How to embed a Google map in a web page or on a site - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will teach you to incorporate and to center a map on Google Maps in an html page.
Why would we want to embed a map into a website or a document?
If you have an online store, you can ask the showroom on the map or simply want to be quickly located by visitors, you want to place on the map of goals that others can see them, want to make a map in map several modifications. The answers are many and with a little imagination can long list indefinitely.
Google Maps allows us to embed a map or even more maps on any web page or in a simple html document, for this we just have to select the desired area on the map and press the "Link" button which looks like a chain . Below the link we have two options, either we use the link to send it to friends on messenger, skype, plus, facebook, twitter, or we choose the embed code. The embed code also contains some parameters that we can modify as we wish, it is about width, height, edge thickness, etc. that we can modify at any time. If we want to change the framing of the map on the page, we only have to frame it in a div, which we can align on the left, right or in the middle, depending on the layout on the page.
A map can ask And in other places, for example, can send emails with a full foot contact, that will add an air of professionalism and transparency of your business.
Embedded maps can be simple or satellite view over the map can add other layers but we'll talk about that another time.
Google Maps helps us put and business, building, block, etc. on the map, if you want a tutorial on this topic please email me the comments box.

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. hello very interesting tutorial but I'd like to ask you to make as many tutorials about developing sites and make as many tutorials html scripts this means we can tell how to change and if possible I would have some on mysql very interested in them

  2. I want a tutorial explaining Christ's profitshare the FAME as what you use, how you get money, how to buy, etc..

  3. Cristi can put somewhere tutorialu TV GBO plss
    on youtube if you can
    Thank you

  4. Hi Cristi, very good this tutorial. You please make a tutorial on how we can put your business on Google Maps? (As you stated in this tutorial).

  5. DJ NICHI PIZZA said

    I would like a tutorial on Wirecast if possible.

  6. sorry for offtopic, but I have a Fields: How can navigate Google Chrome with 2 mouse, both having a separate cursor

  7. Vlad Angelo said

    sorry for offtopic, but I have a Fields: How can navigate Google Chrome with 2 mouse, both having a separate cursor

    No way ... this was a hoax of April 1 organized by Google

  8. Adrian Gudus said

    Vlad Angelo: No way ... this was a hoax of April 1 organized by Google

    Yes you can and you will see and how. Stay tuned for more!
    Who is true fan and knows all our tutorials will intuit and how this is possible
    I don't know if the "separate cursor" part will succeed in the sense that both will be identical

  9. It can be put on facebook so be visible Harat?

  10. It's very important, especially as it offers more reliability, trustworthiness and on they can make plans expense, thinking that it would be a road to somewhere away from our city. Thanks for the article, I was a great help to my blog

  11. George chirila said

    I salute you!
    I have a personal blog and tried to introduce a harta.Am did exactly the steps that you have explained in the tutorial, but it says something like: Your HTML can not be accepted: Tag is not closed: Discard DIV.
    We entered the p [Ostara the blog, I put just like you said, that

    I put the papers iframe code

    and when I give it to save what I wrote above, I showed what I appear label is not closed.
    Thank you for future explanations.

  12. Hello, how may amend the red arrow showing the location if they want to put another sign (ex .: bulb) can?

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