How to recover data with recovery software from the company o & o - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present two recovery software from the German company O&O, these software are: O&O Format Recovery and O&O Media Recovery.

O&O Media recovery can recover only certain files on demand, for example we delete several files and we want to recover only certain files from the deleted ones, Media Recovery can do this with multimedia files (movies, pictures, music).

O&O Format Recovery helps us find and restore entire partitions, this is good if we accidentally format a partition or in case of a failed resizing.

These two software help us to recover data each in its own way, each is good for a task, soon we will present a third recovery software from O&O, this is O&O Data Recovery and a tutorial will be dedicated to it whole, but this will be another tutorial.

We wish you a pleasant and keep you informaz that we have on site a tutorial software Recuva is also a data recovery software accidentally lost, this is done by our colleague Boby.

Tutorial Recuva (free soft recovery) conducted by Bogdan Pelu

Cristian Cismaru

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  1. jemavi said

    Cristi Hello, congratulations for the tutorial again you have proved inspired.

    @Cristi Before you ask I searched on google but sent me all sorts of links and do not understand anything.

    if you want and there is no one bother to tell me a program to delete data from harweder (do not know if I spelled correctly) not be recovered even once.

  2. Hi I have a question Cristi, you mentioned in the tutorial or not I was quite careful where you say something about it I apologize if hdd is defective it can recover data from it with this software ? Let's say I have two hDD, one walk and having installed this software can recover data from the defect?, I can not really imagine that to r may be but you know may bine.Multumesc

  3. Adrian said

    @jemavi: It can, there are many software that do the job, and one of them is free and is Eraser, and there are many softwares like that it all free, and TuneUp Utilities has this option (File Shreder)!

  4. Andrew said

    You can recover files if you tried after being deleted files then rolled Evidence Eliminator ???

  5. Andrew said

    PS: you were a bit wrong with this presentation…: D..after you ran the recovery by format, the software PRESENTED YOU the partition with 322 files found… but it escaped you..and you gave up believing that it didn't recovered was the FIRST;)… review a little the end of the presentation

  6. @Gyony: If a hard faulty you can not recover anything from him, if you have extremely important data you can still recover but cost you very much, this is where large companies that have very important data for home users it's not worth it.

  7. @AndrewYes it was a small mistake, this is strange but in the future we will try to be more vigilant.
    Thanks for the warning, I found myself out but it was too late already posted the tutorial.

  8. @Andrew: Eventually and mistakes have their charm.
    It is hard to work perfectly all the time.

  9. @Andrew: I haven't tried but I think we will do a tutorial on the efficiency of "file shreader" software.
    You gave me a good idea.

  10. @Cristi-admin: Thank you for response, luck still.

  11. jemavi said

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    • I tried to open the door of the car according to the above steps, resulting ZERO, you tried to do with mobile phase?! It is not real

  12. hello Cristi, congratulations to this tutorial which I find one of the best ever, I mean for k helped me, I lost now some time some pictures from the wedding on tracing paper and I have not managed to but now I try to save them out of the room and I ko Cardu to go for k programu we tested on a stick, and I find it very good, good luck continues

  13. radu32 said

    A good way to find out what hard drive you bought. I bought a 500G (new) WD hard drive from the store, after I installed it and did a scan with OO FormatRecovery surprise, it found a few dozen files. Traim in Romania

  14. haosss said

    very very inspired …….
    please date again

  15. Andrew said

    Cristi-admin @. I use a while Evidence eliminator and I find downright ULTRA smeker; be sure and set a little more careful but the results are spectacular

  16. crystu said

    hello Christ.
    I was not let yourself and save documents, numa even see them, I say in trial version can not.
    You put a registration code?

  17. haosss said

    @ Cristu:
    Well, boy, if you unroll it, it's normal that you can't understand your CV.
    the man said that if you don't have the version with that full adik series, you can't save them…
    and more than that said and where you can get
    but as a help if you don't know how to download from torrent… you can give> search <top right and write "utorrent" and itzi tutorials on how to download
    bft shi no longer scrolls…

  18. @ Gyony.daca HDD has not broken physically broken into pieces or cracked adiq you can still recover datele.stiu I managed to pull data from a laptop.laptopul someone had slammed a few times, not proceeded OS can enter either a live cD with absolutely nimic.intr finally know that I found a program that managed to temporarily repair the hard disk for any 2 ul.dar only asked me not I remember how one person programul.doar call someone asked me to help him with something, for the laptop was firm and had important documents in it, otherwise I would not be tired any 4-5 days.

