How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

Li ion batteries

Li ION is the technology that underlies phones and rechargeable batteries in our gadgets. Of all the technologies, Li ION is the most balanced choice; That means good enough and cheap enough. Sure, there are promising technologies, but they are expensive and / or difficult to manufacture.

What are cycles the battery?

Like anything, the batteries do not take forever, which has a limited number of recharge cycles. In the charging cycle is considered to 0 100 100% and unloading of up to 0%.

How many recharge cycles phone has a battery?

Depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the battery, number of cycles can vary between 300 and 1000 cycles. I would say that on average today to reduce costs, we can rely on any 300-500 cycles. Depending on the materials and work process used batteries can be better or less good.

How much battery life has in it a phone?

1. It depends he / she who charge the phone. If a load is far from the 0 100% per day, the battery will function parameters about 1 year.
2. It depends on the ambient temperature where the phone is held. If you always keep the phone on the beach or in the snow, the battery will age faster.
3. Charging depends on the temperature, some phones having very high temperature load, because different methods of charging fast do not value the battery temperature during charging.

How healthy is fast loading?

Fast charging can be well or poorly implemented. You must know as Li ion batteries are extremely sensitive and charging must be done carefully, we can not just inject current into the battery buckets. A positive example is OnePlus phone 3, which has fast charging technology called Dash, the technology heated battery charger not. In comparison, the fast adaptive charging Samsung phonesnot too healthy, sometimes even criminal.

Can I use chargers with high amperage?

Chargers with high amperage can be used without problems as long as they have all 5V output, that's because the phone pulls what it needs, regardless of current pumped charger.

Quick Charger Charge on regular phone?

In vain connect a phone that does not support fast charging at a rapid charger or vice versa, nothing will happen, charging will be normal. Fast charging technology is based on tandem-phone charger to operate. In addition, on both ends (phone-charger) must have supported the same technology, fast charging will not work otherwise.

How lengthens battery life?

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life?
Even if the specifications are 500 battery recharge cycles, we can increase the number of cycles by limiting loading and unloading. For example we will not let the phone to discharge below 20%, after which we will limit the maximum load 80%. So we had about 3000-4000 of recharge cycles; And even if we do two loads from the 20 80%% per day, all we have 1500-2000 days of battery health.

How do I upload to 80%?

Sadly phone manufacturers brains do not allow us access to the battery, to modify the lower and upper limits. Therefore we must use an application that will let us know when the phone is charged under or over a certain threshold. Of course the phone must get him out of the loaded manually in November when the alarm sounds.
Battery Charge Notifier - Play Store

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

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  1. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. About charging from a USB port what can you learn?

  2. I usually download at 20% to 100% me if you 2 years is enough. if you go somewhere even wfi or mobile net. especially mobile networks where consumu the duration energy is as high as wfi. and I want to ask you which phone cv Cristi think it's best pro or Xiaomi Xiaomi 3S redmi notes 3? I have a budget of 875 lei. or if you recommend something else money. me one of these models or seemed to me the ok to money

  3. You think to a battery can take decades.
    To say thanks if you 10 years. Even loaded properly.

  4. HELLO Thanks for the tutorial, the app for IOS would be wise

  5. Sandu al-III said

    When you upload from your phone and an external battery while using it, charging is interrupted and must press the side of the battery to resume incarcarea.Cand just upload the same phone without external battery to use it, load normal my .Intrebarea is why interrupt load when using the phone? An external battery is not made to be used while the phone? Just charge it separately without walking all the while on the phone?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It happens because your battery most likely has a voltage and amperage too low.
      There is strong enough to deliver and current for charging and at the same time and supply current phone. When you ask the phone, it obviously consumes more energy. The battery that does not deliver enough current to charge the battery (phone) as quickly consume the phone
      It would have been interesting to say and what Output has the battery and what device you have, what Output specifications of the original phone wall charger

      • and this happens to me and has me one 2 outputs d e1 A and one of the 2.1 6000 A battery is for me to say if Sandu

      • Sandu al-III said

        Yes, you guessed bine.Bateria is small, only 1400 of mAh.E an external Ready.Bateria a5 Allview's 4400A.Si 1mAh with the charger's output slabut-500mAh.De and why I took the battery from externa.Se download phone, something speriat.Ma inquire whether damages something using your phone while charging battery EXTERNA.Sau be left alone while charging?

  6. Sandu al-III said

    Yes, you guessed bine.Bateria is small, only 1400 of mAh.E an external Ready.Bateria a5 Allview's 4400A.Si 1mAh with the charger's output slabut-500mAh.De and why I took the battery from externa.Se download phone, something speriat.Ma inquire whether damages something using your phone while charging battery EXTERNA.Sau be left alone while charging?

