How to mount and how to install a video game with daemon tools -tutorial

Many of you may know how to download all the music, games, movies, but when it comes to install a game that contain crack or more games in ISO format can be a problem because they are in a virtual form and to work need a virtual drive (daemon tools) and a crack (crack-file officers changed).

This video tutorial will present all the steps, namely

-Download the program (daemon tools)

-Installation Program (daemon tools)

• Bonding iso image

-Installation game

-Introduction crack

Now remains a problem and how we get to and operate new games.

We have more options such be the following programs: ODC, apex dc, utorrent, or you can find on our website a torrent search engine (Insert game title search and you) that you can find the latest games with crack that works flawlessly.

In this video tutorial we will see how instaleeaza a game or how to mount a game in ISO format with daemon tools and ultimately how to put a crack.

by Bogdan Pelu


For your convenience this tutorial video is ROMANIAN and can be watched full screen (Fullscreen)

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  1. and what other program can do img that gives me an error to daemon min

  2. I do not understand what you mean in this comment.
    Please be more specific!

    • Hi I would like to tell me how can I install a game on a laptop that has no CD drive is an educational game for children who require cd during the game. (My daughter wants to take her on vacation and did not find anywhere on how to do so). Thank you.

  3. I wanted to make a poi img the nfs daemon nia undecover and gave an error and can not enter img do and want to know if there a program that can make picture for games

  4. Is it possible for you to be downloaded at a different format or the game is console: ps2, wii, xbox, ps3.
    Try to write in the name of the torrent "pc, dvd".
    And if you have another format, it is possible that it is the "uif" format about which I will do a tutorial tomorrow.

  5. I installed the game, all good… .when I want to play it asks me 1 cd why ????

  6. how to make a cd iso image pretty please

  7. I'll make today this tutorial about power iso, a program that can create and manipulate ISO images.

  8. To the question of why floricel asks CD.
    You probably would not put right crack.
    You probably started the game before the game crack or stick is not good or better crackuit.

  9. I followed all the steps exposed invideotutorialul with inst. a game. I down. nfps comments on some others say they go there, just like me when I would replace its crack me say that I have good cd drive.m would help a sfat.mersi.

  10. May install once and at the end of the installation not to start the game before pastarii's crack.
    And if at the end of installation is one thing to run puffed game or something I suggest you uncheck.

  11. for admin, I'm a girl not a boy… thank you anyway

  12. Someone did this stuff to me at nfs most wanted and pro street. and it works but when i put it on nothing works. at the daemon it shows me images from other games when I want to image a game. and especially this winrar or zip prose or what plm is these I took down a crack and I don't know how to put it in the game. crack appears in winrar.plm anyway you won't understand what I aberrated.pace

  13. I downloaded a game for torentte. PS2 and do not know who can pull him and in what format so they can see PS2, uni say they can pull him with nero but do not know what steps to follow and I want to know if it works and daemon tools and that steps should be, thanks

  14. Games consoles should be the specific file or beside him in some text or nfo.
    If the instructions are in nfo format you can use "damn nfo"

  15. Aha… when you want to install it. It asks you for some you have to send ..mothers right a phone number… and when you receive the code you are allowed to install it ..what that fauck…? ...

    bai fratilor..Bobi CRISTI..dao-n…. my .directly in Romanian..I really don't want to watch a video tutorial anymore… I have… .. who tells me the chet with shusta… .to take me to my mother's right..and I have to… .. pa… … And by race ……… one told you to promote piracy… .but at least you can brother explain in many tutorials..things for .. = FOOLS = that is to put blackberries in their mouths. directly what mother dreaq..and if you don't know how to do it and take them with things like: brother, I introduced you to the girl..and you do what you want with her…. a lot of people si .. -pc ..laptop..samd… ”So .. it is up to you where to download..etc… and how you do it and from whom… I don't have to teach you .. . .WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY ABOUT THOSE WHO MAKE HACKS AND PROMOTE ——– I'm much too nervous… because of many tutorials that I don't I understood them d .although I hated them 4 ..5 times..and …… mine ..I don't get my accounts… or I'm too stupid ..or..I have nothing to look for on a site like this..where things are explained for..advanced..not for those who took ..a 0 week computer..or …… if anyone dares to draw my attention… with look at my vocabulary… .please do it private.: pro_to_tipI ask billions of scz..organizers… but..I had to go ..with my pc to someone because of some doubts..thanks..and even I don't want to see comm..from the star side who ………… .if you add something to what I said here to ti .. …… ..u the most right respect the girl by these people…

  17. THE COMMENT WAS EDITED BY THE ADMINISTRATOR “how the hell do you get this daemon tools”,… and where? and without paying right if you kept saying it's freeee..o… .. dear viewers..buck me..I really have nothing to look for on this site..if it is explained.only for those..advancedMa decalar the worst "FAN" of this site (the dumbest man who does not understand exactly what these people say) With the rightest apologies, I allow myself to apologize for possible offenses. to these people who post video tutorials…. THIS IS ,, I DECLARE ==== FOOL ==== .. IN LARGER LETTERS THAN I AM ALLOWED !!!

  18. Sergiuleee prieteneeeeee.
    No need to swear to make yourself understood.
    Let's talk calm and beautiful, that solves nothing in the end if you swear.
    If you give one text that like I can not leave them on the site.
    Sergiu their site that is made for people, not for Adrian or Sergiu.
    Me and my colleagues that we handle the site trying to make ourselves understood, and if you do not understand what we have done.
    We keep the image of the site and does not look good d-those words that you put yourself there.
    Brother do this out of passion and not win anything from this, and if you come swearing not really help us at all.
    It took me quite some time to edit your swearing.
    We keep our visitors and including those who swear at us, but you must understand that this does not have to happen.
    We're waiting for, but no swearing please.

  19. Delete it
    scz..poate are asking me as a loyal admirer of this site ..
    But not suport..unii are given critici..literari Pruteanu .. .and ..etc..vs

    I really want to know something about the PC and are explained in termeni..greu internetului..dar if the inteles..putine likely have to learn and a lot to spoil my .pc-ul..etc again I ask obscenities ..

  20. Segiu write daemon tools free and must find all .I personally use a daemon tools free.

  21. please help me with a problem. I followed exactly the steps you showed in this editorial, and the nfs game works perfectly but only with the cd in the drive, I copied all the crack, etc. blah-blah ,… .. but I don't know what's wrong. I mention that the cd is not original but also from this cd I installed it on another computer and it works perfectly without a cd and I followed the same steps. please give me an answer. THANK YOU

  22. Try to reinstall it may have inadvertently released before the game to put the crack.

  23. yes… that was probably it. I reinstalled the game and now it works and …… .. without cd. :))))) thank you very much!

  24. I don't know if you are able to tell me but please help me with a problem. I tried to install the new verse of bil8 on a site… .. and after I have done all the steps resp it shows me the rooms and I can't enter. I get a month “YOU ALREADY HAVE THE LATEST JAVA (TM) Platform on this system. and every time I try to enter the same info appears to me. why? you need to uncheck something….? or what…../. PLEASE HELP…..

  25. But daemon tools icon at the bottom right must not be made green? Adik not have that at all options to set the emulation ON ???

  26. Radu81 you can set as you want! it's good to manually activate a service of a program when you need it, and not to let it sit idle for nothing. It's good or at least that's how I turn off some things that start automatically because it will "Pope" useless PC resources! It is best to start an option when you need it!

