How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard (Gboard)

How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard (Gboard)
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How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard

How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard (Gboard)

The Gboard Keyboard gives us options

How to put a wallpaper on the Android keyboard with the Gboard keyboard? We'll use a picture, texture, or any image instead of the solid color on the background of the keyboard. This tutorial is for those who are the fans of personalizing the phone.

Why use the Gboard keyboard on Android?

The Gboard or Google Keyboard, as it was known in the past, is the official keyboard from Google.
Because it is the official keyboard from Google, it has maximum compatibility with the android operating system, a very good integration with all services and applications.

The Google keyboard is more "trustworthy" than other keyboards.

What does the Gboard keyboard mean "more trustworthy"? You see, keyboards are called "input devices", ie data input devices. On phones, the keyboard and the touch screen, which acts as a mouse, along with the sensors and the microphone, are devices for entering data into the phone.
A Google Gboard app because it is a "Google" keyboard is preferable to a third-party keyboard, because Google is an entity that still has a lot of data about you. What's the keypad input now?

Why other keyboards would not be trustworthy?

Any application (and the keyboard is an application) can send data to the "base", the chips for "improving products and services". So why trust some developer that he will not collect and use my data. At least Google already knows everything about us, what does the data from the keyboard also matter?

How to put a wallpaper on the Gboard Android keyboard?

In Gboard settings you have: Teme - Click here + and add a picture, then just center it, adjust the contrast and choose whether you want visible or camouflaged keys. Save and rejoice.
You can use any kind of picture, picture, texture or wallpaper.

Do not have the Google Gboard keyboard?

Download the Google Playstore Gboard Keyboard (Android)
Download Google Gboard from Appstore (iPhone, iPad)

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    1. When installing the first message is that it will send you ALL about you 🙂
      It's hurt bad.
      And the most important is not ergonomic for those who have thicker fingers, press 2 keys, or press another key than the one you want. The most ergonomic keyboards are those that have well defined keys for each letter. The key must have a small surface. The space between the keys must be as large as possible.
      It's very rigid in settings, it does not allow anything in comparison with other keyboards that allow for a sataric goad: keyboard size, keyboard font, color and dozens of settings.
      I use this Google keypad, as the orcs he knows "everything" about us does not seem plausible to me

      • Adrian Gudus said

        The role of the Gboard keyboard is to work (and it works very well and flawlessly) very well with the most important feature / function of its so-called "sliding writing"
        When I used this feature for the first time, it seemed to me the most stupid thing, and now that I've got used to it, I do not think of batting each letter with the thumb on both hands.

    2. Constantine said

      Hello ! What I want to ask is not related to the tutorial above and I apologize. I want to replace the ram to pc and I do not know exactly what to buy. I am going to show you my computer: 970 PRO GAMING AURA motherboard, AMD FX-8350 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 150 Ti card, SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250 Gb, Corsair 8Gb (2 × 4) 1600 MXZ C9 650 w. What I want to add is the more powerful ram for the games. The PC is made by me as where I'm killing you with the prices. I have learned a lot from you but here with the ram I'm not sure of myself (I have to respect the base motherboard, ie 2133 Mhz or can 2400 Mhz more? If you do not answer, there is no problem anyway I would be watching you with pleasure of some 5 years and from now on the same ... Many health and success in everything you do!

      • ViorelR said

        look what your base plate says:
        DDR3 memory type
        Maximum Memory Capacity RAM (MB) 32768
        Frequency Memory (MHz): 1066
        2133 (OC)
        4 memory slots
        So at 2400 MHz you can not put it.

        • Constantine said

          Howdy! Before asking the question I checked but I was not sure ...... Anyway thank you! Many health and baptism!

    3. Georgica said

      Mr. Cristian and Adrian good day
      What do we do when the monitor hurts and we need desktop pc?
      At your fingertips we have the android orroid tablet android and we want to use them as a pc display.
      What cables do we need to buy? What programs do we need to install?
      Do a video tutorial on this topic?

    4. corleone said

      the shit tutorial, from the beginning do the good job now you left on the dance floor

      • Mihneaciuc said

        Traffic is still ... come in one day to see something interesting maybe ... there are visitors coming to publicity. Now that they are tutorials once at 2 week for the school helping this is ... you will immediately return. "You do not agree, do not go in."

        Take: dns and reverse dns linux server tutorial
        Server mail linux
        hairpinning router linux.
        Let go with _ active directory domain servers on windows server

        I do not ... I wake up with claims. no more requests, no interest ...... bn pa

    5. ViorelR said

      Thanks for the Cristi tutorial

    6. By what method I can get rid of network coding, resoftez tel. is he still stuck in the network?

      • Adrian Gudus said

        No, it is recommended to decode it to a GSM service, to unblock it on IMEI. Such unblocking is final and its cost varies depending on the phone model and the network where it is encrypted. Each GSM service practices different prices so go to more service and ask.



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