How to install Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus KitKat 4.4.2

Hello friends, today's tutorial to see how install a new operating system Android KitKat on Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.4.2 I9250 (YAKJU - maguro). As I said in the tutorial Presentation of the new Android KitKat 4.4 Samsung Galaxy Nexus device has exceeded the 18 month period that Google is committed to providing software updates to new versions of Android. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is older 18 months, it no longer receives updates to new versions of Android. Another reason that Google no longer offer new versions of Android for Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the fact that Texas Instruments, the chip maker that Galaxy Nexus and it has been withdrawn from the market and there is support for the chip TI's OMAP 4460. The last reason is not officially supported by Google but most enthusiasts have come to the right if Google conluzie with the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat launched and the "Svelte" meant to bring Android KitKat even on smartphones with something worse only 512 MB RAM.
Yet, even without official support from Google, because there are very passionate community of developers who still own a Galaxy Nexus, we can install Android 4.4.2. We do this manually, basically we install CyanogenMod which is based on Android version 4.4.2
To put into practice what we proposed we need the following:
Java JDK
Android SDK
CyanogenMod Nightly 11 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (maguro) (Basically .zip archive that contains the operating system that we're going flash-ui)
Gapps package for CyanogenMod 11 (Applications Google Play Store, Gmail, Hangouts)
ClockworkMod Recovery for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus recovery image that our device will temporarily flash to flash CyanogenMod then 11 (OS) and package Gapps
- OPTIONAL Universal ADB Drivers (Universal for any smartphone Anddroid regardless of operating system used), if you have problems with recognition device in Fastboot mode drivers, install ADB
CAREFUL!: In the end, before starting the tutorial video performing steps I recommend you turn off security software (antivirus and firewall) so that they could prevent proper running executables and scripts used in the installation and flash uire. Use original data cable that came with your phone and connect it to the front USB ports (located in front of the computer), avoid using intermediaries like USB hubs and other extension during the entire process. Do not rush, look carefully tutorial video, he preferred to look head-tail and then to go to work. If you have questions, ask!
Changes to the device obtained by putting into practice what has been shown in this video tutorial, are not definitive. You can revert to stock the operating system or more specifically, the device can be reset at any time state that it was when you first started. If you request the comments section, I'll do a tutorial on how the operating system back to stock.

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  1. Well to do and Back Stock ROM necessarily do a tutorial on it.

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    I will definitely make you just as your requests tutorial on this to become a priority!
    Nexus range devices are the easiest to handle, you have great flexibility and are not so restrictive, locked, secure (as does Samsung S3 and S4 by Knox)
    For me this is very important and for this reason I inlcina the future Nexus devices in range. You Nexus (4, 5, 7 or 10)? Does it have a headache!

  3. Adrian please tell me how to get rid of the update officially received from 4.4 kitkat google nexus of telefon.An a 4 and do not want to pass on my thanks to KitKat 4.3 going f bine.Din Unfortunately whenever I connect the net phone ami says the update is already downloaded in your meu.Te Please tell me how to make me appear not to have such warning remove the update from telefon.Multumesc.

  4. And I think many need a tutorial on how the operating system back to stock.
    Congratulations for all you do in helping us to find out "what we do not know"!

  5. Thanks nice tutorial! As many.

  6. Hi Adi and allow me to ask you a information that is not related to the tutorial, I have an external hard drive of 1 TB problem is not coming recognized by any PC, it is possible to recuprez something of it? Thanks more!

    • you could recover if hdd is functional and try connecting to another USB interface or a desktop

      • I tried several pc to try it on but does not recognize it either, as VRA to know if there are other solutions, anyway thanks a lot!

      • Very good tutorial, felicitari.Am a Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 (YAKJU - maguro, Android vers.4.2.1 and I want to make update to vers.4.2.2 or vers.4..3 if any posibil.De week ptr solutions look on the net. Android update vers.4.2.1 a vers.superioara (pros and more cons) and I quit the application after updating these ideas. .Rog if you can let me tell you how to procedez.Multumesc anticipated.