  27. I know of Daemon Tools is the easiest to use and over is the fastest do not have to know much in computers but if you want to understand the first time you have to help somebody and be very careful to unite the November videotutorial's help that we need, say once that you have to look closely at each tutorial and follow it completely and do not download the beta version since the daemon tools give errors

  28. I play with nrg. Does anyone know how to make him install it?

  29. paul one method would be to convert it into an ISO image, you can do this with the help of Magic Power ISO or ISO, if you do not know how we got here on the site tutorials on both programs! Use the search engine at the top right of the page for finding tutorials! Success!

  30. leonardo f said

    Dear Sir or when an iso read this msg.Am 7,5gb, please if you kindly give me all the steps for. to create a game that faceti.merci PS functionabil.Cu respect for and possibly the DVDs I have, normal or 2 1 of 9gb. Again satisfaction

  31. leonardo f I honestly didn't understand any of your question! What exactly do you want to do with the game? to install it or put it on DVDs? Be clearer and we will be happy to help you! If you want to put that ISO image on DVDs, I advise you to watch the Winrar tutorial very carefully without scrolling! You can find it with the help of our search engine on the site at the top right of the page! If that's not what you want to do… be more explicit please what exactly do you want to do? If you want to put it on DVDs with winrar, divide it… enough to fit on 2 4G DVDs… and then burn it with a burner.

  32. leonardo f said

    Thank you Adrian for. response. I am novice, so empirically to see if I can explain, I dld a game Devil May Cry4, and a dld dld fisier.Eu gave its ISO so it has 8gb iso.El and like to play it I realized that by Let's take a picture (I saw the tutorial, but pt. smaller games, we saw how this works). I ask with which program to burn it, which I have and DVDs as by impartit.Am to watch and WinRAR tutorial with which you wrote. Excuse me do you gray hair, we did not learn niciunul.Merci born for. understanding

  33. @leonardo f:
    If you want to install it afterwards on DVD or run it directly, because you can not break up with WinRAR large images just to carry on another PC where you have to be rebuilt the same twigs install.
    If you want to install it directly from the DVD you should buy your DVD dual layer discs that almost 9 giga.

  34. leonardo f said

    Thank you, good evening

  35. I pictured me and tell me why someone give me an error when I try to imgaine children with demon tools

  36. and I would like installation code from nfs most wanted

  37. Dear admin, making it very much and thank you on behalf of all those whom you were my ajutor.Problema I downloaded a nfs underground with 2 cd.Vreau to install the game on PC, but I iese..intrebare: installation steps are the same, even if the game has 2 CDs ?? ms nice.

  38. @mihai: keygenuri not offer serial codes and cracks at no soft Insite please do not!

  39. .I salute and I need advice I can dak a game installed nfs most wanted (with damon tools that go) but I wanted was installed and NFS Carbon and when I put them both no longer went .How can make them play both?

  40. boby_admin said

    I do not know exactly what you did there but the games 2 have no connection 100 meaning you can install games must go
    If you install a game and not go can not affect another game
    You set both where?

  41. yes yes you dreptate.merge now they had done on a single virtual drive image but I gave the device daemon 2 number and go more

  42. To… .. on the mat if you don't answer my comment. They stole the weapons, sir, hear… machine guns

    Acesr user can behave so that was banned because download tutorials and this is his behavior.

  43. boby_admin said

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    If you want us swear swearing on us .We send an email and we can swear and say what you want
    On site please take a civilized behavior unless we are obliged to forbid you access this site

  44. I wish myself, nfsmw code for the game, please

  45. boby_admin said

    If I gave myself to the game code nfsmw think would upset those people who have done?
    You searched on ApexDC, ODC, and did not find torrents?
    Sorry but our site offers no cracks codes, etc.
    We're just a website video tutorials that we offer in Romanian and free

  46. @styucu:
    Do you think anyone is obliged to answer you?
    Perhaps the world has the job!
    You have no idea how many comments and emails we receive daily?
    I did not complain and complain but nobody and you try to be understanding and to keep a decent language.
    Unless you want to watch tutorials there's no problem, but please keep your language decent.
    Know that only weak people who think that not one cares manifest in this way.

  47. @styucu:
    Now that we have quiet I'll answer to your problem.
    You can mount a game 2 CDs just as a game fit on a CD.
    At daemon tools when you right click on the tray icon you have some options, among those options you have "set number of devices" here you choose the number of virtual drives you need, when installing the game you will be asked about the existence of a the second disk, at that moment you point the way to the drive where you mounted the second disk with the game.
    Creack site is usually on disk two, but may be on disk 1.
    Please nice to be a boy seriously from now, because we are serious when we offer tutorials to watch.
    But can so we Romanians and we will never change!

  48. I have and I need help.
    I downloaded a game from disney brother bear but had to download archived rar.deci 5 parties to be understood that the game is not one piece is part 5 archived and is ISO .. We copied here on my computer, but I do not know what to do? it is not a part but the whole 5 parties and not know how to install it on your computer to go?
    Can you help me?
    thank you.

  49. @ospaso:
    Would need to some instructions or site where you downloaded or within an archive.
    I do not think anyone can tell you what kind of installation only if the game is that someone installed.
    Looking more closely on site, must be somewhere installation instructions.

  50. I managed to install the first part but I do not know all 5 or be installed in this first part is included everything? 5 parts being archived will not know how to tie together ?!

  51. @ospaso: As far as I know and I hope I'm not mistaken, some games are split, divided into several archives to be uploaded or transported more easily, when splitting, winrar is one of the utilities that do this, and it does so in creating multiple archives, numbering them for example archive 1 archive 2 or archive 01 archive 02 times archive a arhiba b… my advice is to right click on the first archive 1 or 01 or then from the context menu choose extract heare, and if it was to be right and to have been that split game, it is enough to give "extract heare" to the first archive and the others will be extracted automatically forming a single ISO image. At the same time I would advise you to look at the tutorial about winrar to better understand what I'm saying here, and what's the matter with splitting, you can easily find it with the search engine on the top right, type winrar and enter enter. Success!

  52. @ospaso: with the help of daemon tools you can mount all 5! making several virtual DVD-RWs, follow the tutorial on daemon tools you can find it with the help of the search engine on the top right. virtual drivers or install the first part then eject and insert the 2nd part and so on…

  53. M good and daemon

  54. You can make a tutorial about how to install a game rarely format?

  55. @cata:
    Are you sure that is rarely format?
    If you look like an archive archive does not mean it, and you read the comments above and see what this is about.
    Of course, there are archived games, but those are not installed at all, they are just extracted and launched from a small "run" that looks like a shortcut.
    Then a shortcut to that file and ready.
    But you do not think you know exactly what you or an archive or an iso resembling an archive because you do not have special program with open iso (PowerISO, magic iso, iso ultra).
    Read the other reviews.

  56. I can say that is the most interesting site I found that I learned a lot of stuff about computers congratulations

  57. boys, cristi, boby, adriane… I also have a request for you. I bought a pley stesion 3 and I rented a game also for ps and I would like to know how to copy the game to the cd on the computer. .I tried the same game but it gave me half an error… .I have the impression that I can't copy codes on them exactly like the movies you rent or the original ones… you have any idea what program would could break this …… .I had a program to break the dvd clone codes in movies..can you help me please?

  58. @aditzu: I'm sorry I can't help you because I don't play games I'm not passionate about such a thing, I don't know what to say… can't you use that CloneDVD for games too? It doesn't say anywhere that this CloneDVD would only deal with movie DVDs !!! Try to use all CloneDVD !!

