How to enter the yahoo messenger network with your mobile phone - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial I will show how we can connect to a computer using Yahoo Messenger to orange wap connection through a phone that acts as a modem.

We need to be enabled data service on your phone, 7 version of Yahoo Messenger and little attention for track tutorial below.

At the same time we can connect the phone directly with the messenger through different ways, some of which will be detailed in the tutorial.

If you are passionate about mobile phones and want to put these devices becoming smarter at work, I invite you to watch the entire series of video tutorials about mobile phones that I have achieved it or give us your views on comments box, we wait with your suggestion related to mobile phones and more.

I wish you pleasant viewing ….

Lucian basil

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  1. Hi, I also have a question: I reinstalled my windows and I can't watch the video tutorials you recommend me to do…. Is there a problem with the codec package? Ms moolt

  2. @Dragos: Install your flash player… write in google flash player download it close all browsers and install it and you will be able to see the tutorials. Flah player is one of the most used plugins for all browsers and without it you can't watch the video on different sites! All video files on the sites are in FLV = Flash Video format. Success!

  3. LucianGL said

    Dragos - if you have a new windows install the K-Lite codec package. Enter this link and install the complete K-Lite codec package:
    Also it needs a Flash Player and says Adrian

  4. LucianGL said

    May I have a request, ie not send you to add the messenger IDs of tutorials presented (ie videotutorial10 or videotutorial20) because they are not my messenger accounts that go every day. These two accounts use them only when they make a tutorial where you need a yahoo account.
    If you have questions on a misunderstanding of what we presented, please post it here for you raspunde.E likely to be the problem and somebody else, and this way we can help more people.
    Thank you for understanding

  5. It should be mentioned that shMessenger is pronounced “Şmessenger”

  6. hello can anyone tell me how to make a dvd with subtitles for all my dvd player? Trial dani: Dani expect aaaaaaaaaaa response was to take a look treba ffff good guys keep up the good work and many tutorials as beautiful as before

  7. I tried speaking Xilisoft DVD Creator but we did subtitle

  8. LucianGL said

    ov1d1u - welcome to the site, if you are who I think you are. And if you are please ask the author of shmessenger if he has anything to add to the future tutorial about shmessenger

    irinel - this topic has been discussed before

  9. Corleone said

    irinelSearch and you will find VSOConvertE super cool, give the disc name color when subtitling, and much more, just know how to use xilisoft it's LITTLE CHILD, if you learn this you are cool and you don't need other clarifications (see that you can put 2 movies on a DVD disc, in dvd format, or depending on what dvd support you use, it also has a burnimage… ..

  10. Sooper tutorialul.Bv baietzi! : *

  11. LucianGL said

    Thank you!

  12. I use a year's hard sooper SH site and also super hard tutorial

  13. thanks corleone I want you to try and it's good that we as a family together and help each other do a good job
    Christ and thank you very much and all the team videotutorial

  14. Corleone said

    IrinelSa and tell me if it works who needs something (anything) do not hesitate, Best regards to admin, I was pretty busy with my job nature! Continued success!

  15. corleone program is exactly what I needed thanks Awnings I looked like you said yes we found and found ConvertXtoDVD believe it is the same for functions at great thanks a lot

  16. excuse me for deviating from the subject but I also have a question… how do I change the icons of the folders in the wind with some taken by hand from the net that there to customize only those from the wind appear… thanks in advance….

  17. @par: Alas how hard it !!! How did you come to Customize and you have not seen the Browse button? who is in the top right of the window? So follow these steps:
    Right-click the file 1
    Choose Properties from the context menu 2
    3 Choose Customize tab in the window that opens
    4 Click Change Icon… at the bottom of the window
    5 In the window that opens you have Browse sus at the top right
    6 Click on it and you browse through Pc by November icons !!!

  18. LucianGL said

    I managed to get in touch with the owner -fondatorul shMessenger application (thank Ov1d1u this way), I discussed some aspects of a videotutorial who want to dedicate it entirely this aplicatii.sunt aspects of the past, present and future that are worth the all sure it will be interesting and useful for everyone

  19. I tried browsing but when I go to the folder where I have them, I select the files to appear there and when I apply it it says "music folder.png contains no icons" although they are icons. I know how to do. Thank you very much

  20. I have a question I can help somebody Adrian u or crystals but just to know: How to put games on torrents PSP want to know because taicamiu takes to fratemiu one k money on games original must give much I can help someone please?

  21. Please help me as someone put games on PSP 3000 torrents?
    You may know someone pretty please?

  22. Congratulations for the tutorial, I learned something… thank you

  23. I would like to ask you something, I also saw a video how some data changed from [regedit> in start run] to eg startlu delay> menu shoulai they are put with certain data such as a fine response time . I changed some data from it and I'm better if you want to watch it and u video you left the site [""] look and see what that bathroom does there . and tell me if I'm doing well [there are a lot of tricks in windows]: P: P: P: P:: X: X: X: I'm waiting for an answer ms [you'd better find out from the video.]

  24. Interestingly tutorial
    Ionut: nice movie to know that I learned something from it

  25. I am overjoyed that we've discovered please if possible and how many applications for nokia with simbyan thank you!
    With respect Ciprian!

  26. @ciprian:
    Ask the Luci because he is with furniture.

  27. @LucianGl:
    shine if you could do a tutorial on changing software on mobile (Nokia).

  28. and another thing, almost forgot scz you have installed a computer interface or what? ft drew me your beautiful interface.

