How to use Windows Movie Maker to cut, paste, edit, add effects to videos - video tutorial

Hi friends, tutorial today will learn together how we can do a slideshow of pictures, how can we put effects on pictures or videos, how can edit or crop the videos, how can we put transition effects (transition from one clip to another is called transition effect or transition effects) or how we can get the sound of a video clip and how we can replace our own audio clip .. When it comes to video editing are a lot of software that do this but many of these are commercial software and not so easy to use! In today's tutorial I chose to show you how to use Windows Movie Maker software that comes pre-installed on the Professional versions of Windows XP and Windows XP Home Edition. Is a software that knows how to juggle quite well with audio, video, photos, effects. All that remains to do is to have new imaginative enough we can achieve a nice clip.
Formats supported by Windows Movie Maker are:

Video files: .asf, .avi, .wmv, .MPEG1, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2
Audio: .wav, .snd, .au, .aif, .aifc, .aiff, .mp3
Windows Media files: .asf, .wm, .wma, .wmv
Image files (pictures): .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .gif

You can save video files, which are final: .wmv, .wma, .avi

It is a soft ideal if you want to make a slideshow with pictures and miniclipuri made vacation if you want to trim the beginning or end of a video that did not like how it came out, you can convert a video or filming a video / film old, you can give them an effect of the films in the years 80
All this tutorial we will learn together today. I say that not much point to a long text so I invite you to follow along video tutorial and if you want a tutorial for Windows Movie Maker in Windows Vista or 7 not hesitate to ask for it in the comments box of this tutorial!
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu....

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  1. Alexander said

    Good tutorial I have Windows XP Professional and I have this program, but I've downloaded from the net ..

    • It means that you don't have such an original Windows, it's a build from that light on the "net".
      There's no problem, good that you downloaded.
      Now I tell you something, it has nothing to do with the subject of the tutorial. Try not to take any kind of windows from the "net", it is preferable to get an original one, those "light" can contain something other than "bundle" programs, be careful what you install .
      In the case of Windows 7, you don't have to stress anymore, there is "windows 7 to download in the trial version", we also have a tutorial, you can use that one a lot and well, with the help of the tutorial with "rearm" made by Adrian.

  2. very cool tutorial!

  3. Very good tutorial Adrian, now I've seen and I can do as a tutorial Sony Vegas, you just warmed this Tutorial Windows Movie Maker.

    • Yes, thanks, I'll do with Sony Vegas if people will ask this. For those who want to step into the world or rather the mysteries of video editing I would say this is a good start and from here can learn many basics that are key in professional video editing. If those who want to engage in video editing I do not know what a timeline, transition effect, audio split, merge video, overlay and other terms can not grab Sony Vegas.

  4. stefbabanu said

    al cristi I have a problem with pc when the world gives me a damn restart I have a vb with a boy and he told me to try "SUPERAntiSpyware" I searched I found the tutorial I did the same as you did and you detected 4 more teeth I deleted them I gave it a finish, it gave me a restart, was it from those or is it from something else ??

    • dragos_florin said

      stefbabanu: Of Cristi I have a problem with the PC when they give me hell world restart I talk to a guy and told me to try "SUPERAntiSpyware" I searched I found tutorialu I did everything you did lafel with 4 Dina I have never tracked I gave wiped finish gave me a been a restart of those or get something from another?

      I think if you say that spyware has been detected 4 you do not know maybe you have other problems

  5. Welcome.
    Christ as a Windows you mention it .. Well first 7
    I also downloaded from microsoft windows 7 enterpise but now comes the problem
    after I installed it already expired 1 occur, 2 I put ream .. gave
    another 10 days of operation…. 3 when I tried to activate the 90 days
    cika version has expired and can not activate the 10 days

    Windows moves as if I awful installed on the PC hard
    newly installed and Windows erea
    I know you're right and you can not swallow dp windowsurile pirated net
    but honestly… I have a 2 year old pc system
    a motherboard msi .. blah blah with a handset… .medium level
    a gb ram gb hdd odd 160 who knows what kind of pc
    "Perforamt" adika that is to play crysis no problem I enter the game I can change the settings in the game when the time comes to give "new game" adika to play
    FPS game 0 1 frames per second ie the 5 seconds adika game jocu miss the pictures =))
    but that's not the problem…
    I said I have the system for 2 years…
    for 2 years I took net pirated dp windows… honestly it doesn't move very well very well….
    and another thing ..
    after I got windows 7 dp net the free version from miscrosoft.
    and I saw it was cabbage…
    I downloaded dp pirate bay… windows 7 which contains all versions from home premium to ultimate…
    to be even more honest it works perfectly… it's a pity it's in Portuguese… but I can change its language from the settings… that's not a big problem…
    honestly I would give a 10 with my eyes closed to the "pirated" windows and that's not because it's free!
    and at microsoft… a 4,5 pulled hair.
    one more thing .. so far I have followed almost all the tutorials made by you… this just to know that I know how to activate the 90 days tyel but in vain cika is expired (I mean enterpise from microsoft)