  59. boby_admin said

    Hear but do not you think it's easier to download a crack-look game ready
    Even on our website have a search engine torrent filters with everything you need
    If we net all let's use it!

  60. sal boby… ..listen please I need some games for pley station 3. there are games for something like this on the internet and i don't know dak a pc game also works on play station

  61. boby_admin said

    The games that you play on the playstation pc not go just on PC
    If you want to download playstation games you have to take the playstation
    We believe that we can find anything on the net just have to look
    First of all I recommend you follow this tutorial

  62. Can someone help me too…? I installed nfs carbon exactly as the tutorial says. All good and beautiful until I play. I click on the box in the game and it gives me an error: "Please insert the correct DVD-ROM, select OK and restart application"

  63. boby_admin said

    If functioned tutorial should work for you too
    Yorkers try to download another game and install it just like tutorial

  64. From where you downloaded NFS PRO STREET? Pliz TELL ME!

  65. @Alexx: Please watch this video tutorial and find out !!!

  66. I give unzip the archive cv tells me is met is unknown format or damaged what was tr fak ??? pls sunetimi: ((

  67. @andrey: Well, what kind of archive do you have? what are you trying to do Tell me exactly the message in English he gives you when you try to unzip… probably… the archive is not good… it is corrupt… ial elsewhere…

  68. super cool program FrostWire
    I liked !!!
    is much easier to use and settings are very easy
    keep up the good work!!


  70. MIE MISE seems a very useful site helped me a lot of things I hope will help me THIS TIME

  71. boby_admin said

    1. Knowing very well and we see no need to write in capital letters
    CDs 2.Spunemi what it is virtual or physical?
    Dane is more detailed as we can help
    Basically all games are installed if you follow the tutorial as you can not not know how to install a game
    And please stop reading and comments on this tutorial video that will definitely help

  72. Thanks but I did install sal

  73. If you burn an iso img to a DVD of a game then I can install the game without daemon tools?

  74. @Andrew: Exactly, you can install it without daemon but from the CD practically daemon tools simulates the installation from a real cd. You can install it as you want… either from the CD or with Daemon

  75. I like very much welcome your tutorials I left another comment you can not read. I have a question deinstalare dejocuri ditch two different ways I had to play the game that I could insstala and install it so I can not remove Crake tutorial meeting with Image from dll is installed and after that take Crake DLL and pasteaza where you installed the game., please tell if I'm wrong and where. from know all the steps now in its second tutorial install game and give Crake take pills DA CD-ULVIRTUAL PLEASE RESPOND TO ME IF YOU WANT THANK MULT.FACETI good job I learned a lot with you
    SANT Begin If you do not mind will understand PLICTISECC Night.

  76. good! got out fifa 2007 in E! give autorun and I installed it! but when I try to copy crackuit and put it in program files cd all I ask! wrong with you? thank

  77. @caius: Not good crack, or search for another crack another game with all the crack

  78. Hi guys! Tin k tell your tutorials are great value and why I recommended to all my friends mei.Am few problems, but for now you'll just tell you about jocuri.Am those with CD and license NFS Carobn original installation and all goes well, only k can not play it, right to open and then close again. I uninstalled and installed my N times and nothing was done to fel.Din folder in all programs was wiped out by that icon crak on that fail to sterg.CE can do to the game?

  79. I have one question: how can play NFS Most Wanted and ProStreet without having to have the CD in the PC, for k me I'm not coming out. And say k I looked carefully at what you have done tutorials facut.Voi not downloaded games directly from the CD, which had the icon. I am not out doing the same stuff all k with PT voi.MERCI deal!

  80. cristi ProStreet MW to play without a cd drive stick must have each game iso from computer preferably somewhere intro partition to another partition iso and make instalate.Poti games 2 virtual disks mount images in games and you can cation leave it and the time to run that game just double click on the executable.

  81. @cristi: this is exactly what the tutorial was about, how do you play a game without a cd.LOL didn't you watch the video tutorial? god what people brother… I get a headache !!!

  82. I have with games but did mati nfs most curious wanted.lam just installed daemon cd when it asks sal deschid.ce crak gotta do with that? nice datimi please answer welcome

  83. @marius:
    Look closely at the tutorial and read the comments, they are a lot of answers.
    Take your time, read reviews quiet.

  84. Well I read just do not know what to do with crak by the

  85. @marius: Please look very carefully at this tutorial where it is clear and explicit what you do with the crack… Success, Look at it head to tail to understand something

  86. I hope to help but see that nu.totusi thanks

  87. @marius: We want to help you as if you do not want this tutorial and others.
    November's what we do, help, and you have to try a bit of everything there, even the comments you answers.
    In principle, what is in the "crack" folder must be copied to the folder where you installed the game, for each game there is a method usually done the same for all games, see that if it does not work you have an NFO or Text file there with instructions.

  88. please how can i make a video like yours… ..can you tell me please….: P

  89. @dexter: We have a tutorial on this topic, it is about software CamStudio.

  90. I would like to do a tutorial like this, yes, I don't know what programs I should take… if you can tell me I'm not upset 😛

  91. I will pray that you have installed nfs most wanted or know explicatimi to me that is different from the tutorial sus.asta is my messenger id if you want to enter sami ziceti.mariussoare

  92. I do not know how to do sal crak are several folders and do not know what to do

  93. why not make a tutorial with nfs most wanted?'ll see that it does not compare with tutorials so they can understand and I

  94. and not what looks crak in of the most wanted crak are multiple folders

  95. @marius:
    We will try to do but to know that it is quite hard to do read a tutorial for each game, how to install basically the same for all, except that each game when you download the torrent file which he has explain how it uieste crack.
    Games would need to do a separate site to read titles are on the market.
    Every crack looks different, find a game in single file in the crack and at others you can find files in crack 5 anyway must put in place as described in the text file, text file unless you put them in the folder you installed the game, if you see a confirmation dialog files means you did well, if not pills does not mean place.
    You can also look at the files and you play, they should be similar to those in the crack folder.
    Crack essentially contains files recorded from a game when you replace those files from one illegal turn the game into a game liceenta (obviously is an illusion).
    It is not good to play a game online watch crack for online servers will realize that it is something wrong with you.

  96. sal .. I like your site .. but if you ask a lot .. I'm tired of looking at the underground installation code 2 are kind enough to send mil? or ziketi million Karev? ms than self ku marius

  97. @marius: If you read all the comments from this tutorial you would see that we do not offer series, cracks, because it is illegal and that means piracy !!! As others have found, you will find! It's impossible not to find… look better… more than that we have nothing to do for you!

  98. I downloaded and installed NFS Most Wanted, but when I start the game, surprise! I ask CD_ul can do? Please help me

  99. So I installed the game I put on another cdi, cd2 cd3 cd4 Now how and where to copy crack bag it?

  100. @George:
    I recommend you follow this tutorial and video
    Usually crack or serial can often find it in a file in one of NFO or CDs

  101. ================================================== ===========
    Installation notes:
    ================================================== ===========

    1. Mount CD using Alcohol or Daemon Tools 120% v1.9.5.3105 4.
    2. Install the game. For serial nfs read serial.txt (extra dir)
    3. Mount CD1 for playing.
    4. Use sd4hide.exe (extra dir). (Anti-Blaxx is not recommended)
    5. Play and Enjoy!

