How can increase the battery life of the phone - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will try to extract as much from the phone battery by applying some simple measures can have more autonomy for our smartphone.
We all know that the battery of a smartphone you do not as much as we would like, sometimes the battery dies after a few hours of browsing or music. This happens for several reasons, principaii consumers are:
1. display
2. Radios (WiFi, 3G, 4G, GPS, BT, etc.)
3. SOC's (processor, graphics controllers, etc.)
4. Background activities (sync, download, upload, push)
5. Some applications bugs.
6. Poor quality SD cards.
7. Age battery, a battery for wear, battery 2 years old will only last a few hours, sometimes minutes.
Another very important factor that can influence the self is the distance from the terminal to the router or GSM cell. A phone that is near a cell will consume significantly less energy compared to the one found at a greater distance, the same law applies to the wifi or bluetooth signal. You should be aware that a phone is a transceiver in a permanent state something to with cell / cell.
There are several steps you can take to improve autonomy:
1. Turn off the radio modules manually when you do not need them (wifi, BT, mobile data, GPS)
2. Schedule automatic turning off wifi connection whenever the screen turns off.
3. If you need 3G, you can switch the phone to 2G.
4. Use the brightness to minimum whenever possible (the manual, not automatic). In auto mode it consumes energy and brightness reading of ambient brightness several times a second activity that consumes energy.
5. You can use wallpaper theme and perfectly black (only for AMOLED screens)
6. Uninstall applications that consume too many resources unnecessarily (may have bugs).
7. Turn off automatic synchronization if you do not really need this, you can manually check for a few minutes / hours.
8. Give up application or auto upload settings, dropbox or google plus applicable offering to automatically climb photos in the cloud, it consumes battery and traffic.
9. Discard auto update settings for applications from Google Play Store, you can update manually when a new version comes out.
10. Use original charger, using several types of chargers can damage the battery (see my case in the tutorial).
11. Use micro SD card with write speed as a valuable good, a shoddy memory card can consume battery even when not doing anything.
12. You can use applications like SetCPU to change operating parameters of the processor, unless you know how to do, please see our website these days I'll make a tutorial on this.
These are classical methods, plus you can take other measures involving additional expenses:
1. Buy it higher capacity battery.
2. Use a power brick / box / stick / packThey are external battery that plugs into the micro USB slot and charge the battery from your phone.
3. Buy it second battery for longer trips. (Original batteries are the best)

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  1. costel said

    Welcomes you! -Resurrected Christ! VA cute close up 2 years and I learned a lot from you! The plea of ​​the CLF will post tutorials that you might have missed, and YOU, THAT IS TROUBLE are interested, the ins and outs of operating systems WIN 7 8 LINIX maybe even less with mobile Ultimu, roaring as it does me and are certainly Many who see you and will listen VIDEOTUTORIAL.RO. I am interested .. ie SANT an avid TETEFOANE ... SO NOW are no longer a beginner but can anything left TO KNOW .. IN SO.VA PUP and wait NEWS IN SO.

  2. Florin said

    nice tutorial

    • Although the Samsung says "Battery", the phone has a battery, not the battery.
      By definition, the battery is not charging, only the battery.

  3. Nea Costel, beginner you can not in the computer but in the Romanian language certainly DA.Lasa computers and grab Romanian.

    • Uncle Paul (sic), if all you get to correct others to get started writing properly.

    • , Let computers and grab Romanian. "Right ought to write this: Let computers and grab yourself Romanian! I do not think you see the difference and explain it to you you're impossible.

    • Sebastian said

      before correcting others better you do it yourself

  4. With all due respect you do not mind me im 49% consume standby screen 29% at rest 23 phone & what to do from waking? Can you explain me please write to me nicely detailed and time activated honestly do not know how to play if you can please explain to me!

  5. Iasmin said

    Very good article! A question we Cristian location google and disabling unnecessary applications such Samsung, are also beneficial for. Battery?

  6. Iasmin said

    SII another question super AMOLED screen is AMOLED? makes sense to use black wallpaper?

