How rooteaza Nexus Root Toolkit 4 Nexus

Hi friends, today we will see how rooteaza an Android phone, in this case a 4 Nexus, Nexus Root Toolkit with the tool.
First of all I must say that each phone is rooteaza in another way, that's because Android is like Windows, here every phone has some bootloader, a certain recovery, etc. Anyway for each Android phone rootarea similar tools exist.
These toolkits contain some software that help us do various operations such as to unlock bootloader, root to do, do unroot, to lock the bootloader place, do backup and restore, etc.
Although 4 Nexus is an unlocked phone, it all comes with locked bootloader, this protection to protect your phone and phone data.
If you do not know what root, we have for you a tutorial that explains Why is root and what uses, And we also have tutorials rootarea some phones:
How rooteaza Optiumus LG ONE
How rooteaza Samsun Galaxy Note
Return to stock the Galaxy Nexus
These are just a few of tutorials dedicated rootarii, many find sites using categories, subcategory and search engine.
How do root the Nexus 4?
Make backup because after delocarea bootloader, the phone will reset to factory defaults and will lose everything. Nexus Root Toolkit you to backup and restore utility.
1. You must download Nexus Root Toolkit
2. Install the correct drivers for communication between software and phone
3. The phone must be connected to a port USB2 using only original cable (important)
4. Enable USB debugging and USB debugging (in English).
5. Approved the rights popup debugging on the screen, this feature was introduced with Android 4.2 to enhance the security.
6. Unlock the bootloader using the Nexus Root Toolkit.
7. Root your Nexus Root Toolkit using
8. IMPORTANT, do not forget to install binaries in busybox
9. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, finally disable USB debugging, it can be a source of "trouble".
Enjoy applications requiring root and try to keep an eye of Super User application periodically revoke rights applications no longer need it, that's your peace.
For other phones:
If you have another type of phone can be used KingoApp ToolkitThis tool can root almost any android phone.
Supported devices:


Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S2 (AT&T)
Samsung Galaxy S3
Verizon Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Mega (International and US model)
Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy Captivate SGH-I879
… And many other models


HTC Wildfire
HTC Wildfire S
HTC Sensation
HTC Thunderbolt
HTC Rezound
HTC Magic
HTC Hero
HTC Legend
HTC Incredible
HTC Evo 4G
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
HTC Dream


LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus One
LG Optimus 3D
LG Optimus G2X
LG Optimus LTE
LG Optimus Pro
LG Optimus L3
LG Optimus Sol
LG Optimus Hub

Google Nexus:

Nexus 4
Galaxy Nexus (GSM)
Nexus S
Nexus One

Sony Xperia:

Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Sony Xperia ZL
Xperia Z
Sony Xperia E
Sony Xperia P
Sony Xperia TX
Sony Xperia Neo
Sony Xperia Arc
Sony Xperia Arc S
Sony Xperia Acro S


Motorola Defy Me 525
Motorola Defy + Me 525


Huawei A199
Huawei C8650
Huawei C8810
Huawei C8812
Huawei Huawei C8813
Huawei C8815


Lenovo A60
Lenovo A60 +
Lenovo A390
Lenovo A630
Lenovo A690
Lenovo A706
Lenovo A800
Lenovo A810
Lenovo A820
Lenovo A850
Lenovo K, P, S


Acer Iconia Series
Acer Liquid series


ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)
ASUS Nexus 7
ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T
ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TG
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS Transformer Prime
ASUS Memo Pad
ASUS Smart Memo Pad
ASUS Padfone 2
ASUS Padfone Infinity 2
Full list can be found on the website KingoApp official
Sony or HTC devices with bootloader locked, you can try these tools.
Unlock bootloader Sony
HTC bootloader unlock

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  1. Very hard crystals. Of custom ROMs on the phone taken you liked most?
    Now a question for Cristi but Adrian: How long vapati. I have an acquaintance who vapeaza a year and some time ago made an allergy to language and other people say that it is possible to be done alelgia because electronic cigarette.