    That's what the NFO file says. Maybe you can explain to me please what exactly I need to do, because I didn't really understand… maybe someone wants to put the id just4you_robert to give me more details more easily. Thank you in advance ! 🙂

  102. @Robby:

    Translation motamo

    Mount the CD using Alcohol or Daemon Tools 120% v1.9.5.3105 4.
    2. Install the game. and read seriallul nfs serial.txt (extra dir)
    3. Mount CD1 for the game.
    4. Use sd4hide.exe (extra dir). (Anti-Blaxx is not recommended)
    5. Play and Enjoy!
    All games are installed almost the same, please carefully follow the tutorial but at the same time and put your mind to
    IMPORTANT do not release the game until you've show pills or crack
    It's the only rule you need to keep in mind the rest just have to find serial or crack and paste it to the folder where you installed the game

  103. Translation I understood it :)) But where's the crack?

  104. ie English text I understood

  105. marius said

    sincerely wanted are good but most of all we have cleared

  106. marius said

    Most Wanted-ready brethren go multumesc.din tutorials I realized how to do it

  107. costel said

    Give me some advice: until a few days ago I installed PowerISO games only and it worked perfectly but give it a few days when restart the computer can not play anymore games. You need to mount the image after each restart, I tried to daemont tools and just happening to me. The autostart option is checked but do not know what's causing this.

  108. brands said

    I installed the game and when it asks code give play

  109. djkeyn said

    good yes I would like to know if out of a p-ot find files of formatted partition

  110. Adrian said

    @djkeyn: We have a tutorial on something like this, How to recover files from a hard drive… .Write up the search on the right Recuva!

  111. hello tell me that I don't know how am .I have an iso fifa 2008 game on the net and I want to put it on the headquarters but it doesn't have a crack

  112. ROBERT said

    2 halo can install on XP

  113. Adrian said

    @soryn: Power ISO can integrate a crack can handle iso image, we have tutorial about Power ISO, write up the search in the right Power ISO hit enter and you will find the tutorial!

  114. Andrew said

    is power and magic ISO ISO

  115. I have an iso fifa 2009 and it's too big, that is 5,7 GB, how can I make it fit on a DVD… ..and THANK YOU for the answer to the previous question, I managed to crack it

  116. haosss said

    @ Soryn:
    I honestly don't know and I don't think you can put on a single DVD…. but dc you didn't take out a smaller fifa… .. d ex I took out the fifa which has 4.2 giga and nothing is missing… .. it has all the sound, stadiums etc….

  117. haosss said

    @ Mark:
    do you know how to ask a question ????… ..
    but before dao makes you give some details… like: the name of the game, if you put the crack etc., etc….

  118. Well thank you I'll have to download another game FIFA lower.

  119. irinel said

    How do I install a game and I formed 2cd sites asresa pls wait for response on my mail [email protected] thank you

  120. marius said

    sal to please and I ceva.zicetimi who know what that program is called the modified video phones that can read them?

  121. Adrian said

    @marius: That the program is a video converter and we have him here on the site tutorial write up the right search in any video converter and hit enter, and follow the tutorial, so that you see them doing them by phone 3GP format is a free software

  122. Adrian said

    @irinel: I will not contact you by email, problems and uncertainties are discussed here on the site! Mohammed comes to the mountain or the mountain to Mohammed? Monte first CD with daemon and installed on it, and I will demand of 2 th CD, disassemble it first then he mounted the 2 century, if we know how to use daemon tools daemon tools tutorial as write up the search in the right daemon tools you enter and find the tutorial, or you can go to the Playlist section where all the tutorials on this site and looking for there

  123. marius said

    I rezolvato and multumesc.mai ajutatima something will rog.cum can replace a video with some poze.adica to sing the song but they make photos look? thank you very much

  124. haosss said

    @ Marius:
    Use MUVIE MAKER that Windows has or take it off the net…
    How? -> just put the song of the video in movie maker [>>> which if you haven't separated it in MP3 format you remove it with “ImTOO 3GP Video Converter” from the video <<] and then put the pictures [where and when you want it to appear in clip] so you can make a custom video zi.
    With movie maker you also have special effects that you can apply on pictures….
    SUCCESS!: D: p

  125. stefania said

    you used power iso, I have a game taken from the net and it's a magic iso format and I don't know how to install it… .I'm still looking on this site I can find it,… .and what are you doing: the fact that you help us with computers

  126. u got one with the desktop icon cd u-u of the game I did not I just mount image folderu with jocu and giving the folder to create the virtual image / :)

  127. Mha Bravo bravo brothers made some interesting points shi continued success

  128. marius said

    sall to all kindly ajutatima with reinstalled not know how to do with update_urile.le can download from somewhere? thanks

  129. marius said please help me and I if you reinstall Windows and do not know what I gotta do to show that I have a validitete.ast 30 days raspuns.mersi more

  130. Iulian said

    PLEASE ANSWER ME… I also have a problem, when I mount the image with daemon tools, nothing appears in my computer, what solution is there ??? :(

  131. nicusor said

    1.Find old and worn, and not to lose one day cd with the game, I tried to copy the iso image (it is protected (TM)). First time I made iso image with CloneCD. I only managed to play .. and give him nothing. I deleted the image. Then I did it again with PowerISO.
    In both images I mounted the image with Daemontools and it says: please insert the original disc, instead of a backup (1000). Sometimes Daemonu says something about emulating conflict… etc.
    The image appears with all windows except the Install closed.
    Play figure and the text window appears and above. What to do?
    Mentionaz computer that I old folder to CD when I manually installed to play it. I had to delete it before making an ISO image?.
    2.Am tried to remove permanently from your computer daemon tools but does not appear in the Add and Remove any window REVO. How to remove this program?
    Thank you guys.

  132. @nicusor: The CD is original and it is harder to break the protection to an original CD with games… you need to know what protection it has and then look for software with which to rip it… We do not encourage piracy and hacking… find details on google !

  133. nicusor said

    Thanks Adrian,
    Really do not want to try anything with that CD. I do not have much knowledge computer.Am just wanted to save it from damage. Nothing more.
    And Daemon Tools program, I ask, once installed how can you take it off the computer, uninstall it?

  134. @nicusor: It should appear in add / remove or revo… I have the free lite version and it appears in both and in revo and in Add / Remove… I don't know what to say you probably didn't install it properly… install it again over… maybe this is how it appears

  135. @nicusor: edit in the post above, it doesn't appear for me either !! =)) In this case you go to the C \ Program files \ DAEMON Tools partition go into the folder and double click on the file called uninst you follow the wizard and that's about it… it probably doesn't appear because I deactivated it so it doesn't start in startup ...

  136. Bravo ..faceti good job

  137. I also have a problem… I downloaded a game from the torrent… and it is not iso format… there are several files… it is not even the archive I can unzip… how do I install the game?

  138. @digey: We are not riddles in the stars !!! Give details on what files you have, what extension they have… .what type of files are… .there are not only ISO images but also UIF, BIN, CUE, NRG (nero owner) etc… it does not have to be ISO, and you can mount them also with daemon tools !!

  139. I have a problem! I want to install gta san andreas. I did the shortcut everything and when I go to explore I don't see any crack folder, can someone tell me what to do please va .thanks!