  19. Dragos said

    CONGRATULATIONS Cristi you are the coolest… .thank you for the tutorials you do..BRAVO

  20. TurocK said

    If you want to see when making movies during capture, register and play that. Enter the settings on the player in question and choose output VMR9 (renderless) (default is overlay), apply the setting, restart the player and veil., That play in film captures and capture software, whatever it is.

  21. TurocK said

    Do double job because I could not edit the first.
    In connection with data recovery after formatting. Do recovery software that does this work only after quick formatting? I mean if I formatted an hdd for example, but I didn't format it fast but normal and I also changed its file system, that is how it was ntfs I formatted it (not fast) in ext3 or I know… fat32 de example.
    I mean after my logic after normal formatting a disk does not have to be anything on the hard disk, but only when the HDD data formats remain fast, for it is practically not formatted hdd in the true sense when it is formatted quickly.

  22. Adrian said

    @TurocK: Wrong!!! Even if the normal format and not quic format, you will still be able to recover anything on that hard !!! I remember in an attempt of mine to recover from a hard recover files very very old, and until the recovery of formatted hard to make the 2 times (not quic format !!)

  23. miam I did a blog with video tutorials made by min please datim and commenting here if you like me, are inecepator, and I learned enormously from video tutorial video tutorial thank enormous.

  24. Andrei Lucian said

    good tutorial… but I have a question… What is the name of the program you catch? 😀

  25. Martzy said

    Camtasia Studio 6, I

  26. dj.ade said

    crysty can recover windowsu daka I reinstalled and it can be deleted brother Rekuper

  27. Drai Radu said

    CEAU have a problem with me let me not installed MOJOPAC IMI crash WHY I HAVE VISTA BASIC not let me.

  28. dumitru32 said

    Thanks for the lesson, but I have a question. If an HD format and then I put him different files, that will not be empty, I can recover anything after that HD?

  29. I do videotutorialele with Camtasia Studio 6.
    I am a beginner

  30. Catalin said

    Hi, I didn't really understand 100% how to recover files or even partitions with O&O software, that's why I ask this question here. I have from O&O: Format recovery, media recovery, disk recovery… all full. If I formatted C- ul and I wrote the win can I recover later what I had on the old C? With which? With Format recovery or media recovery? I mean if I want to recover the whole partition can I with recovery format?

  31. Adrian said

    @Catalin: Not too… for 2 reasons:
    1 When you want to make a recovery from a hard is preferable not to use it anymore until you recover from it, which is not available to you, you've formatted worse you and rewritten you wrote other data C (or written automatically when you install Windows)
    2 It doesn't give much results to use the software… to get it to recover from the partition on which it is installed !!! Try to put the hdd in another pc to put it slave and recovery software to install it on another hard drive, and still poor chances to recover something because I told you above, you formatted the hard drive and what's more serious that you also wrote on it… if you just formatted it and didn't write anything on it you would have more chances…

  32. Catalin said

    Thanks again. So I understand that these software are used without installing anything immediately on the HDD. To remain formatted or with lost data and then recover? And it does not work to recover if it is installed on the same HDD (ie O&O software), do I have to put the HDD in another computer and the software installed on another HDD? And if I deleted certain files or pictures I can't recover like with Recuva, that is when the software is installed on the same HDD? I think I asked your understanding.

  33. Catalin said

    I forgot to say I 2 laptops so it kinda sucks to remove the hard drive and stick it in another computer; .E another method? I mean can attach a laptop to the other? Can you explain please? Thanks.

  34. where do I get my serial device must I've lost family photos

  35. danutz: Where do I get my serial device must we've lost family photos

    with serialu we can not help you, does not endorse or encourage piracy, we're sorry and please do not mind, but I recommend something different, learn to use the ODC torrents. Look here , here si here some video tutorials that will help you find the series! Success!