    • Of all the ROMs most liked Cyanogenmod, over time from this rom we had the best stability and consistency.
      About e-smoking what to say, smoke a few years and I feel good, I'm not dead, I have allergies, I've got cancer and I did not blew smoke in his face. He does not understand that I feel good because electronic cigarette, I feel better than before, when eating normal cigarettes.
      If you do not smoke at all, do not start smoking electronic now, are equally harmful lifestyle.
      Allergies may be made by direct ingestion of the liquid, it can happen for numerous reasons, most times people do not thoroughly clean atomizer or overburdening it with liquid, which eventually flows into the smoker's mouth.

      • hello I inadvertently deleted from the phone rom and now there porneste.modelul my phone is htc lte4g where I could get a rom

        • Costelina said

          Dane as it was accidentally delete the phone ROM acquis; you expect me to believe you?
          May tells us what happened step by step as you do not run one and if we do not understand will not help anyone

  2. Thanks I understand. Do not worry it was a boy 26 years that smoking normal cigarettes and a year or so vapeaza. I'm glad you care about the health visitors. Are countries keep up the good work!

  3. with this tool you can also do a cwm recovery install as I saw that if you check the box next to the root it also does a custom recovery flash… .do it do… what do you say.?

  4. FlorinP. said

    What utility can put a ROM ala another tablet that has KitKat Allview Allview tablet Alldro 3 DUO SPEED. I already have the ROM on the official website but fail to make the tool given to them as I do not recognize the tablet (no driver installed)! Thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is not recommended to install a rom from one model to another model even if it is the same brand (AllView) Although in appearance the two tablets seem identical in appearance, inside they are very different, they use different hardware. You should know that a rom includes drivers for that model or if you have another model, the drivers included in that rom will not "kiss" the hardware of your tablet and you risk to brick your tablet, ie you will turn it into a dead, useless gadget

  5. GEORGE said

    Cristi but when doing some tutorials on windows phone????

  6. florin said

    Thanks for the tutorial and more for nexus 4!

  7. Cosmin said

    What have you done to protect your phone on your desktop? With what program?

    • The phone was shot with a Nikon D5200 and I synchronized sound editing and put the footage over to the left screenshot below a small car window. After all I transcoded and I got on youtube.

  8. Claudiu said

    I would like to root a Allview P5-Quad, which program to use? Thank you!

    • I have said many times, there is not enough for these models in software development community developers.
      Manufacturers may not provide users with tools such as "root, custom recovery, etc."

    • Cristi is right for these devices there is very little support. Not at all. But who knows if Chinese and dig a correspondent XDA or other websites you find any rom. Root can try to do with framaroot ii. An application that many EAZA root devices. Find an application here I Allview P5 Quad and I can not confirm. I read the blog of a guy like him so at the root.
      These actions can lead to brick-uirea phone. Brick = Brick. That aducrea phone in a state that can no longer be used. So do it at your own risk. I guess you already knew these things but I did not put to you then saying that because you've ruined my phone

  9. you see that he is a Romanian developer who deals especially with allview p5 quad and he also has a custom rom for p5 quad he also has the solution for. rooting the phone and installing cwm recovery… .search well on the net… search the softpedia forum. … There are some custom rom for p5 quad.

  10. Cosmin said

    Thank you!

  11. Michael C. said

    Hello Cristi, pretty please help me with the little program to unlock Vodafone FREE 875 IMEI base.
    Thank you in advance !

    off topic I have a copy Lenovo S 820 1: 1 (MTK 6582, 5 MP camera), less good at digi signal (especially the data). If you resoftez improves signal? I find here a tutorial oaf like me?

  12. I downloaded FilExile after watching a tutorial of yours to uninstall TuneUp Utilities 2014 and tells me this: Important Founded directory-Safety features must be disabled to delete. What do I do in this case?