  140. a question… ..if the game doesn't crack… .what can be done ???… mc a lot

  141. but if the downloaded games do not acrak… what can be done?… mc much

  142. byanka: But if no download games acrak ... what can be done? ... M more

    nothing… you need either crack or serial… if you don't have crack… you're looking for it… or you're looking for a game elsewhere and you look to contain crack si

  143. oky… but where could i look for cracks ????… that i kept looking… but in vain… thanks

  144. corina13 said

    as making a track? thanks

  145. corina13: How making a track? thanks

    It's called crack nu track… the track is a song… We also have a tutorial write up in the box "Search on…" like this: how to install games correctly, give enter and you will find the tutorial, there it will be shown how to put crack. Another time be more complex in the comment so that we also understand if you mean crack or track, what to do with it, where to put it and what you didn't understand. We can't guess in the stars, and if you leave a comment on this in 3 words, we can't help you, don't waste words if you want to be helped, are you too lazy to write? Be explicit and to the point!

  146. good. I have a problem. I no longer go little daemon tools. I appear Tools Pro driver error error:-1. can you help me? thanks

  147. paula: Good. I have a problem. I no longer go little daemon tools. I appear Tools Pro driver error error:-1. can you help me? thanks

    Imcearca to uninstall it using Revo's which have tutorial and you can track it by clicking HERE then reinstall it but my advise is to use Daemon Tools Lite is free and good enough, you need versunea pro!

  148. Good evening!

    I can see the tutorial. There is another link to where I can help you?
    Thank you.

  149. can't see the tutorial …… can we find it elsewhere ??

  150. razvan: Can not see the tutorial ...... we find elsewhere?

    I fixed it now can be run without problems, thanks for reporting the problem.

  151. thank you very much…. you are the strongest in the tutorials and you do an excellent job cat at as many as possible

  152. sorry. I tried in every way to mount section 8 or prince of percia and at the end after the installer gives me an error when you have to play. I was confused. a help understand those missing the game, what I did not put well the crack or I don't know… .in the end the idea is that it doesn't work

  153. And if I downloaded using WinRAR?

  154. Yo: And if I downloaded using WinRAR?

    Please leave a comment as it should, it should contain your problem and your question, your comment contains nothing but a question, do you hear him "what if I downloaded with winrar?" what do you understand from this question? And let me tell you something, with winrar you don't download anything, winrar just archives and unzips so much still winrar doesn't download anything !!!

    Gather and formulate questions and problems that you have it right because guess not stars! If you do not have patience to expose your problem and question how mean they do not necessarily know or be helped to solve your problem. And be patient to write a review lazy man?

  155. Wtf Adriane. I wanted to say if it's in WINRAR format, what do I extract and then use Deamon Tools, or how? in c .. what should I do?

  156. Yo: Wtf Adriane.Am meant if WINRAR format, which are extracted after using Deamon Tools, or what? Here comes each one of you and put one means that, and chi .... in c. What should I do?

    My friend, very careful about language! So go head guy? to be vulgar? 're so smart that you can not post a comment with insulting words than you?

    Let me tell you how it works, if I did not I would have paid any attention you would not have said no more November admins restu only responding to comments that have problems and so, I think it was better to let you As you do head cut

    I see that you don't know that Winrar, like any software, associates itself with ISO images when installing winrar, you are really asked if you want it to associate with ISO images and if you give ok the ISO images will have the archive icon. I recommend the tutorial with winrar or the one I did software integration in the windows installation kit, there I explained how to set winrar not to be associated with ISO images, and so you will know if the images are ISO or are archives…

    Tutorials you can follow one HERE and other HERE
    Watch the vocabulary if you want to tread on here!

  157. Yo: Wtf Adriane.Am meant if WINRAR format, which are extracted after using Deamon Tools, or what? Here comes each one of you and put one means that, and chi .... in c. What should I do?

    In conclusion

    If Winrar is left default, and is associated with ISO images, it means that all your ISO images on the PC will have the Winrar icon and should not be extracted. That's why I recommend the tutorial with software integration in the windows kit because there I explained what is the winrar thing, how to set the ISO images to no longer have the archive icon and to know if it is ISO or if it is the archive you need to extract ...

  158. Hi, I have another problem with NFS. I installed "Undercover" in the computer and then "Shift", at both I encountered the same problem, namely that, after installation, crack introduction… etc, I start the game, it opens, it asks me for a nick name and then the surprise: closes the game when I get a "loading" and then a Windows error. I reinstalled the Window (not because of that) but with the games the same problem. My calculus is a Benq laptop with a 256 video card (if necessary, I'll come back with other details) with Vista operating system. Can you give me a solution to this problem?
    Thank you in advance.
    Further enhanced so that what you do is admirable.

  159. KekoHi, I have another problem vis-a-vis NFS. I installed the computer "Undercover" and then "Shift" on both I met the same problem and that is that after installation, introduction of crack ... etc, give home game opens, it asks a nick name and then surprise: it close game when I says "loading" and then a Windows error. I reinstalled the Window (not because of it) but the games your access problem. My Calc is a laptop with video card 256 Benq (if necessary obligations and other details) Vista operating system. Can you give a solution for these problem?
    Thank you in advance.
    Further enhanced so that what you do is admirable.

    Folks, what do you mean by "video card 256"?
    It's a stupid thing like that is 256, are a lot of video cards with memory 256 does not mean anything, matter what you GPU graphics processor (graphic procesing unit) which is dedicated video card or IGP (Integrated Graphic Processor) chips which are northbrige integrated graphics.
    It can have the video card or 256 1024 is equal to zero if you have processing power.
    There 256 video card memory which you can play any game there 1024 video card memory can not play no shit.
    Most likely in your case is weak graphics unit and therefore can not play these games.
    Notebooks are not made for the mobility game that requires high processing power.
    One is to look at films and the other is to play the latest titles, is the difference of the motor scooter, scooter is cheap laptop to desktop environment and the vehicle is the dedicated video card.
    The cheapest video card on the market is more efficient than what you have in your laptop.
    Laptops are mobile and can run some standard definition movies were not designed for gaming.
    I now have a video card that is thicker than a notebook, you get the point?
    I suggest you buy a desktop with a dedicated video card if you want to play a decent laptop does not work to modify it and even if it works it is very expensive.
    Kidding of course, you get the idea anyway.

  160. Yes now I understand, reading other reviews and rasp.

  161. cappodonna said

    Let me contribute a little too: D… it's not about that as a gift from heaven it becomes heaven: *…
    You can find almost any crack… I found everything I was looking for. SUCCESS !!

  162. greetings and congratulations for what you do… I also need a little help to install a game but to present the problem to you.
    how to install a game 2 format of ISO images with deamon tools.
    more precisely I shot from the torrent the game CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 the game having 11.GB divided into 2 ISO images. I mounted the first iso image and at a moment a window appears that says something like this: “Please insert disk 2 and click ok, if the file on this disk can be found in a folder other than the one displayed below, enter the correct psth or click Browse ”the problem is that I can no longer select the 2 images it only shows me the folder with the game name both… nothing else. THANK YOU for your time

  163. MI to restrict access to VIDEOTUTORIAL. I do not know what's wrong?

  164. hello I have a problem I installed Medal of Honor alied assalt and I Could not opengl what appears

    • GeorgeHi I have a problem I installed Medal of Honor alied assalt and I Could not opengl what appears  

      it simply can not open the image adik: tu tebe to select good image and not the ISO image file and see that it is not damaged.

      GeorgeHi I have a problem I installed Medal of Honor alied assalt and I Could not opengl what appears  

  165. thank you very much tot.

  166. I have a that when I upload it all again and I can not see all vidioclipul?

  167. I have a problem I installed Medal of Honor Modern Warfare sal 2 but can not start to play Mia asked steam installed on the lam and lam guy on but still does not want to go, I say that, most steam be runing to play this game, what to do?