  7. Sasha Aleks said

    Hello. Thank you very much for the work and effort in carrying out all these tutorials. There are important tutorials, containing tips & tricks that require a suitable document. For what you do, you have our full appreciation.
    I want to ask if the recommended method for loading / unloading (80% / 20%) applies to the type Lithium-Polymer batteries?
    All the best.

  8. Why go iPhone app?

  9. Hi, my application does not work… I have zenfone 2 5.0 ..

  10. switch to nuclear

  11. software3g said

    It is all in vain! if you have not explained how to activate or modify the settings allows to upload and download up to 80% 20%, to be seriously tel .. who stand to hear, let him hear notifications. many of us put the phone on charge they go to sleep or when they have other major ativiati how to watch notices on battery

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Dramatize too much. You must not sit by the phone to watch for these are and audio notifications.
      Choose the notification tone for 90% tones / ring not use it for another application. Choose the Settings app notification to recur and that's that. When you hear the sound of specific notification (chosen by you) go and take it out.
      If you can not go immediately to remove or not remove it fixed at 90%, not kill anyone, not breaking any law. I have it set to ring at 90% and I cried as I had work to 91. Is it serious I did that? Obviously NOT!

  12. Make a video tutorial rooms Car?

  13. minimalist said

    Full Charge Alarm is good application for Windows Phone?
    Thank you!

  14. Something recommendations ge-u windows phone?

    • Usually each manufacturer of laptop or tablet Windows provides some drivers with a small application that allows us to choose between greater autonomy or health / long battery life.
      If you choose long life battery will keep you, for example, two hours instead of three, but you can use the battery more years instead throw it after about 2 years.

      • Like any object, batteries do not last for eternity, with a limited number of recharge cycles.
        We were told that the manufacturer guarantees a certain number. Of charge cycles. By limiting unloading and loading we do not increase no. Of incomplete cycles, thus reducing the life of the battery?

  15. Hi I have a question I searched but did not find, if you please help me. I recently bought a Samsung J5 2016 all well and good when I get a lot of my internet advertising from the Play Store and nustiu how to get rid of this problem.

  16. Alex Avram said

    If I upload your example: 10% -100% and rarely 0% -100 about when it would take?

    Samsung phone battery j3 2016 2600mah

  17. What's with lithium polymer batteries? I knew it was better than the lithium ion. I always load up to 100% and not have problems.

  18. Do not you remember about loading the source (the charger) and then use the data to store data pc-phone.
    If we load every plug charger and then want to store some data pc-phone will count as a cycle of loading understand? So not seem right to charge the phone when you connect your phone to pc? Should Disable charge in this case?

  19. Howdy . Thanks for the tutorials so far, they have often pulled me out of the deadlock or saved me hours of google searches. I recently purchased a Lenovo Vibe P1 Pro, battery capacity = 4900 mAh - Li-Polymer, non-detachable. I'm interested in the battery to last brilliantly 2- maximum 3 years, and being an old Android user I'm quite economical (I don't leave applications / internet / bluetooth open 20 hours a day, I don't play games on my phone). Given the large capacity of the battery, as well as the fact that at XNUMX% battery level the phone would last, in theory, at least one day + Quick Charge & USB On-the-Go, do you keep your recommendation? Or is my phone battery closer to that Tesla battery? 😀
    Thank you for clarification.

  20. I will tell you my experience with a nokia phone lithium ion battery N95 8GB that I have almost 9 years, and the battery still you 3-4 days in 3g to talk about 2 hours, we observed during a period in which it is not download everything and it does not load up, the battery held 1-2 days max, do not want to be bad, but practice with this phone contradict your recommendation to charge the lithium ion

  21. Hello. I want to know if you can for a phone brand Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) having battery's proposed 3100 mAh, what power or aperaj or other measures (damn them EIE I'm not good at it) have to have a battery that can load external right?
    Thank you.

  22. Ptr no answer. Baeta question above ?? Yes you Cristi?

  23. I have a lite p9 li-polymer battery that is. Apply what you said for Li-ion? thanks

  24. Sârbu Andrei said

    I use load method from 30% download up to 100%, ok? Does it also require a load from time to time from 0% to 100%? Thank you.

  25. One question, besides the fact that I do what you presented in the tutorial. - I had also read that it is good to do as you said but it was quite difficult for me to keep things under control…. but the application presented is brilliant.

    My question would be, [b] to avoid fast charge or not? [/ b] Because I have some suspicions that the battery will age….
    Last but not least thanks for the application 🙂

  26. I have an S6 edge and the battery lasts 2-3 hours forged !! I just want to change the battery because I have an original Samsung 2A charger and not the fast charger… Is there a problem for the new battery? Does it affect battery life and battery life in any way? I really need an answer because I can't find anywhere what I want to know!

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