    • Well, in error it tells you that you have to deactivate something and then delete it. FileExile is for directories and folders that cannot be deleted. TuneUp Utilities is a program that you need to uninstall from "Add or Remove Programs" first or with any other uninstall software such as Revo uninstaller or iobit uninstaller.

      • I do not appear in the control panel for programs that I uninstalled it from there and even though I first started manually uninstall mers.Cu all that were left some files in my computer and when I say we give delete an tab or else the program is open other files say they are open even tuneup, everyone knows astea.Faza errors is not shown in ControlPanel and yet he finds no exista.Nici IObit but he still is what?

  13. Dr. madalin said

    is there a root method has 4.4.2 version?

  14. Well Christ tutorial on Android Nexus 4 4.4.2 have Kitkat if I'm not mistaken

  15. Dr. madalin said

    I have an HTC One, and on XDA it says that up to 4.3 you can root…

  16. Wait Nexus Root Toolkit can only use Nexus devices. For HTC One M7 can try universal tool KingoApp Toolkit. You link in the text above tutorial and a few details about some of the devices that are supported through and HTC one. If it does not work you can try these methods.
    I suppose you know all the risks that they take so do not enumerate them. I have HTC One and I like to test if the method works or not. You do it at your own risk

  17. Octavian said

    Cristi how I install android on nexus 4.3 4 as he had been in the store and without losing warranty?? because he had done the android update 4.4.2 and tried to restore backup but back installs android 4.4.2

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you read the text above the tutorial you would notice (written in red) a direct link to the tutorial on "Returning to stock on Galaxy Nexus" Although it is written "on Galaxy Nexus" the method is the same for any Nexus model, as mentioned in that tutorial.
      A simple click on the red text "Return to stock on Galaxy Nexus" in the text above the tutorial will take you directly to that tutorial.

  18. Octavian said

    Cristi, however, it is possible to stop the original android update without root, it is only necessary to deactivate from all app - google services framework… ..

  19. Hello! With apologies if I upset, I have a simple question and a Samsung Galaxy Tab subiect.Am 3 Lite sm instead tried his pc android but I was interrupted, not kind prneste no recovery menu nor dawnload way (at all) is any chance of it any further repair? Thank you!

  20. Hello! I have a HTC Desire Orange 300 encoded tried to unlock bootloader but when you go into fastboot and give me a USB error mention that I installed HTC Sync Manager and other USB drive. I tried on several computers and gives me the same error, I used the original cable.
    Do you have an explanation? Thank you!

    • It may be due to the fact that you coded it in the Orange network. ”HTC is committed to assisting customers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices. However, certain models may not be unlockable due to operator restrictions ”(source: HTCdev)

  21. Razvan Peter Nechifor said

    5 Nexus goes on?

  22. Cristiane, could you put a tutorial for vodafone smart mini 4 as well? I recently rooted it and I would like to unlock its bootloader so I can install a custom rom…

  23. Hello! I have an android phone samsung gt i5800 2.2 and I want to root it can you recommend software?

  24. Hi, I also have a huawei ascend y530, I would also like a tutorial on how to root this model, I would say that it would be necessary because this model sold very well as far as I know. Thank you…

  25. Cristi Hello, hello everyone, I have a problem if someone could help me .. I have to resoftez my phone after I made him Root stupidity, I have a mini G2 Lg, I saw him not specified here, I can not find anything compatible if they could help me with some hints how to do links or tips would be grateful ..

  26. Alexander Bendris said

    Hi Cristi, if I root lg nexus with android 5 5.0.1 and then give it to flash back to stock unroot telefonu androidu that came from the factory that is 4.4 kitkat?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You can revert to any version of Android. For a complete guide click on “Return to Android stock, unroot, bootloader lock for any Nexus device” written in red under the Similar Articles section below the video tutorial above. You will reach the video tutorial related to your question. It explained which Android versions you can install

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