    • sunyboy: I have a problem I installed Medal of Honor Modern Warfare sal 2 but can not start to play Mia asked steam installed on the lam and lam guy on but still does not want to go, I say that, most steam to be runing play this game, what to do?  

      Learn English! We're here to help with advice not you translate words from English to Romanian tie!

      The message clearly says that: steam has to be running (to be started, to execute) so you can play the game

      Next time you such messages in English using the words in THIS tutorial

  168. Very useful, do a good job

  169. I installed nfs shift as it is in the video, but when I finally click it tells me to insert the original cd… ..what can be… does anyone help me?

  170. ms moolt May I managed to install jocurl saved ;)

  171. I have a question I hope you can help me save a game cineva.Am WinRAR archive and can not extract the ISO images I give it occurs
    What to do and how to make my desktop appear to me or orialtundeva than the archive so I can mount the image with daemon tools?

  172. Thanks a lot for your help. Super loud what you have done.

  173. I insatlez call of duty and do not know how.

  174. I do not know how to install call of duty 2 by deamon tools and do not know how please! help me forget email [email protected] send if you know how to send the email message how to install call of duty

  175. I have a problem. I install the game all the best when I start playing it gives me "insert original cd / dvd" what do I do ???

    • ghita: I have a problema.Instalez all good game to play when you give me da "insert cd / dvd original" what???  

      Letting the game image in Daemon Tools installed.

    • ghita: I have a problema.Instalez all good game to play when you give me da "insert cd / dvd original" what???  

      Sometimes it is enough to crack uiesti game, meaning to copy crack and replace the main executable (many times you download a game from the DC or is included and this crack torrents, just to give that image Exploration dvd). Crack and some need to mount the game image. (Daemon tools, magic disk 120% alcohol etc). Sometimes only the image to be installed without the need any crack.
      Also if there install an update patch, crack may become unusable, so need a compatible crack.
      Normally if you have the original game would not have any crack, must be introduced only original disc in the drive.

      • Letting the game image in Daemon Tools installed.  

        Sometimes it is enough to crack uiesti game, meaning to copy crack and replace the main executable (many times you download a game from the DC or is included and this crack torrents, just to give that image Exploration dvd). Crack and some need to mount the game image. (Daemon tools, magic disk 120% alcohol etc). Sometimes only the image to be installed without the need any crack.
        Also if there install an update patch, crack may become unusable, so need a compatible crack.
        Normally if you have the original game would not have any crack, must be introduced only original disc in the drive.  

  176. StepsneizeR said

    Hi! I also have a problem… at a game .. after I give the device to the image and the Play button appears at the game… I give play and it tells me that I inserted the wrong CD! What could be the problem?

  177. Hello, I also have a request, can someone tell me where to find a free site for. games such as… medal of honor, CRAYSIS, IGI3.

  178. hello, please help me too. I downloaded some games with iso yes extensions and bin extension. I was able to install them all with daemon tools but once installed when I want to start the game it tells me: "please insert the correct CD-ROM, select ok and restart the application". What should I do? this message appears to me at all installed games, at no.4.
    waiting for a response, thanks!

    • xenderHi, please help me. I downloaded a few games iso extension and extension da bin. I was able to install them all with daemon tools but once installed when I start the game it says: "please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart Aplication". Why should I do? This message appears when all my games installed on nr.4.
      waiting for a response, thanks!  

      You have to mount the ISO image of the game you want to play, in daemon tools and only then launch the game… that is, in short, you have to have the CD with the game inserted in the unit or mounted in daemon tools

      You may also THIS tutorial carefully urmarestel head-tail (click on this word)

  179. leam installed with MagicISO and gives me the same thing even if they start immediately after I installed

  180. I could finally went all and ceje in bin format. , Thanks a lot, really helpful tutorial, thanks

  181. but I no longer go game after delete virtual drive that we had installed, or not be removed at all???


  183. BOYS what you are doing is great but I also congratulate the minute IO question IMI ESTEGATA GAME OF THE U Torrent DAUNALDAT IL DESCID WITH DOSARU contains SIL unzip and then I installed IL EXPLICATIMI AND PLEASE DEMONTULS me that SUNTCAM NEW Thank you

  184. I'm glad there are guys who are careful to respect alti.multumesc still nice lectie.succese you want

  185. I you in November said

    How do I install a game man (sims 2) .. the torrent got .. with deamon tools pro advanced edition ..? ..

  186. How can I put games on psp 2004

  187. brothers god give you good health you are good at what you're doing here

  188. I just installed nfs undercover iso format with daemon tools but when you want to get into the game it asks CD bag can help me to solve the problem? wait for response on tyber[email protected] or [email protected]

  189. super tutorial… i really needed

  190. I just INSTALLED AND EU TO WARCRAFT PATCH 1.24 3 when SAD IESE game I go into the game and defend my MA DC ERROR CAN AND ON MN AJUCATA? Plizz? If you want to help me MY ID IS crysty_xxl13

  191. hi… i have a problem too… i downloaded sims 2 bon voyage from scenefz..and i just installed it i can't find the crack and i can't play on it… please help me. my id is onutza_sweett_girl, please help me!

  192. I installed nfs most wanted and it was on several sides ……. I managed to install the game …… ..but when I try to play it it tells me to insert the cd-dvd correctly…. I do not understand anymore

  193. SALUT.AS and I'll probably try to install some games but I learned to install thanks to you GAMES ONLY CD ISO format, but what I do when some games SUNRISE IN 2 CD ISO? Thanks in advance

  194. This tutorial is very good. I installed some games with him.

  195. even if I install games I have a problem with him. I tried to install an older game. fifa 2002. install it but after closing the computer and open it after a while tells me every time: fifa 2002 instlled is not corectly. please reinstall. I do so every time you open and close your computer install.

  196. nice please I have a problem I do not go giving me er games. failed to find Appropriate PIXELFORMAT year
    … Restoring display settings
    … WARNING: could not set the given mode (4)
    … Setting mode 3: 640 480 FS
    … Using colorsbits of 16
    … Calling CDS: ok
    ... created [email protected].0 (640 × 480)
    Initializing OpenGL driver
    … Getting DC: succeeded
    … GLW_ChoosePFD (16, 16, 0)
    … 35 PFDs found
    … GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    … GLW_ChoosePFD (16, 16, 0)
    … 35 PFDs found
    … GLW_ChoosePFD failed
    … Failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
    … Restoring display settings
    … WARNING: could not set the given mode (3)
    … Shutting down QGL
    … Unloading OpenGL DLL
    —– CL_Shutdown —–
    GLW_StartOpenGL () - could not load OpenGL subsystem
    why not just that but more all

  197. Thanks, that also helped me

  198. Good evening I have a problem with the game NFS pro street.Am downloaded and installed this game and when I play give urmatporul message appears: Enter Your Registation Code here
    Please enter the entire Registration Code found either in your confirmation email, your game manual / product packaging, or game card. Below I see a long window with a code and under the window two buttons: Done and Don't Continue. done tells me to re-enter the correct code.
    What should I do to play this game.

    • Good evening I have a problem with the game NFS pro street.Am downloaded and installed this game and when I play give urmatporul message appears: Enter Your Registation Code here
      Please enter EITHER the entire Registartion Code found in your confirmation email, your game manual / product packaging, or game card.Mai down my long a window with a code and under fereastradoua buttons: Done and Done Do not give Continue.Cand tells me to reinstall the correct code.
      What should I do to play this game.  

