How to install WordPress, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a NAS - video tutorial

Hi friends, I am Christ and, in this video tutorial will show you how to install WordPress, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on a NAS, yes you heard right, you can host your own website on a NAS, which it will be you home, at work, a neighbor or relative.
NAS's advantage compared to a PC that does not consume so much energy, consume a few watts NAS and a PC can consume hundreds of watts. At the end it is possible to pay a rather large bill if you keep non-stop a PC socket, that's because it's good to have a good uptime as "server".
Such a setup is perfect for testing and publishing a website without paying monthly hosting, we only paid subscription net and upload hardly use it.
My model is a Zyxel NSA nose 320 an affordable model, perhaps one of the cheapest NAS on the market. For those looking for NAS at the lowest price, I recommend Zyxel NSA 310It is the same thing only with blood bay for installing internal hard drives. One bay is not a problem because it can be added using external storage USB ports available.
Install applications on NAS ZyXEL sites is very simple, only select the application from the subcategory "Packages" and click the plus sign in a few minutes all the necessary applications are installed and configured.
It is recommended to change the Root access data in PhpMyAdmin, default username and password are "root" and "1234" in the tutorial I showed how to change (see tutorial).
Once we access the new blog created will notice that it is ready to install, no longer needed completing the wizard we are used if a WordPress installation, configuration is done automatically and the data logging on the administration interface are eceleasi as the logged on NOSE.
For those who do not know what it is and what it's for a NAS, please watch the tutorials category NAS (network storage connected)They are even more tutorials and the presentation of a NAS.
Unless you have a NAS, nor are you going to buy, you will remain to host your website on your PC. To learn how to do this please watch the tutorials category Blog site where you'll find many useful tutorials on HTML, WordPress, Blogger, Xampp, Wamp, Apache, Nginx and more.
Now I just have to wish you inspiration in interesting articles on your own site.
Good luck with that!

Prices NAS (network storage devices) from cheapest to most expensive

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Hello Cristi
    Very nice tutorial ...
    I have a big request to you .. dk and you could do a tutorial on how to install Joomla NAS,

  2. Adrian Husti said

    hello I appreciate you for your hard work, here I am in a situation where I bought (SH) phone (Optimus 2x) and consisted of "joy" that in places where I had Optimus Black signal with it's not really so sensitive that we take in hand and X appears on the network and will most often not to give an automatic network search and I suddenly appears in 2 3-4 signal lines, the software I write now 4.0.4 baseband information 1035.21_20121130 kernel p99030a software now she done and another thing if gpsul not find satellites, if you expect a reply by email, Regards!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial, very useful! I have a question about offtopic: Why is not Mr. Adrian tutorials?

  4. Anderson said

    Cristi, as you say you can put a localhost site in our home PC is not working when it comes to access from another PC http://111.123.234:80 site appears and if you give the "Hello world" that test in WordPress appears CICA server not found or say localhost there like him as load first say that I have in PC 2 localhost know, and Dasta ask that I am puzzled as to why a tutorial so you can make even pretty please do not succeed at all ala step always fail, I pray thee. I want to make a small site and can not always go up one with localhost not found, but the first time that bag http://111.123.234:80 appears beautiful, and after you give something in error appears localhost site does not exist. Please if I can, to explain how to make great strides there.

  5. For 1 euros / month is not worth even bother with a NAS, also has high costs ..
    the support of paid hosting, backup and more ..

  6. You can do a tutorial on how to do a nose from a PC.
    Thank you in advance!

    • I do not know if renteaza. one of the differences between a PC and a nose is the power supply. the PC is one of 300-400 w, and the nose is much smaller. so let PC, but you dry in electricity consumption.

  7. Cristi-admin and in what ways are the best ways to use wifi from two routers (TP-Link and D-Link) and various Internet customers???

  8. Cristi-admin How can I use wifi from two different routers that are in different Internet customers???
    or, for example. I smartphone with mobile network and internet are root and have internet on the computer and if you want to connect and WiFi on tp-link router I can not connect to my computer that already has the smartphone net and do not allow to have net wifi routers from different ...........

  9. there are several differences between the nose and 310 320. the most "painful" is the nose 310 no option to start the program. has only scheduled stop. ie you can set it to turn itself off but not on.

  10. Another problem is a dynamic ip. if you want the site to be named only as and dynamic ip you do?

  11. Veau and I ask you something. A website made in adobe dreamweaver after he climb on a server can add it directly in the browser posts, I searched but not found on google, the site is made by me and blog platforms like me are not helpful. Intereeaza me to do I change the browser for that are not always personal PC and I can not carry the respective files

  12. NSA320 is very good as you have access to the database (phpMyAdmin). But if you have an application in html and php how can access the database on nsa320? It seems that the manufacturer does not give the possibility to run a php script. There is a possibility of creating a stick or possibly a FFP FFP hdd, but already beyond me.
    You can post something about this, you can run php accessing the database from the NES ???
    I expect an answer from you !!!
    Sincerely yours,

  13. Decebal:
    Veau and I ask you something. A website made in adobe dreamweaver after he climb on a server can add it directly in the browser posts, I searched but not found on google, the site is made by me and blog platforms like me are not helpful. Intereeaza me to do I change the browser for that are not always personal PC and I can not carry the respective files

    If you can change it in browser, it means that everyone will be. Not to happen would be better to think of a way-security authentication.
    I do not know why you tortured you, but Dreamweaver is an excellent soft enough for the needs of most CMS platforms.
    Sites are very big going on Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, what they are stupid?
    Think of something very important, security on CMS plateformele small problems are repaired very quickly, if you do this you will waste all your energy.
    Maybe somewhere it is a kind of snobbery.