    I just want to ask that could damage a pirated Windows system: D?

    and good luck keep up the good work: D…
    I will make your site popular on any occasion wherever I go… 😀
    for example
    I wish you all the best in the world good luck…

    • Adrian said

      Me and my partner have all explained over time is not good to have a Windows pirate!
      1. May contain undetectable servers easily realized that the one who can intercept or connect to your PC without even feeling it
      2. You can make very simple and easy your PC into a zombie
      3. most pirated windows have drivers included (often useless for your pc's system and configuration… this is where the errors you keep getting when installing certain software start)
      4. have included software that maybe you do not need
      5. may contain keyloggers or backdor through which you can be easily intercepted and "listened"
      6. many services have stopped the nonsense that happens to need them very often. That's why we all cry the comments that you made in our tutorials as you too will not come out.
      7. are configured and customized in such a way as to please the one who made it and often you… may not have the same tastes as his

      Now let's think a little and logically, do you really think that someone has so much time to customize a windows, to work so hard on it to "unsecure" it to give it to you for free? Isn't that an interest? I say think before you install a pirated Windows and look for the logic for which someone would make a windows and offer it for free on the net. would you do that yourself? Would you give money for a Windows and then put it for free on the net for download? And if they "pirates" still do it, what is the purpose? isn't it to mask something under that "free"? Isn't that what he was interested in? How? simple… provides you with a windows ready "unsecured" for free, you take it, install it and he gets what he intended! it makes servers and boots on your back, steals your data, accounts, email addresses and other important data from which it would benefit. But let's get back to the topic of the tutorial. these things have been said here many times so it doesn't make sense to discuss the subject anymore, at least not in this tutorial. the subject of this tutorial is completely different!

  6. Flavius said

    Good tutorial a question of can mam looked think or are sure all the tutorials on site Very good all but I found a tutorial on a program that can make flash banners intro etc but flash you can do one or is sami indicate une

  7. Flavius said

    I misspelled

  8. If you do tutorials on Sony Vegas you be the best

  9. xxcrazyn3sxx said

    and I use the same program, it's very easy and simple

  10. xxcrazyn3sxx said

    I learned it in 10 min

  11. Bulgac said

    Thank you very much, I needed that.
    I knew about this movie maker, but not in too much settings.

  12. egasus08 said

    It is a very simple software. I've used it before. From what I hear (to be honest I have not used yet), Sony Vegas is a really good, compared to Movie Maker. Movie Maker is made for beginners who want to make a video not too professional, but faster, compared to sony vegas is a more complex software.
    A friend told me that he tested both and found they say a problem sony vegas: cica out file size much bigger than movie maker and file size is an issue and you do catch. Especially if you capture screen-15 20 more minutes.
    What must to do when file size is so big? (Preferably without great loss of quality)

  13. pintea said

    very good, but I'm tired of it I want to try something else, can you do the tutorial with Sony Vegas or something else, thanks, bravo…

  14. I forgot to mention: on FileList you need an account if you want to download… on ThePirateBay it is possible without it, but there I only found Windows 7 and Vista SP1 (it's also good SP1, but you have a lot of updates to do).

  15. stefbabanu said

    I answer the question

  16. Good tutorial .. I still have a question .. can I somehow get my voice out of a song and only my negative remains?

    • This can only be done in a studio. The software will not be able to make a negative than that sounds pathetic.

  17. Very cool, thanks, and I look forward to a tutorial in Windows Movie Maker 7

  18. There are good video editing software like Edius Neo (I use, but there are other more professionally, it has a very good support for HD) and is shi Pinnacle Studio (v.14 knows how to work with video 3D) The problem with this software is that that cost money but it is also their trial versions.

  19. Istvan Torok said

    Very good and helpful this Tutorial.Chiar expect a tutorial on Movie Maker. Congratulations Adrian.