      I have not understood what you said, but here's my id: [email protected] and a talk there, and we will succeed eventually.

  199. costi1901 said

    Thank you very much helped me a lot 10

  200. Hello! Please help me and me with a flat out sfat.Am 2 downloaded a game. I saw that this game 5 CD contains a problema.Cand uri.Apare but want to extract the first CD in place to defend my which contains my logo appears in VLC Media.Trebuie to download the game again, or what should I do?

    • laurentiu said

      Gelu: Hello! Please help me and me with a flat out sfat.Am 2 downloaded a game. I saw that this game 5 CD contains a problema.Cand uri.Apare but first I want to extract my CD instead I defend that contains the FCC logo appears Media.Trebuie to download the game again, or what should I do?  

      Girlfriend you don't have to download anything try to open it automatically so archived with daemon or open vlc file with daemon, and if you ask for the following cd go right click on the daemon (bottom right) and hit the same device installed first cd-u give mount image and insert cd-u two and so on, after you have finished the installation insert cd-u again and you're done (or possibly copy cracu and others…)

  201. Beda Venerabilis said

    Pt. who is interested - DAEMON Tools Pro Standard Edition has a FREE promotion!
    It's a promotion by GAOTD, to celebrate the anniversary of DAEMON 10 Tools.Intrati Giveaway of the Day page, download and install DT Pro Standard.
    The promotion is still valid for about 10 hours - if you do not install in the next 10 hours, the license is no longer valid.
    Another thing, it seems that the installation is not working on Win7 x64 (I like to check, I Win7 x32).

  202. Salute good tutorial, I can anyone help me with advice I downloaded NBA 2010 PC version, and how do I install sal! most files are rare! March would be grateful if someone help.

  203. The game has an GBI? it goes with deamon tools? its installation?

  204. Hi ! I have a problem I have Medal Of Honor Airborne and I can't install it with deamon tools, because it tells me when I mount the first image "format damaged or unknown"… what can I do? Is there another program to go with?
    Multzumesc..shi app..super Tutorial shi Forum

  205. 7 windows and I do not know how to stick to fifa crack 2007 who knows me and tell me please

    • ionut: I 7 windows and do not know how to crack fifa bag 2007 who knows me and tell me please  

      Look carefully THIS Video tutorial head-tail without rewind! (Click on this word written in red)

  206. I have a question oarice Good daemon tools? And I would like to know if it works on Windows XP NFS ProStreet?

    • francisc said

      river: Daemon tools is good


      a) “is daemon tools good ??” - yes - one of the best virtual CD / DVD Drive and emulator.

      b) "if nfs prostreet works on windows xp ??" - yes, but it also depends on others (video card, various OS settings, etc.).
      System Requirements (not translated because they can understand):
      Windows XP and VISTA with latest service pack installed
      4 Intel Pentium (or equivalent) CPU running at 2.8GHz or higher (3.0GHz if running Windows Vista)
      128Mb DirectX compliant video card with Pixel shader 2.0 or above (AGP and PCIe only) using a
      supported chipset (see below)
      512MB RAM (1GB if running Windows Vista)
      DirectX compatible sound card
      7.6 GB of HD space required to install game
      8X or faster DVD Drive
      DirectX June 9.0c 2007 edition (included)

  207. helped me a lot. 're the best

  208. Super tutorial, with your help we managed to finally play without CD.

  209. hello it big problem!!
    After I installed daemon tools name appears second CD \ DVD-ROM in My Computer Virtual!.
    WHY .....??
    Please someone help me id: [email protected]

    • catalinHi it big problem!!
      After I installed daemon tools name appears second CD \ DVD-ROM in My Computer Virtual!.
      WHY .....??
      Please someone help me id: [email protected]  

      Did you restart the computer after you install Daemon Tools?

      WILL NOT LEAVE email addresses, NO ONE will contact VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO from the team, discuss here all problems on the website. If you're publicly EMAIL ADDRESS YOU FILL IMBOXUL spam!

  210. The first time I installed I did restart, but I uninstalled it, and then I asked Mia installing the and only give it restart!!

  211. thank you very much… this video was really useful… THANK YOU: *

  212. even though I have installed many games have a problem with RPES (pes romania)

  213. I installed gta san ANDREEAS good and jocu million installs but does not start giving me that error?

  214. TEQUILLA11 said

    May your brother always ask cd

  215. Thank you so much I was using all your instructions

  216. I have a problem I tried to install Call of Duty 4 with daemon tools and little nush km to the second cd bag can someone help me please!

    • mihai: I have a problem I tried to install Call of Duty 4 with daemon tools Littles nush km to the second cd bag can someone help me please!  

      Create another virtual drive "Add SCSI Virtual Drive", on the second drive you mount disk 2 and it will take it automatically.

  217. Stephen Alexander said

    I'm glad you exist already learned many useful things
    imtereseaza me when there photoshop program description and operation of essential 4

    • Adrian admin said

      Stephen Alexander: I'm glad you exist already learned many useful things
      imtereseaza me when there photoshop program description and operation of essential 4  

      See you already have tutorials on Photoshop 2 3 or by our colleague Alex. Write up in the search box to the right of the black border: Photoshop, hit enter and you will find tutorials

  218. Hello!! And I have a problem as many others, namely the installation 2011.Nu fifa iso file appears when I want to put it on daemon and someone knows why dak email:[email protected] xD

  219. how can i install fifa 10 on winodws 7 if daemon tools doesn't work for me?… does anyone know another program for creating virtual images ???????

    • Adrian admin said

      alecs: How to install fifa on winodws 10 7 if I do not go daemon tools? ... Does anyone know another program to create virtual images????  

      How not to go buddy Daemon Tools? Just write in Google: Daemon Tools, you enter, click on the first result, download the free version, that is enough for what you know was planned and simply install. No special version for Windows 7.

      Or you can use MagicDisc which is all free. Writing Google: MagicDisc, you enter, click on the first result, download, install and voila.

  220. bortanradu said

    It is the same if you want to install Windows jocu 7?

  221. Hello! I have a problem I downloaded a game and it asks dvd inserted. what to do

  222. cristiansuraj said

    hello I installed jocu Assassins Creed 2 feel Codu product requires key.Puteti help me please

    • Adrian admin said

      cristiansurajHi I installed jocu Assassins Creed 2 feel Codu product requires key.Puteti helping me please  

      We do not offer nor serial codes. not support and do not encourage piracy. Games are not free if you want to play that game, you go to the store and buy it and you will receive the code to activate the game. you use pirated version of that game so you're on your own and you're doing as you know

  223. Sorin Cucu said

    I installed ultimate spiderman with daemontools, install, I copied the crack but when I start the game does not work, the computer restarts

  224. Yes I did but you said to me on my dvd but looks like she's put a simple image without giving explorer and I write: Windows can not read from this disk might be corruped disk.The, or It Could Be That is using the format not compatible with windous

  225. I also have a problem… when I try to enter Ultimate Spider-Man my pc restarts. I re-installed windows and drivers and it still continues to restart! I removed it from several parts… from piratebay , megaupload, btjunkie, kickasstorrent and so on. Any ideas, please! [email protected]Or give me a site to get it from…! Thank you very much!

