How to install a Squid proxy server on Ubuntu Linux

From today we begin a series of tutorials about proxy servers is up to you if this series will be long or short.
The first server you will install is called Squid and is present in most data centers worldwide. Lately has been put in place proxy NAT (network adress translation) economic and functional reasons, you need a gun to catch mosquitoes.
The proxy server is a kind of secretary that knows how to do many things:
It can be an excellent cache group of computers.
It can effectively filter the content that gets to certain computers
Can accumulate statistics on traffic, content, sessions, etc..
May play a more computer antivirus
It can act as a "triage" in case of more exotic server configurations (custom clusters)
Course features do not stop here, only imagination can limit the scope of the current protocols used for proxy servers.
Contrary to popular belief, a proxy server is not a bad thing, until recently it was part of the structure of networks around the world. Now all that is known about the proxy is that it "hides our IP". Fortunately, proxy servers are much more useful. Like the knife, you either spread butter on the bread, or "cut the meat."
Today we will see how to install and to be made to connect to a proxy server.
Anyone can do that, if you do not trust to install the PC as the main operating system, you can quickly configure a virtual machine with Ubuntu, just like I did in the tutorial.
Today we will:
1. Installation on Ubuntu
2. Edit configuration file (to accept connections)
3. Connecting from Windows to the proxy server
4. Checking the configuration
The settings that I did in the tutorial are not suitable for a professional environment, there is safety first and the last thing I would do an admin system is to allow everyone to use the company's proxy server. I made the settings for sumplificarea things that way.
Along the way you will do that courage, we start with the settings for pelleting. In the meantime relax and try to understand what it is and how a proxy server, in our case, Squid Proxy.


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  1. Daniel (Jr.) said

    Also used Ubuntu Linux?

  2. Daniel (Jr.): Also used Ubuntu Linux?

    How not to use, even if you do not hear the news, Ubuntu is growing as popularity.

  3. Stefan said

    It can be a tutorial on custom Windows-based NAS server (or another version of Windows) or Linux

  4. Sorin Chiran said

    It would be quite interesting for Windows as well. I also feel good on Ubuntu, but when I'm gone I don't want to leave the virtual machine open because if someone has to go to the PC and see the virtual machine turned on, they won't know what use it even more than sure when it is an inexperienced person when it sees the terminal or an interface other than the one in Windows it will surely scare and close it :). This is how I start the PC and after configuring I minimize everything in the taskbar.


  6. software3g said

    storing the cache? ie what is the way? and if we allocated the Ubuntu system partition only 6 gb .. and used proxy for windows update .. how can I empty that folder

  7. Hello! Very useful tutorial, but I would be very happy (maybe not only) if you could do a tutorial on OpenVPN for Linux, using this type of book: (TCP 443) also use OpenVPN GUI application for proxy to bypass restrictions imposed by the provider. Windows is easy, but could use a little help for linux. Thank you!

  8. Nicolae said

    Thanks for the tutorial, because I do and I do not use windows linux than virtualbox

  9. Mihai: Proxy server configuration on Windows!!

    Know that programs like proxy server, ftp server… feel like "fish in water" on linux whatever you want to use (ubuntu, backtrack, mandriva…). on linux it works without errors if it is configured well from the beginning. and freebsd is ok but not very used home user.

  10. Edward said

    I would like a tutorial for Windows

  11. Hi Cristi, please continue with tutorials on proxy servers that are very interesting.

  12. continue with the version on linux and if possible, and for windows. it's really good to know something like that, and useful at the same time, and not just to "trick" the boss who cuts off our access to facebook…

  13. Radu12 said

    Hi, Cristi. Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to remove bads from a hdd and reallocated sectors? Honestly, such a tutorial would be useful to me and I think the rest of the world. Thank you very much! If you don't want to do I understand… Only good!

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    Radu12Hi, Cristi. Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to remove a bad hdd sites and reallocated sectors? Honestly I'd be such a helpful tutorial and I think the rest of the world. Thanks a bunch! If you do not want to understand ... All the best!

    Tutorial on this topic already exists, you over 1000 tutorials on this site. Use the SEARCH box at the top right to find the tutorial.

    • Anderson said

      Radu, don't bother to remove the badges and reallocated sectors, especially since it won't work, you're wasting your time if the hdd was slammed, hit while it was working, goodbye hdd. There are if at SMART you notice at Reallocated Sector Count that you have under 1 and it's Failed you can play with it and its magnets in it (you see that they are very strong). At a value below 1 it only has where to take spare recovery sectors to replace them with the defective ones. And if you hear something like "beasts" through it, you can throw it away because the disc (platinum) is bruised. If you have something to do with smart with Warning, try a scan surface, if you also have Realocated Sector and Current Pending Sector, but also Realocated Event Count, you have little chance to do it again. I have 2 laptops one of 80gb toshiba and hitachi 500gb hit while it went and now i play with them. Drive not ready !! :))


  16. I just (installed) and configured a squid proxy server on windows 7 …… my opinion is that nothing more or less moved…, I was more interested in hiding the ip. detects my proxy server but the ip is the same,

  17. I tested myself :). It moves well.

  18. I changed my mind. Go on ubuntu, further !!

  19. PalAlexander said

    Proxy want

  20. all well and good until I put update. does not want to conecteza: D. have changed and prezantat else than those of the video?

  21. Why so much prosy, I have WinXP Pro SP3 as webserver, with Norton Antivirus 2005, updated daily, on site Symantec, and ZoneAlarm an Superfirewall, and besides Apache have something vbulletin with vbtube for video streaming and roars, go perfect reception. with maiboard Asus quad CPU Pentium 4, 3 Ddr32 Gb HDD 2TB, MMDS and goes smoothly without errors and I do not have fun or something. In addition MDaemon server for e-AILIM. 3 go super all areas. I do not understand why to hide your IP, anyway you can find data on any server dedicated server information sites. Not much to hide. RPM possibly put a server but I do not see meaning that you can still copy files from video and ala.

    Now I want to do another test on linux on UNBUTU or CentosOS, I've kinda decided on the last, what about you?

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