How paroleaza, encrypt folders and files with Folder Lock - HD video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we will learn how to paroleaza or how to encrypt files and folders with application Foolder Lock.

When we first released this software (Folder Lock) I had a great laugh, looks like a safe, but if you think about it a kind of safe is either a virtual one.

Just like a real safe, not put up right combination does not open, and so our application, toss files or folders in there and shut the door.

First of all you must set a password that we use whenever we want to access those files or folders after setting the password need to take files out there and slammed the door behind them, to be safe rather than another.

You can cite virtual safes want, you can also set different passwords for each safe but be careful, not to forget.

We must be very careful when setting because when you take files or folders in the vault virtual they are no longer found there where we took, that are moved entirely, of course we can change the behavior of the application but that after we get in settings.

Without password you can not do anything, not the settings can not walk without a password, this is after all a very good thing.

What I liked very much to Folder Lock has a valuable support very smart external storage media (USB stick, flash card, mp3 player etc) ie not need to have app with you to open a safe virtual stick when you're on another computer, Folder Lock offers you a small executable that helps when you want to view the contents of the safe.

Not to mention, let us look at this video tutorial software Folder Lock password protected folders, sincerely liked me, I hope you will like you too.

ATTENTION, do not mess with this software, you can lose important data, pay attention to these applications, do not use the trial version to important files password.

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Thanks guys, you are very strong, tinetio so on.

  2. BEST !!!!!!

  3. Cristie KNOW GREAT explain, would walk me to present a program that displays the temperature descktop prcesorului such as gadgets from a T8300 and I get on to degrees 60, 65 not even know if this is normal.

  4. @DITRON: Turn your laptop and see that the back has a barbecue where the fan pulls air that pushes the cooler, try and shoot vacuumed dust is gathered in cooler laptop.
    Put the vacuum cleaner and the side inde can see some metal blades (there is cooler which dissipates heat).
    While doing this operation is good to be stopped laptop.
    This always happens to notebooks because they lack SPTI components very crowded, the space is small load quickly with dust or lint.
    Then try to leave room the same pool that is trying to no longer put on soft surfaces (blanket, pillow, clothes, chair) he must stand on a flat surface and solid like a table for air to can circulate well under it to the slot that chicken you vacuum.
    Do not be afraid, nothing happens if off.

  5. Congratulations… and thanks

  6. Hello! I have a USB hub with external power and shut down the computer when the computer lights remain on. When hub out supply is off. I want to know if it's okay because I do not want to burn my motherboard or USBs on it.

  7. LucianGL said

    The first time I used this software I managed to hide the E partition in which I had stored all the important files. When I saw that I could no longer enter the E, for a few seconds I panicked. I went outside and came back and then fixed the "mistake". It is indeed a dangerous software if it is not used carefully

  8. Ovidiu said

    Cristi application tineo super hard all do a great job so beautiful! to go on with the tutorials of this I would be interested how to make password files and continue with what you said in another tutorial about parts that I want to buy computer and I want to know more about motherboards and processors phenom with 4 a core value for money we say thank you very much! a good day

  9. Fanibu said

    @Ovidiu: EncryptOnClick, in addition to being easy to use by anyone, has the advantage of being free. And that it's free does not mean it is less certain. On the contrary, uses the AES encryption 256 bit, which makes it extremely difficult to decrypt forced. Furthermore, it can be considered as a portable program. You can copy it to a USB stick and you can use any computer connected to the stick.

    EncryptOnClick is a program that I recommend all users, but especially those who are not experts. It is a simple, fast, free and safe to protect sensitive information on your computer.

  10. but from this program acrl serial Friendly liceenta I find torrents, I am looking for on the search engine of your torrents with those cool filter. Lool !!!

  11. (Super app especially when you want to hide mistress pictures) Good luck, you are THE BEST.

  12. hello..I have a question too… if you delete the windows or back it up what happens to the safe? will you be able to open it only after you install Foolder Lock again or do you lose it altogether?

  13. pop ionel said

    I want to propose a tutorial on what to do to vindowsul vista to enjoy full administrator privileges, I mean vista home premium. luck still tutorials year.

  14. Congratulations Cristi, congratulations to all of you who give us such exciting training. I am an "old beginner" if I may say so, because I am 71 years old and I am very happy to have found you and your tutorials. Before I found you, I was fumbling on the computer as if I were blindfolded. Now I have to configure my computer myself. I got a new computer based on your advice, I partitioned it and installed Windows and other useful programs for me, also inspired by your video tutorials. I don't know English for easy guessing reasons. But with you I learned how to translate my texts. I still have a problem.
    I removed the old computer programs that took me on a Hard Cell (external). Among them and captured files in uTorrent. The new Calculator I failed to do my uTorentul my office. even though I watched the video and applied procedure recommended tutorial dedicated file recoveries from previous intakes on uTorrent.
    From Start / cmd /% AppData% uTorrent black window opens where everything I write I managed to V may continue the steps in the tutorial.
    I uninstalled with Revo UNINST uTorrent and I installed it again with other storage locations temp. and permanent but I was refused.
    Get to capture external hard drive if you send the location and capture up calcupatorul stop. If you start the day not continue capturing and show me that everything he did are errors.
    Cam my long exposure and those apologize for the time I kidnapped you.
    Thank you for what you do and thank you in advance if you could help, Sandu