  7. Daniel said

    Is there any difference in consumption between LCD and LCD super classic?

  8. LucianGL said

    I have a Power Bank for N7000 NOTES phone can function and overall minimum hours of use 10 intense that the battery bank and power are the maximum. Not power bank sites are good for gaming, heat the back of the phone due to bank's power. NOTE N7000 has protection if too heated processor, ie phone stops

  9. nick5roo said

    For saving battery use setcpu, battery saver by AnTuTu and greenfy (this puts all applications manually of course, dormant and not start automatically)

  10. nick5roo said

    For saving battery use setcpu, battery saver by AnTuTu and greenfy (this puts all applications manually of course, dormant and not start automatically)

    Course, requires root

  11. Hello, I use the GO POWER MANAGER and are quite satisfied with the application (use just to get the phone in airplane mode between the hours 00: 00 and 06: 00, and I set some time in a certain light). The battery keeps me day half (Xperia Neo V) but always pull him HARD. Mr. CRISTIAN CISMARU not know somehow a risk if your root and lower frequency as the frequency of nominal SETCPU: D I went down to 245 122 frequency (the minimum), OC I did!

  12. virus2009 said

    Very good article! A question we Cristian location google and disabling unnecessary applications such Samsung, are also beneficial for. Battery?

    Samsung and other such unnecessary applications that come to uninstall unless you root.

  13. Iasmin:
    Off the ICS go up and if you have root

    disabled can, but you need to root for uninstall you can access applications in firmware

  14. PalAlexander said

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 how I know if I eMMC Bug, I installed progranul eMMC I gave Brickbug Check Memory Check test finished without any error mean I eMMC Bug?

  15. would have to open the phone lock at night

  16. Cristi said

    Hello Cristi a question please I have changed your address pun.Mi mess, (I deleted the entire account) and I made another address mess.Cum I could still get videotutoriale from you on the new ad the mess?

  17. Andrew said

    Very good tutorial, thanks to him and all the others.
    Cristi, please change your battery that. If you explode ... I do not want to think.
    All the best.

  18. Adrian Gudus said

    SII another question super AMOLED screen is AMOLED? makes sense to use black wallpaper?

    Yes, it is true for sites SAMOLED display (Super AMOLED)

  19. Adrian Gudus said

    Hello Cristi a question please I have changed your address pun.Mi mess, (I deleted the entire account) and I made another address mess.Cum I could still get videotutoriale from you on the new ad the mess?

    Subscribe with the new email address in the upper right, type your email address in the 'Subscription Tutorial "and click on the Submit button (red)

  20. Adrian Gudus said

    Another thing you can do is to disable haptic feedback (vibration when pressing hardware keys, the virtual keys when writing text, when you press the power button or when you unlock your smartphone (the lock screen) to use it.
    Surprisingly or not, the vibrations contribute significantly to the battery consumption.

  21. Adrian Gudus said

    For saving battery use setcpu, battery saver by AnTuTu and greenfy (this puts all applications manually of course, dormant and not start automatically)

    Greenify hardly does the job! Baga Gmail app in hibernation and you'll see that when you get a new email, awakens alone and receive notifications, so ...

    • nick5roo said

      Yes, I receive notification that I left active gmail. The problem is that gmail does not consume battery but applications running in the background and does its job greenfy (facebook, if synchronization is enabled, it runs continuously in the background, so other applications)
      I have a tablet vonino spirit and I root android 4.2.2 using the 3 applications, synchronization enabled, and applications with greenfy hibernate, only open when I click. The setting is simple, you can put in hibernation almost everything, except the theme, Ivona (use talking clock) or other applications that do not hibernate. Battery life increased by 20 - 25% (from 8 to 10 working hours in wifi, browsing, games, etc.)

  22. Hello.
    If you have the kindness to make a videotutorial program - Shadow Defender.
    Thank you in advance.

  23. Andrew said

    How to change the text that 4.1.2 Android Custom Rom Version and what text we want to go?