  7. Dorel Dumitru said

    Gentlemen, I would ask if you can make a tutorial on how to install Android system on notbook or laptop.Am saw them on sale laptops to Android. Thanks in advance

  8. Very useful Vtutorialul as usual, especially those with mobile android> While a videotutorial to install android x86 pc in dual boot would be great without virtualzare V-BOX directly from the stick or installed on the hard drive

  9. Daniel Popescu said

    Congratulations tutorial. I have a Galaxy Nexus and Android intend to install 4.4.2 me on this tutorial. Please do a tutorial about returning to the stock OS. Thank you.

  10. Archive ONLY headlines from lost, with the cancellation (iGoogle) personalized page (which was archive), made probably with Feedly.
    PLEASE ptr solution. personalized page, including only titles from Videotile .... com and free tutorials.

  11. Archive ONLY with headlines from lost, with the cancellation (iGoogle) page, my custom (which was archive), made probably with Feedly.
    ROG solution ptr. personalized page, including titles from videotut ... only Forums

  12. Aceaiasi Merge method on any phone?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is quite logical that NOT because otherwise he had nothing to look for your phone model in the title of the tutorial and it would probably be "How install Android 4.4.2 any smartphone"

  13. External hard drives have a controller may be a problem with him must undo to remove hardu housing and connected it normal to buy a computer or external rak

  14. The tutorial is good

    • Adrian Gudus said

      CyanogenMod has always come with root!
      They are ROMs that come with root and rom sites that do not come with root. I did not say that you need root to do something. I mentioned only in general comes with CyanogenMod root, Superuser option located in settings.
      Installing an application that requires root and when it will need permission for that rum comes with root, it will be displayed pop-up that asks you if you give permission application or not.

  15. Adrian (or crystal) we're on android category can you recommend a program to give me full access to the market (no market enabler because I tried but we did nothing) I oung s6310 samsung galaxy with rum stock 4.1.2 which I just did root and would like to play Asphalt 8 unfortunately not seen the play phone store. I know it is the best equipped device but if the game goes on iphone 4 think it would go as well as my phone

  16. No offense but should put an edit button in the comments section

  17. And an application to move applications to the SD card. In application mgr app 2 3 sd storage space tells me that there is real or not working properly. Must somehow do any settings on the SD card that you know something about partition tutorial on this subject but I would prefer if it can not flesh-uiesc CMW recovery

  18. You can install SAME SYSTEM AND SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9505?
    And if so, how?

  19. ADRIAN, I received updates on the phone but did not know how to do to update automatically. How do lose data to update? I said something to recovery.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Update'll receive every day (except Sunday) because it is a version Nightly! It is normal to happen if you knew what Nightly version.
      To do the update you have to download them and archive containing the new version will download folder "cmupdater" phone (you can reach it with ES FileExplorer or any other file manager)
      After the update has been downloaded, connect your phone via data cable to your computer, enable USB debugging (which is called CyanogenMod Android debugging same thing)
      Go to the folder where you have adb executable and do that tutorial, hold down the Shift key and right-click context menu choose "Open command windows here"
      In CMD write the following commands and press Enter after each command:
      adb devices
      adb reboot bootloader (wait for the phone in Fastboot Mode to go, where do you see that big green Android mascot)
      then type the following command once you get into Fastboot Mode:
      fastboot boot recovery.img
      (Assuming you still have everything set as the tutorial, recovery.img image should be in the same location adb.exe)
      The phone will boot into recovery and from there you just need to install zip from sd ride Chose zip from sd card then the card, touch the folder "0 /" then you scroll (with a gesture of Swype up because recovery mentioned in the tutorial supports touch gestures) to cmupdater folder, touch it to get into it and there you have downloaded the archive that you have received the update notification
      Touch the archive and choose yes install ...
      Wait for it to install and then you reboot system now and that is all.
      You will not lose anything, no applications, no call logs, text or photos, videos, etc.
      And in the future if you want longer apply updates that will come, do the same.

      • Thank you very much! I'll get to do the update.