  20. Does anyone know why I can not see any tutorial on the site?

    • dragos_florin said

      drama: Does anyone know why I can not see any tutorial on the site?

      perhaps you need flash player

      • dragos_florin:
        perhaps you need flash player

        installed flash player and sees

        • drama:
          installed flash player and sees

          What browser do you use? try to use another browser, we have a tutorial for most browsers on the "market". You see that FlashPlayer is of 2 types, one is only for Internet Explorer and another is for other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. what appears to you in the place where the Player with the tutorial should be? Try clearing your browser cache…

          • Yeah, thanks clean browser cache and merge.multumesc again and good luck in everything you do

  21. cossmyn said

    Good tutorial! But here, as you said, it's about home-users. If you want pro editing, try an Adobe Premiere. And in connection with my problem with the grub on Ubuntu… I solved. And if it's still about Ubuntu tries to present Avidemux… also for home-users… but it's on Ubuntu. Pitivi is a bit "small"… I say. All good and keep it up !!! You're strong !!!

  22. Bravo! Very good tutorial! You look at Windows 7.

  23. super cool, congratulations for the video tutorial very nice and easy to use …… .of course when he has someone to tell you what and how))

  24. Windows Movie Maker on advanced 7 is not it, that's all that does not come installed with Windows, however you can get free with Windows Live package. I like to do stuff more videos, mixes, etc. If you want something more advanced and perhaps most advanced as with After Effects Premiere Pro from Adobe trial

  25. After effects & Photoshop said

    you could do one with After Effects or Photoshop?
    thank you

  26. After effects & Photoshop said

    you could do one with After Effects or Photoshop?
    photoshop are thousands of issues ...
    I would like to know how to use ps… ..

    after effects is almost like Movie Maker only it has more options….

    Thank you ;)

    • Vanessa said

      After effects & Photoshop: Hello ....
      you could do one with After Effects or Photoshop?
      photoshop are thousands of issues ...
      I want to know how to use After Effects and ps ..... it's almost like Movie Maker only has more option .... thanks ;)

      Here's something in photoshop Click here

  27. great tutorial but I want to do one on Sony Vegas.

  28. george lemnosanu said

    I have a question when I made titilul added iam starting to film and do not go past and know somehow went untitled dc?

  29. Adrian do I ask about Sony Vegas

  30. nice tutorial we wait and win 7

  31. Nice tutorial, well done guys. There are new, and no offense, can someone here explain if someone got from a windows installed, updated by Microsoft and accepted by them as the original is still so dangerous as a lite?.
    If you can not answer here, where can I read something about this topic?

  32. Razvan said

    I have a question where to find Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7?

  33. Admin takes so long to give an answer?

    • Adrian said

      Csaba: Admin lasts so long to give an answer?  

      We are not obliged to answer you and to respond to comments !!! We do this if we want or if we have time. Also, if your question seems embarrassingly simple or has been covered or has an answer in the tutorial, in the presentation text above the tutorial or in the comments posted before your comment. we reserve the right not to answer you. It is not our fault if users are comfortable and do not read the text above the tutorial, it is not our fault if the user does not look at the tutorial to the end and scroll, it is not our fault if the user is so comfortable not to read the comments posted before to that tutorial. We have no obligation to you and you to us! the tutorials are free, there is nothing paid so you can claim that we "provide" you with answers! Do you feel like you deserve something?

      Now let me answer your question: I did not understand any of it, learn to express yourself better and restates what you wanted to ask!

  34. Costel said

    Thank you! Very good tutorial!
    Please, if possible, to make a video about subtitles:. Below,. Srt,. Txt
    Also, I would like to learn about Sony Vegas, Pinnacle or Adobe.
    Good health !

  35. Cristi Popescu said

    Salut.Am problem and I can not see the preview while editing.
    I can see what I did until after save.
    Thank you.

  36. Cristi Popescu said

    I apologize. I did not bother. Anyway, thank you for what you do, I learned a lot from you.

  37. Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
    Enjoy !
    Good afternoon. I copied some ROWS, in which I ask us to imtrebam something. There are no easy or uninterested and watch to the end tutorialului.Am and read all the comments here, and I put a simple question after reading what he wrote Christ not take windows on the net, no esta total, has missing parts that some programs will not work presented. So I run a windows received from a neighbor, no code or number, but stay with Automatic Update and Microsoft says it's open to original and updates hard. I know the one stolen from the net not open Automatic update not to see, or that what I have done so well that it looks like an original? Question: and Windows this is dangerous and one on the net? I hope you understand now.
    A nice day, Csaba

  38. sasha-097 said

    Why vati stopped making tutorials, Amai did not love the world or the infidels came ideas take time, do tutorials because the world has learned a lot thanks to you for use in ANY case you get many thanks and give Mr. Vac health to be with people and learn something new ssai success.

