How is the password file for a better security - video tutorial

Hi friends, tutorial today will learn how we can encrypt (password) any file, document text, office, music, movies, pictures, this password will keep the file or files from curious eyes by simply right clicking on them and choosing a password. A very useful application if the documents from office to get some we do not want anyone to have access to the IT department, even our boss, where it also takes from time to time to check the computer. Or simply have some pictures of mistress / lover will undermine the relationship and want to stay away from sharp eyes of his / her spouse. If you are paranoid and you think that someone will intercept connections, file transfers or want to send sensitive documents, you can also call this wonderful application. Whatever the reason, the application is very easy to use and only takes a few seconds. Now I invite you to watch this tutorial to see how to do exactly, well if you want other software of this kind, enter category Security / Files / Passwords.

Lazar Crypter download via
Lazar Crypter x86 works on Windows, namely Windows XP bit 32, 32 bit Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 bit; On x64 not work yet.

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Adrian Burlugeanu......

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  1. Matthew said

    it's good that you did a tutorial on this…

  2. anonymous said

    I have a request. You can make a tutorial on how to do a subtitle?

  3. Matthew said

    keep up the good work

  4. stefan said

    hello I wish I know where you get the theme for windows for that I like and it's very good tutorial I was thinking the other day how I could do this

  5. Hello and I would like a guide for purchasing UPS unite nimik not really know about them

  6. Hi Adrian, I see you switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 or not your PC?

    • BGD:
      Hi Adrian, I see you switched from Windows XP to Windows 7 or not your PC?

      Adrian has used Virtual Box sees that did fullscreen tutorial

  7. Matthew said


  8. Andrey said

    Hello! Adrian. You can tell me the name of the theme you have in the virtual car… I see that it's windows xp but you have a theme and it's very nice :). Ms mult

  9. very useful this program.

  10. Very frumos.Multumim!

  11. daniela balance said

    Why is he afraid of the thief? - of another thief. But of an it-st? -Of another it-st. mistress or a have to weigh well what you want… and learn to take responsibility for your actions… regardless ..of '.motivation'.You can put the' mum 'of the padlocks..all in the end… and then to see the soap opera in progress… Tragedy or Comedy? -everything from which side you look you have.

    • daniela balance: Why he is afraid thief? My humble opinion is that if you cant do a mistress or a lover .. must weigh well what you want ... and learn to assume and responsibility for your actions ... whatever .. the '. Motivation '. Could you put you and' Muma 'lacatelelor .. everything will be in the end ... and then to see ongoing soap opera ... Tragedy or Comedy?-each of which looks ... interesting part videotutorial Sir Adrian will it Thank Favorites.Va shoot myself in the cozy and the whole echipe.Zi good to have.

      This was a way of saying, of finding another example for using the program. I've been following them for a while and I really like their humor but also how I fine-tune some people. Anyway (off topic), men give themselves away when they make mistakes, we don't have to break passwords.
      Good luck and patience still those who do these tutorials!

  12. Adrian on you a tutorial on Securing partitions or folders?

  13. Adrian and me walpaiperul please give me the tutorial!

  14. Albert1831 said

    It's an inspired tutorial. But do you want to give me your wallpaper too?
    I say to the [email protected](Only allowed Adrian to give ADD)

  15. Good evening you want to give antivirusu not let me download?

  16. Bogdan said

    I tried this program with two flv files and made them amundouă dust. I do not trust this Lazar Crypter. I immediately uninstalled.

  17. liviu:

    But when you get used to using a small engine search?

  18. this program encrypts any file type…?

  19. Indeed very useful for a beginner like me and especially good for the smartest one I do not find the password. Multumum.

    • … But it's especially good because a smarter person can't find my password. Multumum.

      Do not count on it!

  20. daniela balance said

    Ana .. my dear .. -and yet why did you feel the need to quote me? I did not understand the idea… I did not doubt for a moment the insight of these gentlemen and their desire to help those who are novices in it. I thanked them as many times as I had the opportunity… and I thank them once again… now. If you want to thank them more than me I suggest you send them an e-mail to the office address. Respectfully. .A good night.

  21. Daniela, you took it in oil… ..or maybe you're blonde, or ……'re a woman.
    BRAVOO for tutorial (to return to our own) keep it up.

