How to move the JOS address bar to Google Chrome Android

How to move the JOS address bar to Google Chrome Android
How to move the JOS address bar to Google Chrome Android

Repair your Google Chrome Android address bar

The biggest stranger on mobile phones is the address bar, which is at the top of the browser instead of being down where it is easier to use.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a discipline that attempts to make the interaction between man and objects as effective and natural as possible. In other words, an ergonomic object must be made so that man can use it as easily and intuitively as possible.

Why is the top-end mobile address bar not OK?

If you hold the phone with one hand, you will notice that the thumb that you use most often sits naturally at the bottom.
Logical and ergonomic is to have most of the on-screen controls on the bottom, and the most rarely accessed stuff is up.

Address bar must be JOS!

On Windows 8, in the default browser, the address bar was down. Now Microsoft has protested again on Edge.
What's up, I do not know!

How do we put the JOS address bar on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has some more hidden settings that let us change all kinds of wonders. We have the job with Chrome Home Android. \
How we do:
1. Open the Google Chrome Android browser
2. Type in the address bar chrome :/ / flags
3. From the browser menu select "Find in page"
4. In the box type "Google Home Android"
5. Select and press “Enable”.
6. Click on "Relaunch Now"

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  5. But implementing home button on chrome for phones that do not have it can not?

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