        Mentioned in the tutorial that recovery.img can be put into the phone without having to use the PC at each update. I understood well? I do not know where you should put the image as a telephone and launch.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          There simply must be put in the phone but must flashuita. That you can do it manually all by adb or simply the application ROM Mamanger existence in Play Store. Install ROM Manager and its interface will have the option to install ClockworkMod Recovery (see Recovery Setup menu of the application interface)

  20. How does root the Samsung Galaxy Young S6310?

  21. I applied and this version! Greatly facilitates update.
    An important issue!
    It is important to use and one / all actions: wipe Dalvik cache, data / factory reset, cache partition?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you do this you will lose installed applications, you will need to reinstall applications again, and restore the preferences set in Settings (if you somehow configured in a certain way phone)
      What's in internal memory (seen as SD card ie pictures, music, videos, downloads, will not be lost)

  22. Marine costica said

    Good Adrian! What say you to help me put on a HUAWEI G510 cyanogen?
    I tried all methods reusec not at all, I managed to make root, but fail ROM!
    I phone the original rom version that is G510-0100V100R001C02B193
    Thank you!!

  23. Jora George Adrian said

    Salut.Se can make a tutorial for Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505)? Thank you very much.

  24. Hello,
    Very good tutorial, I think is good and one to return to the stock version. I guess the first recovery choose the option back and after it achieved back-up uses wipe sites you mentioned (and that before fastboot oem unlock command aaa right?).
    Q: That you make a backup image of the current system, that is exactly the way it is with OS + app + settings? Something like a picture (with Norton Ghost for example) how can fece and windows ... that as an analogy.

  25. Hey can you do a tutorial and samsung galaxy S4 I9505 thanks.

  26. anyway thanks Peter tutorial ... perfect .. ms have passed 4.4.2

  27. Adrian Bravo! Very good tutorial. I would like to see a similar tutorial for S2 plus.

  28. A question please!
    I like you a Galaxy Nexus i9250 with 4.3 Andorid update from them and I do not support USB mass storage I can do? I only MTP and PTP ...

  29. Hi Adrian. Can you help me with something? I have a tablet Arnova 8 G2 and I want to install Android on it 4.4.2 KitKat. I know Android Tabet only supports MAXIMUM 2.3.6 Gingerbread. What can I do?

  30. sall I put myself on a nexus android 4.4.2 i9250 but I no longer see the game works perfectly gangstar Vegas 4.3 go of the idea of ​​dc not go on 4.4.2

  31. Hi Adrian I have a nexus with android 3 4,3 when I load it to the network and does not load when you connect the USB charger but my pc does not recognize the USB device appears not Recognized I tried to install drivers from for i9250 I went back to factory settings as I do not know what to do

  32. Borfea Andrei said

    adrian hello I have a problem with a samsung galaxy s3 try to install android 4.4 and defiecare er of time gives me "E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed "
    What can I do?

  33. I say waiting for device when I get to the command "fastboot oem unlock" I read that it's the usb drivers, I installed 17 times do not know what to do. pls help!

  34. I solved the problem does not install a driver. Kit Kat's cool but I only see 693 mb ram ... to you like?

  35. Hello, you can install Android on a allwiew h4.4.2 8?

  36. Hey, I could make a version of android ex. android Samsung galaxy tablet 3gb s1 a QuadCore processor RAM and 1.6, Thanks!

  37. I bought a Samsung S1 (I9000) installed with Android 4.4.2
    The problem is the same that was mentioned above: no longer connects to the computer.
    Other longer we install modified ROMs ...
    What can you do?
    Thank you !
    You answered above, but I did not understand anything.

  38. Hello,
    cool tutorial, I followed all the steps and am now just 4.4.2 has been a problem.
    Now my phone is coded, it asks network security pin.
    What can I do?

    Thank you,

  39. @ Adrian Hello! I have a serious problem with samsung galaxy nexus i9250. Unfortunately, not all can be accessed via USB cable (ie no longer recognizes windows, I even tried to connect to a live ubuntu, but the same). Another problem is the fact that there is no room work (black screen opening) and heat at the top near the camera lens.
    The question is whether it can route the OTA to make a 4.3 only with WIFI. I mean is it possible to route the exclusively through wifi. When you go into recovery says it's locked. I put a picture of maguro, but not seen. Before I say brick or parts I would give him a chance :)
    Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I understand from your comment that your phone is functional or not. May boots? I did not understand how you put a picture of maguro and where you put it? What do you mean he saw it, where he saw it, it has not seen it? I'm afraid you're confusing the bootloader recovery. Where exactly write "locked"?