  36. Elizabeth said

    you are a beginner and I need advice please help me
    I installed by mistake and now I 2 2 windows partitions in step and I want to make it again and not just one stu how you can help me?

  37. Elizabeth said

    And another thing that I do with the space that appears unalocat?

  38. you install as give me details

  39. Elizabeth: Now I 2 partitions into account and want to make it just one of the new and do not know how. Can you help me? ... And another thing ... What I do with the space that appears unalocat?

    Click here

  40. vanessa:
    Click here

    Hats off, do you know how nice your tutorial with the voice on it and posted here would have sounded? Too bad you're "exhausted" so when you could do more than that, we thank you anyway. I also found a title for your tutorial "How to juggle the partitions or how to play with the partitions of a hard drive" At least do the tutorial with the explanations and I deal with the presentation text, tags etc etc… Maybe you think because sin!


  41. vanessa: Click here

    One more concise as the other: the link does not work, and no question is not quite clear:
    "2 windows" means you have two options for selecting windows before "welcome" appears on your screen?
    "2 windows" do you have windows on the two partitions and nustii which is the functional one? … Or do you have empty space left and what is wrong with it?
    "2 windows" means more and more… Service pack2?

  42. Cristi Sal thank you so much that you exist, do a good job and honestly I've learned many matters to you, but I have a problem, I have a cd-rw and I had something on it and I accidentally deleted, can recover from what he had?

  43. thx for tutorial… are good for boots like me :),

    question: can I restore data (partition) without needing another hdd?… as I said above, being boot, it ate me where it shouldn't and I did a "go partition" with partition magic 8 and I destroyed a hdd of 1TB almost full of data, no system installed on it. windows does not see it in my computer but in comp management it sees it as healthy and with a single partition of about 1TB (initially there were 2 partitions).
    in conclusion: how to restore hard drive to its original state without another hard I need you to save my data?
    thx! .. owe

    • raz: Thx for tutorial ... are good boot like me, question: can restore data (partition) without I need another hdd? ... As I said above, the boot, where I ate and did not have a "go partition "with Partition Magic and I destroyed 8 1TB HDD almost full of data, no system installed on it. Windows does not see it in my computer but in comp management sees as healthy and 1TB approximately one partition (baseline were 2 partitions).
      in conclusion: how to restore hard drive to its original state without another hard I need you to save my data?
      thx! .. owe  

      Like to have some recovery as you need a good century 2 hard to save that which is recovered. When you clean a room, do not throw trash? put it under the carpet? And the recovery is so hard. How do you imagine to recover and save all recovered from where?

      • Adrian: Like to have some recovery as you need a good century 2 hard to save that which is recovered. When you clean a room, do not throw trash? put it under the carpet? And the recovery is so hard. How do you imagine to recover and save all recovered from where?  (Cite me)

        thanks for the reply,
        I try a restore date ... by the way, you non stop to provide "a garbage" great-great? ... or you have to buy every time you clean a pimple so big?

        • raz:
          thanks for the reply,
          I try a restore date ... by the way, you non stop to provide "a garbage" great-great? ... or you have to buy every time you clean a pimple so big?  

          I'm always ready, and I'm VERY careful when I clean so I don't need such a BIG BASKET 🙂 Next time google more and find out what exactly it means to go down or what you want to do to save yourself from buying " a big big basket ”. It's all your fault… they all find it an excuse when they make a mistake like "I didn't know" but why didn't you know? were you interested before you took the step? Did you seek information to read, to document yourself? obviously no, then even "you didn't know" won't absolve you of guilt !!

  44. sonyzau said

    I bought an HP Pavilion dv9500 vista home premium, now with Windows XP laptop speakers is heard only at know what to do please help

  45. I have a question in 2003 I bought a Windows XP Professional with sp2 included 2002 version lam mam used only once and then moved to another town and bulit year and now pc got another PC. but entrepre time or lose the box and I have not noted anywhere in the series of windows and can not install the required amino show him what I could do or how I could recover from cd.firma sal where I bought the software, Ultra Pro does not exist

  46. Recuva brother is better or that

  47. Fiorello said

    Good evening! I stick 4GB asking me to format unfortunately can not be made! I used the tutorial programs but we did not recuperet anything. Can you help me with another solution to recover data from formatted stikuri be asking?