  226. Thank beautiful bathroom help me is helpful.
    I am a young aunt who has 5 grandchildren and that I always stress the new games and with your help we managed to make a nice gift mos beautiful nicolaie.Multumes

  227. Please ajutatima and mn, i downloaded medal of honor airborne, I unzipped it's not from him daoemo nev tools (does not look nik), I installed phisX
    I did and then I gave the unrealengine3 hatered.reg-binares-moha.exe and monitor shows no nimik ami, I voted 4 scz half stars but I had to be missed target 5 please me more what to do! nush how do they put Contacatatima by email only comentariu.Multumesc have read!: d

  228. thank you very much

  229. viorelpicu said

    Very good tutorialul.Daca one for GTA can manage PC.Nu 4 there any way of installing, though I somewhat informed on net.Multumesc.SARBATORI and Happy New Years

  230. I akuma merci super hard tutorialu quiet install nfs hot Purse

  231. I installed exactly as 2010 nfs tutorial but when I open it restarts my calculatorul.cum rid of this problem? why this is happening?

    • Adrian admin said

      eyelash: I installed exactly as 2010 nfs tutorial but when I open it restarts calculatorul.cum me get rid of this problem? Why this is happening?  Cite me

      You have a too weak PC, buy a better one… the game is not supported by your PC

  232. good job! What do I do if the game has 2 iso?

  233. Daniel Herman said

    I tried to copy the games odc installation is complete install them but when I wanna play my original cd and zize to introduce any game I do as you please ajutatima pls ms

  234. friend. the one who makes tutorials ... I have the pleasure to ask you, and you have the obligation to answer us. Just give me this site, not to grow up, but to teach people who don't know or want to know. to put the game downloaded from torrents e.g. the one with cars need for speeds or that I have something like that. to go to us on horseback. through doemond tools, ?? that I screwed him up. it has a size of 7.7 gb. but after I downloaded and installed deomond tools, it doesn't take over… I mention that I have windous 7 ultimate, it exists in my computer. but when I want it through doaemond tools. you only see the folder and the files or images, which must be no longer are the empty folder.
    Thanks a lot.!

  235. ms long for help

  236. hello .. I took a game "the punisher" and it doesn't work I installed it gives me an error .. what to do help me plzz .. esteem

  237. Super loud… bravo but why do my games go fast for example counter-strike 🙂 please help [email protected]

    • marianSuper hard ... good but why I go fast games such as Counter-Strike please help [email protected]  

      After I checked my crystal ball .. I have reached the conclusion that you must have Win XP. Then look nice on google: vsync ON. `activate it and move slowly.

  238. Thanks for the video

  239. pls help me on mn!! andrei_mangeac I need help!

  240. I followed exactly the steps you took in the tutorial to install age of empires 2 with daemon tools and at the end when I play it it tells me: "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart apllication" I can't to enter the game, why?

    • eulescu: I followed exactly the steps that you take the tutorial i made to install Age of Empires 2 with daemon tools and finally when I give her play I say "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart apllication" not I can go in the game, why?  Cite me

  241. Yonutz04 said

    hello guys! I have a Asked Question: How do I install a game that is archived?

    • AdrianGudus said

      hello guys! I have a Asked Question: How do I install a game that is archived?

      Write up in the search box to the right of the black edge: How to properly install games, hit enter and you will find the tutorial.

  242. HELLO!
    I really appreciate what you do, it is absolutely wonderful and very helpful, but do not understand why the sound is execrable-specific tutorials if it were a radio-is very disturbing not granted even unintelligible.
    Might remedy this inconvenience?

  243. Thanks very much for the tutorial! The first games were installed torment for me, I did not know where to put crack, and the start of the game I only appeared errors. Are very countries that help us !! I can not wait to see what I learn from you

  244. Thank f more. video quality is something concrete and not found on youtube (I looked pretty). Annoys me that those who know about cracks and other interesting things are greedy and do not want to say (well besides you) so thanks again brothers.

  245. Hi, I got the sims 2 and it's iso but it has several parts and I don't know how to install it, I installed it once and it gave me an error! Who knows how to add please! Adita_serban2009

  246. Wow, thanks a lot .. f good and explicit tutorial .. even a habarnista me understand.
    Finally can I install them myself my little boy games .. that .. thanks you more than me :)))

  247. catalinstanciu1 said

    Hello! I am siu problem: I got a game the search engine here on the site and I followed the steps to install it when I got there where to stick crack code (ala), I emerged from antivirus something about "TROJAN" and I said if I want to give restart now or later ... and I chose to give soon ... help me, please?

    • AdrianGudus said

      Hello! I am siu problem: I got a game the search engine here on the site and I followed the steps to install it when I got there where to stick crack code (ala), I emerged from antivirus something about "TROJAN" and I said if I want to give restart now or later ... and I chose to give soon ... help me, please?

      Torrent search engine does not search on our site! We do not hold files warez, games, movies, music to download. What I can say is that you just viruses. Unless you, your antivirus software is quite good and bin set to delete the virus that the detector. Next time you scan the download before installing!

  248. Salut.Vreau shi ajutatzi me me I want to install farming simulator 2011 shi can not because it is in iso format how to do?

  249. io min ajutama and always when I want to install a virtual img do what you did and to me it does not open a folder img instaeleaza

  250. I installed fifa 2012 last night and today when I opened my pc was not mounted image. I had to install again. Any suggestions would kindly advice. Thanks

  251. good and I did like it and I did in tutorialu introduk zike to a cd but I want the game on pc not
    cd what do I do? thanks

  252. It went to my first game but then it tells me "wrong disk insert" even though I use the same steps. Am I wrong? thanks a lot in advance!

  253. brothers Codu the demon tools that know how to make games io domontools

  254. hear but to install a daemon tools jok parties must have power iso ????

  255. Alexandru said

    I have a question, when I open a game says something about 'Open GL' and I can not open it. Help me!

  256. when I try to mount the Catia v5r19 in the same way, a black window appears and disappears immediately and that's it… so there is no continuation in which to keep next, next etc… ..what is it?!?!?! or what do I not have in the computer….?!?!?

  257. HELLO very cool this site! but I have a problem, I downloaded a Sims 3 Generations game and I want to do exactly like you with daemon tools, but the problem is when I give Virtual CD / DVD… ..—–> Device ——> Mount Image I can't find what to install and namely Sims 3 Generations ?! what do i have to do first ???? please …… I installed the game without Daemon Tools, but when I was playing 3 hours after I simply left the game ……… Please, I'm waiting for an answer, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. heyyyyyyyyy but he still asks me for the CD… .what to do \ ???

  259. and if the game is on 2 cd'uri as cd2 mounts?

  260. Mihai:
    and if the game is on 2 cd'uri as cd2 mounts?

    Are you a virtual machine for CD 2 or you remove the first drive to make space 2 CD.

  261. AdrianGudus said

    and if the game is on 2 cd'uri as cd2 mounts?

    Like the first. 1 install CD and when it will finish installing the first CD will notify you through a pop-up, remove the CD and mount the CD 1 2 (as you mounted the first) and then pop-up window (which I recommend you do not close it when it occurs and let you know that it takes 2 CD) you continue to install

  262. good, and do something for me, a guardian where to install the Need for Speed ​​The Run on XP, 7 7 give more, please more! welcome

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  264. I have a good question that does not work on Windows 7 tolss demon?

  265. Guys, does anyone know how to remove Prototype 2 Skydrow version, taken from the filelist? Please fFceti a tutorial, I would be of great help. I did have 11 years and are more blunt

  266. Good tutorial for fifa 2008?

  267. BOGDAN said

    I want to know how to download free games for ps3 .. stick .. or directly in a console file .. thanks

  268. I want to know how to download games for ps3 .. stick .. or directly into a file on the console .. Thanks

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