How to install and run software on a USB stick with PortableApps - video tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn to use the USB stick to store programs pre-installed and you can launch them anytime and on any computer.

Many of you have at home usb sticks that you no longer use, so I thought that was out of the bottom of the tray usb dusty and give him a new life.

With the application, or rather a suite of the company PortableApps, we could take with us everywhere favorite software.

When you go to an internet cafe or a friend in the computer, we can not use software for people watching favorite chioris when you want to install and you something, but from now on it is no longer a problem PortableApps there to help us launch programs on a USB stick without the need to install.

Just tuck the stick into the USB port and launch one of the many programs available from the beginning.

In this issue we will come back with other video tutorials that will refine this method and we will adjust so as to put the stick almost any software.

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Very hard Cristi wow you're a genius! to me you are a mentor in IT more and more man!

  2. Excellent idea with portable apps, allow me to make a callousness suggestion: When a tutorial windows stick? (Like linux I saw seemed very loud).

  3. esty still very clever .... good luck ....!!

  4. Very interesting tutorial, I hope to complete and we look and how we can not only install other software downloaded from its site.

  5. psihologu said

    I and him have a request ... a mysql database .. on a host can be bought?

    Thank you !

  6. psihologu nice future ... please try to post reviews and tutorial section that belongs to your question!

  7. Yeah [Email protected]psihologu:
    Sure, we'll do on this, we present how to manage a hosting account on a shared server from a hosting provider in Romania

  8. I have a question myself. What movie as clearly seen?

  9. Marius was not filmed with a camera monitor as many would think ... it's a software / program that you capture the screen, as you do print screen, print screen that's only in video mode but to say asa.Sunt many programs that can do this screenshot ... search on google and you will find! Just as with software to record sounds captured by a microphone sounds like this software so if you register and what happens on your PC descktopul! Can do just capture your descktop, not a room you know in your hand and shoot what you want ...

  10. I've got a soft one 2008 video monitor but do not know why not obvious, I put a video on youtube created with this soft and barely see what I wrote there. Matter how good is my computer or the program is to blame? Am I allowed to put the name of the program here, just the name ... maybe someday and make a tutorial about this program can be found on the net free trial.

  11. Marius quality not think you necessarily soft but rather its settings! If you want a bigger and clearer picture capture a small portion set not full screen! So Christ is, set capture a smaller portion and decrease the window borders to fit in that square as set for capture, if you set it to capture full screen, zoom automatically when you upload is smaller and blurry images try to set capture less of the monitor! I do not think it would be a problem if you put the name of this program ... you probably can not give the link where you can download only the name of the software but if not I think it would be a problem.

  12. Thanks a lot !! Im your hottest

  13. yeah I'm sure this use ... more ... and a little studio ... well, I think Camtasia uses and Cristi ... if I'm not mistaken ... :)

  14. psihologu said

    Thank you very Cristi! I posted here in the idea that it ultimu `tutorial uploaded and I relied on that it will be read in time .. and there was a suggestion subjective in the sense that I have a Romanian housting, namely Romtelecom and the menu is not similar to the presented to you in tutorials about managing databases in mysql database having no added .. and to add the tables ... also requires no privileges option .. which I kind Adrian derutat.Evident someone would say .. "requires the support provider that's only paying for" .. the idea is that provideru `has people have no idea what it means date.Prin base so I made a suggestion, if possible I would be delighted to do a tutorial .. it's ok ... if not in fact until after all are convinced that doing what you do out of passion and desire to share your knowledge with novices and sign that flatter you without the intention to publish a tutorial linked The housting, are a selfless person and quality.

    Thanks for your attention and my apologies if I have broken any rules!

    PS I am not a novice in the computer and have the ... if anything can be used in a development of this brilliant idea ... with what great pleasure!

  15. psychologist misunderstood me and I'm sorry! have not violated any rules but would be well and good to post questions to the tutorial that is the theme, so you keep a man "cleanliness" and everything will make more sense, comments are to complement the tutorial, not speak on topics of sport, and who was also stripped by gossip magazine ... How about the fact that you thought that this tutorial is the latest we so we could give your problem, you're wrong! We observe absolutely all comments no matter where you post, even I manage this job, both I and administrators of this site, wherever you are posted, this site is good enough that someone monitored to see your post! There is no damage you have done so, but we keep in order, clean and a little discipline! Great success and do not be mad at me! You saw that I said in the future, and I even asked to make sure, if it was to be a loss, is taking other steps!