  24. It does not seem important!

  25. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    Good evening!
    Some questions off-topic ... I buy a bluetooth stereo headset and I have some questions ... the bluetooth does not usually come accompanied by an adapter for use with the default desktop PC systems have built-in adapter. I have a keyboard from the same manufacturer but is wireless nano reciver.
    Can I use bluetooth headphones with the keyboard reciver especially as both peripherals are made by the same manufacturer (Rapoo) or you really need to purchase a bluetooth adapter?
    What can you say about these technologies? Similarities and differences ... I can recommend a driver to use the reciver wireless keyboard and headphones can be used with it?
    You think would be most appropriate wireless headphones? I focused on the bluetooth thinking that I have a bigger beach equipment that they can use and battery life after charging cycle is double that of the wireless (according to the manufacturer).
    From my point of view it would not hurt an explanatory tutorial on this subject!
    Thank you!

  26. Wakelock detector helps to detect the application that consumes the battery unnecessarily.

  27. Andrew said

    How many days do you get battery Cristi?

  28. Ciprian said

    can damage the battery and if it is loaded on the USB ports?
    I charge the phone through a cable connected to Laptop Transfer

  29. cristi_m69 said

    Cristi, the battery would still be swollen. I have a Samsung I9001. The battery was original, I just uploaded the original charger. A year and 4 not very intense months of use my battery looks exactly like the one presented to you. It seems that this is the trend and need to get used to the idea: quality increasingly weaker Short lifespan of the components. But sometimes overdoing it too!

  30. I want to format my micro SD card and i give me this error, the operation did not complete Because the media write-protected
    what to do ?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      On the card of a white buton (on one of his sides), give it to the opposite side to remove the write protection.
      Translation displayed message: The operation was not completed because media is write-protected.
      If it's a Micro SD Card Suppose we put in an adapter, and that is the button that I said above.

  31. giovis85 said

    Thank you for this tutorial
    I kept very little battery discharges between 5 and 10% per hour used at night when not in use at all ESS download with 20-30%

    I uninstalled battery Hd, task killer I put a simple background image animation not I disable automatic brightness I set it on low, I turned off automatic updates

    I installed POWER TOGGLES I put the widget on the main screen
    Help me to enable or disable FASTER FUNCTIONS brightness, Wi-Fi, Data transfer, Flight ETC

    NOW IN HOURS consume battery 3 4%

    The rest are NESEMNIFIVATIVE

    USE BQ aquaris4.5 with battery 1600ma

    Thanks for the tutorial, WORKS

  32. elzorab34 said

    It formats the phone battery with android?

    • Never heard of such a thing, can you relate to the treatment that those in service gsm apply it sometimes to give him a battery-2 3 days of life, a kind of resuscitation.
      Android can only delete history folisire battery and this is a custom recovery from CWM recovery or TWM.
      CPR can not be done on Android, I think you can not do the job of any operating system.
      If you mean formatting is done once for NiCd or NiMh, it no longer made today. Lithium Ion batteries do not need this. Also no need to empty the battery before recharging all. However it should be noted that all rechargeable batteries have limited recharge cycles.

  33. hello i have a galaxy mini and the battery s4 the phone awake I always over 25% .. I followed the tutorial exactly and nothing .. my battery drops visible or not you 10 hours without being used .. ex got phone 100% battery 8 work and hours that if I wrote better 2 e 80% downloaded ..

  34. I have a Samsung Grand Neo i9060.
    It has only 11 months and for some time (5-6zile)
    although I removed from loaded, as I try to get on the Internet, or to make a picture with flash ... close .se phone instantly.
    0% battery! I let 5 minutes, you porneac ... .75% charged battery! If I try a google + WhatsUp ... ... just shuts down.
    What could it be?

  35. Hello.
    It may seem a little strange, but I hurt my phone without realizing those warranties.
    I am in Germany and my mobile phone was already twice warranty.
    You have to stricter once, I can change it to.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Please no ideas to put him in water or freezer or ....
    Thank you.

  36. Salut..yo have an extra edge ... The problem S6's just in stand-by mode ... .de evening until morning 30% of battery consumption ... what to do ???? Thanks a lot


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