  15. DEAT useful Cristi but I, like many a this aplicatie..anume to Increase size as there has only 120 MB ..ceea that for me is very rest application different pictures, as you said ..etc.
    I wish that maximum health, luck have all nonsense

  16. @AlexSmenaru: Are you a robot? or…? In all the tutorials you say the same thing, if it would hurt to be p ………, maybe you would understand what I mean !! Why are you so upset? aaa… yes I know why, as has 4000 visitors and your 2 lei download site has 10 visitors per day… or come on 200 with indulgence…

  17. @Sandu: You do not have to start \ cmd \% AppData% uTorrent !!! You have to do this: Click on Start then on Run click on it and type% AppData% \ uTorrent. the tutorial you are talking about is made by me and I didn't say anything in the "cmd" tutorial but only at the beginning and then Run !!

  18. adikeysoft said

    DITRON !!! you were advised by CRISTI admin (whom I respect and greet), in fixing or rather lowering the temperature on the CPU !!! some useful tips, from one who deals with the SERVICE… first of all, when you suck or blow, you will turn the blades of the fan motor, which will induce a current in the board,… very dangerous for the integrity of the electronics dp the motherboard, which has a protection, but I do not advise you to try it !!!!! in other words, you will push a GHEM of dust, between the blades of the fan (this in practice) which at the start of the device will block the blades, and in a few minutes, most likely but also the happiest case, will restart the computer , due to SUPRA !!! TEMPERATURE !!!

  19. @AlexSmenaru:
    If you want to restrict your access to this site that you can no longer watch these video tutorials shoddy and useless (not the other but not hurt you)
    We do not want to praise everyone or we extolled but you're just a jerk
    Recognize that you are Creole!

  20. adikeysoft said

    boby admin… it's good to take into account all your opinions,… but in his case, believe me, it's not worth upset !!! I don't think you didn't realize what kind and what he is looking for on the net… .so you stay calm… all before…. ONLY GOOD !!!

  21. … What is AlexSmenaru looking for on Vdeotutorial?… He probably doesn't know either… let him meditate alone and then he won't intervene… he probably slept worse and when he woke up he felt like arguing !!! Probably today or tomorrow he will return to make "my fault" if not, to be healthy and to see other video tutorials (somewhere on the net)… I sincerely wish him a good day and more wisdom!
    I'm sure, "the killer is coming to the crime scene"… I hope he doesn't come with another nickname.
    AlexSmenaru be a man all the way!
    We're snag on the site!

  22. Gentlemen, I would like some tutorials in "Visual Studio 2008" and I don't want to advertise, they are tutorials, yes, they look pathetic.

  23. dumitru32 said

    Hello brothers, do not take in all nesimtitii head of the world, will make a big thing. Health and respect pine to death !!!

  24. very good tutorial for those who have secrets in the computer. for AlexSmenaru I have a message. thanks for the "compliment". you thought a lot !!!!!!!!!!! speaks on your behalf and do not offend others "smart "In many tutorials. It's not worth getting tired of Alex Smenaru. Ignore him

  25. @eugen: It won't bother us much !! Because he will be banned soon… we will relieve him of the temptation to watch our horrible tutorials, so that he does not fall into this temptation…

  26. "Thank you" to all AlexSmenaru… Adrian's words… and the nickname betrays you that you have blurred thoughts. I'm sure it has already been excluded from the site.
    It is not normal that some people from an early age and to people with white hair that deserves to be respected no matter what they think, to be made prosti.Este true that in front of a computer can delirious you want, but be lacking common sense is too much.
    In point 2 regarding the rules to be observed, in the comments section, it is said "You must have a decent language in the comments section". I think there are many in my assent that this character is not qualified with the nickname "AlexSmenaru" predestined to degrading behavior to be banned permanently.
    A pleasant weekend all who follow videotutorialele CEST on site.
    More respect and consideration for videotutorialului team.

  27. Augustin said

    Very nice, thank you for totorial and for work that faceti.Excelent

  28. MirceaG said

    Impressive! Excellent overall as well as the program otherwise. Note 10. Congratulations Cristi, congratulations to the others. Too bad I saw a very "unprofessional" comment. we doubt your "very high" level of intelligence, but to talk to us denotes the fact that you are also VERY insensitive. If you consider that we are below your "intellectual" level, don't waste your time with us. Watch OTV. and "intelligence be with you" CONGRATULATIONS BOYS AGAIN!

  29. Hello everyone, and on AlexSmenaru I heard from some sources that are important but that they say would not know how to install windows, perhaps by wearing his neputiinta wants to compensate or ignorance. Again and greetings to all maximum health.

