How to reset your Windows password if you forget it :-)

How to reset your Windows password if you forget it

How to reset your Windows password if you forget it
How do I reset my Windows password if you forgot it?
If you forgot your Windows password, you have two options. The first is to reset your password and the second is to reinstall Windows.

On which Windows operating systems does password reset go?
Resetting the Windows password, that is, the method presented in this tutorial, works on any usual Windows version such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.
The only condition that the method would work would be to have local accounts.

What is the password reset program?
Today's Windows-based wipe / reset software is called Lazesoft Recovery Suite, and it is a sum of programs that can be used to perform other operations, not just resetting your Windows password.

This is not the only way to cancel the Windows password
We have also presented you with other occasions, another method of removing the Windows password, and these methods also work for the administrator account.

How do I use Lazesoft Recovery Suite to remove my password from my PC or laptop (Windows)?

1. We are launching the Lazesoft Recovery Suite program
2. We chose Burn CD / USB Disk
3. From the drop down menu, choose the operating system of the password-protected PC
4. Choose the USB stick (or CD if you want)
5. We follow the Wizard all the way
After you finish, insert the stick into the password-protected PC
6. Choose from your book's stick menu
7. After booting, you will see the application interface
8. From the screen options, choose Password Recovery
9. Choose the user for which you want to reset the password and press reset

The steps are detailed in the tutorial below.

Download Lazesoft Recovery Suite

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    1. You had to make sure that the link you provided to Lazesoft, and it works!

    2. Well, it works.

    3. Augustin said
    4. We ? You have not done a 3 tutorial anymore. Maybe he's doing cristi.

    5. Thanks for the. tutorial. Very useful.

    6. Cristi how you have 10 windows, Uefi with GPT or Legacy partitions with MBR partitions.

    7. Cristi if you are using an offline local account in Windows 10, password reset works but if you are connected to a Microsoft account that uses an email address instead of the user name to log in to Windows 10, it does not work.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        There is currently no method for using a Microsoft account. The only solution is to try the steps to recover the password.
        If any method is used and if a Microsoft account is used, be sure to present it

        • I managed with Hiren's to remove a Microsoft account password, from a Windows 8.1 operating system, with Admin Passport Reseter from Hiren's boot CD 15.2. I don't guarantee it works every time.

    8. But is there a way to find out what password I've put in Win 10? not reset.

    9. It works perfectly with the link and application. Thank you.

    10. Hello! Another option to reset the password without software and stigma, is not it? For example, I'm going to someone at home and I have no stick, no software, nothing, just bare hands;)) I want to go through the local accounts, how do they do? Is there any method? I know a method but that's different and you have to have a screwdriver to get it out of your laptop battery or in the case of your pc and remove the bios battery, and that's how it resets the bios!

    11. victorstoicescu said

      can find / reset password "admin", win 7? thanks

      • Adrian Gudus said

        If you read the text in the article above the video, find out that you can also on Windows 7. You had the problem solved for a long time, and you did not waste any time writing and asking a question that you already have the answer to, and you no longer have time for someone to answer you. Is it so hard to read, do not you have baths?

    12. no one swears said

      Super efficient, it went from the first …… thanks

    13. Laurentiu Parvulescu said

      I have a question: can I create this stick and use it on another laptop that I haven't used since January 2020? I have a PIN on both laptops

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