti of flash recovery of the stock (although I do not know what you want to do that) or flash-uieşti another as ClockworkMod recovery if available for your device as a
        You can delete an application or a folder (any file type) of TWRP Recovery

        • Recovery know how I fit in, but the question was whether my phone can directly enter TWRP. When you enter Boot Options screen appears white to the other, and should go down with the volume key in Recovere after coming into TWRP.

  20. Greetings

  21. Tutul Cristian said

    Hello. I bought a locked IMEI phone. How can I remove the IMEI blacklist from a g930f galaxy. Thank you for your answer ....

  22. Antonio Gabriel said

    Hello! What can I do if I have deleted the system and date?
    I no longer start the system, which means it stays at the phone's logo endlessly
    After a while I packed it but nothing. it doesn't start at all (the phone is in good condition, I just deleted the data and system)
    I would like to find a method by which I can boot another android

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