How to install Flash Player on Android KitKat 4.4

Hello friends, today's tutorial to see how we can install a Flash Player on Android 4.4, 4.4.1 or 4.4.2 KitKat
As we all know, Flash Player enables us to render media content from different web sites to different games to play online. Although publishers are trying to adapt video content HTML5, it is not yet mature enough and can not be used in any situation. HTML5 is not as flexible as Flash Player when it comes to compressing and portioning video content and because of this many websites among which we still use Flash Player for playing tutorials in the best conditions.
With Android Jelly Bean, Adobe stopped supporting the Android operating system and the Flash Player application was withdrawn from the Play Store. However, users using the Android Jelly Bean or KitKat operating system can still use the Flash Player plug-in using the "side load" method (installing applications from third-party sources and not necessarily from the Play Store)
To do this you have to go in Settings (Settings)> Security (Security) and check the box Unknown sources (Unknown sources)
Unfortunately Flash player on Android KitKat 4.4 browser only works with Dolphin Browser Dolphin Jetpack package with this browser. Once you have downloaded and installed Flash Player, Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack, go to browser settings Dolphin and Section Web Content (Web content) and touch section Flash Player then select Always On (always on) or On Demand (on request). Once these steps did you enjoy media content on websites still use Flash Player yet.
For those still using OS version Jelly Bean and you want to install the Flash Player, I invite you to watch our tutorial about installing Flash Player on Android Jelly Bean

4.4 Android Flash player

[media id = 1093 width = 480 height = 223]

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  1. Very good tutorial but if you can make a tutorial on how to intaleaza upradeaza 4.4 kit kat or more if possible please!

  2. It goes perfectly with android nexus 7 2012 4.4.2. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Alexander Vlas said

    Thanks works perfectly on Galasy Tab p1000 ver os 4.3 Humber

  4. Hello
    I have a Nexus with Android 7 4.4. and installed the Flash Player, Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Jetpack and I have the following problem:
    I give a full screen video site stops brawserul dolphin.
    How can I fix round, this problem?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi, I tried nexus 7 2013 with 4.4.2 and when I open the site, it tells me that the flash player version is incompatible… Help !!!

      • Adrian Gudus said

        Watch the tutorial on a PC or laptop. Yes play video and apply those mentioned in the tutorial video.

  5. We salute.
    It can be a good android 4.4 LG e510?

  6. aftode costel said

    I greet you,
    I S4 with 4.3 and tried both android tutorials, installing flash player for android 4.2.1 and 4.4; to me does not work with any of the 2 tutorials, which does not appear to give the play, he tells me that I have not installed flash player; Dolphin browser using Browser and Dolphin Jetpack; if anyone has ideas please guys spuneti.Multumesc them for tutorials but unfortunately can not see them on your phone.

  7. Hello! Flash Player for Android Froyo 2.2 where can I get it? Can you help me? You guys were great and do a great job! Congratulations!

  8. Good afternoon. I have a phone currently has Allview p5 mini operating system 4.1.1 after I installed flash player for dolphin go and browservaru defaul phone or video tutorials that require flash player, and for some models of mobile tables is included flash player adapted for Modelu reapectiv phone or tablet android cher e 4.x

  9. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 9505 I4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean, how can I upgrade it to version Android KitKat 4.4?
    Of course without going bad phone and safe ..

  10. Problema.Cand download Cristi have a computer, I get stuck downloading from 99% and no longer download anything, just Torrent! I have Windows XP on 32 bit, and I reinstall the system, and I put antivirus, I did whatever I found on the net! Please help me

  11. How can I get rid of the virus or whatever it is Star.Qone8 I wiped everything from the desktop to the browser only Motoru exchange of hypotheses was searched .. no .. please help and tell me if you have to change the windows perics acquis ..

  12. Hello Cristi,
    I have a Huawei Ascend y300 and I put CyanogenMod everything went well do updates but when he moved from 4.3.1 jelly bean at 4.4.2 kit kat can not install applications from google store to the SD card tells me that she can not install the application on SD card and can not even transfer applications from internal memory to SD
    What can I do to solve the problem?

  13. Correct text tutorial !!!
    "Flash Player when it comes to compression…."
    "Flash Player application has been withdrawn from Plau Store"

    • was deleted from the play store, yes if you watched carefully what he said in the tutorial said certain third parties that adapt flash player for some tablet phones that has 4.x on it. and here is a browser that has a flash player adapted for it…. (this means it's not exactly official)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Thank you, we'll fix!

  14. gheorghe cost said

    Please comment about installing lb.Romane on a Motorola Moto G ..

  15. gheorghe cost said

    And something about this phone. Thanks… today I put on it Kity Kat ..

  16. Eduard Robert Spiridon said

    How can I install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.2.2

  17. Hello,
    I look forward to a solution to operate on mobile flash player (want to use in off-road mode).

    Thank you

  18. angel.petru said

    Hello! S4 have a KitKat, I installed Dolphin B and modified version of the Flash player but not here I took it off for that google tells me that violate terms and does not leave for download. The problem is that the image goes very disrupted. Is there any solution?

  19. We're sorry. You cannot access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service.

  20. hello, I have a Andoid tablet alview viva c7 with KitKat installed, my problem is not preinstalled application youtube video runs, starts only sound I can advise what its doing?
    thank you

    • Madalin said

      You have to do the factory reset application then updated to the latest version of Play Store and would need to get rid of the problem.

  21. Thousands of thanks. Really works and I was interested webcams on rds.

  22. it is easy to translate from English. What great job you did.

  23. dulgherunicu said

    If someone will kindly site a link with stock rom Allview Viva c7 quad?

  24. Zaha florica said

    We tablet Alcatel 3x, 3,8 and can not install flespleierul, someone help me?


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