  48. I watched the video myself and I can not go without say that you made a good presentation, congratulations for the initiative.

  49. uzzy.bacau said

    Where do I get a number? does anyone have a number?

  50. alinas said

    I love the guy's voice! :))

  51. Armeanu said

    How do I Recycle Bin transparent?

  52. Hi guys! According to most and I congratulate you on the wonderful job you are doing with this site and these videotutoriale. Although not an expert in the PC but no beginner I learned a lot from videoturorialele made by you. My problem is: 24h one morning after work I came home and I started to reinstall your Win I 2 500 GB HDDs in my PC, one has a partition and the rest of GB 100 and the second has a full partition. Blunder is that of fatigue and inattention, rather than delete 100 GB partition that I've deleted your Win partition 500 GB hard drive, I formatted the hard, but I removed those parameters by which I detect that your Win The second HDD. Now stay with 1 500 GB HDD in arms, without partition and You DO NOT know what to do to retrieve information from itWas filled to 90% with photos, music, movies, documents / ff important documents, software etc. So about the full range of document formats. I did not hit this problem all the time because I was very careful, but the words and Cristi "it happens…"!

  53. I accidentally deleted a very important folder I worked 6 months becycle bin and then without knowing I gave emty recycle bin folder can recover?


  54. I tried to install oo media recovery but goes on w7.

  55. Hello!

    I tested for 2 days the free version of O&O Format Recovery, as well as 3 other utilities (Recuva Free, Get Data Back, Mini Power Data Recovery Tool).
    From my tests O&O Format Recovery came out on the last position among the 4 utilities, I did not use O&O Media Recovery, I was mainly interested in recovering Office type documents.
    I used a flash memory of 2 GB (1,92 GB), as in the tutorial.
    We created separate folders by each utility recovery backups.

    Conclusion: if more than 6 years ago we relied on GetDataBAck as one of the best utilities of the genre, this time on the first position we found the little free utility from Recuva, closely followed by MiniToolPowerData (also free) and the same GetDataBack (for NTFS / FAT) - the latter being a commercial software, so requiring its purchase (license).

    Later, as a test, I ran two different recovery utilities for the same drive at the same time (since I noticed that some of the recovered data differed from one utility to another, I thought that apart from the common data found of 2 different software, it is good to find ALL the information that can be recovered from that storage medium, in my case the 2 giga stick. Therefore, I launched simultaneously Recuva (in deep scan mode) and MiniToolPowerDataRecovery (being the software with the best results out of the 4 tested (recall the other 2 utilities: GetDataBack and O&O FormatRecovery)). (2 - 1,92 giga) Obviously I found quite a few corrupt files, I didn't expect to find everything functional after dozens of formats and many more overwrites of information on that medium, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Many files dating back to 3.8 have been fully recovered.
    Tomorrow's expected visit to the lost work 3 years 30giga a partition (database, business documents, etc.). For this reason we tested the software for 2 days to be able to recover as much better my knowledge of lost documents.
    I wish you all happy holidays! and special team as many quality tutorials on this site, so to actually accustomed us so far!

    Happy Birthday!

  56. I didn't manage to recover anything from RB, only nonsense or recovered I don't even know where they came from what was recovered because I don't know if I deleted something like that and I tried 5-6 famous software to recover…

  57. virgil_srl said

    I formatted the HDD twice before I recover files????
    datimi to me a program that can search for files by formatting 5

    Thank mmult


  58. it doesn't work even after you delete them from the bin but after…

  59. how recover deleted photos from Recica bin?? I fail??

    • virgil_srl said

      marius: How recover deleted photos from Recica bin?? I fail??

      with “pandora recover” you can recover deleted photos, music, and documents ……

  60. Ciprian said

    I followed the steps exactly as in the tutorial, but I need a registration key to be able to recover the data… I lost all my memories from the last 10 years (pictures, videos, etc.), please help me in some way… maybe give me a key to go or contact me by mail and enter with team viewer to my pc, or any other solution if you have…. please help me!
    mail that you can contact me is: [email protected]

    Thank you !


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