      • @ Adrian is semi-functional phone if I may say so. The USB port can use only for charging only, otherwise Windows does not recognize the phone (and belonged to someone else before I received it). Thus, unable to access cable I installed WiFi File Explorer PRO GPlay (by doublou) and I copied the image from PC memory whisk away ( storage / sdcard0.
        In fastboot write Lock state: Locked. I checked and USB debugging
        I thought if I could to route the over WiFi and to put another ROM will be able to access telu cable :).
        Currently running an android 4.2.1, I9250XXLH1 baseband version, build number JOP40D.I9250XWMA2

  40. I want to do an update of android Allview Quad A5 I want to bag android and android 4.2.2 4.3 or 4.4 Android KitKat preferable? can Adrian? if you want to do a tutorial or explain in writing less and I know

    • If you want to install the official update from producer I'm afraid that is not possible because only the updates Allview December at the top of their smartphone launched in March 2013 from the 4.1.2 4.2.2 and in any case will not upgrade a low end phone (low spec). But you can try to flash a rom custom uiesti. That is a modified android passion certain people based on latest version of Android. In order to have more chances to find a rom for your phone looking Chinese counterpart. Because it does not produce Allview uieste rebranded products from china. Flash tutorials about you on the website you find the search box. Before you grab flash uire read all the details about that rum and comments from people who have installed. Make a backup and know the work you do on your risk. This may cause problems. We are not responsible for an eventual brick-uire (bringing the phone to a state of nefunctionalitata, brick = brick). Good luck and follow carefully all the tutorials. You have many tutorials mobile section bone. And lest you get any rom for another phone besides your own. For sure it will lead to brick. Read the patient and document it. This operation will void the warranty flash. But if you're good you can do in place by installing a rom oficiial Allview. Bafta!

  41. Hello and thank you very much for this tutorial! I just finished browsing and now I play with my new 4.4.2
    Once again, thank you!

    • Hello again, after I played a bit with 4.4.2 I came across a bit troublesome error ... when I wanted to call or receive calls, I see the message "process stopped working" and I had no way to close or respond. I searched a bit on the net but it seems that the same problem is still not rezovlata. I returned to stock 4.3 yet and wanted to ask if you had this problem with 4.4.2. Thank you!

  42. I am not going to do the operation Mr. why?

  43. I do not get in sdk manager and I just installed java jdk

  44. IonutzBotiz said

    Good. I have a tablet N70HD Window 1600 dual core processor with 1GB Ram 16 GB internal memory with android OS 4.1. Lately my tablet's performance declined ft long and that is why the mother thought it was quite delicate solve the same problem by reinstalling the operating system Android. To do this I need your help, of course if I deigned to grant it. I would like to show me how to install an operating system Android Jellybean 4.2.
    If kindly help me, pretty please send me an email with a Linck where I can find the necessary information.
    Thank you.
    With esteem and respect Ionutz Botiz.

  45. sal, How to install Android on Samsung 3 KitKat

  46. Hi,
    I inceercat and I to install on Galaxy Nexus i4.4.2 9250 KitKat, but when I give "adb reboot bootloader" enter boot mode, but when I give fastboot devices does not see anything (phone).
    What to do?

  47. Georgian ghita said

    hello! kitkat on 1 can install notes?
    if so how? thank you very much. !!!

    • With a custom rom that you find in the Android development topic of your phone on XDA Developers. How to flash a rom custom uieste have several tutorials here on the site. Find in mobile os box

  48. After I installed 4.4.2 a mini S4, official updates, Screen Mirroring does not work. Viewing tv, tries to connect but without success. I tried on other tv's, to no avail. Has anyone encountered this problem? Thanks in advance!

  49. Hello I have installed android nexus 7 and 5 lolipop how to install android 4.4

  50. Alex Muresan said

    I downloaded the Android SDK and ii different from that of the video probably have it updated, and can not find the folder "platform-tools" no ADB file

  51. I salute Sieu a y330u01 Huawei and I'd like to install 5.1 how can I do


  1. [...] Need: - ADB installer (if you followed the previous tutorial where I show how to install Android on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.4.2 KitKat and you still have the necessary drivers installed, ADB and Fastboot, it is not necessary to install [...]

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