  16. how to make nero portable??
    suntety super strong

  17. It's really cool what you presented filmuletz a suggestion how about installing other software on the stick, not necessarily on Portable.Merci advance!

  18. I installed a program called virtual stick (Snagit 7) descktop video capture, super normal program installed lam iam just stick gave way when the real windows used lam went well but left a lot of registry in HKEY_USER S -1-5-21-1644 ........ so all leave something to use in another PC.

  19. @Corleone: It's normal to be so .. needs a platform to run for a man! As you can not go on or through the air, and you need to walk the earth as always and sometimes actually leave footprints where you step, and so this program needs your support! Cristi referred do not let dirt, folders ... or passwords that you have in tunderbird times in pidgin ... or what other programs you've got there ...

  20. Fffff good tutorialul.Felicitari I am very interesting to know how they can put other software on the stick.
    Thank you!

  21. Help to create portable applications Universal Extractor is what makes this program ... well extract the contents of the kit, for example taking a program kit and with the help of Universal Extractor and extract the contents of the kit folder put it nicely result in portable apps ... This Universal Extractor Unpacking kits is basically kits that are a different type of archive, which you packing your nice content program, the commands are as WinRAR context menu, this Universal Extractor also knows how to repack the archives, or make a kit in a zip folder of any program.Aveti say mozilla firefox in C program files and you want to play for packing your you want to do a reinstall of windows but do not want to lose your current settings and no plugins firefox or bookmarks sites, nothing simple right-click of cprogram folderu mozilla firefox files and your done only good kit to put the new windows! I hope it will be helpful and good luck! Perhaps Christ will do in the future and a tutorial about it, we still remained shows how to add apps portable other programs!

  22. Hi I have a request, namely how can I install utorrent in stick? thanks a lot

  23. @Ewald: Go to this site and download the portal ... see k to each write how to install software ... Write to search for this page uTorrent and I find it as the portal!

  24. @Ewald: Download uTorrent executabilu to put it in a folder then in that folder create a text file in May that we call it so she gave settings.dat given extension, then run uTorrent ... you double click the folder executabilu

  25. Adrian Ioan Vlad said

    This app is super!
    Thanks Adrian for site! I have learned something
    We found the "preteni" office2007 even portable!
    Save / install programs on the stick and you've got the job after all!

  26. Hello,
    First I want to thank you for all the work you do! is awesome!
    Now come along with a question (request) .... while you do your time as you put a tutorial on how we can we make our favorite programs, portable?
    In Sperantza a desire to listen to it (I guess not only) Thank you!

  27. @alex: It's great engineering and other software to put on stik! If you read above I give you link to a site that has a lot of ready-made for applications to be portable, just download them and run them on hard times or on stik, to run them on stik, make a folder in stik in folderu where pastors and other applications that you downloaded in that folder and voila, you have portable software! READ my comments above, if you write in google or portable applications portable apps you will find many sites that offer to download free applications to be portable ready made for ... just download them and run them!

  28. We follow with great interest and much esteem for what you do.
    I have the same curiosity and I: while the tutorial promised on putting other software on the stick?
    I am interested in AutoCAD.
    Thank you!

  29. Cristi is very interesting and useful software that. I managed to make and messenger and office nero 2007 stick ... so it's a great way to not ever loaded computer.


    Hey do not know if you can but I can manage to say to ask your help.

    I owned a "Watson 4Gb MP2 player" or FAT32 FAT format and use it more as a stick to transfer data.
    I had an idea that I do not know if it's possible but why not ask? I want to install Windows either er be that "95 98 2000 xp ......" Mp4 connect to the computer with no hard drive and have windows running.

    Tell me know if I can with details ........ and what exact programs and described step by step if possible

  31. @DJ_ZEUS_RADIOXXL: There may be so, your Playeru mp4 not far from a hard behavior that needs an operating system! Reading times differed from a normal hard, and so timpu access and response time ...

  32. @AdrianAdrian did not say how to do it in a folder (C / Program files) kit. You said just right click and ready. How adik just press right click ready?

