How to increase download speed with FlashGet - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present a video download manager that is capable of accelerating the transfer speed when downloading files from the net, the manager called FlashGet and can be downloaded from: http, ftp, torrent, eMule.
FlashGet is a download manager very effective, he is able to look for multiple sources to download a single file, and download it from http, not only for torrent. The technology is very exciting and is called MHT (Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation).
Yesterday evening we put to download an .iso Windows Server 2012 for some tests, unfortunately manager browser download speed was too small for that late hour in seconds we downloaded the FlashGet, I installed it and I gave url 'with the ISO file, unlike browser download manager, file FlashGet ate it, too within minutes and have to say it was an .iso file of Giga 3 something.
If you have little patience to set his FlashGet you have downloaded files and tidy, we all know about the download folder looks like after a few months of use. To keep order in guiding FlashGet looks at the file extension and it discharged into specific folders by type: software, movies, music, etc.
Another advantage is resuming the download (download resume), so we use bandwidth more efficiently and time, especially if you have mobile net. Why downloaded the file several times just because something happened and the connection was interrupted?
For those who are worried vis-a-vis the malware, FlashGet can automatically scan any file downloaded once finished, that if you say that you have antivirus (see setting in tutorial).
Altogether FlashGet can be a perfect application for the moments when you want to download more quickly.
I can unreservedly recommend FlashGet download manager to replace any browser, especially when it comes to Chrome's download manager, it sometimes incomplete download files, it can be fatal to a firmware flash.

Download FlashGet 3 (free)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. FlorinP. said

    You can do if a tutorial on Windows Server 2012.

  2. Sebastian said

    And I'm agree with FlorinP.
    If you can make a tutorial on Windows Server 2012 and a download link.
    Thank you.

  3. Hello! Mind telling me what capture software are you using??? Thank you!

  4. Anderson said

    Hello! Mind telling me what capture software are you using??? Thank you!

    Use Camtasia Studio, search on the site at Search… (camtasia studio) and see what you are interested in 😉

  5. Hello everybody!
    I have a problem with the flashget program, whatever I put in "add new" I download a shortcut to the internet (a net address) or a file of about 50kb, can someone help me how to proceed to make my program work?
    thank you in advance!

  6. The best of the best
    No. 1> Internet Download Manager
    It is shareware / But there are medications for it.
    : )
    @ Ionut
    Gentlemen use (I think so)> Techsmith Camtasia Studio Bravo!

  7. A much better alternative but not free would be "Internet download manager"!

  8. mmg1818 said

    I use JDownloader for videos on youtube.

    speed 13MB / s? But the network card has a maximum (100Mbps) 12,5MB / s download.

  9. Wed I download the same speed ... like torrent.

  10. It doesn't work for me in mozilla if I try to download from dropbox, box or sugarsync… why? I RECEIVE THE ERROR: "Sorry, the protocol is not supported now"…. Can I do something to download from those hosts?

  11. 'm ok with FlashGet good thing and I want the same thing myself as FlorinP. ie Windows Server 2012
    thank you

  12. When I integrate with Firefox it gives me this error ”Firefox can't find the file from / C: / Program Files / FlashGet Network / FlashGet 3 / FlashGet3.xpi. ”- I use xp-sp3 / 32bits

  13. and I want a tutorial windows server depre 2012

  14. Hello, welcome even as a tutorial on Windows Server 2012.

  15. How do I set the Romanian language in FlashGet? ...

  16. goes, goes goes with max torrent 2m even worse

  17. Adrian Gudus said

    How do I set the Romanian language in FlashGet? ...

    Learn English. Not all software is disopnibile and Romanian. FlashGet is one of them!

  18. and to me as I take a shortcut! what can I do?

  19. Mircea:
    Wed I download the same speed ... like torrent.

    bravo same to me

  20. no upset but it's really bad application: Yes I tried to take something from the terraces with the application and it took me 1,5 maximum 2 mb / sec :)) while from qtorrent I take 10-12 easily :)) now I tested in the dormitories in Cluj and surprise! the more I take from the browser, the more he takes :)) so nothing new 😀

  21. Paul1975 said

    So it pulls about the same speed as with utorrent.Dar idea of ​​this and other software is good venita.O intrebare.Daca want to be somewhat invisible on the net that if utorrent pull something or other something, such software is available tor, or else you change ip.Nu understand something, ip change only if you go on exepmu tor, that if in the Internet Explorer had the same IP, instead of the torus was the U.S., Germany etc.deci in. tor and from there on the post write such, so I can draw something, doing so from where I'm the netul will see what I do with tor or just see what I do with int Explorer.

