How to mount an FTP account in Windows Explorer with Web Drive software - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present a simple method of installing a FTP account in Windows Explorer for a more comfortable transfer files between our computer and an FTP server, FTP will enter the account as a regular partition of the computer our.
For integration in Windows Explorer will use an FTP account Web software Drive, a very well done and extremely fast on the market are other programs that do the same thing but even one is faster and accurate as Web Drive almost did not realize that mounted virtual drive in Windows Explorer is a remote FTP account, perhaps on another continent.
From now on we can store backup images safely and comfortably, we tested even more integration with backup software, everything worked perfectly, of course upload speed can not be controlled by Web Drive, here depend 100% of our provider net and is the location where the FTP server.
Web Drive will be a very interesting site administrators for servers and managers who often transfer files using FTP (companies, schools, public institutions).
It would not be right to refer only to FTP, Web Drive can integrate a lot of other accounts on various servers in Windows Explorer, the protocols can include juggling and SFTP Web Drive, Front Page, Amazon S3 (famous service cloud) so most likely list of servers and protocols will increase and soon we will be able to integrate services like: SkyDrive, Drop Box, Google etc. already exist applications that can integrate these services in Windows Explorer but is rather cumbersome because of this I decided to present the first software Web Drive is faster.
If this tutorial will attract interest in online storage and methods of integration with Windows Explorer, we will definitely return and other complex applications.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Super hard

  2. Loud tutorial, I have a question more than 100 GB we can not allocate driver?

  3. Dear me can help me:
    If a game ps2 leeching torrents .iso format and burn it with img burn it on a console ps2 go?

    • ionut: Dear me can help me:
      If a game ps2 leeching torrents .iso format and burn it with img burn it on a console ps2 go?  

      Yes go with anything!

  4. Super tutorial:
    I would like if possible a tutorial on Golden FTP Server
    it's very simple ptr those who are not too deskurca with something aja

  5. I saw that youtube now used for what?

  6. hi cristi-admin how to make an FTP account?

    • Tytus: Salutcristi-admin how to do uncont FTP?  

      Type up in the search box on the right on the black margin: How to transfer files via ftp with filezilla server, enter and you will find the tutorial. Under the tutorial you will have the section "Similar articles" written in black, and under this title you have other titles of tutorials written in red, if you click on them you will go directly to those tutorials, before you ask something use the search box, read the comments and section "Related articles"

  7. Hi I have a question where you can take full you where you got it? give me an email please.

  8. Can you give us a link to download the new and full?

  9. sall me can help me with a stolen ID mia mia mess and changed password eszi vrun a program or how to find your password?

    • Stefan: Sall me can help me with a stolen ID mia mia mess and changed password eszi vrun a program or how to find your password?  

      Write up in the search box on the top right black edge: How to change the password from yahoo messenger or yahoo mail, hit enter and you will find the tutorial. You can not do than what was said there and no other thing. Did not you'll be able to recover the data unless you remember that you made the account, if you know security question and postcode that you stuck when you made your account.

  10. Adrian you answer to me?

    • Raul15Adrian you answer to me?  

      It was shown where to download this software unless you have developed this tutorial. We do not provide serials, cracks or serials generators do not support and do not encourage piracy, each to handle it can and does.

  11. So 100GB that space is a virtual space??

  12. MOTHER BROTHER SUPER TARE! Thank you very very much! I have a question if I got something installed games?

  13. I do not go, I give eroaore connecting, here's a print with the error on [IMG] [/ IMG]

    VRO solution?

  14. Dear me can help me:
    If a game ps2 leeching torrents .iso format and burn it with img burn it on a console ps2 go?

    Yeah I see that no one answers me

    • ionut:
      Yeah I see that no one answers me   

      Yes it works with IMG burn burn. you have to do it with 4x speed 😉 I do the same and it works for me. But the PS2 console needs to be fashionable 😉

  15. bre I'm blond… I understand how it is mounted..etc… my account is made of air? exactly how can I have the 100 gb?

  16. Marius: I'm more blond bre ... I understand how to mount .. etc ... make the air in your account? Exactly how can 100 the GB?  

    FTP account you will get if you buy a host / hosting space online or if you install and configure an FTP server on another PC. Write up in the search box on the top right black border: transfer files via FTP, or just FTP, hit enter and you will find the tutorial

  17. I created a test site, something fictitious, just to use it so as not to make a mistake when making a real one… after I clarify everything, can I delete the test site?

    • amy: I created a test site, a fictional just to make use of him for making mistakes when making real one enlighten me ... after all, I delete the sample site?  

      You asked a question… you better not ask…
      Answer: No, you will keep velcro lifetime, wherever you go you find him, you will not be able to get rid of him no witches you go

  18. It's not the answer I expected or not in this form… I don't see what's wrong with asking questions when you don't know or don't understand something… It's true that maybe I "harnessed" myself to something that is not in my field of training, but I want to learn. If I'm not good at some things, that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to try. Just so I didn't make a mistake, I made the test site. How do I know that it can't be deleted? here, just to prove to me that I can do certain things on my own, at a time when those I called turned my back on… ok… and if it doesn't clear, all I have to do is I turn it into something "useful". And if it doesn't bother my questions, I'll come back here for clarification… after all, no one was born learned. Anyway, thanks for the answer given a bit "from above" for "nonsense"

  19. Cristi I have a big problem it gives me an error and I don't know what to do .uite Connecting to site….
    Connecting to …… ..
    Resolving url to an IP …… .. address
    Url resolved to IP…. address
    Connecting to …… .. on port 21

    Unable to connect to server, error information Below

    Error: Socket connect to the server failed. (4504)
    Winsock Error: WSAECONNREFUSED (10061)


    May be a firewall blocking the connection. Check your XP firewall to make sure the port is not blocked.

    And I don't have any antivirus or firewall enabled…

  20. Web drive, is a virus, or you did not know: I'll post on other siteuri.Cu esteem.

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