    • daniela balance said

      GELUDaniela did you get it ..... or you are blond Oil can, or give you ........ femeie.BRAVOO for tutorial (to return to our own) keep it up.

      Gelule I don't know what you understood from my comment..but you certainly didn't understand well.Not that it would hurt you in the hood..if you cheat..I don't even think about me in Basque if you cheated just said that there is a chance that it will be..and then you can't go back in time… maybe only if we do some incantations ..budist.I won't thank the guys from the video tutorials so many thanks beats .. 'in the eye'. They know how important they are to us… and we know how much .. supports us.

  22. nor24o said

    fall will make a tutorial c + + or Pascal or any programming software

  23. nor24o said


  24. Vasile said

    I scrambled picture and a movie and when I wanted to decrypt them gave me ba ba invalid password file damage though I wrote the correct password

  25. Lucian said

    Same as above Bogdan I tried 2 program files it destroyed. I also uninstalled the program, but it's a shame that it is a very simple and intuitive. Maybe like veunul know.

  26. Daniela's interesting logic ("I won't thank the boys from the video tutorials anymore .ro..because so many thanks are striking .. 'in the eye") in front of whom ?, I wonder, that these people don't have much competition, they are unique. I've been following them since October 2008, if I think about it, that's when the site appeared, since then I've learned a lot from these people, so I'll thank them for how many days they had, even if some like you won't like them. And one more thing ("They know how important they are to us" and we know how much ... they support us ") Woe to me and me; how did you come to this conclusion. That's it, I repeat myself: you took Daniela on oil and you slipped badly. Maybe you bump into something (someone) and come back, or you paint a brunette. These people don't need you, me or others, WE NEED THEM, if we want to learn something, of course. Did you understand, miss? so please wear reasonably nice.
    With all respect I wish you all the best!

  27. daniela balance said

    Gelu - I don't know you - you don't know me - and you will never know me - before I answer .. I will apologize to the video tutorial team… to still allow me to answer .. because I was actually provoked… and by what not ..jended .. Even at the risk of being banned ..on this site..because this is not a site of opinions… PRO .. AND AGAINST it is a site of it and so it must remain.Each comment remains recorded -I don't think I've ever been ungrateful to these gentlemen or I was lacking in common the dances..or to the visitors of this site… ..I'M NOT THE KIND TO BRUSH PEOPLE-TO COLLECT LAMPS FROM OPINIONS FROM THE CLOTHES-YES IT SEEMS TO ME THAT WHEN PEOPLE EXAGGERATE THANKS TO ME THIS AA ..FALSE. you came in here but to learn how to put 'locks' or to quote me? -you said you enter this site to learn-then but learn and be silent… and please excuse me from your opinions… prove that you have more discernment than me… so -STOP…

  28. AdrianGudus said

    Daniela and planed nicely to please stop this silly debate that leads nowhere!

  29. daniela balance said


  30. Marius said

    Not good at all this and talk VERY SERIOS.Eu Lazar Crypter I downloaded I installed it I coded some pictures went well until I did restart the pc then when you gave all CTRL A coded picture and I wanted them unsecured unsecured 3 or 4 only then if you attempt gave me my error or malfunction photos or show me pictures invalid and sometimes also given me incorrect pasword.

    • Costel said

      Not good at all this and talk VERY SERIOS.Eu Lazar Crypter I downloaded I installed it I coded some pictures went well until I did restart the pc then when you gave all CTRL A coded picture and I wanted them unsecured unsecured 3 or 4 only then if you attempt gave me my error or invalid defectapozele or show me pictures and I sometimes also given incorrect pasword.

      I encrypted and decrypted, pictures and videos very easily.
      The program is very good, if you know how to use it.
      Good luck!

  31. Daniela Sorry if I offended or upset with ceva.IARTĂMĂ!
    All good and pleasant Sunday.

    • daniela balance said

      GELU: Daniela Sorry if I offended or upset with ceva.IARTĂMĂ! Sunday Best and pleasant.

      Gelu, thank you showed more wisdom than me .. and you stopped in time, otherwise we would have kept it 'near' both .. until the year 2012.Multumesc and Mr. Adrian as the know to intervene in timp.Gelu-please accept apologies mele.O beautiful Sunday to you ...