  29. LucianGL said

    Please come with details on what you want to watch, currently seems to have problems with sound and do not know to what extent that time and I will solve quality.
    related software what do you mean? throw a soft newer software reinstatement with the same software version or downgrade?
    Yet you do easily with phoenix
    Daniel if you mean the desktop picture, it is taken from vista

  30. Restoring a new software

  31. LucianGL said

    Daniel - it's done through nokia pc suite and software updater also from nokia, data cable, without card in the phone, with sim and charged battery, possibly before you save your contacts and what else you have there

  32. Hello! I managed… I can't believe it… I had the wap service on my phone for a long time but I didn't know that it could be used for something like that. Thank you again.

  33. LucianGL said

    laura - what have you done so far with this service activated?

  34. I was giving some extra money for the bells… This happened about 3 years ago when I didn't have internet. (Child's mind…)

  35. haosss said

    BV luciane TARE TUTORIAL ……. tineo tot asha …… ..

  36. haosss said

    does anyone know how to increase the status of messenger ……?
    advance ms

  37. So guys take care of Romanian post. =))

  38. Saki Dennis said

    Ii cool thing about numa grab me until I write on tel evening
    bv anyway for tailer

  39. silviu said

    I took yahoo messenger 7 now you have to May fak ???

  40. LucianGL said

    silviu - follow the tutorial, it's pretty simple

  41. silviu said

    I can give man: ((kn give me ?? help plzzz answer here

  42. silviu said

    :(nobody helps me

  43. <a href="">xxxxx</a> said

    sal, Lucian can not watch the tutorial unfortunately (are connected via mobile phone) do you think you could give me a little advice about the connection? (Presuspun that after installing yahoo 7, we go to the connection settings, and put ip http prxi from orange port 8799 not?)

  44. LucianGL said

    xxxxx - exactly

  45. silviu said

    I installed mes.ul 7 I put ip.ul and port but still I do not go today further instructions

  46. silviu said

    Lucian ajutama man as I can

  47. <a href="">xxxxx</a> said

    lucian I noticed that he connects (at least that's how I feel) the update phase appears to me and he dies and reconnects (I tried once again I have all the messes from 3.0 to 9 and something is wrong I say) == > silviu exactly lucian is trying to lend a helping hand at least I have nowhere to connect to search it's already a stressful job

  48. <a href="">xxxxx</a> said

    sorry for the double post, I found out what was Failed on HttpSendRequest, restart. The error code is 12002 ==> I mean firewall but from here I really stuck to myself at the moment I'm running so xp sp3 firewall off, nod32 close and I see that it gives me this error when log where can it come from?

  49. silviu said

    n brother bathrooms can nic :(
    j n nim help me :(

  50. @silviu: Please translate and nine nice to us if we sometimes allocate an hour a tutorial and I think you can allocate you a few extra seconds to write beautifully.
    And so goes the mess, but we are not here to mess, your comment may be read by other visitors who do not understand anything, the conclusion will be a useless comment.
    Before the school was said to hurt your pen writing so happens today with the messenger.
    Come as you do not ask too much, unless you want to do it for us, do it for you!

  51. silviu said

    cristi ok

    • When I connect from the pc how Yahoo wap works .. When I get on the phone I use WIFI… I GET TO THE YAHOO WAP PAGE BUT WHEN I ENTER THE SAME ID AND PASSWORD IT TELLS ME THAT THERE ARE PROBLEMS AND THAT IT CANNOT CONNECT ME. What to do?

  52. ajutatima and me please, I'm not going to place k address yahoo! what can I do ? pls

  53. They are connected to the mobile phone and failing to get the mess !! please help me!

  54. prefences messenger version is needed?

  55. cristi welcome
    qm are you?
    do not I mess to talk to you
    [email protected]
    or if you have not put id we can talk

  56. The connection is made using the phone as a wireless modem>?

    Either the movie has no sound or does not go to me

  57. Hello ! congratulations for very good tutorial! Luciane still something I like interface where you can download? I do not mean it in style theme image. It resembles very beautiful vista aero. If I can say where dowload Thank you!

  58. Cristi bv for what you do

  59. nush ..but if pls make a tutorial about nokia pc suite

  60. Papp Romulus said

    Hi! If anyone can help me and me that ladies sorry I ami struggling talent! I want to connect to the net tel nokia navigator6110 via bluetooth to your laptop! if I can help someone with settings that I call t cabbage Hulk! a tutorial to burnish would be super! merci!

  61. Papp Romulus said

    and an e-mail can be anyone and will endure me thank you and God bless you!

  62. sall I did as you said but can not enter the mess and I downloaded and made Mesu ala 7 settings to give it all goes. rasp wait.

  63. I have a LG GT 505 S WI FI AND I WANT YOU CAN IF STYU Flos wirless phone as a modem

  64. I have a lg gt 505 a shi shi I him I want to be wi styu if you can use as a modem wirles as I connect to a router

  65. LucianGL said

    simply enter the network or chat yahoo mail directly in the browser

  66. I'd like to know why I can not connect to messenger on the phone, I changed the password on the computer and I could not get on the phone instead of the computer may come with the same ID and password, send your please email address:[email protected]Thanks

    • AdrianGudus said

      Julian: I'd like to know why I can not connect to messenger on the phone, I changed the password to the computer and I could not get on the phone instead of the computer may come with the same ID and password, send your please email address:[email protected]Thanks  

      Empty browser cache phone, clean history.

  67. I have the same problem as Adrian Gudus. I cleaned up the history and it still doesn't fit me. tells me there is some problem since last login… 😐 pls help !!!

  68. iasmina said

    it's nice but i do not look so

  69. I did not understand anything

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