  33. Soll Bad G. said

    "Me lazy to clean the office!" Christi bay're like me :)) anyway good game tutorial ff good man and you a whole ... look who said aja k in Romania is not genius :)) aprp can we compete and u Bill Gates and I am proud of what I

  34. How tareee's program :)) ...
    Thanks Cristi May saved

  35. Good zoiua!
    I would like information on how I register to be able to publish tutorials.
    Please send information to this email address: [Email protected]
    mailto:[Email protected]

  36. Portable programs can run on the stick and no application "PortableApps"
    My question is: Why do we need this app?

    • nykos: Portable programs can be run from the stick and without application "PortableApps"
      My question is: Why do we need this app?

      In order to manage them better, you noticed that with portable apps you put the stick and has a autorun comes your tray near the clock a menu where you can quickly launch applications, you and a mini menu where you have a function of back- up, you can launch all at one place, without having to give browse through my computer, double click on the stick and then double-click to enter the folder where the software and then double-click the executable software or to release it ... And If you took all logic and see the benefits of this software! Be open minded (open-minded)

  37. Very much .. I had this problem yo! Mersii and yo ... I have a problem ... I 8 GB stick I pulled some games on it I deleted then gave iam stick format! stic k now shows me has no 8 94 GB Mb ... Can you help me?? contact me at [Email protected] for more details ... Thanks

  38. Wanno94 said

    Very loud but gives me an error >>>>>>>>>>> installation program stik Extract:
    I tried on 2 stik's, one of 4 16 second gb gb shi Extract all aceiashi >>>>>>> error:
    Pls Ajutatzima
    Multzumesc advance

  39. Wanno999 said

    A great program! But when I install software on stik gives me an error fishierul "Extract:" ....... I did this several stikuri but still aceiashi problem. What to do? Skype - "wannoc700"

  40. I have a little problem, I have a stick 2 GB EMTEC, I use the CD player in the car
    listen to music, and he can not transfer to other music, I copied what was on it (back up) put them back but nothing else gets crashes, the file can not be created or move something formatted genul.lam and all vrea.precizez not I put some drivers on it before I wiped pc.le format after leam folosit.Dar receives no pictures .. nothing was out of the music on it is not broken.
    Waiting for reply, thank you.

  41. Adriana said


    Can you tell me, please, how install Macromedia Dreamweaver stick?

    Thank you

    • Vanessa said

      Dear Adriana ... Write in Goole Macromedia.Dreamweaver.v8.0.Portable and give a search ... you'll be surprised to discover the many places you can get this program ... In Portable version does not need installation, just copy the program from your computer on the stick ... When I want to just double click on the executable uses the Macromedia Dreamweaver portable and launching.

  42. Andrew said

    Thanks a lot, make a million thing ...

  43. Cristi liked the tutorial, excuse me all the tutorials that I've seen .. I learned a lot from them, I found an answer to many problems and are not in the IT profession. What I want to ask you ... do you have any knowledge of Lupo_Pensuite v.2010 little program? From what I saw in the tutorial have about the same purpose and were created with the same purpose ... and try to do a tutorial on this, I have tried and I thought great, has many advanced programs known free some you did and tutoriale.Mult continued success!

  44. countries are brothers saw a few days ago one of the tutorials and then as I have a little free time as I get on your site to see what's new you can not make a direct tolbar order to have the site for that I sincerely enough to be addicted to this site and began meeting Sami improve word knowledge are the best

    I thank you from one soul for what you made here and we make ourselves and thank you to realize

    • Adrian admin said

      marianBrotherhood are strong we saw a few days ago one of the tutorials and then as I have a little free time as I get on your site to see what's new you can not make a direct tolbar order to have the site for the honest I have become addicted to this site and began meeting Sami improve word knowledge are the best one I will thank you so much for everything you made here and we make on us to thank realizamva

      The bookmarks you heard? Why not make a bookmark? About how to make a bookmark or how to make a website to favorites to not forget it for the Aces easier to talk in all our tutorials on your browser. Written in the top right search box the name of the browser you use, you enter and you will find tutorials about it. Or tell me what browser you use and you do a short movie about the bookmarks and favorites ... for your browser.

  45. Mr. Problem said

    Enter pt. tens of thousands of portable programs

  46. catalin said

    super site, very helpful
    the tutorial you said you are you one, how to create other portable applications.
    thank you

  47. typography said

    MS ...))

  48. Remus vartic said

    I want to play games on smart TV on the stick, how can I do stick with a game that runs directly on Samsung smart tv on usb stick?

  49. Hello! I have a game on an 8 GB card and I want to know if it is possible for the game saves to go on this card as well, and not in windows?


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