  30. Cristi, what antivirus do you use? This is not a "top secret".

  31. @Aleksa: The nature of our occupation we are forced to use all sorts of security solutions for various tests and never managed to hold only one security solution installed.
    If you would need to keep for longer soft one think it would be KIS that is Kaspersky Internet Security or combination of Avira Free and Zone Alarm Free.
    That does not mean everyone has to do so, each must use security software or programs that best understand.
    Best antivirus is one that you like the best and which you feel best, it is pointless to use something just because you recommend someone or just because it is the highest rated.

  32. @Cristi-admin: Ms raspuns.A and one more thing: you do tutorial Understanding antivirus F-prot ??

  33. Catalina said

    Extraordinarily interesting tutorial !!! Thank you very much… we really needed something like that… Congratulations to those who came to our aid !! I am waiting for other ideas !! Once again CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  34. agentutu said

    a very simple and free solution is to lock folder WinMend .This software hide a folder or a file in your PC, as being necessary to open programu a parola.incercati it

  35. soooooperi are tari.cei May buni.poate intro day manage to see all tutorials: D

  36. Excellent, thank you very documentat.voi try

  37. My question is: In a locker create an external hard drive (safe) and put in it what I want in a day I. If the computer gives me problems, and ditch compelled to reinstall Windows, all the data you ve put in the safe were lost ????

  38. Dany05: My question is: In a locker create an external hard drive (safe) and put in it what I want in a day I. If the computer gives me problems, and ditch compelled to reinstall Windows, all data I put them in the safe were lost ????

  39. To me, it seems a little like archives (RAR, ZIP, etc.) maybe I am wrong but is bestial videotutorial find very interesting things, CONGRATULATIONS!

  40. hi I have a question I inst folder locku and I put some pictures in it and leam accidentally deleted and deleted from my d th Akol where I had them, how to them? id: ronaldo_s26

  41. stefanf2007 said

    Thank you very much! Very useful your site! Good job boys!

  42. There is a possibility that, having two e-mail accounts, you can transfer folders (I made folders in which I grouped the received mails) from one account to another, so that if I want to reread some received mails I can find them in the second account, and in the first to have nothing left? More precisely, let me explain: I have a "family" account and another, newer, personal account, meaning a secret for those in the family. Some previously received emails, which I sometimes need, should not be seen, known, known by those in the family who have access to this account and that is why I want to transfer them (move them) to the other account. If so, please advise me how to proceed.

  43. andrey_albert_93 said

    dezistalam this program as they do not go plyzz

    • Adrian admin said

      andrey_albert_93How dezistalam this program I do not go plyzz  Cite me

      Look at tutorial that explained all the way !!!! Who will unwind? You can also use Revo Uninstaller and which we tutorial. Write up in the search box right on the black edge: Revo Uninstaller, you enter and you will find the tutorial.

      Give more details, as that is not working, what happens when you want to uninstall? What message do you see, what is written in that letter?

  44. it's really good and Folder Password

  45. I also moved some pictures and the move date was selected… .where can I find them now?

  46. Greetings. I have an external memory card and I want to encode some folders with photos and documents. I'm not very good, Thanks… ..

    • AdrianGudus said

      Greetings. I have an external memory card and want to encode several Rebate squeezer with fotogrefi and documents. I'm not good, thanks ... ..

      Yes play the video tutorial posted above and privestel carefully or use TrueCrypt which we have tutorial. To find tutorial write up in the top right search box: TrueCrypt, hit enter and you will find the tutorial. Tutorials are in Romanian as can be clearly explained. Moreover there is no one to help, nor how to help you. May you and for you to know how to make use of information that you are given.

  47. ionut_marius03 said

    I've also posted a comment yesterday. All comments posted here are not?

  48. Cristi beautiful, congratulations and thank you very much
    I needed something to work at home (unfortunately) you can not finish them work beautifully mundane mu Again good luck

  49. Hi… ..congratulations for the video..f loud;)… .I have a question too. I recently got my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone and I wanted to ask you if you know how to password the messages sent and received from the phone… so that others don't see them when they button it. I searched the internet but found nothing. Looking forward for your answer.
    Thanks a lot!

  50. Hi guys, good tutorial, this software and I use it now, but unfortunately we have entered a "mess." Before I used this software another 2 password protected folders that I actually hid me and I had to this software to get a password prompt, and they apareau.Intre time I found this Folder Lock Full and I replaced the Deparolam those 2 folders without uninstalling acestuia.Acum what I do that I do not appear any 2 the folders, I searched and software, I installed it and it still does not merge.In name "IT" please help me out, how can I bring back the 2 partition folders? Thank you.

  51. I take good folder lock myself up 7 and right arrow left the vault is a little off and closing minimizes sii Lange disappeared from the screen that is kind closed but now they go on and give descktop double-clicking it does not May open

  52. nice but I would like to make a tutorial depre 7 Rebate squeezer lock has a higher capacity but has some neintelesuri not understand and thank you guys are great help for everyone. advance thank you


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