  14. you need a CMS directly there or make changes in html editor or using svn

  15. I said clearly that platform type blog there are my help WordPress is easy to use but does not help me, there you have a design very busy that I deal 70% of the page with unnecessary detail and there can make pages (eg HOME | MUSIC | PICTURES ... .etc there I put all the posts on the front page) the site is to keep me there and I have some statistics tabs you understand and Dreamweaver seems more accessible than excelu give use copy and paste into excel in Dreamweaver, then upload with filezilla and ready. Why come to the conclusion that I am snob my question was simple can or can not and Information something you think you use Dreamweaver to brag not know any 1% of the program, but some links, pictures and tables takes me and me Hulk .Other easiest programs I do not care for that's enough for mine.O to inquire what about CMS ms for response and should be a little more tolerant of nepriceputii

  16. Hosting said

    Yet modern design made of WP platform for creating web pages very simply and quickly. Today WP is not only a platform for bloggers but a CMS that can be achieved easily web pages. Besides many templaturi there are many useful plugins.

  17. Hello, appear to me no option package? Any idea why and how can I do to appear there?

  18. congratulations to the first tutorial
    I got a NSA310 and can not log on wordpress say it's incorrect username or password, and I can connect with a username and password made me the NSA310, can you help me and me so I can connect with an reset the password for wordpress?

  19. ionut Voicu said

    Hello! I have a big problem: (((. I can not change the location of wordpress and no ffp address ... I installed an application on zyxel.Am entered and found the file in question: wp-config.php.Cu application that I even option to open wp-config.php and open fisierele.Am not find any wp_siteurl for wp_home and edit them: (((. I am tormented all day and I cautat.In tutorial I saw that you could change the folder they etc.Eu website url can not fund inchis.Cum you are able to edit and wp_home wp_siteurl? Something tells me to do something else? What? I can give him to the ground ....

  20. Howdy!
    I got a nose ZYXEL nsa310 and fail to make settings in DynDNS. Can you help me? The tutorial does not look like this! Thank you very much! Fail to remove it on the internet.

  21. alexandru said

    You are the best

  22. Hello,

    How can I connect with the workbench mysql database's nose?


  23. Hello Cristi,

    I purchased newer variant "320S" and I could not move a site on it. Perhaps in the future a tutorial moving a wordpress site on the NAS. thank you

  24. Ion Nitu said

    I got a nose ZYXEL nsa320 and fail to make settings in DynDNS. Can you help me? The tutorial does not look like this! Thank you very much! Fail to remove it on the internet.

    • To him out in the internet have to do port forwarding in the router ports 80, 8080, 443 and 21.
      Thus the router will know where to direct traffic on those ports come.
      On some routers, port forwarding is called "virtual server".

      • Hello
        I got myself a NAS Zyxel, is extraordinary with it, but I can not access his outside LAN interface (on the net)
        In this case they enter public IP, connects to it, I see a slightly different interface from the one on comp (I connect generally on android) when I click on any icon locks in that screen and not move anything.
        I did FFW port to all ports that you said above, nothing.
        Any idea?

  25. I set myself a XAMPP + wordpress site and I came across a problem, namely .... When access localhost page loads completely but when it accesses anyone outside the network but accealasi city is charging as if I did not have php-u as bad load and phone lines only with written without pictures without style without nimik look difference between the two
    "Https:// - loaded on exxterior and telephone
    “ – localhost
    if you can help me 5 hours of torment me, Regards

  26. Hello Cristi, I pretty please help me with some advice. What programming language would help detect online as damage to HDD or RAM? I want to make a site that I detect the type of HDD, HDD and RAM errors and not least the size of the temporary files folder. I struggled with Java but received little help.

  27. alex catana said

    A few years ago that this tutorial was helpful !! Prices hosting packages start to be more cost-1 2 starting from euro / month, so I do not think there's even such a tax burden. Regarding the tutorial, very nice structured, would be the only impediment to provideru Internet bandwidth.

  28. Horeanga said

    I bought a Zyxel 320. How can you site a on it ... I bought my network runs from ZyXEL Web Publishing 320, but the outside does not go ... .Please help me

  29. The simplest solution in price and energy that is keeping the webserver directly on the router,
    Tomato firmware for routers are implemented webserver full graphic

  30. Good tutorial. Unfortunately for beginners should not be made a tutorial how to buy a domain MAPAM site hosted on Zyxel. DNS configurations are not clear what should be done ...

  31. On this type of nose how many sites can hosta?

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