How to find the password in characters dotted browser!

Hello friends! You know that moment when they access a service or a web page, the browser automatically completes us we username and password?
Well, how is it saving the browser option to save time and quickly log on to our websites visited enterior, as it is dangerous and can leave us without accounts if the PC we use is access someone decided to steal account passwords.
By the method outlined in the tutorial video anyone can see us in clear text password that automatically completes browser when you visit a web site or service. Although this weakness they have existed for a long time and in all modern browsers, one of the producers of Mozilla, Microsoft and Google have not addressed and not taken seriously even today this problem.
Without additional software, without complicated steps, anyone can see the password in the "Password" or "Password" field when the browser automatically fills them in when accessing a previously accessed service or website. All you need is the browser that you or another person has previously used to log in to one of the services or websites, a right mouse click in the "Password" or "Password" field and the replacement of a word.
At the same time, this method can be a lifesaver for us if we no longer know what password we set for one of the accounts made in the past. We can use it to see what is under the stars filled in automatically by the browser in the "Password" field and so we recovered our password for that account. However, the same method can be dangerous for us and can lead to loss of accounts if other people who have access to our computer put it into practice.
What can we do to protect ourselves against this method of losing accounts?
- never log in / access accounts on devices that do not belong to you
- if you let other people use your computer, secure your account with a password and create a Guest account with limited rights. Log in, access the Guest / Guest account and only after completing these steps allow other people access to your computer. If you do not know how to create a Guest / Guest account and password the Administrator account in Windows, we have made a video tutorial on the topic in the past Security, create and modify user accounts in Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
- if you are forced by circumstances and you must access your account from foreign devices or browsers, use the following browser modes:
InPrivate Browsing for Internet Explorer
left click wheel mechanics in the top right> Safety> InPrivate Browsing or press Ctrl + Shift + simultaneously P
New incognito window for Google Chrome
Left click on the top right menu button (three lines located one above the other)> New incognito window or press Ctrl + Shift keys simultaneously + N
New window without trace in Mozilla Firefox
Left click on the top right menu button (three lines located one above the other)> without trace new window or press simultaneously Ctrl + Shift + P
Using these modes, the browser will not ask if you want to save your password and account data, history and cache your session will automatically delete InPrivate Browsing mode exit, New incognito window or new window without trace.
In the end I can only hope that in the near future major manufacturers of browsers will be taken more seriously and will address this major issue in a more responsible way the browser security and allow users access to these items that can leave you accounts in seconds.

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  1. Very cool! Bravo. It worked for me too. How simple

  2. What tricks are html code?

    Very interesting tutorial!

  3. Constantin said

    Nice but these are all displayed in the "saved passwords" section of the settings menu.

  4. F tare..bine de.stiut

  5. I've known this trick for a long time. Instead of text you can put even a single letter… whatever it is, it works…
    I've been using a password manager, LastPass for a few "years" and I haven't had the slightest problem with passwords.

    Thanks for the tutorial and further success. Waiting and other exciting tutorials.

  6. If I saved password in Firefox as do I cancel setting?

  7. nicu hard said

    Hello, I would like to tell me what can we do if the browser does not display the saved passwords, because sometimes my firefox not displayed.

    • Passwords are "saved" in two ways.

      1. In browser when you are asked if you want the browser to remember your password.
      2. The cookie that is stored in cache. Here goes password if emptying your browser cache.

      My advice is to disable browser password manager and use LastPass master password set to ask you each time you open your browser. In that case you are safe even if someone has access to your PC.

  8. Very interesting and helpful tutorial.

  9. Thank you!

  10. iflorin07 said

    Cool !!

  11. It's a very folositor.Vă video tutorial thank mult.Am tried to see me about such matters is knowing that the two browsers I use chrome and firefox am off to save passwords and hence the surprise when I made an attempt to see if you can find the password by the method shown in the tutorial and what to see, is my poate.Întrebarea how can? I deleted all browsing history, cookies and passwords all if there were, and so can find the password .Please nice to do a tutorial and what to do and how to be safe in this vedere.Vă punch thanks.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The text above tutorial you read it entirely? There you and tips!

      • Of course I have read and I knew that these things plus demult.Dar I have stated above that I've always had disable the password memorization and make formulare.Asta Completing the first time you install a browser.Primul is then to install last pass him on the move using years.And yet all can see the password once you do the tutorial.

  12. pistolromica said

    Dear Adrian, I want to ask if you add on the LastPass is safer? Of course I do not agree every time typing passwords, but this gives me autoscriere.De also add on anything to do with browsers Xmarxs.Au them?

    • Last Past is very safe, I have been using it for many years. If you check "automatic login" you will log in to the site without displaying your dotted characters.

  13. Hi Adrian, on a free chat, for some time or logged in as admin 3 characters who take other users out, block and have fun on this topic. ..Chat is free and the real admin doesn't log in..How did those individuals manage to log in as admin ?, because brows… didn't memorize anything, those stars don't appear.I would like you to teach me if you know,…

  14. Adrian pretty please if you can help me and me in the following problem: In my account -datele YM-click authentications recent autentificare.Vreau appear all my data to delete all the data and please do not tell you how reusesc.Imi to do?

  15. What data do you mean exactly? Appear to me only when I logged on, how I connected (browser or application) and location (country or ip)

  16. Have there if you give her a Sege change and show you which IPs Login

  17. Thanks a lot ADRIAN !!!

  18. Daniel11612 said

    I forgot my password from yahoo mail, but we saved on yahoo mobile app. How can I recover it?

  19. Super,
    give us a tip, how do you organize yourself to remember several passwords, the same is if you write them down in a notebook….

  20. How can I mistakenly ticked off if they want to retain your password?
    Thank you in advance!

  21. and the stars as I could to see those hidden on the web?

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