  39. NTS cristi good I wanted to download Windows 7 90 days doing all the operations and download ami not say what email nustu

    • Cristi: NTS cristi good I wanted to download Windows 7 90 days doing all the operations and download ami not say what email nustu  

      It sucks bad you do not know English, and invato grab! I want to do more and all at a PC but without knowing English. That is not possible! Write top right of the search box on the Black: How translate and how correct pronunciation English, hit enter and watch the tutorial, after you look at the message that they mean "you say something to mail" and google translated translate and see what it means.

      • Adrian: It sucks bad you do not know English, and invato grab! I want to do more and all at a PC but without knowing English. That is not possible! Write top right of the search box on the Black: How translate and how correct pronunciation English, hit enter and watch the tutorial, after you look at the message that they mean "you say something to mail" and google translated translate and see what it means.

        It sucks bad you do not know Romanian, put a hand and learn!

  40. I do not have much knowledge about computers, I want to know if I can add a subtitle to a video with Windows DVD Maker, I 7 windows. But with Windows Live Movie Maker can put subtitles to videos? Thanks

  41. soryn3l said

    hello, can you tell me a program or how I could put music to a video clip, after the dekstop was filmed with camtasia studio 7…. please put a tutorial like this ,,,,,

  42. soryn3l said

    hello, can you tell me a program to put music to a video or different ways,… ..I filmed the dekstop with camtasia studio7… .post a tutorial like this please

  43. cristina said

    if it could be a tutorial for sony vegas :? ?

  44. Very good tutorial but it is a program to edit a video filmed by us and after that we put and pictures to know of this program but do not know shawl can make use of this tutorial VideoPad Video Editor.

    • cosminVery good tutorial but it is a program to edit a video filmed by us and after that we put and pictures to know of this program but do not know shawl can make use of this tutorial VideoPad Video Editor.  

      We already have tutorial about it, about the eggnog for. You just have to write the software name in the search box on the top right black border and give Enter

  45. Thank you

  46. guys how I'm doing to get in your team?

    • test: Boys like I do to get into your team?  

      Everyone who helps by commenting on others is already part of the team, we are a community. If you want to do tutorials, you will have to do a 10 minute demo on a topic not addressed by us and upload it on a file sharing, then give me an email with the link to your tutorial on the email address above this tutorial , write in small red "by Adrian Burlugeanu" right click and choose "Copy Email Address" and you will receive an email confirmation if you will join this team after consulting us all about your tutorial…

  47. I would also like very much videotuorial about Vegas Movie Studio thanks a lot

  48. Great tutorial, you helped me a lot. Keep doing tutorials;).

  49. Very useful!

  50. I also have a video made by me with pictures and music program and I want to make every picture me some lyrics. Who knows how can I do? ajutatima plzzzz

  51. Mircea Nistor said

    OK, but after final saved movie and when to play the sound is poor, a bass voice and PARACEM in slow motion. What happened after processing it?

  52. Hi I wish I know how to put text on a video.
    So I have a tab with a person singing to speak Russian in Russian and translated lyrics and I know I want to make that movie with subtitles in Romanian translation.

    What software is used?

  53. ba brothers all do some tutorial countries badly nobody tutorials they are also convenient if you do not go hell

  54. I want to use movie maker but when I insert the im program file I get the following error The file C: \ Users \ Administrator \ Desktop \ hercules action game - level 1.avi cannot be imported because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer. If you have already tried to download and install the codec, close and restart Windows Movie Maker, and then try to import the file again.
    help me please

  55. băă: ((I still do not understand: -? like bag pictures: |? because to me is in German ..

  56. Hello guys. I have a video and want to hear first clip 10 seconds after I put a melody to which I want. Please tell me how to do to be heard and those 10 seconds

  57. Ica Drăgoi said

    Tutorial.Multă good health and all the best, and a beautiful day Adrian.

  58. nicolae641 said

    very good tutorial, but how to save movie in avi. me it saved in wmv.

  59. salcudean10 said

    We succeeded! Thank you very, very nice, Adrian!

  60. Alexandra said

    I have a big problem! I have Movie Maker from Windows Live Essentials .. and it seems very complicated… I'm struggling a lot! but the biggest problem is that I don't know how to save the filming .. if I save the project I would say that I can only save it for windows movie maker p else I can't save and I don't know why .. what can I do ???????

    • AdrianGudus said

      I have a big problem! I have Movie Maker on Windows Live Essentials .. and I'm awfully complicated ... fff bother me much! but the biggest problem ee do not know how to save the video .. Save Project as p if I say I can save just p ko windows movie maker .. so save Sidac mergeee not to see him! p altcv can not save and do not know why .. what can I do????