  22. Mr. Cristi and please make a tutorial: how to install Mac OS on a PC with AMD

  23. edy 13ani said

    David says:

    Mr. Cristi and please make a tutorial: how to install Mac OS on a PC with AMD
    here's a smart processor… .amd not good for anything… ..without upset: D

  24. Do not expect to exceed the rate that you have the contract. Can improve the download but can do wonders!

  25. AMD odd good nimik

    What are you talking ba me it seems good. I have an AMD and it's great but if you said no offense ok everybody is free to his opinion.

  26. I installed FlashGet 3.7 you when it restarts deskid pc,,,, I uninstalled and no longer restrteaza,,, I installed Windows 2 side, I put a partition prog and gave shortcut in other partition with the wind and so do PC restarts, and sometimes an error occurs and fast memory, in which cautza restarts??? Why would they?? thank you

  27. That would be an interesting tutorial download of secure streams (RTMP) on sites such MTV, voyo using the tool sniff-ing sites, dumping (like rtmpExplorerX, RTMPDump) for then to be extracted ( imported GPAC)'s content audio / video in FLV and put in a container MP4 / MKV.

    Congratulations to none!

  28. I get flash installed and do not see any improvement in the download, I must say that I phone with wi-fi net of smartphone. Could that be the cause?

  29. virus2009 said

    Indeed a good software in Italy where I am now, I have no net 10% over what we had at home on RDS, feels the difference, the party grew to download, it's 5 6-times faster, for example to backtrack V 5.3, x86, Aves-5 6 Estimated hours to complete, now I managed to download and am really in 1 10 min.

    Good software, ms CristianT.

  30. Welcome. Flashget site works with Google Chrome? As with Mozilla trouble. It gives me an error when I get on some sites like Facebook. Write the connection is broken and I certificate expired. I checked the date and time are fine but still gives me the same error. I reinstalled Mozilla, I tried all versions of Mozilla and still nothing. If you can help me please?

  31. virus2009 said

    Welcome. Flashget site works with Google Chrome? As with Mozilla trouble. It gives me an error when I get on some sites like Facebook. Write the connection is broken and I certificate expired. I checked the date and time are fine but still gives me the same error. I reinstalled Mozilla, I tried all versions of Mozilla and still nothing. If you can help me please?

    With IE works perfectly, everything behaves normal response time on Google Chrome is a little delay, start downloading the browser then manager FlashGet occur, but odd bathrooms, stops downloading what can be accomplished through the browser, mozilla do not know , do not use it for the 2008.

  32. sal, draw a higher speed but it depends on what you shoot!! BitComet is bigger and is constantly viteza.mi I'm not exceeded 400kb / s. matter only seed file.

  33. liviu_florin said

    I do not start default FlashGet. Just use Google Chrome as your browser, a system 64bits.
    Download speed to me is limited to the speed of the contract, ie max 2.5Mb.
    Do we need to be a setting, to those presented, to start default in Chrome?

  34. my name is going to download dau I give it a paste at the url link and when I give it a download it downloads but the song I downloaded doesn't start
    please help! Thank you!

  35. I give paste the url to download the song to be downloaded but will not open after song

  36. Gagarin iury said

    download not only the page on which you want to download something videoclipul.trebuie set, the default settings are not sufficient?

  37. Anderson said

    What did not go to download firefox, nothing works. Firefox says file not found. Xpi

  38. I do not get along at all with this flash get !!!! dowloadeaza not any torrent mozilla nor any chrome or nothing

  39. Cristi this is for you know you go on Mozilla with 2 MB when downloaded from Mozilla does not take full speed because it does not connect to many seeders and when you take off FlashGet is the same as if you'd Contact Internet Download Manager connecteaza more.

  40. Torrent not worth, even though I Internet from Romtelecom's speed with BitComet 1100 kb / s with FlashGet is 900-950kb / s. I'm kind of disappointed.

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