How to rename several pictures at once in a few seconds - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial will show you how to rename multiple pictures at once in seconds without hassle and without using commercial software.
First we need pictures, you might like the pictures to be placed nicely in folders, as have been made. For example, all pictures from the mountain that we made Christmas to be placed in a single folder, that's our job easier and not lose Vrena more searching through pc sucks. It would be better to use this way of arranging the pictures all the time, avoid crammed all pictures in one folder, it will be hard to find them after a while.
The software that we use it today is called FastStone Image Viewer, a free program that do the job fine, I can say that it is as good as ACDSee. FastStone Image Viewer For we do not have a tutorial but I will make one soon in which I will present everything that deserves presented this course if I receive feedback on the comments box.
FastStone Image Viewer function in the program to help us rename multiple pictures in a row is called Batch Rename, batch resize batch rename is brother to help us resize multiple pictures at once. Batch Rename offers us many other options for renaming, we can keep the original name of the pictures, we automatically add the date we enter the new name of the folder name files even they are stored.
You will see in the tutorial that this program really worth it, even if you use it only for renaming is excellent.
There are other programs that can do this maneuver to change the file name, you can use the program to manage the Microsoft Office suite pictures, you can use ACDSee, unfortunately these are commercial programs that can not afford anyone.

Download FastStone Image Viewer

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. valentin said

    Bravo! As usual a very interesting tutorial.

  2. Laurentiu Andrei said

    What do you call that explorer? (Like explorer.exe)

  3. Bravo cristi.multumesc a thousand super ori.e May God wanted the program sanatate.cit More photos in pc.multumesc

  4. Bravo! very interesting tutorial Cristi but please do a tutorial on RAID and RAID 0 1 as you promis.Multumesc beautiful!

  5. Very useful tutorialu program deserves a more detailed tutorial

  6. MARIAN:
    Bravo! very interesting tutorial Cristi but please do a tutorial on RAID and RAID 0 1 as you promis.Multumesc beautiful!

    It's coming, just get my hands on a hard drive like one of my drives in raid 0 is very important to have hard drives similar to that capacity, ideally even be the same model both.

  7. Do you know if there is a software in which you can search your PC among so many pictures for duplicate images and I do not mean the name but the image itself as google has "search for an image" something like that.

  8. Bravo! very interesting tutorial Cristi but please do a tutorial on RAID and RAID 0 1 as you promis.Multumesc beautiful!

    It would be interesting tutorial about RAID and RAID 0 1.

    Thank you.

  9. I would like to know how I can buy advertising on your site.

  10. axelluny said

    I would like to fill out a little on this subject except that renaming to "bunch" just like you did in Fast Stone works in Windows, the Select All and change the right of a picture or other fişier.diferenţa being performed by numerotare.În exchange programs are great for mass renaming which are very useful for example when renaming files mp3, those who bear the name http://www…etc.Printre I could list them as follows:-1 4 rename, advanced_renamer, AntRenamer2,123renamer, TagRename361. Staff recommend AntRenamer2, which is very intuitive.

  11. tiberiu:
    I would like to know how I can buy advertising on your site

    Write us on contact page form, to specify what will be promoted on space where you thought and type banner, leave a contact address and phone number, we will contact you.

  12. Very useful this tutorial… thanks Cristi
    I also have a question… I have a compact Canon A810 camera. The ISO sensitivity is max 1600. In a room when I take a picture on AUTO the sensitivity reaches 640, and the picture quality is a bit low. If I go to the P (program) function and I set ISO 100 in the room the picture comes out at an excellent clarity. I still have a LIVE function there it goes to set only the brightness, the color… .etc, and ISO is on the car, it doesn't change -200 and it still doesn't seem clear. How to set it because it has many settings? Thank you

  13. Cristian said

    Very interesting this tutorial… Cristi I also have a problem with my pc… .when I try to open the pc it starts to sound beep beep beep beep and hold it like that for about 5 seconds… ..then it closes, it stays closed for about 2 seconds and then it opens and starts to be heard again beep beep beep beep beep beep keep it like that indefinitely
    What's the problem why it behaves so PC?

    • it often happens like this because of the RAM memory .try to wipe the dust pads or try them on another pc to see if it still works

  14. I wait and I can make time to do and a tutorial or more about AutoHotkey program that replaces a lot of programs such as; Browsers hand-built and secure, automate logging on any website or mesinger, control sound volume, rapid automation of the click with only the right mouse button with the OK or CANCEL. Keyloger invisible hand built and undetectable by any antivirus. or more such useful programs that run in the background once all that is invisible. Honestly I think they deserve more tutorials chear not just one.

  15. Congratulations, Cristi! Clear, concise, as we're used on
    I use FastStone Image Viewer for more than a year, but we did not need it than to view pictures, I like the look and I thought it would not hurt to install it if I needed more , I would have to dig through the settings. Now I get to find useful things that I had no idea, thanks for the presentation.
    Excellent work click here faithfully for you, Cristi and Adrian!

  16. Cristian said

    Thanks for the help Julian
    I did like you said and it seems that now works perfectly: D

  17. Rodica Blagoe said

    SUPER TUTORIAL …… ..I have long wanted to put my pictures in order, now I have the opportunity

  18. Interesting tutorial. However, I have a question… I would like to add another name to some mp3 songs after their name.
    If you could make a tutorial and so on would be great.

    Thank you!

  19. Cristian:
    Very interesting tutorial ... Cristi I have a problem with my pc .... I try to pcincepe an opening to hear beep beep beep beep and you like a 5 seconds ..... then closes, it remains closed and a secondary 2 After they open the start again to hear the beep beep beep beep bipbip BIPS keep it up indefinitely
    What's the problem why it behaves so PC?

    Check RAM stergele pin an eraser, check the video card in some cases when connection is properly quack, if not all so check 12V 4pini ATX connector and 20 24-pin motherboards and get a bag a while. If not, not the motherboard Northbridge burned or correct voltage coming RAM, CPU, etc.. Or else you put in it somehow cleaner? If so get your mind to stop working you

  20. calincalin said

    Freeware programs in this category must be remembered XnWiev that has even more options to rename files + other functions that FastStone Image Viewer does not have. ie can import images from cameras.

  21. Does anyone know why not see the tutorial on your mobile phone. Is there any prblema with my phone (Samsung S2) or website?

  22. Thanks! I always followed.

  23. Hello,
    I have a question.
    How can I rename more pictures, but keep part of the original text from my name?
    Example: pozaionut1.jpg, pozaalex2.jpg, pozadan3.jpg, pozagabi4.jpg.
    I want to rename them so that only 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, 4.jpg remain.
    I want to eliminate all the letters in the name of more pictures, just keep the figures.
    Thank you !

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