      Haste! If you read below the video tutorial of reference / link to tutorial written in red and Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows 7 and Vista. You reach up and writing tutorial in the search box on the top right black edge: How to use Windows Live Movie Maker, you enter and you will find the tutorial

  61. I filmed with a bang to make a vacuum and when I want to render it in the movie maker… ..I put those parts and it gives me an error and it comes out of the movie maker (It's MOVIE MAKER Essentials) CAN YOU HELP ME?

    • I just happens. I worked a lot with Movie Maker and I got angry as much, for all that I cast out, and when returning, some of the files are damaged and must be reloaded. Almost every 3-5 min gives error.
      That the pictures.
      Short films made on the camera, I wanted to stick 3 each other. I saved, but when I watched with VLC player, the first one was ok, the rest jerky and shaky images.
      I'm not at all happy with Movie Maker !!! And because I have to work a lot with it (because it still brings out, with a lot of nerves, movies with nice effects), I wrote them to Windows Ro, I told them about the fact that they throw me out, I sent PrintScreens, error files… but did not respond.
      If you were to give notice of this program, I would not give more than 5.

  62. Gabriel Lungu said

    Again, thank you Adrian! I wish you much success in everything faci1're a good-hearted man! I salute you!

  63. How to download a video? with what program?

  64. Hi! I want to edit the voice in a clip, to make it look like a "duck voice". can i do this with windows movie maker? Thank you

  65. Florin Suciu said

    I have a problem with the program. does not want to save anywhere computer do?

  66. Andreea Marin said

    To me I do not appear in the movie little black box when you drag the timeline as you edit something voi.Nici my changes appear in the box. When I want to add something like title or credits do not get anything in that box and voi.Totul black.
    Another thing… I'm not saved anywhere.
    What to do?

  67. What if files are MOD?

  68. Michael G. said

    Great tutorial! Sir Adrian Thank you! mgt

  69. Ms Adrian, you really have been helpful!

  70. Hello! I did a movie in movie maker but when I save it save it to give computer and shows me how much time you have and how to remain 0%% is my time and constantly increasing. What must I do to fix it?

  71. I have linux you can tell me a website where I can do?

  72. Very nicely explained! Congratulations!

  73. Alexandra said

    I liked how you explained. When I do not it works ptr sample window, I see no changes.
    Also I can't save in the end… .on my computer… .can't actually download….
    thank you…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Most likely you are missing video codecs. See we have a tutorial on installing codecs. I find the search box on the top right, you writing K-Lite and press enter Dad

  74. I want to know how to make a video brightness higher or how I could mares image on a video? Who knows?

  75. I have a video clip filmed horizontally and vertically as you want you can do

  76. Andreea. said

    Hello there! I have a problem. I want to make a movie out of a video. I downloaded in wmv format and I give him small parts of a few seconds, but when I put some of it in a video bar to put video to create the movie, I appear with sound in the same post. I do not know if you understand. Instead I appear sound in sound bar, I appear with the video in post video and do not know how they sound to him to make me a song. Help me, please!

    • Costelina said

      have at hand a search box here on this page above right
      Guaranteed write oful there and find something useful

  77. Rusu Maria, 73 years said

    First there please do not scold me that I learned English.
    SOS. I tried to download a song on Easter Eve: Christ is risen, played by Tatiana Stepa, wmv file. The download failed and since then it remains on the bottom bar of the tablet the line interrupted in continuous motion ". I don't know how to stop it. I pressed the arrow, on the name, I closed and opened the tablet countless
    ori.Cum can be stopped downloading this file WMV? Please help me! Mulţumesc.M.Rusu.

  78. Help. Not going to save the project. I get the error that we know totii.Ce should I do?

  79. nikoleta said

    Hi. I have an mp4 video filmed with the phone hd resolution 1280 × 760. After I edited it I had overturned the movie and saved the music, I saved it first after recommending the program. But when I wanted to see it in the music, .why does he do that?

  80. Hi,
    About this comment later, but now I need this Windows Movie Maker. Can you tell me if it works with Windows 10? I downloaded from the net, but I try to do a video of pictures and a mp3, shows me that can not load any audit Fieser (music button is gray). Missing something, or not go with W 10?
    I mention that Windows was intslat a service when it burned and was replaced hard drive, so I guess it's not the worst option, or they have and do better. Thanks a lot.

  81. Razvan Stoica said

    I would like to know how you can add more than one existing sound (background music) comments.
    Or to replace the original sound of the video with sound 2 bands: One more slowly with background music and one with comment.
    Thank you!


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