  32. Gelu, thank you showed more wisdom than me .. and you stopped in time, otherwise we would have kept it 'near' both .. until the year 2012.Multumesc and Mr. Adrian as the know to intervene in timp.Gelu-please accept apologies mele.O beautiful Sunday to you ...

    Thanks that you accepted my apology. All the best. Maybe mention but here. (Ghirbegelu hi 5).

  33. With Windows 7 wrong?

  34. I'd like your wallpaper in this tutorial

  35. daniela balance said

    A question and maybe someone will be kind enough to answer me, I recently deactivated an e-mail account and a mess id I checked on invisibil .ro… .the respective id to check if it says ..inactive. offline .but also the avatar of that id.Another way to find out if that account has been deactivated- I don't know.What confuses me is that even when you have an active account looking for 'invisible' write ..ori-offline-ori online or invisible. I mention that I can no longer enter that id-I understand that it has been deactivated? -do you know another way to find out if I managed to deactivate the account? .. Thanks in advance ..

  36. daniela balance said

    Another question .. hope not too many for one night .. so I had two id never managed to identify with the second-I always identified with the old .. ie acesta.Nu understand .. there are many people who identify with id .. and who wants .. explain to me how I do? say thank you again ..

  37. daniela balance said

    And yet .. can anyone help me ..

  38. daniela balance said

    Visitors of this site please help me .. can someone find it more humane .. of .. fire ..

  39. Catalin.81-Rm.S said

    This "encrypted Lazarica" ​​is a pity for his star!

    TIP PT every one that little program to test this:

    Do not begin to encrypt photos or videos IMPORTANT PERSONAL or any file that you have in you care UNIQUE AND PT EXENPLAR he might run out files CAUSE!!

    as others have stated above, the program is NOT encrypted and then decrypts the file be destroyed.
    I tried on a few clips and other types of files, some even very small and many can no longer be decrypted, it displays "File damaged!"

    … .So like @daniela and GELU E IT'S NOT HAPPY END AT ALL! :))
    if daniela sends you a more eye-catching picture, don't encrypt it with "Lazarica" ​​because you can lose it and… GREAT loss!
    (But not your care die io)

  40. daniela balance said

    I understand that because of this' program 'you deleted the pictures with the' more special girlfriend? -What do you think-did you want to put your padlocks? hello .. answer me the above questions… And don't be mad at me..I was joking ..

  41. daniela balance said

    I refer to your e-Methyl-and ids.

  42. Bogdan said

    the problem is that I install it appears I do not give

  43. Super, thanks a lot

    Do you know of to recover my photos? Have used this program, and let the pictures protected one folder, and after a while when I see them, I say error.
    I want to recover, even whatever.
    Thank you,

  45. Caution with this program!! I encrypted some pictures and decrypt them when I no longer recognized my password! After I insisted any 10 minutes and I swore by all the saints accepted my password but my question corrupted photos! I tried on some Word, he knocked on that!

  46. Hi Adrian I have a problem I hope you can help me, or anyone else who is knowledgeable, I encrypted some important files directly from Windows, I think it was something like the certificate does not know how, my problem is I I reinstall Windows today and can not access those files one says access denied.
    And my question is how can I decrypt the solution can be used if you do not have that certificate?
    If you need the password that I have for sure but I still walked and did not find any option to enter the password.
    Thanks so much.

  47. Hi Adrian I want to make a tutorial how to crack a wifi password fi.daca can, thanks

  48. why I go straight and say inccorect password?


    please help me:
    I keyed some folders with two programs (unuk not know what it was called, another folder protect), due to deficiencies in the system had to reinstall the operating system and lost these programs
    (Worse is that I do not know the passwords) can somehow reopen those folders?
    Thanks for response with respect [email protected]

  50. I greet you learn a lot from you thank you very much but I do not program it is interesting pff interesting for me is to password protect a folder and send it to my mistress and you want to put pa deskida folder to \ roll without having a program Kesti decryption or something simple like pff is? you click on the folder to put the password and ready without Deparolam can program this?

  51. Hello, a very good program for encrypted archives and some documents, but I obs as large folders you can not give Encrypt, what can be done about them?

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